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  1. Happy Sunday. Its Witching Hour by Empire Alchemy - dragons blood, coffee, toasted chocolate and tobacco. It's pretty new but it's throwing. Have a good one.
  2. Good Morning! Its Savannah Blue this morning...Angel Food Cake with Mulled Cider and Macintosh Apple Cake Crumbles. Added Stay Awhile from EA- Snuggable Laundry, Sweet Amber, Berries and Sandalwood. Burning...Hot Apple Pie by Crossroads Candles..this is that 96oz candle they sent me because they ran out of the smaller size...still got lots of wax left!!! Enjoy your day.
  3. Good Morning all! Its an old favorite...Nenes' Cinnamon Glazed Fritters....one of my most adored fragrances. This is the last of it so "next year" I'm definitely placing an order with her! I miss her wax...it's been a long time. Also Vanilla Crumb Donut by Empire Alchemy. Thought I picked this up in a pair but only ordered a cup so it's perfect for the empty warmer in my family room. Michele....that's a great idea! Amy! I have some OLD loaves/bags too and that would be a perfect way to melt them! You can do this wax clear out! And thanks about my toe...it's feeling better. Have a good day all.
  4. Hmmm....candles....other than what I have out to burn...nope. All of my candles are in a grey hutch/cabinet I bought for the kitchen just for that purpose. The person below me likes chewy treats/candies.
  5. Good morning ladies! Oh Amy...have I got stories!! The latest picture frame thing was just odd but it could have been moved during the day by vibrations of the floors, doors or whatnot. The odd thing was where it ended up. Some of the things that have happened to me I wouldn't believe if anyone told me them....I'd say "oh really" and think the person was nuts. One day I'll tell you all about them! I've really got to write them down. I've had lots of things happen to me but I'm actually very skeptical of a lot of stuff like that. However, I do live on Revolutionary War battlegrounds. Susan...you've got lots of nice scents going there! Michele...that great that you went through your stash! I know it feels a little better knowing what you have! I still have two boxes under my end table that I have no place for...and I'm filling them up with new wax every time a new order arrives. No more ordering for me...I say once again. Lololol This lovely morning it's TSGS Rock & Roll - aged bourbon and rustic cedar. (Bourbon just like you Michele!) This smells so nice...but it seems like it has a lot more in there. Have a good one.
  6. Gosh Amy...what the heck? I'm sorry about your rough Monday! As if Monday's aren't bad enough. I can't imagine the melters causing the smoke alarm to chirp...I guess it was just bad and I'm glad you ended up with a nicer room and no chirping to disturb you! Monday morning was weird here too! At 5 am something crashed loudly in the house....didn't know what was going on. Started looking around and found a picture frame clear across the family room downstairs. No people, pets or wind to disturb it. Thanks about my toe Amy and Michele! Amy...your comment about the boot with spikes...lololol! Its been Nancy's Wax in a big pie of Pumpkin Sugared Donut...yum. Goodnight all.
  7. No...not really. I always open umbrellas in the house, walk under ladders and I've broken lots of mirrors. Plus my favorite number is 13. It's very lucky for me! However, I guess I do the "knock on wood" thing but never really thought about why...lol. The person below me has ordered wax in some form from a "new to them" vendor within the last few weeks.
  8. Awww...a bittersweet memory. Yes...I do plan on going back once the coast is clear. I'm thinking I'll try subbing in different places to see where I like. The person below me likes flavored coffee.
  9. Good Evening! Thanks Amy....ugh. Somebody sleeps like this---> I'm sorry about the Jeep....it's nice when you have a dependable car but shocking when something goes wrong. Knock on wood....we have a few like that....like the energizer bunny...going and going and going! And no scent from a BS wax tart?? That's shocking too! It's been a candles evening....BBW Apple Pumpkin Pancakes, BWW Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, BBW Pumpkin Apple & Goose Creek Pumpkin Patch. Goodnight
  10. Good Morning All. My body is still on old time....exhausted by 9pm and up at 5am. Hope I adjust soon. Someone....who I will not name....lol...bent my toe back in his sleep this morning....definitely re-broken....starting all over again. Susan....that Swan Creek scent is very nice! I've got to pull out my SC....now off to find it. Its SGA in The Addams Family - blueberry, vanilla, strawberry cream batter, zucchini - And - She Loves Cake in Carolyn Stoddard- candy corn, caramel apple pie, cotton candy Smells great and throwing perfectly! ! Have a good day all.
  11. Good Morning!! Thanks Michele...true here too! It’s sunny but chilly here today...a perfect day for a walk. Amy...I hope the issue with your Jeep was fixed easily! Michele...I hope your attendance at the bridal shower went well and everyone wore their masks. I’ve been melting Spiced Pear Donuts by CFTKR since yesterday. Added Baked Apples, Sweet Pumpkin Strudel & Buttercream by Southern Twang. This is 4 years old...hope it throws. Have a good one.
  12. Good morning all! Another rainy day with the remnants of Zeta passing by. Prayers for the folks affected by all of these storms. The candles are lit. Goose Creek in Trick or Treat & Pumpkin Patch. My Paradox Box in Spellbook Poison. BBW in Apple Pumpkin Pancakes & Caramel Pumpkin Swirl. Colonial in Pumpkin Pie...which just won't burn properly. Ugh. It's a 3-wick with puny fires and three tunnels. Terrible. I've got a few more 3-wicks from them...I hope they have different wicks. Have a good one.
  13. Greetings Everyone. Hope all are well. Thanks Cyn! Amy...ohhh....I hope with less melting you will start feeling better. I know what you mean when you say you will melt in the garage If needed ...lol. I'm sorry you had to drive through fog....I hate that with passion. I'm also not a good rainy day driver...never was...even in my younger days. Although on a sunny day..... Michele...good luck with the consolidation. You can do this! Well...it's been TBG Smitten Diaries upstairs and downstairs it's Melted Confections Pumpkin Breakfast melting and then I added My Paradox Box in Spellbook Poison...perfect for this dreary Halloween week. Plus I've gots lots of candles going....GC Candy Corn, GC Trick or Treat, GC Pumpkin Patch and My Paradox Box Spellbook Poison too.
  14. Good Afternoon All. Susan....I'm sorry about what you are going through...that's got to be aggravating for you! You are obviously a very kind and caring person! Michele...that Bluebeard is a keeper! The blend sounds a little odd but it works! I am trying to melt some of my more "Halloweenish" scents this week. I usually forget and end up saving them year after year. I think I'll try to pull all of those out and keep them in the melting basket. Today is Graveyard Fog by Colonial Candle - licorice, vanilla and citrus. The licorice is very blended so it's not too noticeable....a nice blend. Have a great day.
  15. Hello All! Thanks for the kind words about my camping trip. Amy...I hope you are feeling better. Could you be getting allergies or are you pretty sure it's from the wax? I will have to check my stash for that Rain or Shine...it sounds lovely. Michele...that's so funny...I never liked laundry scents either!! Now I love most of them! Sharon....I'm the same way when we mess with the time...either way you do it...I'm exhausted and off kilter. I hope you adjust quickly! I've been melting Rockets- Toasted Marshmallow Spearmint from a sweet CF pal. This is soooooo amazing that I'd love to recreate it! Also burning candles today...Trick or Treat, Candy Corn and Pumpkin Patch all from Goose Creek. And Apple Pumpkin Pancakes by BBW. Goodnight.
  16. My Home is "Stuffed" with Wax November is A Feast of Fragrance November's Harvest Of Aroma
  17. Greetings All! Amy...I'm sorry you have been feeling sad. You are beginning a whole new exciting phase in your life and it will be wonderful!!! I'm sure you will still keep in contact with those folks you'd like to see and you won't need to see those you'd rather not...Lolol. Plus this whole "2020 -I'm loosing my mind" thing happening is enough to make anyone feel down. And....hey...if you want to hide away sometimes...that's certainly ok...but just know we will be missing you when you do. We can't help it...We just think ! Btw...to Steve! That carrot cake sounds delicious! Michele...I'm sorry to hear about your poor SIL but I'm glad he is on the road to recovery now! That sounds very scary. I am glad you finally had the memorial for your father. That's lovely. On your Anniversary! I bet that's 40 fantastic years! Wow! Got back from my quick camping trip with my sis and two childhood friends. Was lots of fun and very relaxing. Would do it again in a minute...even with the fox screaming all night. I know what a fox says and it's yucky. Came home to three boxes of waxies...lol. Two Goose Creek and one Empire Alchemy. Smells so great. Tonight I'm melting SGA Evan - Blue Sugar Noel Flannel Sheets...this smells amazing! Goodnight all.
  18. Hello All... Busy day here. Got the hair cut super short! Yay! I've never colored my hair but I told her I'd like to be a blonde (don't think I can pull that off ) or auburn. So maybe next time! Lolol Then off to the doctors. Toe is indeed busted and after two weeks walking on it, it's pushing on the nerve which is causing numbness as well. He gave me a cortisone shot and a wrapping and he says I'm good to go...until/if it bothers me enough...then I can get surgery to take one of the bones out. We shall see. You ladies have some nice scents going. Michele....I am very pleased with Little Blue Coop. I am getting a great throw. I loved the Blackberry Waffle scent....the Fig and Cassis was a bit floral for me although pleasant. I have a 10% off coupon from them...I know was supposed to start my Stash Clearout/Mega Dent endeavor right away....but....ummm..... Today it's CFOW Velvet Pear - Fresh Pear, Vanilla Bean Noel and Clean Cotton. Really liking this one and it's a lovely bright green. Upstairs it's been BL Tobacco Leaves but I added Rockets Raspberry Butterscotch Rum Brittle to weaken it a little...was so strong...and I really like this blend. Have a nice evening.
  19. Good Morning! I'm missing you too Amy! I give up. Hide and seek is over! Yes...Sharon...You can do it! My daughters work has closed...3 cases in one week. She has tested negative which is great news. Michele..I hear you....I've been thinking of how nice it would feel to start fresh. I love my timer warmers but I slowed down the "wax switch out" once I started using them. I'm gonna try to really pay attention now that I'm stuck home. I will join you on the "2021 Stash Clear-out/Mega Dent" endeavor. Although I am going to start today....I have plenty of Christmas Inventory and I've got a few orders already pending so I'm ready to roll. This fine (actually dark, cold and rainy) day its Tobacco Leaves by Bohemienne Life. Perfect. Edit: Figgy (Figs & Cassis) by Little Blue Coop Have a good one.
  20. Good Evening. I'm so sorry Sharon! Ugh! I hope you can keep getting mail so some waxies can arrive to keep you company! I hope your lockdown is short lived. Thanks about Cannoli. Just changed up the melters... The Bourbon Orleans Hotel by VCS-Cider Lane Pumpkin Cupcake Marshmallow Birthday Cake Noel. I smell maple?
  21. Happy Monday... Its going to be a busy week! Puppy gets her last set of shots which allows her to get her first grooming! Hooray....she is soooooo fluffy and messy and looks three times her actual size. She's reminding me of a sheep. I'm having the same issue so I'm finally getting a haircut too! (But not at the groomer...lol) I'm not sure what my hair dresser can do after I chopped off about 6 inches and now I look like I'm wearing a helmet. I might end up with a very short do....but it'll grow back so I'm good. I have been melting Hot Apple Pie from Nellies Acres....I love the way palm wax slides right out of the melters when it's cold. And Pumpkin Cider Doughnuts from Nancy's. Now it's The Headless Horseman from She Loves Cake. (pumpkin Pecan waffles, chocolate covered cherries and zucchini bread) So sad both of these vendors seem to have disappeared. Have a nice day all.
  22. Good morning! Nice Fall scents going today Susan! Its Drivers Education by CFOW here...Blue sugar, VBN, Sandalwood Have a good day.
  23. Good Morning Yes...very quiet here. Michele...driftwood is such a beautiful scent. Its been Cranberry Peach Cider by OPT upstairs And downstairs it's Raspberry Cream Patchouli and Cranberry Kettle Corn from a talented and kind CF pal. Thanks! Have a nice day.
  24. Good afternoon... SGA Cider Lane in the Kitchen and upstairs it's Hayden Rowe Christmas Clouds which is laundry and VBN.
  25. Good afternoon! Yes Michele...Little Blue Coop is from Etsy...I am very impressed with this company...which is not a good thing for me since I'm ready to place another order. Still digging through the oldies... Melted Confections Pumpkin Breakfast...truly miss this vendor. Woofwicks Funnel Cake Pie Crust...should place an order here sometime soon. Both of these are pretty old and yet throwing beautifully. Have a great day.
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