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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hello All! I've been busy stocking my store but always melting for sure!! It's been Iced Vanilla Woods by Little Blue Coop in the workshop to get me in the Christmas mood. It's wonderful! In the main areas it's House in the Woods by Wicked Wax Studio...lovely scent! Thanks for the reco Amy! And I finally changed the EA Yosemite this morning...it was still going strong!! That's exactly one week! Gotta love Empire Alchemy! It was a big alchemy pot but that's the longest I've ever had wax go! I changed it for Indian Paintbrush by Tuscaderos. Not sure if that one is cured yet...we shall see. Amy...it's one of those candle warmer hot plates...I'm not sure about the wattage...it's not listed anywhere.I think they run about 40 watts?? Counting down the days... Have a good evening...is anyone peeking at any sales this weekend? Empire Alchemy is calling my name but I've got her wax piling up in weird places in the house...as though I need more....
  2. No...I usually go to bed pretty late so once I fall asleep I'm gone until morning. I do read "before" bed a lot though. The person below me watches a particular weekly show on television.
  3. Hello, Michele...I'm so happy that the wedding went well! Best wishes to the lovely couple! And what wonderful news about your little twins grand babies! They sound like they are growing perfectly! Amy...lololol...I always love a Clorox tart...lololol. What happened when that was being made, I wonder? Glad you ended up finding some yummy scents. Yeah...I've noticed that some jelly donut scents are so realistic and the zucchini bread blends can be delicious! Susan...I agree...that Citrus Seagrass scent sounds nice! Today has been Caramelized Crimson Pear by Nellies Acres...this smells so good. And upstairs it's STILL Yosemite by Empire Alchemy...this thing has been going since Saturday morning...amazing! Goodnight.
  4. Good Morning CFOW Shaggy Rogers - Tea and Cakes, Fire Roasted Marshmallow, Graham Crackers
  5. Good Sunday Morning! Susan...I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you are able to keep your distance when that occurs. That Woodland and Foliage sounds lovely. Gonna go peek at the notes... that sounds like something I'd love! This morning it's... Toasted Marshmallow Fireside Fallen Leaves Booberry from a talented friend! Thank you and we miss you! Hope you are well! And Belle & Dot by The Melting Duck - Pink Sugar, Birthday Cake & Bartlett Pear (found this in my Christmas wax???) Have a good one!
  6. Happy Saturday! Today its Yosemite by Empire Alchemy - charred orange peel, pink peppercorn and wood fire (upstairs) Trick or Treat by Vintage Chic Scents Falling Leaves by GooseCreek - this smells just like BBW Leaves to me. Have a lovely day.
  7. Oh no...I'm sorry about your friend! I hope she gets better soon! Yes, lots of birds in the skies. We will get the Canadian Geese...although I haven't seen or heard them yet which is odd. The person below me chops their own wood.
  8. Hello All! Michele...I hope your celebration went off without a hitch! You had an absolutely beautiful day! Amy....I copied the idea you gave Michele about putting a large amount of wax into a mason jar on the warmer. I have some wax that is getting elderly and I bought too much....by the time I use all of it, it won't smell at all so this is a brilliant idea! Using that idea....today it's been... Zeeps Twinkie Cake Pops Cookie Cakery VCS Trick or Treat Colonial New Orleans Jazz Fest Have a nice evening all.
  9. Me too! At this point we are staying home so probably not. We usually recreate the same foods my mother always did...sometimes adding one or two new things but since she made so many sides...that's always difficult. The person below me loves going to the ocean in the winter.
  10. Good Thursday Morning! Michele...I know just what you mean but I do it for all of the seasons....I have too much and can't get through it...so I buy more. I must have a plan that even I don't know about. Amy...no need to change the bags, it think. My bags from last year are different from the ones this year. They are all probably fine...I just couldn't believe that those tarts had no throw and was worried about why. It's so unusual for NA. I know the crunchy cello bags are good but when the bag is softer I'm always guessing if they are "wax safe" or not. However, all of the tarts I've melted since that first Blueberry Pumpkin have been strong and gone over 24 hours before I changed them just for something new. This morning I just couldn't wait...Little Blue Coop's Pear Spice. Have a great day.
  11. Happy Tuesday! Michele...I was just saying to my girls how this morning is strange...grey and looking like dusk. Definitely no sun here....lol! But if you have it...it must mean it's in its way over here soon! Susan...nice scents! Whatcha think of That Smell Good Shop? I like her stuff a lot...have an order in the works from them...some customs. I'm happy to report that my Celtic Moon Spice palm wax is throwing perfectly! Yay! Maybe the other scent was just a dud. Here's hoping. I rewarmed the CM this morning since it was still good and I think I'll try some more NA this week. Have a good day.
  12. Good Monday Morning! Michele...I'll also start my Christmas scents after Thanksgiving and I definitely won't get through it all....but I'll enjoy it thoroughly. I love Christmas scents most of all! So exciting to go shopping for your new grand babies on the way!! Do you have a preference as to what they will end up calling you? My daughters best friend just had her first baby four days ago...a little boy. It's Blueberry Pumpkin Patch from Nellies Acres...this was from last years fall order. Have a good one. edited: Sadly....my palm tarts from a year ago aren't throwing. I'm shocked because I had a few of her wax cups from 7 years ago that I melted this year and they threw like a champ. I'm wondering if the bags they came in are wax safe? They don't feel correct but you can't always tell. I'm trying a different scent to see...Celtic Moonspice! This smells super strong on cold...let's see.
  13. Good Sunday Morning. Hope all are well. It's Homemade Carrot Cupcake Vanilla Frosted Grahams from a long ago sweet CF pal. And SGA The Haunted Mansion - bakery, sweet spices and vanilla batter. Glad I'm finally using up some of these older Halloween/Fall blends. Upstairs it's Country Walk by Country Lane Keepsakes. Have a good one.
  14. Happy Saturday! Susan...I love your holiday type scents! I was gonna put on some Christmas candles today just because I love them so much, then I decided to go in a different direction. It was Avas Vanilla Bean Wafers and Zeeps Not Your Mommas Waffles And now it's... Kale Salad from DW, 4 Leaf Clover from NA and Sweet Pea Vanilla from NA...all from a sweet CF pal. Smells wonderful!
  15. Changed up the warmers earlier this evening...Santal Lavender Cedarwood Sage by Empire Alchemy. Nice!
  16. I rarely make French Toast but when I have I love using the extra big slices of Texas Toast. The person below me has a favorite color fall leaf.
  17. LOL Amy....she sounds like a keeper! Good morning to all...happy Friday....although every day is the same here. Another rainy day. I think we will float away soon. Amy...SCD is Sugar Cookie Dough. There was a time I mixed that with EVERYTHING! It's VCS Cookie Monster in Jackson - SCD, Buttercream Frosting, Sugar Milk and Blueberry Cobbler. This smells delicious! It's two years old so I'm glad it's throwing! Have a nice day all.
  18. Her staff???? Does Clemmie pay well??? You are too funny! It's a yucky day today...waiting on some sunshine....even a couple of rays would do. In the meantime it's Lilac Sensations in PPW & SCD....this was a custom from 2015. It smells so good in the bag but not much once warmed. Think I'll give it a bit more time and then move on.
  19. Good Evening! Michele...If you have some scents that are discontinued, you may be able to get a nice price! That Jack the Pumpkin King melt wasn’t very strong at all. The first one from the Melted Confection that was a dud even though they were pretty elderly...lol. Added Southern Twang’s melt in Zucchini Bread, Berries and Vanilla Smoothie. Goodnight all.
  20. Good Wednesday Morning! Michele...listing the candles on eBay sounds like a good idea although I've never tried it. What vendors do you have the most of? This overcast morning it's Melted Confection in Jack the Pumpkin King. Waiting for it to melt. I've been getting more telemarketing calls in the last week than ever before. My phone is literally ringing every 3 minutes...usually the same few callers. I've started silencing the ringer and using the "blocker feature" for the first time. Ugh. Have a good one.
  21. Yes! I am not a fan of junk mail. The person below me is ready for the snow.
  22. Happy Tuesday! Amy....lololol....no, I don't think I mentioned how many orders there were from 1803.... But seriously...I only ordered twice! The second delivery was doubles of everything. Boo. Now...don't ask me if I ordered from anywhere else...I'm hiding wax in the drawers now. Safe travels today! Susan...cutting up loaves? Michele...you have inspired me to put all my candles into the cabinet! I ended up giving away candles that I really don't love....the girls gave them to their friends who loved them. All is well. This morning it's The Bunny Sisters mini loaf in Dessert at Grandmas - Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Cream, Toasted Marshmallow & Bakery Blend. I'm not always a PPW lover but this blend is exceptional. Have a great day.
  23. Yes...I love chewy things. I think it's because I used to smoke and when I quit I started chewing things. Of course, that's when I got my first cavities...made it through my whole childhood without any and got them as an adult. Oh yes...I've bought lots of lovely masks! I bought some from my favorite artist, John Bramblitt. Plus some tie dye....dragonflies.....butterflies. The person below me enjoys raking leaves.
  24. Good Monday Morning. Susan...good luck with the wax reorganization. Always fun! Amy...I've had that candle for years! I'm so sporadic with burning candles that's it's taking forever but it's so beautiful that I love it lingering around. I ordered it when they used to let you pick any artwork on the front. Its a black label with gold font and says " BELIEVE : Life is full of glorious miracles". They also upgraded a second candle so I've got lots of wax to burn. LOL. Good luck with the training today! It's from my newest delivery of 1803...Lavender Sugar. Have a good day.
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