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  1. Haha Debra!! I think that is the first time that's happened to me in all my years on the board!! Mine is rather elderly as well but I bought about three clams at the time...glad I love the scent. Its time to change the warmers but I'm waiting fir them to heat up so I can switch it up. WLYK...
  2. I do like it.,.however, I rarely eat breakfast. The person below has seen a movie in the theatre in the past month.
  3. Hello All! Good thinking Amy! I don't burn candles too often but I do think about that too. Hope the hubby isn't coughing anymore. I hope your bother is doing well, Michele. Its been New Orleans upstairs and downstairs it's Jack O Lantern both by Colonial Candle.
  4. Yes! You know it! The person below me has an allergy. (Btw....oh nooooo....I do not work with electricity! The DH does and has shocked himself many times...lolololol. I think he finds it a challenge to work with the breaker on. )
  5. Good Morning All! Amy...Did you say snow??? I wish that was here too! Last week they predicted we'd get 6-8 inches on Tuesday....Then the forecast changed and we only got a few flurries. So sad. I'm glad you are enjoying your week off and the skies are celebrating as well! Michele...Good luck and many prayers for your brother today! And you are so about the tree that I'm following in your steps...gonna bring little trees up to my daughters apartment this weekend since they won't be up there much during December. Debra...was your class something interesting at least? Thursday I'll be in a CPR class right after work and they've said it could be 5 hours...so I hear ya!! I don't remember it being that long....ugh. Susan...good for you! Everyone deserves a treat...even those of us who have a mega inventory of wax! Glad you enjoyed your time with family. Had to try one from a sweet pal...Toasted Marshmallow Booberry Fireside....couldn't wait. Delicious...thanks! Have a great day.
  6. The girls from my neighborhood where I grew up...YES! Not necessarily school since all of my closest friends are a year older than me. I've known them since I was born and still hang out with them since most are living in the same area. The person below me isn't afraid to install a light fixture.
  7. Oh Amy and Michele....it sounds like such a wonderful day you had!! Thanks for giving us a little taste of your adventures! Good Morning to All! I decided to dig into my Bohemienne Life stash....Blueberry Cobbler....yum...delicious. Have a good one.
  8. Today it's Screaming Apparitions by LSC...last of this...does anyone know if she'll ever open? Her website is still there but I don't think she's stocked in years... And in honor of our wax travelers....it's Autumn Eats by VRC Have a nice day.
  9. Oh yes....whipped cream ALWAYS on the pumpkin pie. The person below me knows how to dance with a partner.
  10. Good Morning All! Michele...praying for your brother...hoping there will be good news to share! Amy...just another busy week. With Teachers Convention week, I've had to take over for other teachers...and this time change is kickin my butt. I have always been a night owl and stay up til 12-1 am and up by 6am. Now I'm exhausted by 7:30pm, up at 4am and awake all night......ugh....but I am off today and tomorrow. Oh no Susan....glad you figured that one out!! Lol Debra...enjoy your day off tomorrow! Michele and Amy....enjoy your road trip!! Think I'll start the chilly morning with Country Lane Keepsakes in Cinnamon Green Apple. Have a great day....oh and thanks about the thread.
  11. Actually, usually I use both....a tablet and liquid. Kinda overkill I guess. The person below me had eaten/drank something "Pumpkin Spice" this season.
  12. Good Sunday Morning! Amy...ohhh that's a lovely memory! I think we only had snow once and they postponed Halloween...lol. You got a deal with the SH order next year! I'm in for sure! I love her Autumn/Halloween scents. Debra...oh no....did you run out of candy? I came close one year but luckily I think I had 3 candies left once they stopped arriving. Whew. Today it's Spotted Hog again...Spider Cider and Deadly Donuts. Delicious. Have a great Sunday.
  13. Oh yes....almost every single one of them. I've always loved Halloween because I got to make all my kids outfits and be crafty! I miss those days! The person below me likes mushrooms.
  14. Good Saturday Morning! Amy...I hope you enjoyed your bit of time off...nice to get off the work wheel every now and again. Only about 20 trick or treaters this year...stopped to return three big boxes of candy last night. We usually get 100 at the minimum. Debra...oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your waxidents! They are so frustrating and depending upon the type of wax...sometimes impossible to truly clean up. Hope it was soy! Susan...your scents sound wonderful! Honeybear....oh yes! Coffee trumps tarts for sure...did I really say that? LOL. Although I'm shocked that she can't find a good coffee in France! Wow! And $92 to ship?? Crazy! This morning it's the last of Spotted Hog Pumpkin Donuts...my favorite place for Fall scents. I'll definitely be ordering more of these next Autumn. Will be heading out for paint this morning...painting my daughters room. As long as there's music playing....should be a fun job. Have a good one.
  15. I do once I'm home....but not in my shoes. The person below me has a full, uncut wax loaf in their inventory.
  16. Hello and good evening all! Thanks Amy and Michele! And Amy....I am happy to report that I'm "finally" beginning to cough less! Halloween week is crazy in a preschool...I can not wait until Friday! Debra...sorry to read about the furnace...ugh. I love your idea of comparing scents from different vendors! Honeybear...I'm happy to hear that your daughters bf is there to comfort her. That's wonderful news! Well....with all the ribbing I've taken over the years about my wax...I was asked for tarts from my eldest DD now that shes moving out. LOL I love it. Tonight it's CFTKR Frost on the Pumpkin from a sweet pal...who I miss seeing on the board. Transylvania by My Paradox Box...her stuff is so strong..make go back and take a peek. Goodnight.
  17. I must say....I like them both. The Fall behind gives me permission to slow down...which is what I love about Fall anyway. But even though you loose sleep with Spring ahead....there's something so nice about having an extra hour of light in your day. The person below me uses a neck pillow on airplanes.
  18. Good Morning All! Amy...."crickets"? LOL Love it. The name of that L3 tart is hysterical....Pie and Lattes.... Debra...I believe TCC was the first place I made a custom too! And I really love how she's so generous with keeping your blend up with your name...seems normal but so many vendors don't so that. How was that Grumpy Girl tart? Still kickin? Michele...yay! Glad your weekend was a success! Lots of wonderful things happening for you! Susan....Sharon....Cyn...Michelle.....Aria.....hope all is well! Last night was Dr Julia Hoffman by SheLovesCake...orange ice cream shake with candy corn. Have a good day.
  19. I'm not sure what an Instant Pot is....gonna go look it up. Ok....is that the same as a Pressure Cooker? My mom used to use a Pressure Cooker and I thought it was terrifying! The person below me likes the three-wick candles more than other types. (Oh...I usually use Halls cough drops just because they work the best...although usually not the best taste.)
  20. Hello! Thanks Amy! I do too! I do the same with my candles except I use paper towel pieces...it usually does the trick! In the workshop it's Beach Bum Bakery by SGA Everywhere else it's Friends Don't Lie by VCS -Pumpkin Pudding Nilla Wafer Pie Have a good evening.
  21. Ahhhh.....a big NOPE on that. I love the look of roses but I am not a fan of the scent. The person below me has a favorite cough drop maker.
  22. Good Morning All! Amy... Oh my gosh....your guesses made me spit my drink out and cough a lung out! (Yes..Honeybear's got it!) As for the suspicious character that you are........hmmmmm....very suspicious, indeed. Michele...your brother is in my prayers. And a big Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Honeybear...glad your hubby with get some rest this weekend! Debra...that kind of timer sounds nice. Waking up to scents has always been nice which is why I'd leave mine on overnight but....I'd forget to turn them off when I left for work. I ended up buying the 8 hour timer bases but they need to be switched on. I like them but if they turned on at a certain time that would be even better! Its Farmhouse this morning which is custom I made from Tara's Candle Cottage. I think her stuff gets even better as time passes. This guys rather old but it's kickin. Have a good one.
  23. Oh gosh Amy!! That's terrible!! And a stranger, to boot?? I'm sorry about that!! Yes...I chipped a front tooth on a glass when I was younger but they filed down my tooth. The other day I noticed a chip in my lower tooth...it was sharp and I'm not even sure what happened? Fruits or Veggies? Hmmmmm......depends. I think it changes because I do love them both. I probably crave raw veggies more often. The person below me knows the constellations.
  24. Good Morning! Amy....thinking you're heading home today? Safe travels to you! Sharon...absolutely lovin the names of your scents...lol! And I'm not Amy, but I believe a cronut is a mix between a croissant and a donut. Honeybear...Night Owl is not a new company and she's still around. I bought from her a while ago but haven't been back....not sure why since I like her stuff a lot! I finally switched all of my warmers over to 8 hour timer ones. Now I won't have to worry if I forget to turn them off before work....they will be turning off by midnight anyway. Last night it was SCDB by Sniff My Tarts. This one I haven't smelled in years and it's still as good as I remember. Have a great day.
  25. .....oh...those children probably got plenty!! That was my problem as well....buying candy that I liked. The person below me has chipped a tooth.
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