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  1. Hello All! Thanks about fitting my wax into the wax cabinet.......the things that I feel are important.... OK..it's been Semo Date Night upstairs and downstairs it's Ashland Honey Pear...picked it up online cause it was about $1....let's see how it does. Take Care all....
  2. Good Morning! It turns out that yesterday's scent was tangerine...not cantaloupe. Whelp...today it's a freebie from GWW in a small mystery loaf that smells amazing. I think it's Buttercream and Fresh Cut Grass. Sharon... Michele...enjoy the beach! I'm happy to report that I ended up getting all of my newest loot to fit into my wax cabinet! I couldn't stand looking at the flat rate box sitting in my LR...glad it's gone. I've got one more delivery expected so I guess I better get melting to make more room. Have a good one.
  3. I think you mean soft serve with a chocolate dip? I am not a big ice cream lover but sometimes that's just the thing!! The person below me has driven a wave runner/jet ski.
  4. Glad to see you posting Amy and glad hubby is doing better all around! However, I too, know the "cinnamon roll self-prescription"....it feels good at the moment but the results aren't so good...weather you have BS issues or not. Glad he's off that train. Sharon...Sometimes I feel like that too. I'm just reheating the warmers tonight waiting for the crab cakes to set in the fridge. Thankfully, the sun has decided to peek out for the evening. Have a nice evening all.
  5. Hello All! Sharon...no melting? I hope everything is ok. Michele...lol...what were we all thinking?? I'm sure most of us would say we've got too many as well! It is funny how our tastes change...I used to hate floral scents...now I love them. Honestly...now there's not too much that I dislike...lol. Where's the sun? So much rain today and the forecast was for a sunny day. Today it's....SGA 13 Going on 30....I think this is a cantaloupe scent. Take care all.
  6. Good Morning! Hope all are well! Susan...lemon cookies are always a great scent! Michele...do you bring a warmer with you when you go to your Dads? It may bring a little bit of calm. Your scent sounds nice and reminds me that I’ve been neglecting my coffee scents. Its L3 Cupcake Factory Blueberries & Cream this fine morning. Take care all.
  7. Good Morning! Another beautiful day. Today it's Savannah Blue in Vanilla Bean Noel Honeysuckle Mac Apple....I like it but I don't smell the honeysuckle and the apple is dominant so it's feeling very "fallish". Think I'll change it up soon. Take care all.
  8. Oh, I don't like any of those "contraptions"! The DH has all of them and I think he thinks he a professional landscaper. I used to have to use the ride-on lawn mower as a young girl...but thankfully, those days are gone. Nope. The person below me like making ice cubes with pieces of fruit inside them for their water.
  9. True and beautiful words Valerie! Good Afternoon all and hope everyone is well. I have been melting TSGS Pina Colada+ Mango Sorbet + Honeydew Melon...wonderful and strong. Upstairs it was VRS Beach Bonfire...wonderful And now it's Mojave by Empire Alchemy. I can smell them outside. Amy...sorry to hear about Steve's BS issues...hope he starts feeling better very soon and it evens out. I do hope those melts help to calm him. How was your creamsicle scent? Michele...big hugs to you....it's so sweet that your brought your dad coffee and donuts! I'm sure he looked forward to that! I hope you like that Southside Serpent...I think it's amazing! Take care all.
  10. Oh, you are soooo right in that! My twins are musicians and do wonderfully in Math! I always thought they were opposite ends of the spectrum. As for me...I was the kid who drew cartoons of things that happened during our days in and out of school...mostly animated stick figures...lol. I still do it after I travel with my girlfriends or sister. It helps you remember the funny times and I just love drawing those pictures! The answer to your question is a definite NO! I truly HATE water slides since I banged my head going down one as a child and almost passed out in the water at the bottom. Of course in the 70's....safety wasn't a #1 priority. The tube itself was cement and the "lifeguard" was probably 14 and not paying attention. Plus...I am terrified of heights. Lol The person below me flys first class.
  11. Good Morning! I am sorry Michele...I know how sad this is for you. I do hope we are beginning to find our way out of the grips of this horrible virus here on the east coast. I know things seem to be much better elsewhere. Here's hoping. Also...I am happy to send you some EA...a lot of my loot has coconut...are you a fan or no? I will avoid those if you don't care for that...or anything else that's a no-no. Well...everyone said my Orange Creamsicle Cake smelled like peanuts....I thought they were kidding until I walked outside and came back in...yup, peanuts. This dark and ready to pour morning I am burning candles: Goosecreek Paris Noir Shorties Teakwood & Violet Yankee Lavender & Vanilla Hygge Home Honeysuckle Be well all.
  12. Good Morning! Amy...the original candle is a Hygge Home candle in Happy Moments. I have no idea where it came from...could be a giftie from a pal....could be a gift from a student...I just don't know (thank you if it was you! LOL) but Honeysuckle reminds me of being a kid at school. We would go out to the soccer fields during gym and they were surrounded by honeysuckle bushes....I am 8 years old again. I purchased a new candle from Goosecreek for 40% off. Will relight the candle and add Orange Creamsickle Cake by OPT. Have a good one.
  13. I'd love that too! Bees are wonderful! Yes. My mother gave me my "good" China at my bridal shower. The person below me had a favorite subject when they were in school. (Of course mine was Art....lololol....I don't know how I ended up with such studious children!!)
  14. Hello and Good Morning! Repeat melting from yesterday...everything is still going strong and making me happy. Michele...Rocket Melts and Golden Willow Wax. I admit my SGA from old are still doing great. Trying to get through some of these to make room for my new stuff but, boy, I am enjoying them! Love the name of your VCS...Mom Jeans?? LOLOL She's got some great names! Btw, I can send you some EA if you'd like. Her blends are very unique and unusual. This morning it's also a candle in Honeysuckle...I'm burning as I sit out on the deck. I love it so much it made me order another. H.O.P.E.L.E.S.S. Take care all.
  15. Hello All...glad to see you back Amy. I have been receiving a few wax orders this past weekend. My TBG and RM and EA...glad they all smell fantastic...very small orders for me but I still have no where to put them. Of course...I just ordered from OPT and GWW last month and still have no real estate available for them. Tryin to make space in the wax cabinet is the hard part. Lol Its SGA Sunset on the Beach- BJBC, Vanilla Waffle Cone, Beachnight and Marshmallow. Mmmmm. And upstairs a giftie....Rosegirls 29 Olive Street Zen...thank you pal! Take care all...
  16. Good Saturday Morning. Hope everyone is ok. Amy? (lol) Michele...that Southside Serpent was wonderful! I absolutely love the complex scent blend..so unique. I think I love the earthy scents mixed with bakery...and if someone has that "perfect marshmallow" scent... My only critique would be I wish it was stronger...but could be that it was a year and a half old...although my SGA usually lasts longer than that so it could just be a mild thrower. I love the name of your "Barry Gibb Talk Show" scent! Throwback... This morning it's Empire Alchemy in Paramour & Mango Papaya upstairs and downstairs it's Peach Magnolia Raspberry by Midnight Dahlia. Take care all.
  17. The kids have made mint chip, vanilla, strawberry and banana. Ohhh...canning sounds wonderful! Yum. As for a road trip....that's a wish of mine. I'd love to take a road trip across the states! Since I'm East...I'd love to travel west...until I can't go any farther! This summer....idk yet. Taking one week at a time. The person below me would like to be a beekeeper.
  18. Good Afternoon All! Amy.... I knew it. Right back-atcha Susan! How are you liking those CFOW? I sent my daughter some "Joe Exotic" scents....I think she'll crack up when they arrive. Thanks Michele...glad to hear you had good results! Ok...time for a change....let's see... SGA Southside Serpent - smooth leather, tobacco, sweetened marshmallow and bakery. Take care and be well.
  19. Yes I do! My son convinced my DH it was a great birthday gift for me...although I've never been a big ice cream person....and it seems to get used by the youngsters most often. The person below me has planted potted flowers around their yard.
  20. Amy...."possible"????? Good Morning All. It is a humid morning and the thunderstorms came through last night so I'd expect different. More rain predicted for later. Michele...how'd the old SGA do? I've got some oldies from her too but they're mostly my fall scents which seem to do pretty good. Amy...yes...pistachio ice cream is delicious and the wax is too! Hope you are enjoying your time in West Virginia despite the heat! It's Palo Santo by Swanky all over but upstairs it's Tea Time by Scarlet Raine.
  21. Such a cute thread title Michele! Melting Robin by ST....strawberries and fresh cut grass.
  22. Good Afternoon all! Michele...that Cabana Boy sounds unique and lovely! Thanks about the heads up regarding the restocking at RM. I will be there...of course....but if it's mayhem....I'll slowly back away. Lol Anyway, glad you made it safely to Ohio! I've got on... The Bunny Sisters -Swim Break from a dear pal...amazing! Thanks! OPT Watermint Clementine, CFOW Unicorn Marshmallow And upstairs it's CFOW Atlantic City from a sweet pal...love it. Gotta look this one up! Thanks! I hope everyone has a lovely day. It's clear and sunny yet cool in the shade. I love this low humidity!
  23. That perfume sounds heavenly. Yes....I do cook them all different ways....I think my preference changes upon my mood. I love poached...but I cook vegetable scrambled most often. The person below me likes to lay or sit out in the sun.
  24. Good Morning....ahhh....afternoon. Every day and every hour seems to be running into another. I put on L3 bundts yesterday in Citron Mandarin Pink Ombre Cake that is exactly 2 years old...threw amazingly....still going today. Lovely fruity floral. The DH came home and actually commented that something smelled great. That never happens...lol. Honeybear.... I Swanky! Amy... I am a super fan of Rainbow Melts!! I'm always stalking her site and looking for openings. Of course...her stuff goes fast and I'm just not into fighting to get stuff so I've not bought in a while. Her fruit blends are ! Did you happen to stop by Empire's Restock? I got there early...was so fast about filling my cart and checking out and still ended up loosing a ton of stuff....I'm especially bummed about loosing a scent I requested her to stock. Of course...I won't be running out of wax anytime soon...so I suppose I'll be ok. Have a good day.
  25. Ohhhh....what does The Shadow in the Water smell like? Hmmm....I think I have touched a few. One time I moved a snake for my neighbor when it was blocking her door and she was petrified. Now a spider...that's a different story. You? The person below me likes Italian ices more than ice cream.
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