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  1. Amyjo, Thanks for your input - it's much appreciated. I can tell you guys have a special relationship & I certainly don't want to disrupt that. I like your suggestion of a smaller forum. I think forums were a lot more popular (and useful) before Facebook groups became a thing. I, too, like looking back at the older information, but I think it might just be time to pare that down. I will certainly look at that over the next few weeks. I completely understand about the disruption with the pandemic. These are scary and uncertain times for sure. I am not looking at making any decisions immediately - I am thinking forward and making plans for a few months down the road. Thanks again for your input. Stay safe!
  2. Hi, Candlefinders! I am creating this poll as I want to get your feedback and opinions on the fate of the Candlefind forum. We have a large number of members (almost 2500), but only a small portion that actively post on the forum. I do realize there are several visitors that we have that do not choose to actually post on the forum, so I am taking that into consideration as well. However, the time has come to make some important decisions. The forum has required upgraded software and that was accomplished last Fall. The licensing for this software was just renewed, so we are set for another year. As far as the look, feel, and functionality of the forum, the current theme is already out of date and does require an update. I can choose to update this theme or switch to a new theme. However, if the Candlefind forum is to continue to be an extension of the Candlefind website, it needs to be brought under the new branding (logo, colors, etc.). This, of course, means customization. There is also the reality that this forum consumes a lot of resources, contributing to my need to secure a virtual private server as opposed to shared hosting. Hence my current dilemma. Should I begin the process of theme upgrade and customization? How valuable is this forum for you as is? I realize that for those of you who do continue to post, the dialogue back/forth is more than just about what is scenting your homes. You obviously care about each other and have formed bonds. I do not want to be the wrecking ball that swung right through the party. However, I do need to make sure I'm making the best decisions for the resources that we have. Please do me a favor and vote in the poll. Feel free to comment below if you believe there are other factors that need to be considered.
  3. Hello, all! I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy. I do not post here often, but I do enjoy reading what you guys have been melting/burning and other aspects of your lives. I'm about to put up a poll to get your thoughts on the use of this forum. It's time to make some decisions, and I do want to have your input into the matter since you guys are the ones mainly using the forum at this time. Please be sure to pop in to share your opinion on the poll. Thanks!
  4. Just melted that (as a votive) and it was fantastic!
  5. Thanks to MaggieMae for this month's thread title! Hope every one is staying safe and healthy. What are you melting/burning today?
  6. Thanks to candlelove for this month's thread title! What are you melting/burning today?
  7. Live on the website, enter to win! https://candlefind.com/blanket-fleece-jacket-beeswax-candle-giveaway/ Also enter on the Facebook page:
  8. Congrats to last month's winner, Doris Z. She won a $25 gift certificate to Candlemart. The prize for February 2020 is a $25 gift certificate to Yankee Candle. This month's prize is being sponsored by Candlefind. Be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter so you can be entered to win!
  9. Thanks to MaggieMae for this month's thread title! What are you melting/burning today?
  10. Happy New Year! Thanks to MaggieMae for our thread title this month. What are you melting/burning today?
  11. I hate when that happens! I haven't tried that particular candle, but there is a similarly named candle made by Paddywax. You can find it here on Amazon. You might try searching eBay for the exact BH&G candle. If I find something else similar, I'll post back to let you know.
  12. How would you like to win TWO years worth of Flamme & Port Austin candles?! Our friends at Flamme Candle Co. will be selecting one winner for this amazing prize valued at $672. How do you enter for a chance to win this fabulous prize? Sign up for Flamme’s email list HERE. Follow Flamme on Facebook or Instagram. As part of the giveaway, Flamme is also offering 20% off single purchase items of Flamme & Port Austin candles. You can take advantage of this promotion by visiting their Amazon link HERE. Good luck candle lovers!
  13. If anyone wants to enter but is not on Facebook, please post your pictures here and I'll upload it to the Facebook thread on your behalf.
  14. The prize for the month of December is a $50 VISA gift card.
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