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  1. Congrats to Tracy O., winner of this giveaway! Stay tuned for more Candlefind giveaways!
  2. Oooh, so sorry, MaggieMae. I'll try to mention something in the SOTD thread, too. Keep your eye out in this section, as I'm planning a number of giveaways between now and the end of the year.
  3. Thanks to MaggieMae for this month's SOTD thread title! Tell us...what are you melting or burning today?
  4. Michele, sending thoughts & prayers for your brother and your whole family. I am hoping you hear some good news after further workup. I also wish your day a happy 90th. Wow! Susan, glad the car is repaired. MaggieMae, hope you're feeling better! I've been rotating two candles: Vanilla Orchid & Almond, Michigan Pure Soy Candles and Sea Salt & Orchid, The Simplistic Candle Shoppe. Both very pretty scents. Have a good night!
  5. Please vote for your preferred title for the month of October!
  6. Hi, Cat! So good to see you here! The other gals I'm sure will be more helpful than me, but what did Tranquility smell like? What were the notes?
  7. Good evening, all! Susan, oh no on the starter. At least they know the problem. Hope it's fixed soon & not too costly. Hayden Rowe - haven't tried this vendor before. Thoughts? Honeybear, sending hugs to you & your DD. She sounds like a trooper, though! Thanks RE: HB's name - she was a Christmas impulse gift, so it seemed fitting. Heidi Pie? Cute. They are family, aren't they? Sounds like I need to try this Swanky Lavender Paris. Hmmm... Tonight, finishing up my Spooky Hollow clamshell from Mary Melts. Really like it but I find I have scent ADD now. I'm ready to move on. Hope everyone is having a good night - please give suggestions for our October thread!
  8. Good evening, all! I hope you guys do like the green. I'm still trying to tweak the aesthetics. For the life of me I can't figure out how to get rid of that mauve bar. *sigh* Susan - How are things going now? Car trouble stinks. Honeybear - Are things better for your daughter now? Deb - Loved CCCC, too. I still have a bunch of that wax & it has held up well. I'm missing my "puppy" so much. My little Holly Berry usually travels with me, but not on this stretch. So. Sad. I am melting Pip from CFOW. It's a mix of apples, lollipops, and something else (waaaay too lazy to get up and check right now). Smells good but it's lighter than I'd like. I'll probably change it out soon. Hope everyone has a good night!
  9. Popping in to say hi! Hope everyone is squared away on the forum - if not, be sure to message me & let me know. Hopefully done with the weird stuff. Deb - I miss Can Do so much! I still have a ton of her wax left. Melting Spooky Hollow from Mary Melts. Spooky good! Have a good night!
  10. Oh noooo! I'm so sorry! That has to be unnerving for her and for you. I'm sorry it started out this way for her. Sharon - sounds nice! Enjoy. I'm settled in & burning Sea Salt & Orchid from Simplistic Candle Shoppe. It's a good one. Hope everyone has a good night.
  11. Good early morning! I'm going to be on the road most of the day. Anyone heard of Martin, TN? Michele, definitely don't worry too much about your melts. I have some almost 10 years old that do still scent. I think it has a lot to do with not only vendor, but how it's packaged and stored. Clamshells perform the poorest for me as far as longevity, regardless of vendor. Honeybear, how is she liking her Airbnb? I started using that about a year ago & now I rarely use hotels anymore. Deb, I'm glad that worked! Whew! This morning will be Cranberry Woods car freshener from B&BW. Love! Hope everyone has a great day!
  12. September 2019 This month's giveaway will be 2 candles courtesy of myHomebody! One lucky winner will win a candle gift set: one Zest (Citrus) candle and one Amour (Rose) candle. This month's prize is being sponsored by myHomebody.
  13. Did you know you can win prizes each & every month - just by being a newsletter subscriber! That's right! Sign up for the Candlefind To Go monthly newsletter and be entered to win a different prize each month!
  14. Glad you found them! They are all loading for me, Deb. Did you try a different browser? bwahaha - no problem! And, unfortunately, I've discovered that from my insane wax hoarding. Tons of $ down the drain on scentless wax melts. A few companies (like CFTKR) seem to last forever, though, so that's one silver lining. And my candles from 10 years ago are still good! Yay! I'm glad I figured that out. There's a steep learning curve with this forum software. This morning I'm dedicating to finishing up some partially used clamshell packages & candles. I'll be on the road the next several weeks & don't want to leave behind an orphaned stash. Chesapeake Bay Candles - Bourbon Pumpkin. Really like this candle. Hanna's - Peach Lemonade. Good one. Hanna's - Watermelon Lemonade. Like this one, too, but it's not strong enough. White Barn - Pie Crust. No more WB melts for me once this mini-stash is gone. Hope everyone has a great day!
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