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  1. Good Morning! It’s another beautiful day!! I am melting the last of Wonderberry Vanilla Glazed Soft Pretzel. This was a good one. Enjoy the day!
  2. Good Morning! Amy-I’m glad you got to see the comet. Maggie-The “I’m on a Boat” was wonderful. I just turned it off. I loved the scent and it went over 20 hours. Today it’s ST Love Actually. This is PPW, Sweet Lavender Cream and VBN. I really like this one and yesterday it was Cherry Coconut Cream Pie Birthday Cake created by a very talented CF friend. Thank you! I am also now melting a sample from VRC-Beach Sage & Mint. Wonderful! Stay safe!
  3. Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It’s going to be another hot one here today. In the main area it’s VCS Midway Treats- Salt Water Taffy, Gooey Marshmallows, and Cotton Candy Frosting. In the bedroom it’s VCS I’m on a Boat. This is Fruity Limoncello, Pineapple, Sugared Mint, Tropical Flowers, Coral and Volcanic Rock. Have a great day and stay safe!
  4. Good Morning! The sun is trying to come out today. Yesterday was nothing but rain and wind. Today is SGA Twinkle Twinkle. This is Twinkies Vanilla Lace Marshmallow. Overnight was VCS King Tut. This was Egyptian Musk. Have a nice and safe day!!
  5. Hi Everyone. Susan- I am so sorry you had a run in with a deer. Glad you are okay. That mist have been very scary. Looks like you melted some wonderful scents. Thanks all for your feedback on SB. Sampler is probably at least 2 years old and that could be part of the reason I got zero throw. Amy-I love Palo Santo scents. Today I melted SGA Chocolate Lavender in the main area This was French Lavender with hints of milk chocolate and Amber I loved this. In the bedroom it was a sample from The Bunny Sisters-Deep Blue Sea.. This is a beautiful mix of pineapple, pink sands, suntan and salty sea air. Good Night All!
  6. Hi again! Maggie-I go back and forth for a few days to NY once in awhile. This year I’m mostly here at the beach because everyone is working from home and no need to worry about airports and schedules. If you ever come to my neck of the woods please stop by. It’s so peaceful here. I’m heading back Monday for 4 days then back down here again. That ST sounds delicious. I melted Savannah Blue from a Sampler I bought. It was Delphina - Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy and Sweet Pineapple. Unfortunately it had zero throw. I think it was too old. Changed all my melters out to VRC Pumpkin Coconut Latte. We will see how this does because it’s a year and a half old and was starting to melt. Where are you Amy, Susan and Valerie??? Stay safe all!
  7. Good Morning! Sharon-Hope all is well. Glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine. Melting here Wonderberry Sugared Cherry Wonderland. Have a nice day!!
  8. Good Morning! I hope everyone is well. Amy-I am sorry your Fourth of July was so extremely noisy. That’s so sad how scared Eli and Clem were. Next year I agree that a long ride away will be better for them. I’m glad your are enjoying TBS Grape Soda. Well for me today it’s Swanky Peppermint Sugar Cookie Birthday Cake Marshmallow Noel which is a sample I received with my order in the bedroom. In the main area it’s Rainbow Melts Beach Bag. This is Sun Drenched Apricot plus Beach Linen plus Gingham. This is my first time melting from this vendor. Both smell beautiful and are very strong! Have a safe day!
  9. Hi All! I hope you all are doing well. Maggie- my SGA from yesterday was strong. It was a good one. Today it’s VCS Lavender Cream Cookie Monster in the main area and VCS Dr. Sleep in the bedroom. That is Lavender Vanilla Palo Santo. It’s good. I should have let it cure awhile but I was anxious to try. Enjoy the day!
  10. Good Morning! I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July yesterday. It’s a beautiful day here. I’m melting SGA Summer Vibes- Pink Sugar with Mandarin, Coconut Water, Floral, Amber and Musk. Have a wonderful day and stay safe!
  11. Happy 4th of July to All!! Overnight I melted TBS Beach Underground. It was such a beautiful scent! This is Seaside Fruit with Salt Beach Notes. Glad I have this one coming in my next order. I just changed this out to VRC Strawberry Blonde Birthday. This is Sweet Strawberry, Blonde Moment, Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy and Sugar Cookies. This is another great one from her Strawberry Sampler of last year. In the main area it’s VCS Weekend Update which is Cafe Mocha swirled with Funfetti Creamer and Boom! Dynamite! Which is Coffee and Chocolate, Spicy and Sweet. Throw on these is great. Enjoy the holiday everyone!
  12. Hello! Maggie-You have a good assortment of candles going there. My candles have been getting neglected. Today is an older SGA. It’s Pennywise. This is Pistachio Crunch Berry Crisp Cannoli. Very good and a nice throw. Enjoy your day all!
  13. Good Morning!! Amy-It’s getting very hot here as well. I am melting an oldie here too. It was a gift from a CF friend. It’s Colonial Jazz Fest. I can’t find the scent description anywhere. Smells good though. Enjoy the day!
  14. Hi All! I hope all is well. I can’t believe it’s July already. Thank you Maggie re the title. Melting VCS As If - a lovely blend of Cotton Candy and Strawberry Passion. Stay safe!
  15. Good Morning to All! Amy- I would love more samplers from Sarah! She hasn’t done one in awhile. I am melting SB Breakfast Cookies which is Fruity Pebbles and Vanilla Sugar CookIe Dough with Marshmallow Icing. Have a great day!
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