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  1. Hi All! Melting today VCS Riff Raff’s Cozy Cocktail. Really good. I think it’s Spiced Pumpkin and Bourbon. Maggie - I think the French Baguette Candle is more doughy. Amy-Glad you are back in OH. Enjoy your day all!
  2. Good Morning !! Melting this morning TBG Pink Candy Queen. This is similar to Lush Snow Fairy. Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Thursday to all!
  3. Hello Everyone! Amy-Hope you have a good travel week. Maggie-Hope your husband is feeing better. Sharon-Kettle Corn is popcorn but it’s a much sweeter version. Susan-Hope you are doing well. Valerie-Hope you are doing ok. Debra-Gingerbread Kettle Corn does sound good. Never had that. I am burning a candle tonight since I was out most of the day. It’s White Barn French Baguette. Great throw and burning nicely. Enjoy your evening!!
  4. Hello! Debra-I will take rain over snow any day. Unicorn Mermaid sounds really nice. I love SSA. Melting SB Lavender Cream Puffs. Happy Sunday!
  5. Good Morning! I am heading to physical therapy in a few minutes. I was actually all over yesterday running errands. I even went to the mall. Glad to be making progress. Melting today another single Waxmosphere The Dove which is a dupe of Lush Olive Branch. This is Mandarin and orange flower. Thanks CF friend. Enjoy the day all!
  6. Hello Everybody! This is my third time writing this post. Not sure why it keeps disappearing. The bridal shower went extremely well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I have already started planning and buying for bridal shower #2 in September. I’m around and about. Walking pretty much in my own now but use my cane sometimes for extra support. It feels so good!! Maggie-Glad to hear your party was a success. Amy- Hope being back at work isn’t too stressful. Glad you are enjoying your candles. Valerie-Sorry you are missing your girls. Hopefully next visit you will be feeling better and better able to enjoy your time with them. Debra-I haven't been too successful with reducing my wax collection even though I have been in a no buy for wax. My sinuses are horrid this season so far. Unfortunately as Amy would say I have gone down another rabbit hole with bath and body. Oh well.... Susan and Sharon- I hope you are doing well. Trying to melt one little tart today. It’s TBG Belladonna Tincture. It’s from last year’s Valentine Sampler. This is a spicy blend of black pepper, Patchouli, and veviter; softened with mellow sandalwood inspired by Lord of Misrule by Lush which is a big favorite.
  7. Good Morning!! I hope everyone is doing well today. Thanks to all regarding the bridal shower. Everything is almost complete. Maggie- yes my daughter knows about the shower. She doesn’t know too many of the details though. She has picked her perfect outfit and of course is getting her hair and makeup done lol. On Monday I will start driving on my own. First thing I’m bringing my dad to a doctor appointment. I have enjoyed the rest and relaxation. Unfortunately my husband needs to head back to work Monday. Everyone can’t wait for me to drive again. It’s going to be a hectic week. Today’s melt is a long ignored vendor - SGA. Haven’t melted from my SGA wax in forever. It’s The Cove. This is cherries, coconut, sweetened with a vanilla cream and baked into a sweet biscotti. Delicious!! Amy- I don’t know how you missed Gingerbread Applesauce either. You put it into my basket at VRC. I thought you put one into your basket too. Lol. Enjoy the day all!!
  8. Happy New Year Everyone! Maggie-I absolutely love this title!! Very appropriate and oh so true. I’m melting VRC Gingerbread Applesauce. This is very good!! We are going out to dinner later. No big party here today. I’m not really ready for that yet and I have things for the bridal shower on Saturday all over the house. My knee is coming along. The PT helps a lot Just relaxing and it feels good. We went to my friend’s house last night to ring in the new year. Have great day!
  9. Hi Everybody! Belated Merry Christmas to all ! I had written a post the other day but it got deleted. I hate when that happens. I am still recovering nicely from my knee replacement. I now go to physical therapy 3 times a week. I am able to drive now as well. I’m still walking with my cane though for support. I have been extremely busy preparing for oldest DD’s bridal shower next Saturday. It’s a lot of work and thankfully my younger DD has helped me A LOT. I'm still not melting. My allergies are driving me crazy I am going to try again tomorrow. I have been good about not ordering wax but I can’t say the same about bath and body. I placed a nice order with Lush on Boxing Day. Only 3 items were half price though. Thanks Sharon for the history of Boxing Day. Valerie-Glad your DD is home now. Sorry you weren’t feeling well. For some reason I don’t remember Holly. Can someone refresh my memory? Hope everyone is doing well. Have a good night all!!
  10. Hello! Where is everyone? Hope you are all ok and just getting ready for Christmas. Melting VRC Espresso Cheesecake Yum!
  11. Hi All!! Amy-Thats scary about the bear. Good thing you were inside. Maggie and Sharon -I’m doing well. I’m almost ready to ditch the cane. It’s still stiff but I’m ready to try driving this weekend. I’m going stir crazy. Melting SMT Gingerbread Cafe Latte Marshmallow. Enjoy all!
  12. Hi All!! Maggie-Glad to hear your concerts went well. Susan-Great scents going. Melting today VRC Cinnamon Peppermint Cream in all melters. Wonderful! Hope you are all having a good day!
  13. Good Morning Everyone! We too have had a bit of snow this morning. Yesterday was my first day out since the surgery. I had my staples removed and then went to visit my Dad with my sister. I later went out to dinner with my friend. I’m coming along great. I ditched the walker and now I’m walking with just a cane. Hopefully soon I can get rid of that as well. Some friends are bringing lunch over today. It should be a fun afternoon. I am also on my own. DD has a business trip until Friday and DH will be home Friday as well. It’s a great feeling. Amy- Next year I need to order some of the TBG Christmas scents. They really sound wonderful. Today I am melting RG Nilla Strawberry Noel and RG Carbs Noel both from a lovely CF friend. Thank you! Im really enjoying these. Have a great day all!!!
  14. Good Morning Al! Hope everyone is doing well. I’m continuing to make good progress. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. Everyone’s scents sound wonderful. Amy and Susan-I love that BBW Spiced Apple Toddy. Amy-I also got the 3 BBW Candles I wanted online. Trying to burn a candle today. I want to finish it before I start a Christmas candle. It’s BBW Toasted Vanilla Chai and it smells good. I’m now also melting VRC Peppermint Marshmallow. Happy Saturday!
  15. Hi All! I'm continuing to make great progress with my knee. I can’t wait to have full use of it again. Amy-That trivia night sounds fun. I’m so mad that I missed TBG Christmas collection. Next year for sure! Still no melting. Enjoy all!
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