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  1. Good Morning! Your husband’s recovery is amazing Maggie. I wasn’t allowed to drive for 2-3 weeks. I had a good recovery too but certainly not that quickly. Good for him!! I’m glad you are getting a good throw from Zeep. Not much luck for me here. Carry on Wayward Son sounds like a good one. Kae’s is on my list to try eventually. Love anything pumpkin. Glad Tara’s lasted for you. Do you put your Fall and Winter wax away ? I’m guessing you separate by season. Do you date your wax when it arrives? Earlier this week I continued melting through my older VCS. It lost it’s actual sticker with its name but it was a blend of Salted Caramel, Eggnog and Marshmallow Pound cake It still had a good throw. Yesterday was ST Magically Delicious, Blackberry and Tea and Cakes This was super strong Really enjoyed this. Today it’s SGA Vanilla Frosted Pumpkin which is going on a hot plate. I’m trying to use up my older chunk bags. Downstairs is RG S’mores Cookie Cups from a wonderful CF friend. This is really good. I’m on an RG kick lately. RG is quickly becoming one of my favorite vendors along with L3, VCS and EA. Miss seeing everyone posting here. I hope you all have a great day!
  2. Hi All! Sorry I didn’t post this week. It’s been busy. Maggie-Hope your husband is doing well. Is he ready to go out already? It’s great that you are getting through some of your oldest wax. I have some really old stuff in my basement. I can probably throw some out because some of it is a melted mess. I think I’m going to try to go through it this week. I have some wax that old also Maggie. Susan-Hope you are doing well. Today it was RG Singing in the the Rain. I love this one! It’s probably one of my favorites. Like Maggie I’m trying to get through some older wax. I did melt some vintage VCS this week. I had company today so missed out on L3. It’s probably for the best. I’m still missing my last order from there. It’s hasn’t moved for a week. I’m hoping it’s not lost. Have a great night!!
  3. Good Morning! Maggie-I am so happy my VCS is doing well and I have loads of wax from her. Lots of Fall scents because they are great. Haven’t touched a lot though because there’s so much to melt. Today it’s another VCS oldie-Home Alone. This is Buttercream Cupcakes topped with crushed peppermint. Your melts sound great Maggie! TGIF!
  4. Hi Sharon! Good to see you here. Maggie- I’m glad your husband is doing well. There’s nothing like your own bed. I need to put all my older VCS in its own bin. That’s a project for me. Hopefully I can make a big dent in my VCS. BTW my melt was so strong it went for 2 days!! Today it’s Destination Wax Moonspice Cookie. New vendor for me. Thanks friend! It’s excellent. This is Sugar Cookies, Coffee and Celtic Moonspice. I have a whole untouched order from this vendor I need to get started on. Hope you are all enjoying your day!
  5. Good Morning!!! I hope everyone is doing well. Maggie-I love the VRC Tobacco Barn. That Hayden Rowe sounds good too. Overnight it has been RM Lavender, Bed Time Bath and Baby Powder. Yesterday was EA Renegade. This was Earthen Oak, Oud Wood. Rosewood and Oakmoss. This morning it’s VCS Caffe Reggio Donut. This is a little over 2 years old Hope it does well. I’m trying to get through all my 2018 wax from this vendor. Maggie-Hope your husband is coming along. We had rain overnight. It’s 43 degrees already. Hope most of the snow melts. Unfortunately we are expecting more snow on Thursday. Enjoy your day all!
  6. Good Morning! Happy Valentine’s Day! I am grateful to having met all of you. Amy-It’s nice to see you posting. It must feel nice to get your house in order and not having workers in the house. I am glad that you are pleased with everything. Maggie-we put a bed in the family room for me too. The bathroom was there but the shower was upstairs. I slept there there for 2 nights when I came home. Then I made it upstairs to sleep every night. The bed really came in handy to relax and ice my knee. I have been melting a few of my samples too. Sometimes you fall in love with a scent you might not have tried. Overnight was S & S Lavender Chamomile. This was a bit on the older side but it’s throwing great. DH and I are going out to dinner later. Indoor dining opened at 25% capacity this weekend. Have a happy Sunday and stay safe!
  7. Maggie-Hope your husband’s surgery went well. Too bad you can’t be with him. Crazy times. Overnight melt is EA Dreamcatcher. This is Oriental Florals, Berry and Muscadine, Orchid, Sandalwood and Vanilla Musk. Good Night!
  8. Maggie-Good Luck to your husband on his new knee. I’m sure he will be pleased. It was the best thing I ever did. Hope the job is going well and I’m sure you are very busy. Doesn’t leave much time for anything else. You can enjoy your melting mostly on the weekends. I haven’t melted as much as I used to for now either. The babies keep us extremely busy. Overnight was TBS Winter Storm. This is Sweater Weather, Peppermint and Storm Watch. It smells great. TGIF! Enjoy the day all!
  9. Good Morning! Overnight I have been melting L3 Goodnight Moon. This was a sample I received. It’s Pink Sugar Chiffon, soothing Lavender Pink Frosted Cake. Very nice scent but not super strong. I hope everyone is going well. Have a great day!
  10. Good Morning! Maggie- Your scents sound delicious! They sound like good compliments to each other. I am melting today SGA Sugar Cookie Pretzel Eggnog. This is part of my use it up chunk bags. They are old and don’t have loads of scent on their own so I put my left over chunks on a hot plate in a jar and melt for a day or two. Thanks Amy! Hope everyone has a good day! I miss everyone posting here. Where are you all? Please come back.
  11. Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. My melt for this evening is TBG The Enchanted. This is Osthmanthus and mandarin blend with apricot and soft rock rose resin. This is a very relaxing scent. Changed this out this morning to SGA Smart Dressed Man. This is Patchouli and Leather. Very different and very strong. I’m enjoying this. Happy Sunday!
  12. Hi all! It’s very quiet here. I’m just melting in my bedroom for now. Overnight and today it was Blended with Love (now The Starlit Room) All is Calm. Wonderful! Great throw. This was peppermint, Lavender and VBN. Tonight is a sample from L3- The Lorax hears a Who in Whoville. This is Cotton Candy Craze, Tinsel Trees, Pink Sugar Marshmallow Cookies. I love this! Good Night🛏 all!
  13. Hi All! Maggie-Your L3 sounds delicious. I hope everyone is doing well. We ended up with over a foot of snow. Roads have been plowed so I might venture out tomorrow. I am trying to get through some older chunk bags from SGA in my bedroom. I have been putting them on the warmer. Have Autumn Days going and it smells great Have a good night everyone!
  14. Hi All! Maggie-Maybe it will snow until Tuesday! That’s what they are saying. They just upgraded our total here to 18”-24”. Glad I have a quiet week and no place to go. Your scents sound delicious! I’m jealous. Since the babies came home I haven’t melted. In a couple of weeks I might just put one only one melter on down here. That hasn’t stopped me from ordering though. I need to stop. I love coffee scents too. Tomorrow RM is offering a coffee sampler. They sell out quickly but I’m going to try for one. Hope everyone is well and for those getting snow -Enjoy!!!
  15. Hi All! Melting RG Shadow Queen. This is Lord of Misrule, Marshmallow Fireside, Tobacco and Vanilla Bourbon. Enjoy your day!
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