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  1. Good Morning! It’s quiet here. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weekend. Thank you Amy and Maggie about my dad’s house. I will take the good memories with me. Amy-I’m glad you enjoy your ride. I’m happy you get to listen to your music during the ride and really get to enjoy it. Safe travels this week! Yesterday I melted a great scent from VRC. It was Warm Patchouli. This was Vanilla Pumpkin Pie, Rich Vanilla, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Patchouli. This morning it’s a sample from VCS-Hello Lydia. This is Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow and Cinnamon Sugared Donut. Smells wonderful. Enjoy your day everyone!
  2. Good Morning! Amy-That’s some drive every week! Sharon-Glad you got to get that hair cut lol. My Dad’s house is finally empty. The closing is set for Monday. Yesterday I melted VCS Ya Filthy Animal. This was Hot Cinnamon Orange Danish and Cream Cheese Frosting. Great scent throw and lasted all day. Today it’s TBG Banshee Dreams. It’s Frosted Pumpkin Cupcakes, Rich dark Expresso coconut and white vanilla Marshmallow. It’s a nice scent but not that strong. I am meeting some friends for lunch this afternoon. Have a good day all!
  3. Good Morning! Melting a super oldie today CFTKR Fruity Loops. In the bedroom it’s VRC Vanilla Rose Tea. Enjoy your day all!
  4. Good Morning! I hope everyone is well. I attended a backyard baby shower yesterday. It was so nice to see everybody. Had a very nice time. The weather was perfect. Crispy 65 degrees. Love this weather! We are back at the beach enjoying the last few weekends of summer. It’s really starting to feel like Fall. Happy Birthday to your husband Sharon! My sister and I finished cleaning out my dad’s house. The last of the furniture and remaining things are being cleared out tomorrow. We are probably closing later in the week. Good memories were made there. It’s sad to let go. I got my EA order yesterday and all smells wonderful cold. I can’t wait to melt these scents They are very unique and wonderful. Thanks Maggie and Amy! This morning it’s SGA The Haunted Mansion. This is a fresh bakery with sweet spices and creamy vanilla batter. In the bedroom it’s a sample from L3- Lush Linen White Clouds. Lovely. Have a great Sunday everyone!
  5. Good Morning! Glad you are enjoying EA Maggie. I have a pending order from there. Thanks for the intro. Melting SGA Salted Caramel Pretzel Waffle Cone this morning. We got a lot done at my dad’s house last night. We are back at it again tomorrow. I’m finally meeting my friends for lunch today. So excited to see them. We haven’t seen each other since March except for on Zoom . Hope you all have a wonderful day!
  6. Good Morning! Maggie-I’m impressed. You sound like you are very handy. Amy-Glad you are still enjoying your summery scents. I am still melting them but not ever day. Going to get my hair colored and cut soon. Nails this afternoon. My sister and I are boxing up my dad’s house for the VVA tonight. They take a lot of household items. We have a dumpster for whatever nobody else wants. The closing is next week. It’s very sad. My parents lived in that house for 55 years and we grew up there. Melting today in all melters is VCS Heat Miser Man. This is Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting Noel Gooey Marshmallows. Enjoy your day all!
  7. Hello All! Amy-I have missed your posts!! It is good to do preventative maintenance on your house. You don’t want a problem that could have been avoided. I give you credit for trying your hand at blending. I know I would be terrible at it. Glad you had success and that you enjoyed it. Melted for 24 hours straight and it could have gone more. This was a new to me vendor called Blended with Love. The scent was Ocean Pearls. This was Palo Santo, Vanilla Lace and Golden Sands. Just beautiful. Tonight it’s L3 Pink Sugar. Pink Chiffon, Vanilla Clean Cotton. This was a sample I received and it’s pretty so far. Good Night All. I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend.
  8. Good Morning! Yes Maggie I agree. I have some CFTKR that’s about 10 years old and it’s still throwing. My VCS has been holding up as well. What were the scent notes of that 3 Ring Circus? Today it’s VRC Bourbon and Oud in the main area and an L3 sample Lord of Misrule Sugar Cookie Royale Don’t Cross Streams in the bedroom. I’m loving all these scents today. Enjoy your day !
  9. Good Morning! Melting SGA Coffee House Pretzels. Need something here to wake me up. In the bedroom melting the last of the VCS Lavender Cream Cookie Monster. Enjoy the day all!
  10. Good Morning! Sharon-Glad to see you posting. Today I'm Melting VCS Lavender Cream Cookie Monster. This is throwing beautifully. I’m shocked at how strong this is after almost 2 years old. This wax just gets stronger the older it is. In the bedroom it’s The Bunny Sisters Campfire Tales. This is suede and tabac, Marshmallow fireside, wood and earth. Have a nice day!
  11. Good Morning! I can’t believe we are in September already! Time sure does fly. I am melting SMT Blackberry Caramel Latte in the main area and VRC Lavender Cotton Candy in the bedroom. Enjoy your day everyone !!
  12. Good Morning! Susan-I am glad you enjoyed your vacation. The Greek Island melt smells very nice. Maggie-The Sassy Wax Melts sounds wonderful. Todays it’s EA Camping at the Beach from a lovely CF friend. This is Ocean Breeze, Toasted Mallow, Caramel Woods, Tobacco and Vanilla Donut. Smells really nice! Thank you!! I’m really enjoying this vendor. Enjoy the day all!
  13. Good Morning! It’s a beautiful day! We had rain the last couple of days but now the sun is out and it’s just gorgeous. Melted VCS More Cowbell. This was Bourbon Chai. Very strong, great scent and it went for over 24 hours. Melt for today is VCS Celebrity Jeopardy. This is Fizzy Pop with Black Currant Purée and Cotton Candy. I rarely melt fizzy scents but I can see now why they are popular. This is super strong. I have it going in the bedroom and can smell it all the way in the main area. Amy-That scent sounds gorgeous! Thanks for introducing me to L3. Maggie-I love all the different vendors you melt from. That Sweet French Herbs sounds beautiful. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!
  14. Good Morning! Maggie-I’m glad to hear that everyone tested negative. Susan-What does the Greek Island smell like? My melt this morning is VRC Pink Grapefruit. Hope everyone has a nice day!
  15. Good Morning! Maggie-I love that VRC Tobacco Barn! My allergies have been terrible this summer. Didn’t realize that they were bad this year. Melting HM Vanilla Cedar Wood in the bedroom. Excellent! In the main area it’s SB Resting Beach Face. It’s Pink Sugar, Fresh Ozone, Clean Cotton, Sheer Musk, Amber, Seaside Breeze, Ocean Sands and Beach Grass. Have a great day!
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