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  1. Good Morning! I hope everyone is well. I have been melting a few good ones here- SGA -A Latte Can Happen -Gringo with Coffee. I wish I had brought more of this Coffee Sampler with me. I am enjoying them so much. CFOW -Joy Riding. I couldn’t find the scent description but I smelled a bit of orange. SGA Happy Easter-Violet Sugar Petals Cotton Candy Sugar Cookies. SMT Cookie Bread, Peach, Sugar Milk and Pretzel. Delicious. Be safe all!
  2. Good Morning! I hope everyone is doing well. I am melting VRC Pumpkin Pistachio Cookies today. Maggie-with no Masses at church we aren’t counting the collections on Mondays. I hope that the Parish can make up its lost revenues. It is a very unique time. Amy-I can’t believe you threw out those bins. You are very committed. This was my birthday month and I did treat myself a few times. I have to be careful because this is a rabbit hole. I am melting more than ever in this quarantine. I hope the rest of this group is staying safe. Enjoy the day everyone!
  3. Good Morning! It sure is quiet here. I hope you are all feeling well. Melting SGA Easter Parade in the bedroom This is Pink Chiffon, Sweet Lavender and Sugar Cookies. Wonderful. Melting Wonderberry Yoshi Eggs in the main area. This is Crunchy Pears and Mango Papaya in a Vanilla Marshmallow Milkshake. I am sorry that this vendor closed. Have a safe Sunday.
  4. Hello! Amy-I’m glad you are ok. Had us worried. I am melting VCS Red Lips. This is Juicy Plum and Vanilla Lace. Maggie-I hope life can return to normal soon. I’m not so sure about where I live. We have over 1700 confirmed cases and just 2 weeks ago there were only 2. i am better off in Ohio right now. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  5. Good Morning! Amy-Where are you? I hope you are okay. Missing your posts. Check in please. Maggie-Glad you are spending the quarantine with a little change of scenery. You are also getting to visit with your girls. My overnight melt is still going strong. It’s CFTKR Milk and Chamomile Tea. Beautiful scent! Thank you CF friend. I am also melting RG Americana Peeps Cake. Really nice. Thanks to another CF friend. Have a safe and healthy day!
  6. Good Morning! Melting this morning VCS Cream Cheese Waffle Cone. Overnight melt is still going. Next up will be SGA Gidget’s Beach Party. Have a safe and healthy day!!
  7. Hi All! Overnight melt is SGA Lavender Cashmere. Good Night!
  8. Good Morning! Amy-Your company sounds like they are taking every precaution to keep everyone safe. Its ok about hugging your friend. These aren’t normal times and sometimes it is so hard. Melting SGA Impresso Machine from the Coffee Sampler. This is Cookie Monster goes to the Beach with Coffee. Also going in the bedroom is SGA Peeps from the Easter Sampler. This is Easter Marshmallow. Smells wonderful in here. The only upside of this quarantine is being able to melt everyday. I missed this so much. I’m so happy that I’m with my husband too and am able to keep him company. My visit was timed perfectly with all that’s going on. Have a great and safe day.
  9. Hi All! I hope everyone is well. Melting L3 Children of the Corn. This is Blueberry , Cornbread, Pretzel, Brown Sugar and Pound Cake. This is very good. Thanks CF friend!
  10. Amy-Glad that you arrived safely. I just changed out the melter for this evening. Evening melt is VCS A Royal Wedding. I’m finally down to my last one or two from this Royal Wedding Sampler. I have enjoyed every one of them. Kirby ‘s samplers are wonderful. I have enjoyed everything in this Sampler. This is Sponge Cake, Apricot Jam, Vanilla Custard and Almond Marzipan. I celebrated my birthday this month by placing 4 orders. Now it’s back to the ban. I have more samplers coming from VCS and some Break Away Brittle and Chunk Bags from SGA. Hope everyone is well. It’s quiet here.
  11. Good Morning ! I am melting SGA Sugared Violet Cookies this morning. It’s Violet Sugar Petals and Cookie Monster. It smells wonderful. Thank you CF friend. Amy-I hope you arrived safely. Have a safe and healthy day.
  12. Good Morning to Everyone! These are very scary times! Hope all is well. I am melting ST Frankenstein this morning. It’s Coffee, Pumpkin Pie and Vanilla Wafers. Also melting is SB Vanilla Powdered Donuts. It smells wonderful in here. I’m glad for that at least. I’m in Ohio and we have a very nice but small 650 sq. ft. apartment here. It’s not in an apartment building though so we can at least step outside for some fresh air. I’m so glad I came here last Sunday or my DH would be here all alone. What a difference a week has made. It’s so surreal. Amy -Safe travels today. It sounds like your plant is doing everything to keep the workers safe. Have a healthy day all.
  13. Hi All! I hope everyone is well. Maggie-I guess we all need to laugh. It’s better than the alternative. Me melt yesterday was VCS Erma’s Clothesline. This was Lavender Vanilla and Clean Cotton. Overnight melt was CFOW Fantasy. This didn’t have much scent. Today it’s SMT Strawberry Vanilla Fudge and SMT Cookie Bread Buttermilk Pancakes Maple Syrup Blackberry. Try to enjoy the day. I hope all with the virus recover quickly. I pray everyday for a quick end to this virus so life can return to normal. You never realized before how many things you took for granted.
  14. Good Morning! Hope Everybody is okay. Melting L3 Sprinkles on Top-Vanilla Cupcakes and Buttercream Sprinkles. Amy-I’m glad you don’t mind the drive to West Virginia. I’m glad it makes you less stressful. Stay well all!
  15. Good Morning! It’s very quiet here. I hope you are all well. Melting CFOW Fresh Baked Pretzel, PPW and Strawberry Jam.
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