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  1. Good morning! Maggie-I love Empire Alchemy. Today I’m melting VCS Jackie O’s Gingerbread Cup O Joe. Enjoy the day all!
  2. Hi Everyone!! I hope everyone is doing well. I think everything is going to shut down here soon. Let’s hope everyone stays safe this holiday season. Today I’m melting VCS Sabrina Spellman. This is Palo Santo, Vanilla Lace , and Cashmere Fig. I started to sort through my wax and pulled out some Christmas and Winter scents. I have more than I thought but still a manageable amount. Thank you Susan! The wedding was very nice. Enjoy the day all!!
  3. Hello All! The wedding ceremony was perfect. We will be looking forward to the church wedding and reception next year. Thank you everyone for your well wishes This morning I drove into Manhattan with my older daughter for a sonogram and doctor appointment. The twins are now 2 1/2 pounds each. They are growing everyday. Yesterday I melted L3 Dreamweaver and today it’s SMT Buttery Pumpkin Cornbread. It’s not that strong. I might change that out in a bit. Enjoy the day all!
  4. Just put a nice wedding fragrance on-Swanky Soleil Blanc Cashmere Glow Vanilla Lace. Thank you CF friend!! Have a great day all and stay safe!!
  5. Hi Ladies!! “ I must have a plan that even I don’t know about”. Yes Maggie I do the same for every season too. I still order more wax. Doesn’t matter if I can’t finish what I have. Amy-Yes this is an addiction. But we love it!! The weather here has been on the chilly side but tomorrow it will be 61 degrees. It’s crazy. Amy-Glad that you are starting to hand work over to your successor. I’m sure that’s bittersweet. Your plan to get rid of the old SGA bags is a great one. I need to get moving more on that. Today I’m melting EA Witching Hour. This is Dragon’s Blood, Coffee Grounds, Toasted Chocolate and Tobacco. The scents are all so wonderful and unique. I’m LOVING this vendor. Tomorrow my youngest daughter is getting married. It was supposed to be her big wedding day but a small immediate family only ceremony will do for now. Now year we will celebrate with a big church wedding and reception. Enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe all!
  6. Good Morning! I hope everyone is doing well. Maggie-The sun didn't last very long at all. It turned into a very dreary day. The sun is out here now and hopefully it’s here to stay. I’m glad to hear that the CM threw for you. Susan-your Blue Sugar Sandalwood scent sounds really good. Today it’s VRC Grandma’s Kitchen. It’s Cinnamon Corn Pudding, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Toasted Marshmallow and Zucchini Bread. I always have way too many Fall scents. I can never seem to get through them. Every year I say I shouldn’t buy any more for awhile but I never can resist. Have a good day all and stay safe!!
  7. Good Morning! So happy to see the sun this morning. It’s a nice day but a little crisp. Maggie-Sorry to hear your palm wax aren’t throwing. Are those the one’s from NA? The new babies can call me Grandma. I don’t have a preference. Congrats to your daughter’s friend. I love newborn babies. Nice scents Susan! Yesterday I melted VCS Pumpkin Coffee Coffee Coffee. Nice scent that lasted all day. Today it’s SB Birthday Cookies. Thanks CF friend. Have a good one everybody !!
  8. Good Morning! I know what you mean Maggie. I’m working on using up older Halloween/Fall blends too. After Thanksgiving I start to go with Winter/Christmas blends. I don’t think I will finish them though. Yesterday I melted RM Pumpkin Frosted Animal Crackers from the Pumpkin Sampler. It was delicious. Today it’s an oldie from the VCS Pumpkin Sampler from 2 years ago - The Great Pumpkin Zombie: Pumpkin Layer Cake Cream Cheese Frosting Mac Apple Birthday Cake Whipped Cream. We are going shopping today for some baby things. It’s getting closer. Have a great Sunday everyone!!
  9. Hello! Maggie- I have mostly Yankee Candles. Some are very very old. I also have BBW candles and a few from Gold Canyon and Village Candle. I hate those telemarketers. I have been getting a lot on my cell phone now as well. Just got back from a very nice lunch with my friend. Changed out my warmers to SMT Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha. I was finishing up the last of Destination Wax Lavender Sugar Cookies which was excellent! Enjoy the rest of your day!
  10. Maggie-I am glad I have inspired you to put your candles in the cabinet. I am still in an organizing mood and just sorted out more candles. I have way too many and might try listing them on Ebay. My VCS Cranberry Pumpkin didn’t have much scent. Couldn’t smell a thing. Switched it out to Destination Wax Lavender Sugar Cookie and this is outstanding!!! Love this! Thank you CF friend. I am so glad I had placed an order with this vendor on Amy’s recommendation. This was in a beautiful Owl shape. I have it in 3 melters and it’s gorgeous!
  11. Good Morning! Amy-I am glad to hear that the mouse has been caught! I am not a fan of them at all. I’m pretty sure I have TBS The Evil Dead. I need to go dig it out. Today it’s Cranberry Great Pumpkin. This is one of my last melts left from The Great Pumpkin Sampler. It’s 2 years old. Hoping it does well. It’s another gorgeous day here. It’s supposed to reach 72 degrees. Beautiful weather but it’s not Fall. I love it. Have a great day!
  12. Good Morning! Amy-I’m glad you are only traveling 2 days this week. Susan-Good Luck with the wax reorganization. Maggie-Glad you are enjoying your 1803 wax. The wax organization is going well. I have a few candles left to find a place for and then I’m done. Today I'm melting the last of SGA Salted Caramel Pretzel Waffle Cone. I’m trying to finish up all my brittles with hardly any wax left. Have a great Monday everybody!!
  13. Good Morning! It’s a beautiful day! I am melting Wonderberry Caramel Coffee Bread. This is Coffee Ice Cream, Salted Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow and Zucchini Bread. Have a good one!
  14. Good Morning and Happy Friday! Hope your toe is feeling better Maggie!! Nice scents Susan. Everyone seems to be in a Bourbon mood. I have another order from Empire Alchemy arriving today and then just 4 more orders I’m waiting on. I’m really going to try clearing out wax here in 2021 with a select order here and there. Hope I can do it. Today I’m melting a gift from a CF friend- SGA Coin Wash This is Fresh Dried Laundry snd Amber. Smells good already. I’m also on a mission to get through my very many SGA chunk bags. Today and yesterday is Sisters in Pink. These are rather old so I’m putting them in a jar on a wax warmer and letting them go for a day or two. This way there’s no waste. Thanks Amy for the wonderful idea! Enjoy all!!
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