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  2. Hi All! I hope everyone is doing well. It’s kind if a dreary day here. I wish we would see some sun. Debra- I think I have that YC too. I thought it says Mom. I will have to check that out. Melting VCS Moose Ear Eggnog. Smells good.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm going to MIA for a while, I hope I can come back at some point. Love you guys.
  4. Yesterday
  5. It has seen so warm that my daffodils are up and budding. Mr. kitty is now speaking to me, and will remain in the same room with me, so all is well. Valerie, sending you hugs. Maggie, a tart of the real elephant's ear would fall into the scents you are glad they never made. I think we made a list of those a few years ago. Dirty socks comes to mind! Well, here is the power of suggestion! A few years ago my son gave me a beautiful YC candle for Mother's Day. I was a pretty pink with the the gorgeous label they usually have - pink and yellow blossoms. In delicate scripting I saw "Mom" across the flowers. I could not stand to burn it up so it has been sitting, waiting patiently. I pulled it out yesterday, it is time. I thought there would be very little scent by now, but I was so touched by the MOM part it was hard to burn up. Looking at it closely when I was lighting it - well, guess what? It does not say "Mom" - it says "Mum" - the type of flowers all over the label. I lit it right up! I suppose I could have pretended we were from one of the countries across the ocean... Crosscreek here, too, Maggie - some of mine are getting pretty old, so I better get serious about melting them. Today - Bergamot Coriander and also one from Me Time, Honeydew Raspberry Glaze.
  6. Good Morning! lol Sharon...an Elephant Ear is fried dough in a cookie/pastry with butter cinnamon and sugar that is shaped like a elephants ear. Glad it doesn't smell like a real elephant. I hope you had a lovely time celebrating your uncle. to him. This morning I felt like coffee scents... Apple Crisp Coffee from a sweet pal. Oogie Boogie (almond cookies, espresso, cherries and toasted coconut) by She Loves Cake. This was part of my CF game winnings a few years back and the wax is getting better each year. Delicious. Have a great Sunday.
  7. Last week
  8. Hi all, Valerie, hope you get answers soon re your husband. Michele, glad the PT is going well. Maggie, Elephants Ear? What on earth does that smell of? Intreagued. For me it's Darley Lama Lavender and Chamomile, so soothing and relaxing. I'm off out shortly, family meal for my uncle who turns 70 next week. Small gathering as he didn't want a party but this week decided a family meal would suit. Looking forward to it, the restaurant is either Bangladeshi or Indian, I can't remember, lol.
  9. Interesting....I usually find some new music I like from our local community college radio but haven't really listened to the radio much lately. Probably the most recent "new to me" music is The Tedeschi Trucks Band (Made Up Mind). Lots of bluesy brass and great vocals. They've been around a while but I just found them over the summer. How about you? The person below me likes to redecorate their home every year.
  10. Good Morning Valerie...so sorry to hear your DH is still not feeling well. I hope the doctors can figure out what is going on and help him start feeling better soon!! Big hugs to you...and praying. Amy...glad you are home! It wasn't too cold this week....much better than last week. We got the kids out twice this week which isn't too shabby since it was a short week. It definitely helps. Michele...Lolol....that's how I feel about my wax....one more thing could blow the roof off! If I switch to B&B I'm in Bigggggggg trouble. I've done that before and I gotta be careful. This morning it's... Pumpkin Sugared Donuts by Crosscreek from a sweet pal....let me tell you this little tart is amazing! Throwing like a champ and I know she's been closed up for a bit so I am impressed! Now I really miss her! Elephant Ear by Avas...another oldie and throwing great. Have a good one.
  11. Well, we used to, but after awhile Clemmie ignored it and so we gave it to the neighbor. The person below me has a favorite new musical group.
  12. Valerie I'm so sorry to hear that your husband isn't feeling well and that you don't know why yet. Sending you a big hug. Michele, good to see you, glad the PT is helping so much! Maggie, good to see you, and since it was so cold this week, I hope the children weren't going too stir crazy! Goodnight all. I am home and so happy about that.
  13. Hello! Sorry I’ve been so out of touch. We’ve been dealing with my husband’s mysterious health problems since the 8th when I took him to the ER. We have no clear cut answers, and though Wednesday he finally went back to work, it has been up and down and he is still not feeling well and having all kinds of scary symptoms. Taking him to a urologist Monday, and then I’ll decide if I’m still going to Albuquerque for a few days on Wednesday to see the girls. Any and all prayers and good thoughts much appreciated. ST Ron LSC Caribbean Cupcakes I hope you all are doing well and I apologize for not having the energy to respond individually. I feel emotionally exhausted.
  14. Good Morning ! Melting CFOW Cookie Monster. This one is a little different. It has Fruit Loops in it. I like it! Debra-Congrats! I haven’t ordered wax but I have ordered bath and body. I can’t fit another thing in this house. Hope that keeps me away. Glad your kitty is feeling better. Off to PT! Enjoy the day all!!
  15. Oh yes....I love veggies and fruits! Lots and lots! And I can eat a few of those clementines too! The person below me owns a cat tree.
  16. Good Evening! Debra...glad your little kitty is doing better! And 2 months without a wax order? Good going! Amy...Bunny Hop = Gateway Drug You are toooo funny! However...I get ya. It can spiral for sure! Tonight it's a gift from a talented friend...Autumn Lodge...lovely. I hope you are well my friend. Goodnight
  17. Do you have any suggestions for February's SOTD thread title? Please post them here! We'll leave this thread open for suggestions through Monday, Jan. 27th, then create a poll for you to vote. Thanks!
  18. (Smells Like Nirvana!! I didn't even know that one existed until today, LOLOL!) A fruit a day is absolutely in my game plan.... It's usually more like 6 fruits, lol... It's free on WW Freestyle, so I can have my fill. The best are the bags of little clementines....I go through quite a few of those when I am trying not to eat chocolate chip cookies. The person below me likes to eat a vegetable every day.
  19. Good morning ladies! Maggie, good for you, you hadn't ordered in a long time and you seem much more able than I to place a couple of orders and not end up ordering from all the other vendors as well!! I'm happy to hear about the great CFOW performance! *Temptation* Debra... Two months, well done, well done!!! And you didn't substitute something else, as I have with candles?? I stand in admiration! I'm so glad Kitty is eating well.. Sorry you have to return to the vet, but it's for the best. I must say that I am mightily impressed with CYS, and their solid lotions are traveling with me all the time (especially Lime Neroli, ohhhh so gorgeous, isn't that your custom??). I should add that as I look through the (still huge) wax stash, I notice that there is no Bunny Hop from Ava's Country Cupboard. This is a sad state of affairs, as that was my very most favorite Easter fragrance from last year. I am not wanting for fruity scents, but that one was something special. I'm sure the cute name has nothing to do with my attraction. I could be enticed into breaking the wax ban for that one. However, that could be a dangerous thing... I don't want Bunny Hop to be the gateway drug that sends me down another ordering rabbit hole... I don't see that blend on her website right now anyway. Perhaps I will forget about it. Yes. So today it's: VRC American Pie - strawberry rhubarb pie, blueberry cobbler, and banana cream pie - there are no words. It's just so juicy and strong and making me very hungry. Enjoy your Thursday all!
  20. This may be a first for me...officially 2 months with no wax orders. I have to say it is waaaay more fun when I have orders arriving. Amy, that is one advantage of a small room - those under performers get a chance to shine. Kitty has rallied - eating like crazy which is good. The bad news is that he has to go for a recheck this weekend. Anther day of trauma for the poor guy, back under the bed I am sure. Tonight - CYS, Energy - I smell oranges.
  21. Awww...thanks Amy! I love French toast too! And I've had a re-interest in Weird Al lately...some of his old stuff is hysterical....Smells like Nirvana....Lololol. I just use a handy old ice scraper. Nothing fancy...probably costs 5 bucks....but tbh I park in the garage so I rarely use it. The person below me likes to eat a fruit every day.
  22. Good Wednesday Evening! Amy...oh so true....this weather is so crazy! I can't believe the forsythia bushes were blooming already!! They're early bloomers but not this early! I must say my CFOW has been throwing great...the ones from yesterday were samples in my recent order...(yes, I splurged...and again at SGA this fine evening..lol) so they may have had a nice cure time. I just peeked at IG and started to follow her...danger, danger. Those chunks are lovely! And thanks re my avatar. Tonight has been VRC Pumpkin Marshmallow, VRC Autumn Leaves, and SGA Ghosts and Goblins....smelling wonderful here. Goodnight
  23. (I would be eating every bite of your homemade French Toast!!) Yes I do like Weird Al! I especially liked "Eat It" many moons ago. The person below me has a favorite tool to scrape ice from the windshield.
  24. Good morning all, It's 15F this morning, so glad I brought my long johns. It's a long walk from the parking lot at work with the wind howling, so you can bet I will be bundled up like the Michelin Man. Speaking of frigid days, in DC I saw all the forsythia bushes in bloom from the last weeks of warm weather but yikes, it was too early! Now here we are with frozen temps... The weather is so mixed up. Maggie, I love your new avatar, very pretty and cheerful! I hope your DH is feeling better and that the kids won't be too restless on these frigid days. How is the CFOW throwing for you? I saw on IG that she has some beautiful new chunks...I must move away from the computer... The one bad thing with this small hotel room is that I can't melt as much. I have one scent shot going this morning and it's very strong: Kae's Scented Melts in White Clouds, a laundry scent with florals and woods, very clean and fresh. Her wax performs beautifully in my house and maybe someday I will actually melt all of it. Last night I lit a candle which previously had no scent, and was about a third of the way down...i was ready to give up on it, but my goodness, it came to life and made up for lost time: BBW Beachscape - fresh sea breeze, cotton, lotus flower. Very refreshing. Have a fine day everyone!
  25. I do like to make it...but nobody eats it. The person below me like Weird Al.
  26. Hello all. Amy...we sure do need outside time too! You are so busy...glad you are happy in the smaller room with the lovely ladies taking care of you! I don't know how you do it! I'm amazed at how great you're doing getting through the wax!! Debra...how did it go with Mr. Kitty? Hope he is recuperating well! Michele...glad to hear your PT is going great! I've been telling my DH about how well you're doing...he's supposed to get his done this year...probably closer to the summer so I can help him. Last night and today...all CFOW... Feed The Birds, Brand Walsh, Screech Goodnight
  27. Hello dear everyone, I hope everyone is staying warm! Very cold both in Ohio and in West Virginia. It is indeed quiet... I haven't been keeping up and I don't know where the days are going. Michele, I am so happy that your knee is doing well and that the physical therapy is helping so much! Also Luke's Diner is one of my very favorite coffee scents! Debra, I'm glad that kitty is recuperating pretty well. Yes, it does seem that dogs and cats manage to eat even when they have lost many teeth. You are such a good mom to your cats! The L3 sounds spectacular (as always). I am so tired of traveling but thankfully the work is always interesting. The ladies at the hotel are so sweet and they let me leave a bag here over the weekends. They were always upgrading me to a much larger room but I was afraid in there because it had three doors, so I'm back to my tiny room and much more comfortable. Well tonight it has been Rose scents and I'm enjoying them very much: Cheryl's Rose Jammin' - a dupe of Lush 's Rose Jam, which is kind of a rose and lemony mix - spectacular and a gift from a sweet CF pal - thank you, I love this! BBW Rose Water Meringue - there are no words. As much as I complain about BBW and their endless wick problems, the soot, the duds...but then they go and make this....OMG. The most creamy, sweet vanilla-y, dreamy Rose fragrance I can imagine, just beautiful and I may have bought a backup. Fabulous. Going to bed... Got up at 3 to catch the early flight... Falling asleep in the chair. Sleep tight all!!
  28. Hi All! It sure is quiet around here. Melting Zeep Luke’s Diner. This is always a favorite. Enjoy your day!
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