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  2. Good morning all! Maggie, LMAO, I'm glad you actually sat down for five minutes. You have been moving children in and out of houses... Teaching... Helping your father, endlessly....You always have so much going on and it's no wonder you are exhausted. I see you turning wreaths out right and left on Instagram... those didn't just make themselves. Sometimes the couch is the answer and I'm glad you took advantage of it. As my mom used to say, "Even God rested!" Michele, I'm joining Debra in cheering about your knee!! I think you have a great attitude about it, just getting on with the job. I saw the trouble you were having before and am so glad this is working out so well. Valerie, it's good to see you!! I know your daughter is disappointed, but hopefully she will still have some good memories about the experience, or at least good learnings. There may be things that will play out in wonderful ways down the road that she has no way of anticipating now. In any case, I know you've been terribly worried and will be relieved to have her back on this side of the ocean. Debra, my trivia category...Well, history and geography are surely not it... Not too bad with Authors.... But they really haul me along for the Rhyming section. Every answer must be two words that rhyme. For your pleasure, here are three clues, followed by their three answers: Clues: 1. Instruct Students in Elocution 2. Frumpy Doody 3. Faux Gateau Answers: 1. Teach Speech 2. Dowdy Howdy 3. Fake Cake This is so useful and necessary in life, which is why I can do it. Just don't ask me which US state is closest to Bermuda. Well I'm going home today! So this morning I'm melting more of that ST Santa Clause snap bar - the eggnog and cinnamon one, fabulous. Also burning: WoodWicks Petite Candle in Pumpkin Butter, very nice. A little sputtery towards the finish. Enjoy your Thursday all! And, since I know this is eating you up, the US state closest to Bermuda is.... North Carolina. And yes, we got it wrong (Florida? South Carolina? Puerto Rico? Wait, that's a territory...).
  3. Good one, Susan! Maggie, I am in the same place...I know what I need to do, I am just not motivated enough to do it when I get home! Michele - that is great about your knee!! Some people have a rough time with that, but you seem to be progressing nicely! Amy...waiting to hear what your area of expertise is? I am happy that your group had a good evening socializing! It makes those times when they are annoying easier to go through! Tonight it is Man Cave by Sparkle.
  4. Hello All! Congrats on the title Susan!! I just can't get off the couch....what a big blob I am being. I have so many things to do....yet....here I sit. Yep....pretty much a wasted evening...but in my defense...I'm exhausted...haven't been sleeping well Michele....sorry to hear about your cough...could it be from the anesthesia? But very happy about your progress! Yahoo! Amy...Looks like you had a fun evening last night...I love trivia! Honeybear....glad your DD is coming home early. I know she must be disappointed because her expectation was very different from reality but she'll come up with a new dream to pursue....there are so many! Its still the same tarts going. I must admit the 8 hour shutoff has been messing up my schedule. Usually when they go all night there's not much scent left in the morning...now I can keep turning it on 3-4 times...which takes days. Upstairs it's Colonial Candle Falling Leaves "I really need to decorate for Christmas"....she said as she rolled over.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hello ladies! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. It was quiet here with breakfast for dinner. So nice for a change, but missed our girls. DD#2 finally put in her resignation last Friday and I changed her ticket to come home a few days earlier on the 18th. She is of course happy to be done with the job and coming home, but grieving her dream not having been what she envisioned. VCS Spearmint Man S&S Strawberry Raspberry Guava Cotton Candy Cookie Butter Crack SB Pink Lavender White Cake SGA I Bake It You Take It
  7. Hi All! I'm continuing to make great progress with my knee. I can’t wait to have full use of it again. Amy-That trivia night sounds fun. I’m so mad that I missed TBG Christmas collection. Next year for sure! Still no melting. Enjoy all!
  8. Good morning all, Michele, I'm sorry your wax had you coughing, that is simply unacceptable!! Hope you feel better. Last night was Trivia Night with the work group at a local restaurant. We didn't win but it was a blast. Each of us has our stronger categories (history not being mine) so everyone is needed. So this morning it's: TBG Mrs Cratchit's Christmas Pudding - ohhhhhh, just exquisite - cake, plums, raisins, carrots, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla brandy. This clam is a year old and cured to perfection. I must write this one in the To Repurchase list. Today is very full. Have a good Wednesday all!
  9. Last week
  10. Great title Susan!! Burning BBW Toasted Vanilla Chai today. Had my melters on yesterday but had to shut them off. They were irritating my throat and had me coughing. Hope everyone has a great day!
  11. Good morning all! Traveling again so just a quick note. Susan, your combination of scents sounds amazing and I'll bet it did smell fabulous in there! I do love all the holiday scents. Deb, "lockdown," I love this description. Sharon, snow on the mountains - it sounds so beautiful. And yes - plum scents are among my favorites! Well last night I arrived at the hotel and popped on one I had forgotten completely about: Super Tarts The Santa Clause - eggnog, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint, sugar cookies. Oh my goodness, but this is wonderful. This one is in a breakaway bar, which I remember buying after enjoying her Christmas sampler last year, so I must have liked it then too, but I surely had forgotten how much! Delicious! Have a good Tuesday all!
  12. Thanks to cookielady for this month's scent of the day thread title! What are you melting/burning today?
  13. Morning all, lovely sunny but cold here today. No snow, just a bit on top of the mountains though. Michele, glad to see you're on the mend. Slowly but surely as they say and don't do anything too strenuous. Cookielady, Snowflake Cookie is one of my all time favourite YC scents. Amy, it's so true what you say about fragrances and memories. I like the sound of that Francincense and Myrrh. When I was in Manchester I went into a high end department store and there was a section there with candles. I did smell a F&M one there, it was beautiful but it was so expensive, about £60 for a candle maybe slightly smaller than a medium YC jar. Today I'm melting Wickford & Co Frosted Sugar Plum ( inspired by one of your recent melts Amy, I think) Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie Toasted Marshmallows. Have a lovely day! Oh, isn't it December now, new thread??
  14. Home late so just a quick note... Amy, no new Scentsy since my lock down... Tonight - HHS, Lavender.
  15. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Silver Bells by Scentsy: Peppermint Snowflake Cookies by YC, very light Candle: Winter Garland by Wood wick tealight: Peppermint by Mystic Smells wonderful in here. Have a great Monday
  16. We have no snowblower. Frankly I would welcome enough snow to need one... The person below me loves fruitcake.
  17. Good morning all, It's so lovely to see so many of us on here! (Ahem, Valerie? Cyn? Aria, are you lurking? Our other Michelle?) This morning I am procrastinating packing... Yes, I will do it soon... Maggie, the board is not the same when you're not here, so lovely to see your name, and now you have me rummaging through my coffee melts for some to take along... Susan, I'm so happy that you had a pleasant stay with your family, and that you are still glad at the END of the visit that you live nearby. Thank you for the reminder that I also have votives that need chopping! Debra, isn't cardamom just one of the loveliest scents? I love cooking with it... and coming across one of the little open seeds when eating is always a delight. You mention Scentsy... I also think they have some spectacular scents and would purchase again someday... Do you have anything newer than 2018? I'm hoping they resolved their older issue with the leaking oils. Michele, I am beyond delighted with your progress with your knee and that you can use the stairs sometimes now. Kudos to DH for learning to clean out your melters - truly, he is a keeper. And the good news about your brother is the best of all. Also, yes you are melting all sorts of interesting scents these days and inspiring the rest of us!! Sharon, are you getting any more snow to go with the cold weather in Wales? My beloved Evergreen candle is glad that Maggie and Debra have been enjoying his story, and he is proud of his clean burning progress. He simply must have the shortest of wicks but then happiness abounds. It's also been: BH&G Incense & Evergreen - very nice, a sort of pine/patchouli combo, heavy on the latter and kind of a Hippie Christmas vibe. BBW Frankincense and Myrrh - just started this this morning and I really like it. I love Frankincense - there is a historic restaurant and gift shop in Lebanon, Ohio called The Golden Lamb that we went to every year when I was a child, and the store always smelled of this. It was like stepping back in time, and my mother loved it. Very nostalgic scent. Isn't that one of the best things about fragrances, that they can take us instantly back to beautiful memories? Well I hope everyone will have a fine start to the week. Take care, all.
  18. Susan, you are reading my mind...I have a pile of old votives that are set to be chopped soon. I am glad you had a nice visit! Amy, I agree with Maggie, you tickled my funnybone! I am glad it worked! Michele - such great progress! And I think it would be fun to see my DH try to clean a melter. I am guessing that may not ever happen! Tonight it is Scentsy, Business Casual. (This one also has cardamom, Amy!)
  19. Good morn ladies. Melting the same thing from yesterday. I will be going home today, I have enjoyed being with my family since Thursday. Thank goodness we don't live a long ways from each other. The next project with be cutting up votives that I have had for a long time and using some of my CFOW, and other things also. I hope December will be a good month for everyone. No sickness or major stress. Take care my candlefind friends.
  20. Yes...I have a few but not many. The person below me owns a snowblower.
  21. Happy Sunday. Michele...very happy to hear you are doing better today. One day at a time, right? At least sleeping in your own bed should be one step closer to norm. Nice of hubby to change up your warmers. And great news about your brother!! Amy...awwww.....yes, the weeks fly right by when you don't want them to! But if you want to go home... Let's hope the next 3 weeks go quickly. Btw....that conversation with your candle.... Debra....you are amazing putting that warmer out for kitty!! Words gonna get around about the new Kitty Bed & Breakfast...expect more customers! This morning it's all VRC... Pumpkin Spice Latte, Cinnamon Bread & Fall Nights Have a nice day.
  22. Michele, glad you are making good progress, that's great to hear. Wonderful to hear the news about your brother but I'm so sad to hear about your friend. Not melted today so nothing to report.
  23. Hi All! I hope everyone is doing well. No complaints here. I am making good progress. I’m going to be able to sleep in my own bed tonight. The PT was here today and I was able to walk up and down the stairs. I’m very happy. My brother got good news from the doctor yesterday. He is responding well to treatment. Five more treatments to go and then hopefully it will be all behind him. I’m praying that this is the case. My DH is learning to clear out my melters. I’m melting VRC Cozy Cabin. This is really good. It’s Barnwood and Campfire Marshmallows. Tomorrow I’m expecting my VRC Game of Thrones Sampler to arrive. I have really branched out from my strictly bakery days. I enjoy this hobby so much. It’s so relaxing. I am hoping you are all enjoying your Saturday. Hope to get the tree finished tonight. Valerie-Hope all is well with you. You have been very quiet.
  24. Hello everyone. Melting this morn: Mandarin Splash by Scentsy. Have a great Saturday.
  25. Greetings all! Michele, my heart and prayers go out to your friend, terrible news but let's hope they've caught it in time. Also sending you big hugs as you begin the healing from the knee operation. Maggie, it's good to see you!! You have had such a year, taking care of your dad, moving your DD's... It just never stops and I salute your perseverance. The Pumpkin Pancakes do sound tempting... Yes... Where is the batter mix... Debra, you are so kind to your little feral kitty... I'm sure he is grateful for his warming pad and his house, so much better than being exposed to the elements! Susan, enjoy what's left of the OPT...I also have very little remaining of that vendor. Sharon, I hope it will be a bit warmer in Wales this weekend for you. Well it's been: TBG Elf Morning Blend - coffee beans, candy canes, milk chocolate, marshmallow, peppermint bark. Thankfully the peppermint bark is a lesser note here....I can't explain why I love to eat anything chocolate mint but don't care for the smell. BBW Grateful - Cardamom Apple Crisp - and I'm really enjoying that cardamom note. BBW Pink Petal Teacake - one-wick, in the bathroom - rose petals, strawberry poundcake - no words. I absolutely adore this beautiful scent. My beloved BBW Evergreen, which was burning so cleanly and beautifully until the halfway point, suddenly turned into a chimney yesterday, sooting merrily away, so despite trimming the wicks, he will be going on the warmer tonight. UPDATED - I love this candle very much, so he and I had a little heart-to heart. I trimmed his wicks back even more and restated my position on sooting. I am pleased to say that we have now had one hour of a clean burn. This week went by so terribly quickly and travel begins again this week for three weeks. I must put my head down and get it done. Enjoy your Saturday all!
  26. Hi Maggie! Having to de-ice car windows is a nuisance, Sharon! It is going to be 22 degrees here tonight...I have my little feral kitty out in his house with its warming pad, hoping it will be enough for this cold! I have to tell myself that it is warmer than if he was out on his own... Michele, your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers, and sending you healing wishes also! My best friend had her knee replaced in Oct., she is doing really well now. Amy, your Gnome sounds really cute! I am impressed that you could get your supply down so low! Tonight it has been YC, Moonbeams on Pumpkins.
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