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  2. Good Morning! Michele ~ Midnight snacks is sweet lavender, shortbread cookies, and frosted sugar cookies. I am loving Teddy Bee’s! It’s super strong! A little goes a long way! Maggie ~ I loved your Peace in the Grass scent! SGA Pink Sugar Lavender Mist Swanky Coffee with Extra Sugar and Milk VRC Vanilla Latte Seemo Raspberry Glazed Cheesecake ~ Thanks to a sweet CF friend. Have you all seen that cute little Pluto on YouTube? She’s really won the hearts of millions!
  3. Good Morning! We used to always have Kraft Mac n Cheese in the house when the kids were small. It was a favorite comfort food for them. Today’s melt is SMT Cookie Bread, Coffee Bean, and Pumpkin Sugared Donuts. It smells wonderful. Valerie-How are you liking your Teddy Bee’s order? What are Midnight Snacks? Have a safe day everyone!
  4. Hmmmm....it would be jellybeans. I do like jellybeans. What's your favorite? The person below me likes dying eggs.
  5. Hello All. Amy...yes, the masks are very stifling after a while...and my glasses fog up. Lol That Green Thumb scent sounds amazing! As for the comfort foods...it's funny...we haven't had Mac and cheese in the house in years but this week it found it's way into our pantry! Chef BoyR Dee, I've never bought...my childhood friend used to serve it for "friend lunches" and it made me gag...of course I never told her that. Valerie...yes...it is a soothing hobby. Thanks Michele...so do yours! Its been an old fav of mine...Peace In The Grass. Now it's The Joker by Supertarts. Goodnight.
  6. Last week
  7. Hi! Everyone’s tarts sound amazing! I’m grateful to have such a soothing, albeit a bit obsessive , hobby during this challenging time. Amy ~ That Bunny Sisters tart sounds delicious! But the food you mentioned. Ick! Maggie ~ I get it now. Makes sense why you’d rather it be sunny out. Michele ~ Glad you’re enjoying them! Swanky Pink Violets Swanky Salty Sea Air Pineapple Coconut Rain S&S Fruit Loop Fluff Cake Teddy Bee’s Midnight Snacks Sending love to all!
  8. Yes, you know me well!! I love mac and cheese, preferably homemade, but I love it in any form. The person below me has a favorite Easter candy.
  9. Hello Everyone! Amy-It sounds like you are melting up a storm. Maggie-Your scents sounds wonderful! This apartment smells unbelievable thanks to our resident CF melt maker. It’s Lavender Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Dough and Flowering Cannabis. Thank you! Be safe all!
  10. Good afternoon all, Well the work week is going well so far, despite having to wear a mask all day. It's for the best. I hope everybody is doing well. I was just reading how people have been buying nostalgic comfort food during this quarantine - Kraft mac and cheese, Fritos, Chef Boy R Dee, all that stuff from years ago. I will admit that mac and cheese has appeared at our house a couple of times but so far no Chef Boy R Dee. Are you ladies eating any comfort food? Mag and Michele, your scents sound gorgeous! All the fruity and floral beauties! Well I may have had a couple of little wax orders sent to the hotel, speaking of comfort food. So today it's: The Bunny Sisters Green Thumb - OMG OMG, this is absolutely fabulous - strawberry, tomato and rose! Who would have thought to mix those?? It's so fresh and beautiful! Yes, I have already ordered more. RG Arugula - and again, just outstanding, so fresh, smells like the real thing! I am in heaven. Have a lovely evening everyone and pray for New York, New Jersey, and the rest of the world. Take care all!!
  11. Good Morning...today it's L3 Tangerine Mango Whipped Cream...I am soooo ready for all of these springy-summer scents!
  12. Amyjo, Thanks for your input - it's much appreciated. I can tell you guys have a special relationship & I certainly don't want to disrupt that. I like your suggestion of a smaller forum. I think forums were a lot more popular (and useful) before Facebook groups became a thing. I, too, like looking back at the older information, but I think it might just be time to pare that down. I will certainly look at that over the next few weeks. I completely understand about the disruption with the pandemic. These are scary and uncertain times for sure. I am not looking at making any decisions immediately - I am thinking forward and making plans for a few months down the road. Thanks again for your input. Stay safe!
  13. Oh my gosh Michele....that sounds delicious! Tonight it's The Rainbow Connection by Savannah Blue...raspberry, kumquat, lemon, pear, blueberry and plum. Goodnight
  14. Hey Everybody, I'm new on here as well but just starting off in my side-business so wanted to ask the veterans. Lavender seems to be the overwhelming fan-favorite as far as scents. Is it really as simple to make as this vide shows?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMhKAlJE8mY Want to make sure that if I invest that kind of time it can be used in candle making, and not just for soaps, baths, massage oil, etc. Thanks, Evan
  15. Good Morning Everyone! I’m melting L3 Murder House from a sweet CF friend. It’s a delicious blend of Pear Crumb Cake, Honey Pear Cider, Iced Lemon Danishes, Fresh Sliced Pears and yellow buttery Crumb Cake Batter. Have a good day all.
  16. I have not thought of sewing masks...yet. Might come to that soon. The person below me likes macaroni and cheese. ( oh....I'm cooking like usual....nothing special)
  17. Hello All! Thanks Amy and Michele regarding the title. Valerie...Lolol...I know it seems that it would be easier to stay home with rainy skies but since I can't leave anyway....I'd rather be able to sit out in the yard. If it's raining then it's really tough. Amy...your words are so true...and said so perfectly. Michele...wow that scent is a cornucopia of fragrances....sounds interesting! Thanks Cyn! Will do. Yesterday and today has been the wonderful Karma from a talented CF pal...I absolutely love this scent....it has kept me feeling calm during these tough days. Goodnight
  18. Good Morning! Hope you are all well. Melting VRC Milk of Poppy from the King of Thrones Sampler. This is White Poppy, Orange Zest, Magnolia, Sweet Jasmine Petals, Creamy Black Vanilla and Steamed Milk. It’s different for me but I’m enjoying this one. Stay safe!!
  19. Hello All! Amy-Glad you are home to rest a little. While im home I’m definitely getting to melt more. Melted in the last couple of days- VCS Kevin -Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee Crunch ST It’s Alive-Coffee, Pumpkin Pie and Vanilla Wafers SGA Romans-Birthday Zucchini Cupcakes @ Tiffany’s SGA Risen-Buttercream Sugar Cookies The SGA melts were from last year’s Easter Sampler which I’m finally getting around to melting. They have all been wonderful. Stay safe all!!
  20. Folks there is a poll for us to vote in up above - doesn't look like everyone has seen it - "Candlefind Forum Fate."
  21. I don't know if everyone can see this reply, Cyn, but my two cents....I am one of the latecomers here. I've only been posting since January 2018, which is pretty short compared to most everyone else. I can tell you that the regular posters here have come to be my friends and this group means a lot to me. I am very grateful to this forum for that. That said, I realize that we pretty much post in Scent of the Day and that's about it. We may play a bit in the Games section but I realize we're not using all of the other sections, although I do like to go back and read some of the older comments from time to time. Personally I think the board could probably be much smaller and we would be fine... But I hope it doesn't go away altogether. Maybe the others will have some suggestions... And one more thing... While we have been slow from time to time, I think the recent extreme slowness has been made worse by the corona virus. At least for me I have been rattled and not as able to focus on my wax. Thanks for asking and for keeping us alive here.
  22. Hello everyone! Maggie, I love this month's title - you are always so creative. I miss Wax Workshoppe! Home and so happy to be here. I drove back Thursday afternoon and evening. Took a slightly different rural route out of WV and the mountain views were spectacular. Yesterday I worked from home, lots of web meetings. Valerie, your melts sound delicious. How are you liking Teddy Bee's? Michele, I enjoyed that SB Pink Easter Candy last year. Susan, I like that White Strawberry Bellini! Cyn, it's good to hear from you! And now you have me intrigued about that poll... It is odd to be living during a time which seems sure to go down in history. I think there is much we can learn about ourselves and human interaction. The virus seems to be a great equalizer. I hope that the world can forget about all of the things that divide us, and instead help one another to get through this. I was so glad to come home that I filled up all the melters and had different candles going and finally my nose had had enough! I stopped everything and opened up the windows. This morning I was ready to smell again. So it's: Waxmosphere Lord of Misrule, in the bathroom - so good. Homeworx Citrus Mint Garden candle, under the candle lamp in the living room - crisp and refreshing. Diptyque Cyprès votive - oh, I love this! - a soft cypress, filling the bedroom, wonderful. Today I just want to stay home, which is agreeable because we're not supposed to go anywhere anyway. I will do some cleaning and just rest a bit. I hope everyone is holding up well. What are you doing differently now that you are home so much? Love to all.
  23. It’s so quiet here. I hope everyone is doing well. Maggie ~ I have to admit I’m confused by you saying it’s easier to stay put when the sun is shining. I find it easier to stay put when it’s overcast and rainy. Salt Mountain Melts ~ Ohhh Fudge! ~ White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Butter Fudge Swanky Ivory Wedding ~ Amber Romance Sandalwood Pink Sugar Vanilla Lace Teddy Bee’s Midnight Snack ~ Sweet Lavender, Shortbread Cookies, and Sugar Cookies Sending love to all.
  24. Earlier
  25. Hi, Candlefinders! I am creating this poll as I want to get your feedback and opinions on the fate of the Candlefind forum. We have a large number of members (almost 2500), but only a small portion that actively post on the forum. I do realize there are several visitors that we have that do not choose to actually post on the forum, so I am taking that into consideration as well. However, the time has come to make some important decisions. The forum has required upgraded software and that was accomplished last Fall. The licensing for this software was just renewed, so we are set for another year. As far as the look, feel, and functionality of the forum, the current theme is already out of date and does require an update. I can choose to update this theme or switch to a new theme. However, if the Candlefind forum is to continue to be an extension of the Candlefind website, it needs to be brought under the new branding (logo, colors, etc.). This, of course, means customization. There is also the reality that this forum consumes a lot of resources, contributing to my need to secure a virtual private server as opposed to shared hosting. Hence my current dilemma. Should I begin the process of theme upgrade and customization? How valuable is this forum for you as is? I realize that for those of you who do continue to post, the dialogue back/forth is more than just about what is scenting your homes. You obviously care about each other and have formed bonds. I do not want to be the wrecking ball that swung right through the party. However, I do need to make sure I'm making the best decisions for the resources that we have. Please do me a favor and vote in the poll. Feel free to comment below if you believe there are other factors that need to be considered.
  26. Hello, all! I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy. I do not post here often, but I do enjoy reading what you guys have been melting/burning and other aspects of your lives. I'm about to put up a poll to get your thoughts on the use of this forum. It's time to make some decisions, and I do want to have your input into the matter since you guys are the ones mainly using the forum at this time. Please be sure to pop in to share your opinion on the poll. Thanks!
  27. Just melted that (as a votive) and it was fantastic!
  28. Hi everyone. Melting today: White Strawberry Bellini by YC Have a great evening. Stay safe.
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