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  2. Good Morning! Its Destination Wax in Lavender Coconut upstairs from a sweet pal...thanks! And downstairs it's Goosecreek in Teakwood and Cinnamon. I ordered a bunch of hand lotions and soap and one candle and the candle arrived in pieces so I cut it up. Goodnight all.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Good Morning! Melting this morning EA Dalgona Coffee-Heavy Cream, Cafe Vienna, Vanilla Crumb Donut, Vanilla Fudge and Sugar Crystals. Upstairs it’s VRC Lavender Peppermint Shaving Cream. This is one of the last I have from her Lavender Sampler from last year. Enjoy the day and stay safe!
  5. Thanks Michele...I think I'll wait until the weekend...although I'm having trouble seeing through my bangs...lololol. Changing up the scents...Blue Sugar, Sweet Lavendar, Cashmere, Cedar by L3....smells incredible on cold...can't wait until warmed. Have a nice night.
  6. Last week
  7. Good Morning Everyone! Maggie-Love EA blends! Good Luck trimming your hair. I’m terrible at things like that. Melting L3 Christmas PJ’s which is Downy, Sugar Cookies and Blue Spruce. I have heard good things about this one. It’s smelling great so far. In my bedroom it’s the last of EA Broomsticks-White Birch, Maple Leaves and White Winter Linen. So good!! Happy Hump Day!!
  8. Thank you Michele! Good Morning and Happy Hump Day. Last night it was Distilled Moonlight by Empire Alchemy - blackberries, aspen caramel woods, sage leaf. I'm needing a haircut once again...this short hairdo is growing like a weed. Trying to grow it out but it's looking like a mop....maybe I'll give it a trim and see what happens. This should be fun. Have a good day all.
  9. Good Morning! Todays melt is from an OOB vendor-Wonderberry Coffee Ice Cream. Hope you have a nice day!
  10. Good Morning! Maggie-Hope the work week goes well. Amy- Good Luck with the floors today. You must be a very busy bee. I am starting this morning off with Swanky Lord of Misrule Biolage Gain. Enjoy the day all!
  11. It's Monday. Boy, these weekends go fast. Last night it was Little Blue Coops in Plymouth Rock - orange zest, apple, spiced cranberry and cinnamon sugar. Wonderful. Have a good day.
  12. Good Morning! Amy-Hope Moses is on the mend. Melting RG Singing in The Rain. This is a fresh water scent and it’s beautiful!! Thanks CF friend! Enjoy your Sunday!
  13. Good Afternoon! Glad to see you post Amy! Sounds like you've got lots going on! It would be nice to keep the good stuff and erase the bad. Hope little Moses is feeling better! Michele...So happy to hear the babies are doing well! Today it's Ten Digit Creations in my own blend...Christmas in the Woods (Bah Humbug, Marshmallows By the Fire, Vanilla Woods) Upstairs it's a gift from a pal...I've been enjoying this for days...VCS Fangtasia (patchouli, cinnamon and cedar) Thanks! Have a great day.
  14. Good Morning ! Hope everyone is doing well. I am melting this morning from EA Storybook Cottage. This is Hazelnut Coffee, roasted pecans, with a little maple syrup, pancakes and raspberries. Thanks to Amy for reminding me to try this. Delicious. Enjoy your day all!
  15. Hi all! Amy-It was so nice to see you posting. We have missed you here. I love Empire Alchemy! I did sneak 2 orders in and am awaiting them anxiously. Trying to make this a very low buy year. It’s so hard to resist sometimes. I like your idea of one vendor a week. It’s probably the best way to make a dent. Glad to hear your floor is getting installed next week. I know you have been patiently waiting. I am extremely excited for the babies to come home. They are doing very well. Maggie- I used to dislike laundry scents. Now I’m really enjoying them. It’s so funny how our nose changes. Sharon- It’s beautiful where you live. You are very fortunate. Susan-Stay safe. I am melting today SM Circus Animal Stuffed Sugar Cookie and L3 Cream Filled. It’s Cream and Strawberry Cupcakes @Tiffanies. These are beautiful. They are blending nicely with each other. TGIF! Enjoy the rest of your day!
  16. (oh no!! Red wine on a white carpet - so did it come out?? Ugh I'm sorry!! And your shoes sound lovely and just my style. I love slip-ons.) Yes, because I am essentially lazy and uncreative, I definitely prefer bagging gifts. I do like the look of a beautifully wrapped gift, but then I hate that it gets torn apart, so I guess I am ambivalent about the whole thing. #bagsforthewin The person below me has done needlepoint and likes to do it.
  17. Good morning all! Well I have been a bit remiss on here and I hope you will forgive me! Such a week, but we are pressing through... I was thoroughly rattled by all of the events in Washington and my heart was breaking for the country, but hopefully we will find our footing again. In addition, my beloved beagle Moses hurt himself the other night and couldn't get his hind quarters up, which had me in despair and required an emergency visit from the vet, but now he is on two meds and doing much better now, still wobbly. The one medicine is supposed to cause feelings of relaxation and euphoria. I may need one of those myself. On a happy note, next week our hardwood flooring will be installed, and it is supposed to take 7 to 10 days. The flooring people have brought the wood over, and it is relaxing in the living room getting used to our temperature and humidity. This is a bit of a retirement treat which we planned and saved for, so happiness abounds. Susan, I'm glad you are ok, and yikes, I'm sorry the covid numbers are up where you are. That has to be scary when you are a caretaker. I know you are careful and I'm saying prayers that you will stay healthy throughout all of this. Mag, I hope the new job is going okay and that the children know how lucky they are to have you. Yes, putting the Christmas decorations away is always a bittersweet activity. Michele, You must be so excited with the twins coming home soon! I think your household will be very lively and full of joy. Sharon, your pictures on Instagram have been so beautiful from your daily walks... You truly are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world! All of your melts sound amazing - L3, VCS, Burning Mitten, OPT... I've been looking at all the wax stored around here and shaking my head... Focusing on one vendor per week at the moment in an effort to appreciate that vendor's different blends, and to see a dent. It will take a long time to make any sort of dent in all of this wax! This week is Empire Alchemy, which had been curing for 2 months, and I continue to be stunned by the beauty of her blends... It's an interesting wax, because it seems to take about an hour to start blooming in the house, and then all the different notes are apparent... She combines things differently than many of the other vendors and I am really loving her wax. So today it's: EA Dalgona Coffee - gorgeous gourmand espresso blend with heavy cream, a touch of cinnamon, and vanilla crumb donut- And EA Storybook Cottage - hazelnut coffee, pecans, raspberry, a hint of maple and pancake - beautiful with the coffee and raspberry mixing so well together. So far I am quite happy with retirement - playing my guitar more - I have heard retired friends say they don't know how they ever had time for their jobs, lol, and I can appreciate that now - So far I have no trouble filling the day and I have never had a problem with being by myself. Of course the whole thing is very new, so we shall see how things go in a few months. Hugs to all and please stay safe out there.
  18. Earlier
  19. Good Morning... TGIF!!! Michele...I also enjoy laundry blends...I used to dislike them. It's funny how our tastes change over time. Melting from a Christmas Movie Sampler from a sweet pal... Home Alone, Klaus and Christmas Vacation....all smell Thanks! Have a nice day. (Amy...I miss reading your posts too!)
  20. Hello Everyone! Amy- I miss your daily posts. It’s so quiet here. Today I’m melting Meet Me in St. Louis. This is warm, cozy linen with a hint of sweetness. I’m loving these laundry blends. Enjoy All!
  21. Good Morning! We were just commenting about still vacuuming the pine needles that are everywhere. Melting this morning ST Peeta. This is French Baguette, Butterbrickle and Coconut Shavings. This is a bit old so we will see how it goes. Maggie-You are right! I knew that name sounded familiar. I think it is a children’s book. BTW that melt was outstanding!! Amy-Glad to hear you are enjoying your retirement and that your new floors are almost ready to be installed. Enjoy your day everyone!
  22. Good Morning All and Happy Hump Day. Susan...glad you are able to enjoy your family during this difficult time. We will get through this eventually. Sharon....oh...THE DUST...it's everywhere! Ugh....I know....I've vacuumed and dusted and I'm still finding evergreen needles too. At least my house gets a good cleaning after Christmas. Lol Michele...what a cute name for a tart....isn't that a children's book? Amy...hope you are well and enjoying your well deserved time off!! Ive finally changed the warmers...Empire Alchemy Phoenix Down (guaiac wood, cinnamon sticks, amber, hay, red delicious apple, dry grass) something about this struck me as holiday scent...don't know why. I just looked up Guaiac wood and it's from the Palo Santo tree aka "the tree of life"....I didn't know that. Have a good day.
  23. Good Morning! It’s so quiet here. I hope everyone is doing well. I’m melting SM Bread and Jam for Frances. It’s Zucchini Bread, Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, and Creamy Butter. Enjoy your day everyone!
  24. Hi All! We took our Christmas decorations down yesterday and it looks so bare here. Melting VCS The Bourbon Orleans Street Hotel. This is Cider Lane, Pumpkin Cupcake Marshmallow, Birthday Cake, VBN. Delicious! Have a great day!
  25. Morning all, and a Happy New year to you all, here's hoping that it's a better one for all. Maggie, my decorations have been taken down too, on Saturday. Then there was the glorious task of getting rid of the dust, lol. Today I'm melting Peace in the Grass by OPT (thank you, thank you, thank you lovely lady) I've only just put this on about 5 minutes ago and I know already its going to be beautiful. Have a lovely day everyone
  26. Happy New Year friends. This is what I have been melting lately. I"ll get you my pretty by CFOW Vanilla Amber by OPT Pazuza by L 3 Candle: Coco crisp by Goose Creek Amyjo, my clent is doing ok. I'm also doing ok, I have had some time off to with my family. Take care everyone has please be safe. I may not be on very much, our number of cov 19 have gone up and the library isn't open right know. Love you guys.
  27. Morning. Its RG Snow Kingdom from a sweet pal... Smells wonderful! And Empire Alchemy Charred Woods- rosewood, smoked berries, ginger and frankincense. Have a great Sunday. Gonna pack away my decorations today...always hate how bare the house looks afterwards.
  28. Good Morning Everyone! I’m melting a beautiful blend today I found when reorganizing my wax yesterday. It’s VCS Copper Coconut Suds. It’s Fresh Laundry, sweet spun sugar, copper coconut and fluffy marshmallows. Loving this! Enjoy your Sunday!
  29. Good Morning! I am determined to get through some of my older wax. I found some goodies to melt this morning. Both are from a lovely CF friend who started me loving L3. Melts are- Pink Sugar, Coconut Cream Pie, Vanilla Wafers Coconut, Waffle Cone, Wildberry Mousse Have a great day!
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