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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi everyone! Mag, thinking about you as you care for your father. Prayers that he is starting to recover. Michele, you are right, we still have to be careful. A friend of mine had her first shot but not her second, let her guard down a bit, and caught Covid. So she is sick now. For me, it's still going to be masks and eating outside. Definitely happy things are opening up, but with care. Hi Susan, how is it going in your care world? Well today it's been: Scentsy Bloomin' Beach - rose, peony and sea jasmine - this is a sweet floral with the rose leading the way. I'm not getting any kind of a sea air note, which is fine - beautiful scent. It was strong at first but got lighter quickly - too bad because it's a lovely scent. It's still present but not strong. Take care all!
  3. Good Morning! I’m so happy you can go back to the hospital soon Amy. I’m sure it will be great to see everyone again. I know you have missed it terribly. We still need to be careful. I have heard people get the virus after being vaccinated but much less of a chance and with less severe symptoms. I have been going out more and more as well. Tomorrow I’m having lunch with friends. It feels so good. Today I’m melting SGA Sparkle. It’s Egyptian Musk, fabric softener, coconut, oranges and vanilla cream. I ordered some laundry scents from SGA a few months ago and am finally starting to melt them. Enjoy all!
  4. Last week
  5. Hello all, Susan, Michele, I love Avobath too! Michele, I'm glad your older VCS is holding up well. Today it's: Empire Alchemy When Stars Collide - strawberry, grapefruit, spearmint, peppermint - This is the second time I have ordered this from this vendor and it is one of my favorites. Very fresh, not overly sweet, uplifting. Only a week and a half until I go back to the hospital. I will be very glad to see everyone. Take care all and stay well!
  6. Good Morning! Hi Susan. I love Avobath. It’s a beautiful day today. Spring is my favorite season. Today it’s VCS I Saw Mommy Kissing Cookie Monster. This is warm cookie bars, cherry chips, cranberries, marshmallow sugar cookie, sugar cookie dough, buttercream frosting snd sugar milk. This is from 2018 so I hope it throws well. I have been having very good luck with my older VCS. Enjoy your day all!
  7. Good Morning to All! I hope everyone is doing well. This morning I am melting SM Ophelia. This is a lovely blend of Sugared Strawberry, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid, Tonka Bean and Vanilla Cake Pops. Your scents sound wonderful Amy. Yesterday I changed out the RG melt for L3 Christmas PJ’s-Downy, Sugar Cookies and Blue Spruce. Loved this one. Great throw. Have a nice day!
  8. Good morning all! Mag, continued prayers for you and your family. Stay well dear friend. Michele, I know you are glad to have the babies back home! I also enjoyed RG Vanilla Crunch Donuts blends, a bit light but lovely scent. Sharon, Susan, Valerie, I hope all of you are well and enjoying new scents. I feel completely back to normal after the second shot last Friday. Or, as "normal' as I will ever be. The grass is growing in front of my eyes and the lawn mower has been in the shop for a month now with no result. I know they are backed up, but gee whiz. Still paying the local fellows to mow - and they do a great job - but DH is itching to do it himself. Well yesterday it was the Zombie Head from Britta's in She'll Die First (buttermint, pink sugar, Mrs Claus' Cookies) and it was heavenly, strong for about 8 hours. And last night I put in a favorite: Scentsy Apple S'mores (wrongly named IMHO) - this is mac apple, marshmallow, and cedar, woody and sweet, absolutely adore it. Only a medium strength but so beautiful that I don't mind. Long lasting. Take care all. Hugs all around.
  9. Hello Everybody! Hope you are all doing well today. It’s RG Absolute Fluff Puffs Vanilla Crunch Donuts. Nice scent but not as strong a throw as some of her other coffee scents. Hope everyone is having a good day!
  10. Good Morning! Maggie-I am so sorry for all you are going through. Hope your dad starts improving. Today I’m melting L3 Bum Bum Boardwalk Mallo Clouds. Smells great. It is quiet around here. The babies went to CT to visit my son in law’s family last night. They will be back later tonight. I miss them!! Happy Sunday!
  11. Mag!! That is just too sad. My heart is breaking for you. You have had a year, dear friend. Prayers for your father - and for you. Cannoli will be fine but I'm glad your daughter has her for now. I'm very sorry you can't melt because that could provide some small comfort. Prayers and hugs and every good wish.
  12. Hello Amy! I finally signed on but have no way to melt here at my Dads. I miss my wax. I miss my family. I miss my pup. I asked my daughter to come and get her since she's been spending so much time at home doing nothing. I feel bad for her...at least now she's getting her kisses and cuddles. I hope everyone is well.
  13. Earlier
  14. Good morning all! Susan, it's lovely to see you! I love L3 White Cake so much. Hope you are doing well, my friend. Today I put in another little piece of Scentsy Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze, so lovely and strong. Palm leaf / coconut husk / pineapple. Mag, very quiet, thinking about you dear friend. Have a great day everyone.
  15. Good morn. Been melting; catcus & sea salt by that smell good shop. Old fashioned white cake by l 3. Strawberry by yum yum. Have a great day.
  16. Hello all!! Michele that will be too much fun to see your sister and have her meet the babies! Excitement!! I love L3 Fluffy Towels. I'm glad you enjoyed the Whiff Box, lol - it was a good variety this month. Valerie, I have heard so many good things about Teddy bee's. Are you enjoying this vendor? What are the special things about that one? Today it's: DW Lavender Basil - Rebecca is my go-to for lavender scents and this is so beautiful. The basil is very fresh-picked and the lavender creamy and herbal. Bliss! And Scentsy Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze - This will be the May scent of the month and it's very fresh and green. I haven't seen all the scent notes yet but there may be a little pineapple lurking in there. Medium high throw from a tiny little piece, so I am happy. Steve has his first shot today and I have my second shot tomorrow, so we are getting there. We had a sobering event on our street - the elderly gentlemen several doors down was infected with the virus and hospitalized...He caught it at his church where they had a super spreading event... He became gravely ill and lost 30 lb but thankfully has survived. Have a great day all! and stay well.
  17. Good Morning! Valerie-Glad to see you posting. That’s too bad about your EA. I might have Woodcutter’s Cottage. What were the scent notes? Amy-I’m enjoying your YouTube videos. I’m glad you put one up of the Whiff Box. Enjoyed that one. Melting today L3 Fluffy Towels, Spun Sugar and Vanilla Ice Cream. I’m loving this one. Glad I got it in a loaf. My sister is coming over to meet the babies today. She retired in December and spent the last 3 months in Florida. It should be a nice day. Have a good one!
  18. Hi there all! Michele ~ I’m suddenly craving lasagna! I have about a dozen LSC scent shots and store them upright to prevent the mess. Amy ~ The Empire Alchemy are all from this past year. I had never ordered before. The oils seep through the bags into my boxes. I need to make sure I don’t keep them in my nicer cardboard boxes or they will ruin them. Speaking of EA, I melted a sample of Woodcutter’s Cottage the other day and we loved it! Maggie ~ Hope your dad is all better by now! Swanky Movie Star ~ Strawberries and Cream Waffle Cone Teddy Bee’s Milk & Cookies Teddy Bee’s Strawberry Pound Cake Have a good day!
  19. Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well. The weather is getting warmer here. It’s going to be mid 60’s and sunny today. I sorted through some of my very old wax. I guess I didn’t store it correctly. I had it in zip lock bags before I knew any better. What I had left of LSC was a leaking disaster and just so messy that I just had to toss it. I came across some very old Crosscreek and one Can Do tart. I need to make room for my newer wax. I am continuing to sort through my older VCS. I am actually making a dent so I can start on my newer wax. Today it’s from 2018 -Angel Food Cake. Very strong on cold sniff. Hopefully even better on warm. As a rule I get very good longevity from this vendor. Have a great day all!!
  20. Good morning all! Well it is already 72F here in SW Ohio so we are moving briskly into warmer weather, typical for around here. Spring is fast. I will need to move the morning walk up so it won't be so hot. Michele, I hear a lot of people also enjoying that RG Chain Chomp, love the name! Well yesterday it was: The Burning Mitten Peach Lavender Soda -this was spectacular - so juicy and herbal and bubbly - and it was strong for about 10 hours, wonderful wax. Today it's: Scentsy Sun-Soaked Petals - daffodils, currant and mint - a beautiful sweet floral, just a touch of mint, so springy and bright. Excellent strength and throw throughout the house. Today the Scentsy Whiff Box is arriving, always a cause for celebration. Have a lovely day all.
  21. Hi Everybody!! Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. Today is RG Grandma Got Run Over by a Chain Chomp. This is Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, Cotton Candy and Waffle Cone. Enjoy your day!
  22. Good morning everybody, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Bob Evans did a good job on the meal and we have plenty of leftovers. Mag! That Fried Pear Cake from TSGS sounds divine. I have finally used up all of my wax from that vendor which I bought when I visited their store in Florida on business. That was a dangerous visit indeed. Love the little Chiclets pieces they make and always great throw! Michele, your Easter pictures on IG are beyond lovely and the babies just bring me to my knees... The smiles!! Well today it's a strong and beautiful one- Destination Wax Kale Salad - green kale, green apple, red currant, pineapple, coriander. It is fresh, crisp, lightly sweet, and full of snap. It started out strong and has just increased... Strength and throw now about an 11 in the house. This is even in my wimpy warmers. This is one of her signature scents and I still have about a quarter of a loaf. Have a beautiful day all!!
  23. Good Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. It looks like a beautiful day here at the beach. Maggie-I like your idea of pulling from the samples and oldies. I have quite a few drawers full. Today it’s SGA Jelly Bean, Bubblegum, Grape, Cotton Candy and Starburst. This is a very old one. I think it’s from the Cotton Candy Sampler from years ago. Hoping it throws. Hope you all have a great day!
  24. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to All! Michele....that lasagne sounds delicious! Have a wonderful day at the beach! Amy...very cool to think of ordering Bob Evans! I love your story of the extras on your bed at the hotel! Priceless! And only us "wax lovers" can understand! It's Fried Pear Cake by TSGS....OMG....excellent. Pear, birthday cake, ice cream. Wonderful blessings to you all...let's hope 2021 improves and life can get back to some normalcy!
  25. Happy Easter everyone! Michele, I love your picture above. Lasagna sounds like a beautiful choice to me for the holiday meal. I also have had no leaking with Empire Alchemy - in fact, everything is very dry. Everything I have purchased from this vendor is one year old or less, not sure if that is a factor. If they should ever choose to weep, I shall dry their tears and comfort them, because I must have this vendor in my life. Mag, yes it is shocking that I participated in the restock! I hope your father continues to improve. Good for you, working on those samples! Same thing - I had amassed a huge amount of them, and last year when I was traveling, I would take a big bag with me each trip and power melt with two melters and multiple dishes - each sample getting one hour - then switch. I finally got through them. If there was something I particularly loved, I would keep the dish and melt it some more when I got home. It was madness. What we do for our addiction.... I do remember one time when I had samples spread out all over the other hotel bed and the smoke alarm started chirping. I had to call the desk to get the battery changed and two ladies came to the room. They stared at all that wax - and I stammered, oh that, it's just my hobby, I love scented wax, it's like candles. They giggled politely and I thought well, now I'm the crazy lady on the fourth floor. So! Today it's: Empire Alchemy Black Currant Fig - fig, cedar, currant, dark amber - gorgeous and unusual, with all notes that I love combining to make something entirely new. The fig and the currant are very happy together, not sweet, and woody with the cedar. Medium throw in 40W Edison bulb Scentsy warmer. Still not sure which wax does best in this warmer...I still think EA does better in lower wattage. Scentsy Coco Lime - oh, be still my heart - such a beautiful scent. Creamy coconut followed by the juiciest, most realistic lime, as though you had just cut one in half and have juice on your hand. Strong and not overly sweet. It has been going since yesterday. This is a favorite. Well I don't feel like cooking so we are ordering in Easter dinner from Bob Evans, all the fixings and serves six, so we will have leftovers. Getting ready for the daily walk now. I hope everyone has a peaceful, loving holiday and hugs their families today, or holds close in their hearts those who can't be present.
  26. Hi All! Valerie-It’s good to see you posting. I haven’t had any leaking issues with EA so far. LSC was a leaky mess for me. Great wax though. Amy-I am enjoying the beach house. Easter should be nice here. I’m just preparing the lasagna now. We are also having a spiral ham. Maggie-I hope your dad continues to improve. Today was Swanky Iconic Hard Candy Let Them Eat Cake. Great scent but didn’t last long. Happy Easter to all!
  27. (I feel the same - I used to keep a journal, for years - and ended up tossing it. In the words of Edna Mode - "I never look back, dahling - it interferes with the now.") I'm not sure it was a brace, but I wrenched my knee about 11 years ago and wore a wrap that you could alternate with heat, ice, heat, ice. It saved the day. (And how about you?) The person below me still colors eggs.
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