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  2. Happy Tuesday! Where is everybody? It’s very quiet. Melting CFTKR Tiffany’s Sweet Pumpkin. Enjoy your day all!
  3. Last week
  4. Happy Monday. Hope all are well. Missing a few regulars around here...Hi! Its Line Dried Cotton by SGA upstairs L3 Real Men Wear Kilts- Axe Phoenix and Black Pepper Bergamot Have a good day.
  5. Good Sunday Morning! I hope all are well! I was trying to burn the last of two BBW Fall candles and the wicks were so puny and kept going out...so I decided to cut them up. They are doing great as melts! Leaves is one of my favorite scents ever and I’m glad the chopping worked. Still going after 24 hours...Have a good one.
  6. Good Morning! Where is everybody? It’s very quiet here. Melting today SGA Pink Chiffon Zucchini Sugar Cookies and in the bedroom it is CFTKR Sweet and Yummy. Enjoy your Sunday all!
  7. Good morning, all! The poll is live for October's SOTD thread title. Have a great one!
  8. It's time to vote for your favorite thread title! Voting will remain open until 9/30. Thanks!
  9. Good Morning! Melting VRC Applewood & Pearberry. Smells nice! Have a good day all!.
  10. Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Maggie-I love when old wax throws great. It’s great not to feel like I wasted my money by letting it sit too long Today I am melting SMT Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha. This is wonderful. Very strong throw. Most is what I have melted from this vendor threw very well. Happy Friday!
  11. I hope your practicing went well!!!! Sadly...Spotted Hog is closed right now. I “think” I have some of her wax in my fall box...just not sure what. As for Apple scents....I love them! But I’m the opposite of you and like the Macintosh and other red variety the best. As for a favorite instrument to listen to...that’s tough. I enjoy drum solos, guitar solos and many others...but I could listen to the piano and violin playing solo for hours. (Could have something to do with my DDs play those exact instruments)
  12. Hello All. Michele...isn't it wonderful when old wax still throws great? Sharon...are you feeling ok? I hope its just the change in the weather and you're not getting sick. Amy...I hope your drive home was nice and uneventful. Welcome back! Yes...I was very careful with the painting...no ladders....just long extension poles this time around. It's not the best job but it's done and it looks....ok. Well....it looks "good enough". Lol You went to see Santana too? Holy moly....lucky night! I love Santana! I've been melting Vanilla Sandalwood by Rockets. Time to change the wax...Empire Alchemy in Wanderlust... Fresh Mint, Cotton Candy, Mint Mojito and Coconut. Goodnight.
  13. Hi Everybody! I hope you are all doing well. Today I’m melting VCS Autumn in Salem which is Pumpkin Cinnamon Sugared Donut. It’s 2 years old and has a very strong throw. Love it!
  14. Good afternoon all, we've had a week of lovely weather and today it's raining. I'm feeling quite chilly today. Today I'm melting Illusions by Scentsationals Unicorn Farts by the Enchanted Wisp Wax Emporium Have a lovely day everyone
  15. Good Morning! Amy-I am glad you are heading home tomorrow. You seem to be becoming quite a blender. Sounds delicious. Today it’s VRC Pumpkin Nog from her Fall Sampler of last year. I found I still had almost the entire Sampler. Lots of melting to do. Enjoy the day all!
  16. Good morning all! Another week is moving briskly along. I'm so happy for the cooler mornings. Driving home tomorrow rather than Friday because we should finish today. Mag... Please be careful painting up so high...I know you are cautious but gee whiz... We are not 25 anymore... And not buying wax for 1,245 years is maybe a long time, when I can't even get through one month...I love LOM from L3 so that must be amazing with the pomegranate! And yes - Jeff Beck was incredible. I actually went to see Santana, and it was spur of the moment... This must have been 25 years ago... And Jeff Beck was opening for him. I wasn't familiar with him and I just lost my mind over his playing... For me, his part of the concert surpassed Santana, who I love... The soaring melody lines... His tone... And I love him to this day. I was so lucky to get to see him. Maybe again... Michele, I'm so happy the closing went well. Also yes... We carry the memories with us. Big hugs my friend. Your L3 sounds like one from her bakery sampler - amazing. Enjoy!! Cyn, thank you for keeping us rolling... You do a lot behind the scenes and I know we all appreciate it!! I hope you are doing well. What are you melting or burning these days? So it's been: Destination Wax Lavender Mint - herbal and gorgeous - and so strong. Rainbow Melts Warm Sweater - brown sugar, fig, cotton - this is lovely but it needed a little something something - so I added one cube of YC Spiced Pumpkin and it is perfect for me now. I've been playing music every day in the hotel and this is really helping me keep my spirits up. Take care everybody and stay safe. Susan, Sharon, Honeybear, let us know how you are doing.
  17. (I will be happy to dance EXACTLY like that, In fact, I am practicing it now. We will find something excellent.) (And yes!! I remember that one from The Spotted Hog, and it was excellent... Also her Spider Cider and Deadly Donuts, was that the name? LOL! Oooh, should we place a little order?) Apple scents... If Apple and I were on Facebook, our relationship status would be "it's complicated." We have broken up so many times. However, we can't stay away from one another. Your Northern Lights blend sounds so beautiful... And of course it's discontinued. I hope someone will be able to do as customs for you. I would say that I prefer green apple to Mac apple.... And yes there is one I love - from VCS, but of course I have forgotten the name, which is green apple and ginger ale - fabulous! Hayden Rowe also has a nice green apple, and I have forgotten that name as well... How about you?? The person below me has a favorite musical instrument she likes to listen to.
  18. Hello, Candle Lover - Welcome to the all new Candlefind Forum! Candlefind has undergone some fairly significant changes over the past year, and that includes our forum, as well. We are in the process of streamlining and updating the forum, which is why you may not see the original information you are looking for. Please reference this thread as your guide to navigate around the new forum and find the information you need. We will be updating this thread as we continue with the updates, so be sure to check back here often! We're so glad you're here!
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  20. Good Afternoon. Yes, Michele...I can only fit half of my wax in my wax cabinet in the family room so I've decided to keep the summer/spring wax separate from the fall/winter wax. I change them out when the season changes...and keep the wax I'm not using in tubs in the closet. My goal is to be able to fit ALL of my wax in the cabinet at once! That would be amazing but unlikely unless I stop buying wax for 1,245 years. Its SGA Funnel Cake Cookie Monster Strawberry White Cake and upstairs it's Swanky Lavender Paris
  21. Screaming Scents of October I Smell the Odor of October Oktoberfest of Fragrances
  22. Good Morning! Maggie-Do you have your scents sorted by season? I never thought of doing it that way. Mine are all mixed together by vendor. The closing went well yesterday. I’m glad for that. Melting today L3 Fresh Baked Bread Brown Sugar Sweet Cream. Smells great. I have a few older melts from this vendor to get through and then I will start melting all my newer orders I bought this summer. Have a great day everyone and stay safe!
  23. Good morning, all! We are changing the process for taking SOTD thread title suggestions as of this month. We'll have one running thread that we will just add the suggestions to each month. Please see the new thread here & leave your suggestions for October: Thanks & hope everyone is staying safe!
  24. Now taking suggestions for the October 2020 SOTD thread title. Please post your suggestions below. We will create a poll from all suggestions on September 25th. Thanks!
  25. Hi, guys! We are changing up how we are taking SOTD thread title suggestions from now on. We have been posting threads for suggestions and then deleting them once the new monthly thread goes up. As it turns out, this is throwing Google into a tailspin looking for all that deleted content. This is one of the things that has impacted Candlefind's rankings, so we will stop that practice as of this month. Going forward, this one thread will be the one to post SOTD monthly thread suggestions. I will post a reminder in our current SOTD thread to hop over here & throw a suggestion into the hat. You can post your suggestion any time of the month, as this thread will always remain open. Once we have several months in this thread, it will serve as a good reference to look back & see what has been suggested before. I will still post a poll to vote on current suggestions. The poll will be drafted on the 25th of every month for consistency. We are looking at how to handle those old polls instead of simply deleting them, as that also causes an issue. However, that should not impact the group. Any questions, just ask! Thanks!
  26. Hi, Amy! I am so sorry I'm just now seeing this. Thank you SO much for the kind words. Yes, a lot of work but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you're doing well & staying safe. I'm tired of the 'new normal' and just want 'my normal' back. Have a good one!
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