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  2. Hi! Thank you for all the kind thoughts and hugs for my daughter. It means a lot. Sharon ~ I’m happy to see you can melt again. Debra and Maggie ~ Who is this Night Owl you speak of? Is it a newer vendor a blast from the past? Amy ~ I think I have that Hot Cocoa candle. If it’s the one I’m thinking, I burned one last year and had to get another because it was so good. DD#1 told me how much she loved it. Michele ~ Your VCS tart sounds awesome! Swanky Cashmere Glow Pink Sugar Rocket’s Cosmic Pumpkin S&S Funnel Cakes & Waffle Cone Hope everyone is having a good week.
  3. Thanks Amy. I might need that candle Amy. Melting VCS Old Man Marley. This is Bourbon, Sea Salt and Catamel. It smells so good!!
  4. Good morning all! A new day, hurrah, and it's a wonder what a good night's sleep can do. Maggie, your selections sound so delicious, especially the Clove scent. And yes...That hay note can be odd... I'm glad you like the transparent boxes - I like them for the same reasons. Debra, thank you for the moment of silence for the Cronuts. Michele, sending you hugs . So it's been: BH&G Crisp Fall Leaves, gorgeous. And burning this morning: BBW Hot Cocoa & Cream - there are no words. This smells like the most perfect cup of cocoa, with little marshmallows melting into it. Love, love, love. Have a good Thursday everyone.
  5. Yes...a few years ago, a friendly stranger tried to "help" me load a heavy item into the back of the car and then closed the hatch prematurely onto my face. I lost the lower third of a front tooth, which now has a crown. (And how about you?) The person below me prefers fruit to vegetables.
  6. .....oh...those children probably got plenty!! That was my problem as well....buying candy that I liked. The person below me has chipped a tooth.
  7. Ok...found my selections... Apple Pumpkin Pecan Waffles by Night Owl Cider Lane & Clove by Night Owl Sugared Cake by Chloe & Me
  8. Yesterday
  9. Good Evening All! Sharon...glad to hear your sniffer is back to normal....the horror! Amy...thanks...but your see-through boxes are what made me go get some myself! Much easier to see what's happening inside them and they look nicer as well. Debra...yes, I was off for Columbus Day. I think I may go pull out some Night Owls and give them a try today. Just put on Bohemian Life Haystacks & Bonfires and I must say....it's not for me. Yuck. First one from her I can not take. Switching it up for....
  10. (love that squeaky guinea pig sound!) Where we live, it is a rural road so we don't get any trick-or-treaters...everybody goes up to town. But long ago, in a different house, I did buy candy - candy I loved - and I'm afraid the children didn't get all of it. The person below me likes salsa on baked potatoes.
  11. Amy, a moment of silence for your Cronuts! You will miss them... Maggie, was that a surprise day off? Or something already on the calendar? My Night Owl has been pretty good - I have only melted 2-3...seems there is a lot of other wax here! Tonight it is another very old one from Bella - Caramel Zucchini Bread.
  12. Last week
  13. Good morning all. I hope everyone's staying warm with the cooler temps, lovely to really see Fall. Michele, continuing to send prayers and encouragement for your brother and your entire family. Maggie, that box system sounds perfect - easy in/out at the change of seasons! I'm glad you're enjoying the new seasonal scents, and your low-buy has inspired me this year. Sharon, I'm so glad you're feeling better. The Cleaves rainbow sherbet sounds beautiful. That really is great wax. Melting the last cube of ScentSationals Pumpkin Sugar Cronuts. Enjoy your Tuesday, all.
  14. Hey everybody, I'm feeling a lot better, thanks for the well wishes. My nose went dead on me for a day or so, could not smell a thing so no fresh melting for me. I just left what was in my electric melters to carry on. They're on a timer so it was a couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the evening. I must change them today. Valerie, I hope your daughter is better, I'm sending a virtual hug to her from Wales.... It'll get there quicker Amy, hope the crashes on the highway weren't too bad. This morning I've got the t light melters on Cleaves Rainbow Sherbert in kitchen Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie Spellbound on Ice in living room. Have a lovely day everyone
  15. Good Morning! School is closed so I am home...not complaining...lol. Amy...when I packed away my tarts I put each drawer into each box so unpacking is easy. Back into the drawers they went. Plus....no overflow. This time everything Fall fits into the cabinet. As for those "stick around too long guests"....yes, but not too many. Most of them I'm happy to see and many of them I forgot about! If I had a melting basket like you...I may get rid of those lingering few.... Honeybear...oh no. I can only imagine the worry you are going through. I'm sorry. I'm glad she's feeling a little better and I hope everything starts looking up very soon! Michele...ugh! I hate when my posts disappear or I forget to press submit!! Debra...whatcha think about Night Owl? I have a few of them and I "think" I get a nice throw...but I'll have to test them again. They're a bit elderly but I think I remember they threw nice when I received them. This morning is the last tart in a big bag... Starry Skies Apple Harvest SGA Cider Lane Pumpkin Pecan Waffle SC CFOW Donut Shop Have a great day!
  16. Good morning all! Oh, it's lovely to see so many posts. Maggie! You changed over to fall, yay! When you say they are organized in boxes, is that by vendor? And were there any "Oh...you again..." moments? Your fall scents sound delicious! Michele, you and I are always at the airports... Someday this will ease up and we won't know what to do. I'm glad you found your post. And yes - TBG White Pumpkin is so great, along with many others - love her Halloween collection. Valerie, I'm glad your daughter is feeling a bit better and I'm sorry you've been on duty at all hours with the time difference. When does her teaching begin, or has it already? Debra, the Night Owl Iced Orange Chiffon Cake sounds so tempting... Actually I would like some of that to snack on. I saw that vendor having a flash sale and forced myself to look away. Well yesterday it was the last of a big fav of mine: Scentsy Casting Spells - pear, apple and spices - the pear is so juicy in this one and next year I shall have to find some on eBay, because this scent is discontinued. and Vintage Road Strawberry Nilla Wafers Vanilla Smoothie - the first one I I've melted from her Strawberry Sampler - and gaaaaaaah it's gorgeous. I love her wax so much. Authentic and creamy and long-lasting. Just a general comment, I've been using some of the lower-wattage melters for everything but paraffin, with much better results. The Ashland warmers are great for CFTKR and Spotted Hog, but seem to blow quickly through the scent on the softer melts. The Glade, Colonial Candle and Scentsy bulb warmers seem to give me longer-lasting throw with the parasoy (and certainly the soy). Have you found this? Thoughts? Have great Monday all!
  17. Valerie, the Mom in me is feeling your anxiety! I am glad she is better. And that she is willing to contact you for help! Michele - finding an unposted post is annoying - like typing a big one and seeing it go poof! Tonight it is Night Owl - Iced Orange Chiffon Cake.
  18. Hi All! Just went to post and saw a whole post I thought I had submitted. Melted today TBG White Pumpkin. Great scent! Amy- I think you melted that the other day. Tonight is Waxmosphere Twelfth Night which is a Lush Dupe of Lord of Misrule. Loving this! Thank you CF friend!! Valerie-I am glad your daughter is feeling a bit better. It’s horrible feeling so helpless when you aren’t there to help her. I am going to drive my husband back to the airport in a few. He will be back next weekend. These weekends go by way too fast. Have a good night all!
  19. How’s everyone doing? Just a quick drop in to say I’ve been missing you all. It’s been a stressful week with my daughter in France. She’s needed lots of talking at all hours throughout week and then got sick on Friday. Nothing more scary than hearing your daughter throwing up nearly 6000 miles away and being unable to do a thing to help. She’s a bit better today, but still not feeling well. I feel so helpless. S&S Mystery ~ A nice Fall blend, maybe Cider Lane with Cinnamon Toast S&S Mystery ~ Bubblegum and Buttermint maybe? I’m not a huge bubblegum fan, but this is amazing! LSC Serenity ~ A lavender mint blend LSC Southern Belle ~ A delicious sweet wedding cake with a slight floral note Dessa’s Beach Bonfire Burning a Gold Canyon Salty Caramel Apple candle. Take care, all.
  20. Oh yes!! Growing up we ALWAYS had a guinea pig! She was our little compost bin....eating scraps from carrots, lettuce and fruit peels. The sound of the squeaking became part of my childhood...always there. The person below me has already bought their candy for Halloween and usually buys candy they don't like. (So they won't eat it!!!)
  21. Good Sunday morning. It's chilly here as well Amy but I don't think it's "that" chilly....let's see....it's 50. LOL. Ahhh....not even close. Finally switched my tarts over to the new seasons...much easier this year since they were already sorted in boxes. Of course, I hardly used anything over the summer so they get tucked away once again. If I can keep up the no buy, I might actually make a slight dent. It smells so good here this morning... TSGS Pumpkin Brickle Cookie VRC Cider Baguettes SH Mini Cinna-Bun from a sweet CF pal. Thank you! Have a good one.
  22. (The orchard sounds so wonderful!) Yes I do use a teapot. I have an electric one and I also have a cast iron one that has a little filter for the tea leaves. The person below me has had a guinea pig or other small furry animal as a pet.
  23. Good morning all! It was 38F this morning, brrrrr! Finally the leaves are changing in Ohio. I want to clean the house today!! Maggie, love that Bell Bottoms... You really are a great blender! Debra, you are so right... Without GPS I would be a goner! This morning it's: TBG White Pumpkin, which is wonderful and I had forgotten how much I love this one from last year. Better Homes & Gardens Crisp Fall Leaves - and actually this is very beautiful. Have a great Saturday everyone.
  24. I also noticed that your surgery would be Thanksgiving week, Michele! I hope you can just sit, heal and direct cooking traffic! Sharon, glad the smeller still works! Amy, traffic delays make me nuts. Fortunately we have GPS programs now that can give you a clue about what is ahead! Tonight it is Fizzy Lavender - Sweet Sage.
  25. Well....my favorite is one from an orchard down the road that I've been going to since I was a little girl. The person below me uses a teapot when brewing tea.
  26. Good evening. Sharon..I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you didn't end up with a fever. Feel better! Amy...oh no! I'm glad you weren't in any of those crashes! Gosh! And lol to everyone smelling your cinnamon scent! Michele...your surgery is the week of Thanksgiving? I'm glad you set that up...I'm sure you will be so happy you did! TGIF....tonight it's Voldemort by TSGS and Bell Bottoms, my custom at OPT. Have a good Evening.
  27. Hello all, Stressful drive to the airport this morning, which took an hour more than usual, due to multiple crashes on the highway (not mine ). I took back roads and listened to candle reviews online. This is why I leave extra extra early.... Yesterday I walked into a meeting room and several people exclaimed, "Cinnamon!" I think the culprit was my beloved Cronuts melt. Last night was WoodWicks Lavender Spa melt and I don't know... At first I loved it and then it kind of changed into a household cleaner smell. I was eating popcorn at the time, so maybe that messed it up for me. I will try again because two days ago I loved it. Have a good day all and Happy Friday!
  28. Earlier
  29. Good morning all! Gorgeous cool morning. Very uplifting. Maggie, it's good to see you, and your scents sound very spooky and delicious. Debra, that Bloom sounds right up my alley. I also like the sound of that Aubrey Marie with the rose and lemon. Is it like rose jam? Michele, I'm glad that your brother will get his surgery soon. I'm also happy that you'll get a new knee soon!! You have so much going on but you seem to keep your cool throughout. Sharon, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well and that the weather is miserable. I love that CFTKR Sea Grass. Well it's been: ScentSationals Sugar Pumpkin Cronuts -my guilty pleasure. I think I like pumpkin. WoodWicks Petite Candle in Coastal Sunset - sweet floral sea air - not my usual kind of scent, but I really like it. One more day! Enjoy!!
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