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  2. Hi everyone, Michele, it's also overcast here.. We just had a big crashing thunderstorm but it seems to be calming down now. No walk for me today since there has been lightning. DH's car is in the shop so today he has my Jeep with all the Scentsy labeling on it. I told him to be ready to hand out catalogs if someone asks. He said, oh I forgot - I'm in the Scentsymobile. Today it's: Scentsy Coastal Sunset - coconut, sandalwood, and Amber - not my usual type at all but I actually think this is beautiful. Very creamy and luxurious. I think this is a dupe for a WoodWick candle. Scentsy Lavender Cotton - I like this more than I thought I would... Often cotton has a chlorine note to me that I'm not a fan of, but this is not so sharp and the lavender is comforting. Still going in the living room - Yankee Candle Easy Melt Cup in Easter Bouquet - This is so fresh and green with its beautiful white florals - on Day 3 and still lovely, finally losing its potency. I had a big waxident with this the other night but scraped it up and put it back in the warmer. Take care all.
  3. Good Morning All! I hope everyone is doing well. It’s cloudy and overcast today. Overnight and still going is L3 Today is October 3. This is a very popular cookie scent. I got this as a sample. Loved it! In the main area today is Swanky Total Zen. This was from a Palo Santo sampler from last summer. Not sure of the scent notes. Have a good one!
  4. Good Morning! Yes Amy. A change of scenery is good. Sorry about your waxident. Glad it was all cleaned up. Today it’s SGA Cotton Candy Georgia Peach Birthday. It smells good. This was from her Cotton Candy Sampler from 2016 or 2017. I have so many of her samplers to get through. I have a sample from L3 in the bedroom going. It’s Chrome. I like it. Not sure of the scent notes. It was a man’s cologne but my husband enjoyed it. Enjoy the day all!
  5. Good morning all! Michele, I'm glad you got to go to the beach house. It's good to have a change of pace. Are folks starting to trickle back in down there? Rain and more rain here. Getting ready for the cicadas to start emerging. Still on my Yankee Candle Easy Melt Cup of Easter Bouquet. Lovely sweet floral. I had a little waxident with it last night, butterfingers that I was. But I got it all cleaned up. Not sure what is next... Trying to make my way through all my Scentsy testers for spring/summer. Happy Monday everybody, stay well.
  6. Hello All! It’s been a busy last few days and no time for melting. We decided to take a ride to the beach house for a few days. Just a change of scenery. I am melting today. It’s been an L3 Pink Chiffon Herbal Essence sample overnight in my new Scentsy warmer. It’s still going. Nice scent and not overpowering. In the main area it’s Swanky Pink Cashmere Glow Cocoa Cashmere Let Them Eat Cake. This is really nice. Amy-When you own a house it’s always something. I’m sorry that Steve had such a reaction to the second vaccine. Hope he’s feeling better by now. Maggie-Hope you and your dad are doing ok. Continued prayers.
  7. Hello all, Quiet in here... Mag continued prayers...I know you are facing tremendous ordeals. Beautiful day in SW Ohio, 68 F and not humid. DH had his second shot and has been very tired and grumpy, so I am ready for him to feel better. Last night and today it's been a big fave: Scentsy Walnut Raisin Muffin - Just like it sounds - with big plump juicy raisins, honestly it makes my mouth water just describing it. I will say that this wax seems to last a very long time for me, as in days. Hugs all around... Stay safe.
  8. Hello all! Michele, your scents sound lovely. I hope you have a little more downtime with the shower behind you... But I know the babies take a lot of time! I had our contractors come over to clean out the gutters and they found some roof damage from hail while they were up there... So we will contact the insurance. I knew we would need to address the roof at some time because it is older. Well yesterday it was Scentsy Make A Splash - melon, green apple, turquoise waters - Fresh and a little bit fruity, not overly sweet- love! Good and strong without killing everyone. And today it has been EA Mermaid Tonic - Rosemary mint, twisted peppermint, salty sea air, vanilla bean Noel - minty and beachy, the SSA not too strong, lovely medium high throw. I'm realizing that I prefer a medium to medium-high throw. I don't like to be blown out of the house or have it so strong that I can't concentrate on anything else. Judging by a lot of comments here and on Instagram though, it seems like a lot more people prefer a 9-10 strength and throw, and I think I used to feel that way too until this last year. I'm not sure why that changed for me but there it is. Mag, continued prayers for your father, yourself, and your family. Hugs to all.
  9. Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Yesterday I melted EA Melt with You. This was Dark Cacao Beans, Coriander Black Pepper, Masculine Woods-and Vanilla Tonka Bean. This was a nice scent but not very strong. Overnight and still going in my bedroom is EA Sleep Sheep. A very nice bedtime lavender scent. Melting today in my main area is RG Absolut and Vanilla Fluff Crunch Puffs. Very strong and very good. Enjoy your day all!
  10. Earlier
  11. Good Morning ! I'm so happy you finally got back to the hospital Amy to do something you love. It had been a very long time time. Maggie-Thinking of you. Overnight and still going it’s Scentsy Palm Trees snd Ocean Breeze in the bedroom. This is so calming and lovely. Just put on VCS Berry Creme Five Families/Cookie Monster/ Jackie O in the main area. Smells great. It’s another from 10/18 and still strong. Have a great day!
  12. Hello all! Michele, I'm so happy that your daughter's bridal shower was a beautiful success! It must have been lovely to all be together in her honor. What did her new little niece and nephew make of it all?? Mag, continuing to pray for your father - and for you. I hope you will be able to get in-home care for him so you can get some relief. I had a wonderful day at the hospital yesterday. We've added some new music to the songbook and those songs were well received. I felt like a big part of my life was missing this last year without being able to go there, and it's lovely to be back. Well I'm enjoying the Scentsy scent of the month for May: Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze - dewy palm leaf, coconut water, and a touch of fresh pineapple. I love this scent so much and it's a good performer - medium-high in each room with just one cube. Yesterday I did a trio of tropical scents to celebrate our deliverance from ice and snow - two from Britta's Creepy Treasures and one from Sparkle's. They were all fruity and wonderful and performed well. Have a lovely evening everyone.
  13. Good Morning Everyone! Me daughter’s bridal shower turned out beautiful. I’m glad it went well. Amy-I’m so happy you saw everyone at the hospital and your reorientation went well. Maggie-Thinking of you. Today I’m melting L3 Bartlett Pear Coconut Dove. Beautiful scent. Enjoy the day!
  14. Hi everyone. Melting rustic cabin by kae
  15. Hello everyone, Maggie, continued hugs and prayers for you and your father. Michele, tomorrow is the bridal shower and I imagine you are extra busy! I'm sure it will all be gorgeous. Well yesterday I went to the hospital for reorientation and it filled my heart with joy... So good to see everybody and it will be good to start our groups again. I feel like a big chunk of my life has been missing without them. I need to mark the calendar today because for once in my life I have no outstanding wax orders. Can this be possible? I'm sure this won't last long... I tried to order a fizzy sampler from Zeep yesterday but it was sold out. Well this morning it's: Destination Wax Ghostess (Parma Violets, toasted marshmallow) and it's so strong and beautiful... You have to love violet scent for this one, which I do, and that cloud of marshmallow wrapped around it... Divine. Take care all.
  16. Good Morning to All! Amy-Finally!! So exciting! I’m sure it’s been way too long. Susan-Glad to hear you are doing ok. Maggie- Praying for you and your dad. Thinking of you. Melting this morning RG Up on the Castle Top. This is Berry Creme Brûlée and Rice Krispie Treats. Have a wonderful day!!
  17. Good Morning to All! Amy-Finally!! So exciting! I’m sure it’s been way too long. Susan-Glad to hear you are doing ok. Maggie- Praying for you and your dad. Thinking of you. Melting this morning RG Up on the Castle Top. This is Berry Creme Brûlée and Rice Krispie Treats. Have a wonderful day!!
  18. Hello all, Mag, continued prayers for you and your father. Michele, the Rainbow Melts sounds so fresh and beautiful. That bridal shower came up in a hurry and I'm sure you are extra busy. Susan - L3 Rose is always so lovely! It's good to hear you are doing well. Today it's Scentsy scent of the month for May, Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze. This has palm fronds, coconut husk, and a little bit of pineapple - absolutely adore. It is more fresh and green than fruity. Tomorrow I have a reorientation at the hospital. I am very very excited to see every one again. Take care all.
  19. Hi. Melting the time is now by l3 Rose petal gel to and vanilla pound cake by l3. I am doing ok.
  20. Hi Everybody! I hope you are all doing well. I have been very busy so not much time to post. My daughter’s bridal shower is Saturday and I’m just trying to finish up what needs to be done. Amy- You have been melting some beautiful scents! Those 2 Scentsy scents sound like winners. Susan-Hope you are doing well. Maggie_Thinking of you and sending prayers. I have a beautiful scent going today. It’s Rainbow Melts Bloom. This is Sea Salt, Ozone, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Wood and Tonka. Just beautiful! Enjoy the day all!!
  21. Good morning all, Mag, continued prayers for you and your family. Today it's Scentsy Apricot Vanilla - soft and comforting and absolutely beautiful. Medium throw which gradually builds, appropriate for a smaller room but just lovely. Have a good Monday all.
  22. Happy birthday to our dear Mag!!! You have had such a tough year and I pray that things will get better. Much love and a big hug!!
  23. Hi everyone! Mag, thinking about you as you care for your father. Prayers that he is starting to recover. Michele, you are right, we still have to be careful. A friend of mine had her first shot but not her second, let her guard down a bit, and caught Covid. So she is sick now. For me, it's still going to be masks and eating outside. Definitely happy things are opening up, but with care. Hi Susan, how is it going in your care world? Well today it's been: Scentsy Bloomin' Beach - rose, peony and sea jasmine - this is a sweet floral with the rose leading the way. I'm not getting any kind of a sea air note, which is fine - beautiful scent. It was strong at first but got lighter quickly - too bad because it's a lovely scent. It's still present but not strong. Take care all!
  24. Good Morning! I’m so happy you can go back to the hospital soon Amy. I’m sure it will be great to see everyone again. I know you have missed it terribly. We still need to be careful. I have heard people get the virus after being vaccinated but much less of a chance and with less severe symptoms. I have been going out more and more as well. Tomorrow I’m having lunch with friends. It feels so good. Today I’m melting SGA Sparkle. It’s Egyptian Musk, fabric softener, coconut, oranges and vanilla cream. I ordered some laundry scents from SGA a few months ago and am finally starting to melt them. Enjoy all!
  25. Hello all, Susan, Michele, I love Avobath too! Michele, I'm glad your older VCS is holding up well. Today it's: Empire Alchemy When Stars Collide - strawberry, grapefruit, spearmint, peppermint - This is the second time I have ordered this from this vendor and it is one of my favorites. Very fresh, not overly sweet, uplifting. Only a week and a half until I go back to the hospital. I will be very glad to see everyone. Take care all and stay well!
  26. Good Morning! Hi Susan. I love Avobath. It’s a beautiful day today. Spring is my favorite season. Today it’s VCS I Saw Mommy Kissing Cookie Monster. This is warm cookie bars, cherry chips, cranberries, marshmallow sugar cookie, sugar cookie dough, buttercream frosting snd sugar milk. This is from 2018 so I hope it throws well. I have been having very good luck with my older VCS. Enjoy your day all!
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