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  1. I am burning YC white chocolate bunnies (trying to use up my stash of YC),YC buttercream and main stays sweet lavender 3 wick. And I am melting mainstays pumpkin spice and up the creeks apple vanilla something. I too am sad to here of Deana closing up shop. I've noticed that that in the past her fb page wasn't happening as much as other vendors. Also sad to hear of Jane's diagnosis and that there will be no more HHS. She's had a rough year.
  2. Good morning all! I have a later shift at Starbucks this morning,so I am getting a chance to melt and burn. Normally,when I work 4am shifts,I am just too tired after work to do anything. So I am taking advantage of waking up before the alarm clock. I am burning a YC Jelly Donut candle. Sugared Petals Melting Scentsationsals from WM dual back of shortbread cookies and the sugared pecans CCCC Stuffed French Toast On a side note,I have been trying to use up my stash since starting work in March. I have been buying the BHG,Scentsationals occasionally to help feed the need for more wax.lol I really wish I could order from CFTKR,they were one of the ones I first bought from back in the day. I just can never be online or fight for buying wax. Any thoughts on how to get some CFTKR?
  3. buring tonight YC vanilla chai and merry marshmellow. Melting a no name tart of pink peppermint,BHG falling leaves and scentsy sugar and spice.
  4. Today I am burning balsam fir from VC and merry marshmellow from YC and melting all BHG Christmas morning latte and butterscotch pear
  5. It's finally starting to feel like fall here in Northern Ca. Candles going are: YC-apple pumpkin red velvet cupcake-smells like a vanilla to me lol cranberry chutney christmas cookie votive Melts- Crossroads farmhouse-I really pick up on the clove,wont re-order Scentsy peppermint dreams SI coffee sweets-I noticed that her tarts are really hard to melt with the ikea tea lights.For her wax to actually melt I have to use a YC scented tea light to get a strong flame going. Has anyone else noticed that uses ikea tea lights,that their flames are not as strong as they used to be,perhaps something changed? Last Wed I have off then next week I start work cleaning a barn both morning and night. Atleast I will have weekends off to melt and burn my smellies.
  6. This late morning Ive got going in the house while I clean on my day off work: YC-large jar spiced pumpkin Mainstays-apple pumpkin mini tumbler LOL-candle on the bottom layer from years ago. Have no clue what the scent is. lol Melting: Scentsy oatmeal cookie BHG cupcake SI apple pumpkin cheesecake S&S vanilla bean noel marshmellow
  7. This evening we are burning YC spiced pumpkin McCalls apple jar-from the goodwill,must have been used onced melting scentsy sugar & spice,bgh orange cupcake
  8. My YC shortbread and crisp apple strudel finally were laid to rest. So I burned my mainstays 3 scented jar in hopes to finish it off too. Melts today were Scentsy falling leaves,and BHG no place like home.
  9. Before I take my daughter to nutcracker rehersal I thought I would try to make it the last time I burn my YC shortbread cookie and crisp apple strudel. But I somehow think they know that I want them to die,so I can light something else. I really enjoy lighting the candle for the first time,then I love how it looks like when it gets half way down and after that they seem to never die lol. Also burning Mainstays 3 scented candle,I think its finally on the last layer of coconut vanilla. Melting:Scentsy Peppermint Dreams,BHG A thankful harvest, and TCC Midway something. Cant remember the name,just trying to use up my stash.
  10. Good Morning everyone. Today it's called let's use up some candles before using new ones. As much as I love candles when I first get them,I hate having this feeling of having to use it up just to start a new one. So I am using up: YC crisp apple strudel shortbread cookie Mainstays-med jar of vanilla ,buttercream frosting and,coconut vanilla. Root-honeybuttered crossant votive Melting: TCC candy corned zuch bread Scentsy blueberry cheesecake
  11. Returned from Walmart and got there the BHG Pecan Brownie melts along with orange buttercream cupcake melts.Also got2 of their $2 tumblers in pumpkin spice and apple pumpkin. Tonights melts are Scentsy Grandma's Kitchen and BHG Pecan Brownies. :)
  12. Good Morning everyone. Today I am buring a YC jar of Shortbread Cookie,time to use this jar up and get it out of here lol. Also still burning my crisp apple YC jar and melting Scentsy Sugar and TCC Pink Peep Claw Cookies.
  13. The day started off with a 10% chance of rain,well it poured and poured heavy.Now were enjoying this Northern CA hot and humid yucky weather. I was so hoping for a grey and dreary day along with rain,but nope. This afternoon I have Scentsy mandrin moon going,along with YC Apple Strudel Candle and a misc tart vendor of winter candy apple noel.
  14. Good Morning, I love when I get a new candle. I sort of hang onto it and then break down at some point to light it.Why is it then when I am finishing the darn thing off,my love and excitement for the poor thing is gone.? We have an old GCC eggnog candle going,scentsy oatmeal cookie and scentsy french toast. Have a good Sunday everyone
  15. Hey Jason,Vanilla Chai smells like the cider doughnut I have here. I also noticed that the harvest welcome by YC reminded me of frosted pumpkin. Does anyone else think that? Today its been: Scentsy french toast YC salted caramel Mainstays cranberry mandrin little jar
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