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  1. Right now I am so intrigued by John Bramblitt and Joshua Alexander aka Usihtat. Both are immensely talented and both paint uniquely. I have print of Bramblitts Dragonflies which I love! Hopefully I will be able to acquire something from Alexander at some point. Also love Lee Teter, Thomas Kinkade, and Norman Rockwell....and so many more. The person below me has broken a bone.
  2. Yay! I'm on! Thank you Cyn! Michele...I'm sorry to hear about your Dad but glad he had no broken bones. Hope the pain and swelling subside soon! Amy....I found some of those BHG aromatherapy clams at Walmart and OMG! I got a few because they smell soooooo good. Thanks for the tip! I hope you are enjoying your time with no traveling! Yahoo! Last night and today it's Hayden Rowe Blue Sugar Vanilla Sandalwood and SGA Shy Girl - Beach Night, Strawberry, Peach and Cantaloupe - both delish! Have a great evening!
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