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  1. Ahhhh.....a big NOPE on that. I love the look of roses but I am not a fan of the scent. The person below me has a favorite cough drop maker.
  2. Good Morning All! Amy... Oh my gosh....your guesses made me spit my drink out and cough a lung out! (Yes..Honeybear's got it!) As for the suspicious character that you are........hmmmmm....very suspicious, indeed. Michele...your brother is in my prayers. And a big Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Honeybear...glad your hubby with get some rest this weekend! Debra...that kind of timer sounds nice. Waking up to scents has always been nice which is why I'd leave mine on overnight but....I'd forget to turn them off when I left for work. I ended up buying the 8 hour timer bases but they need to be switched on. I like them but if they turned on at a certain time that would be even better! Its Farmhouse this morning which is custom I made from Tara's Candle Cottage. I think her stuff gets even better as time passes. This guys rather old but it's kickin. Have a good one.
  3. Oh gosh Amy!! That's terrible!! And a stranger, to boot?? I'm sorry about that!! Yes...I chipped a front tooth on a glass when I was younger but they filed down my tooth. The other day I noticed a chip in my lower tooth...it was sharp and I'm not even sure what happened? Fruits or Veggies? Hmmmmm......depends. I think it changes because I do love them both. I probably crave raw veggies more often. The person below me knows the constellations.
  4. Good Morning! Amy....thinking you're heading home today? Safe travels to you! Sharon...absolutely lovin the names of your scents...lol! And I'm not Amy, but I believe a cronut is a mix between a croissant and a donut. Honeybear...Night Owl is not a new company and she's still around. I bought from her a while ago but haven't been back....not sure why since I like her stuff a lot! I finally switched all of my warmers over to 8 hour timer ones. Now I won't have to worry if I forget to turn them off before work....they will be turning off by midnight anyway. Last night it was SCDB by Sniff My Tarts. This one I haven't smelled in years and it's still as good as I remember. Have a great day.
  5. .....oh...those children probably got plenty!! That was my problem as well....buying candy that I liked. The person below me has chipped a tooth.
  6. Ok...found my selections... Apple Pumpkin Pecan Waffles by Night Owl Cider Lane & Clove by Night Owl Sugared Cake by Chloe & Me
  7. Good Evening All! Sharon...glad to hear your sniffer is back to normal....the horror! Amy...thanks...but your see-through boxes are what made me go get some myself! Much easier to see what's happening inside them and they look nicer as well. Debra...yes, I was off for Columbus Day. I think I may go pull out some Night Owls and give them a try today. Just put on Bohemian Life Haystacks & Bonfires and I must say....it's not for me. Yuck. First one from her I can not take. Switching it up for....
  8. Good Morning! School is closed so I am home...not complaining...lol. Amy...when I packed away my tarts I put each drawer into each box so unpacking is easy. Back into the drawers they went. Plus....no overflow. This time everything Fall fits into the cabinet. As for those "stick around too long guests"....yes, but not too many. Most of them I'm happy to see and many of them I forgot about! If I had a melting basket like you...I may get rid of those lingering few.... Honeybear...oh no. I can only imagine the worry you are going through. I'm sorry. I'm glad she's feeling a little better and I hope everything starts looking up very soon! Michele...ugh! I hate when my posts disappear or I forget to press submit!! Debra...whatcha think about Night Owl? I have a few of them and I "think" I get a nice throw...but I'll have to test them again. They're a bit elderly but I think I remember they threw nice when I received them. This morning is the last tart in a big bag... Starry Skies Apple Harvest SGA Cider Lane Pumpkin Pecan Waffle SC CFOW Donut Shop Have a great day!
  9. Oh yes!! Growing up we ALWAYS had a guinea pig! She was our little compost bin....eating scraps from carrots, lettuce and fruit peels. The sound of the squeaking became part of my childhood...always there. The person below me has already bought their candy for Halloween and usually buys candy they don't like. (So they won't eat it!!!)
  10. Good Sunday morning. It's chilly here as well Amy but I don't think it's "that" chilly....let's see....it's 50. LOL. Ahhh....not even close. Finally switched my tarts over to the new seasons...much easier this year since they were already sorted in boxes. Of course, I hardly used anything over the summer so they get tucked away once again. If I can keep up the no buy, I might actually make a slight dent. It smells so good here this morning... TSGS Pumpkin Brickle Cookie VRC Cider Baguettes SH Mini Cinna-Bun from a sweet CF pal. Thank you! Have a good one.
  11. Well....my favorite is one from an orchard down the road that I've been going to since I was a little girl. The person below me uses a teapot when brewing tea.
  12. Good evening. Sharon..I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you didn't end up with a fever. Feel better! Amy...oh no! I'm glad you weren't in any of those crashes! Gosh! And lol to everyone smelling your cinnamon scent! Michele...your surgery is the week of Thanksgiving? I'm glad you set that up...I'm sure you will be so happy you did! TGIF....tonight it's Voldemort by TSGS and Bell Bottoms, my custom at OPT. Have a good Evening.
  13. Lololol....no, I don't. The person below me still has the AC running.
  14. Hello! Thanks Amy...you are always so kind. Glad you like it. It's time for me to change things up around here...maybe Friday....in the meantime I think I'll start digging into the closet for some Fall stuff. Yesterday was TSGS in Barbershop Cotton Candy BBJBC. Think I'll switch it to Witches Brew Patchouli Cabin in the Smokies by Ten Digit and Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Vanilla Voodoo SC by CFOW. Have a nice day.
  15. Happy 90th to your Dad, Michele! I also hope the PET scans of your brother give him good options for treatment! Amy...thank you my friend. I've been melting slower than my usually turtle speed so not much to post. I like chatting here daily as well! You have Clydesdale horses next door?? Wow! I think some regular sized Stallions are towering....I can't imagine a Clydesdale! Today I've pulled from VRC coffee sample from a generous pal.... Route 66, Pumpkin Spice Latte and Chai Tea Latte Thank you! Smells wonderful!
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