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  1. Good Morning! The sun is finally out! Much easier to stay put when the sun is shining. Amy...glad you finally have masks! Yay! Hope everyone is well and staying safe. Yesterday it was SGA Gingerbread Cookies Whip Cream Sweet Pumpkin...back on again this morning. Will switch it up later. Ok...it's Shortbread Cookies Pie Crust Apple Dumplings and Blueberry Muffin by Wax Workshoppe... Have a good one.
  2. Hi Michele and great to see you posting Susan. Glad all is well with you both. Michele...I was thinking the same thing, so I started fishing around the parish website and found a link for people who like to contribute electronically due to different circumstances....health, age, travel, etc. Didn't even know it was on there...so I signed up and did that. One less worry for me. Changed up the warmers this morning...upstairs it's Macintosh Apple by Tiffany's...thank you CF pal...this is wonderful...I had forgotten about her. Downstairs it was CFTKR Vanilla Wafers which smells sour...ugh...why? So I added to the bowls...CFOW Pralines Strawberry Jam Marshmallow in the one and The Melting Duck Under The Gazebo (fresh cut grass, leaves and Japanese Cherry Blossom) in the other. Much better.
  3. Awww Amy..those memories are precious!!! so...what did you think of cannolis? Lol I do like camping in a tent but for short times...plus I need an air mattress under my sleeping bag. The days of laying in the hard earth are gone. Ouch. The person below me is cooking a lot more since the covid-19 cane to town.
  4. Hello! Late night once again...my days and nights are all askew since I am not working. Amy...I am so glad you are ok. I know how it feels to lose track of the days...and you are so busy it must whiz by. Wow..you chucked your bins? You are a committed lady..good for you! Will you be getting a break from traveling soon? Thanks about my PA trip...yes, it was super relaxing with my son and my twin girls. Michele...yes, I see NY is having a tough time but it will end at some point. My church posted a notice that they anticipate the quarantine to last many weeks if not months. That's what I figured as well although it seems daunting. But we can do it...the good news is most people get better just like Valerie said. Good news indeed. Hope you are all well...Debra, Sharon, Valerie, Susan, Aria, Cyn , Michelle and all our CF pals!! And just as Amy said...thank you Cyn!!! Its been Orange Danish and Coffee by Front Porch...soooooo old but still throwing like a champ!
  5. Good Morning! Hope everyone is staying healthy! Thanks Michele and hope you are well. The girls and I are home now. Their area is about a week behind us Re this virus...it was amazing to come home and find the supermarkets filled with food and the maximum purchase on only a few things. Feels like we are slowly returning to normal. Amy...hope you are ok!! I'm sorry about you not being able to volunteer....I'm sure everyone there misses you as much as you miss them! Hopefully, you will be back to it very soon! Michelle...if you happen to stop by! its been Voodoo Praline Cookie by Bohemian Life...might add some coffee to it. Have a good day.
  6. Good Morning and happy Friday...I think it's Friday...(I checked)...it's Friday. Hope everyone is doing ok. Still in PA. Changed the warmers to Green Clover & Aloe by Savannah Blue. Wanted a nice springy scent this morning.
  7. Oh yeah!!! However, I'm trying to wait for a serious change in the temps. The person below me has lived in an apartment.
  8. Greetings All. Been staying in Pennsylvania for the week...we've all been quarantined for 2 weeks so we've got a circle of safety happening here and so nice to be out of the same four walls. Probably heading home today or tomorrow. The girls are melting a custom I made @OPT called Flower Child...nice and calming during these times. I hope you are all safe and healthy. If you're looking for a pretty interesting sci-fi movie to watch, try.....I AM MOTHER. Take care!
  9. Good Morning all. I keep telling my kids they will be looking back on this soon enough. Yes, Valerie....You are right...as with all things....it will pass. OMG Valerie....yes, I've watched those FF episodes on YouTube!! Hysterical! I hope you are feeling better each day. I also don't watch the news but lately I'm getting constant updates from others...I do think some of my loved ones watch the news too much and it's stressing them out! Michele...yes, for sure. As is human nature, we usually do take things for granted. I hope we won't forget that when things go back to normal. I keep thinking we are surely blessed that this isn't happening in the dead of winter. Amy...hope you made it home safely! Probably time to change up the warmers but recently it was candles by Shorties in Teakwood & Violet....I absolutely love this fragrance but they don't sell it anymore. Have a good day.
  10. Not yet...it's still a bit chilly at night. The person below me likes to listen to music as they clean.
  11. Good Morning all. Debra...I hope you are ok...haven't seen you post in a while. Valerie...hope you are ok and a belated to your girls. Amy...I'm so surprised you are still working but as you say...it's needed for sure. Please be careful. Do you head home today? Sharon...your Darley Lama order is adorable! Things are still crazy here although I'm finally able to laugh at some of those memes that are out. Laughter IS the best medicine. Take care everyone! Its been Savannah Blue's Boyfriends Truck and I'm finally switching to Bakers Dozen.
  12. Thanks Amy. And thank you Sharon. Just got notice that all of our stores, theaters, restaurants, etc. are closing tonight at 8 and will not reopen until further notice. We can not be on the streets between 8pm and 5 am. Batten down the hatches for sure now. I think I'll be watching a lot of Netflix and burning candles. Michele...glad you made it to Ohio safely after such a long drive. Will you and Amy be meeting up again? Lucky girls. On a happier note...it's a concoction I blended by Ten Digit Creations..."Fall Cookie". It's Apple Dumpling, Pear Spice and Marshmallow Sugar Cookie. Wonderful and relaxing "green" wax.
  13. Good Morning. Amy I am feeling ok but I won't really know for 1 1/2 more weeks. My last day of work was Friday. No fever so far and that seems to be the telltale sign. Thank you for your concern, my friend. Valerie...I felt like you two weeks ago. Media is making a mountain out of a molehill...they always do this...when snow is coming, everyone battens down the hatches like they'll be stuck in forever. However, this appears to be different. I don't know if this will only land in pockets here and there or if it will spread all over but we now have 12 confirmed cases in my local hospital and one death. The church that the woman who died went to has closed and all parishioners are supposed to be on quarantine. She was in her early 50s and not ill as far as anyone knows. Her brother is still in hospital with COVID-19 and he had it first. When people are dying around you it is real. It appears that the news/cdc are not posting illness and death as quickly as it happens. Yet, two hours north of me life is normal except for limited toilet paper. My own sister had no idea that anyone died here. Yes, our hospitals are over-run normally and they are not allowing anyone in except the patients. They are asking folks who have no fever to stay home but if you have a fever to call your doctor first and then go to the ER. They are NOT testing people without full blown symptoms since they do not have enough tests. Clearly, it is more contagious than the flu but all we can do is WASH constantly, keep at least 6 feet from each other and most importantly, STAY HOME! For some reason, people just want to go about with life as normal but they are risking everyone's lives. I feel bad for the elderly...the grocery stores are bare within hours of opening and they are high risk anyway. You'd never know looking out at the blue skies, that there is something out there that could kill you. If you don't have it near you, you are very lucky. Life changes when it hits your town. I am off to check on my father. I have a industrial mask so I am grateful for that....not CDC approved but better than the thin ones they are giving to people suspected of COVID-19 in the hospitals. Stay safe everyone.
  14. Michele! I hope you are all ok and feeling well. Well...I have been one of the people teasing everyone about all the craziness about the Covid-19...no toilet paper to be found...our supermarkets are bare and all I wanted was my weekly food. No more, no less. Unfortunately, it has hit here and quick. Our schools have all closed as of today...for at least two weeks and possibly a month. A few cases tested positive in my own town and it seems like it's spreading quick. I'm feeling a little off so I don't want to see my Dad at all but I don't want him going out either. He says he has enough food for a while..,I hope so. I expected that since the little kids are suspected to be the "carriers" that I would probably be at high risk so maybe so. At least I can melt my candles this week. Of course if I get a fever off to the doctor I will go. Amy...I'm glad you have found a way to get to your destination that is relaxing. And that hubby of yours....adorable. Still have the last melt in the warmers...time for a change. Ok...Cinnamon Apple by SGA.
  15. Hello All. Michele...so sorry to hear about your dads eye stroke. BIG get well wishes to him.And a thought... Are you sure he wasn't "sleep waking" when he called you at night? If they gave him any sleeping meds...could that be what happened? Amy...I'm so glad you enjoyed the drive. It sounds so much more relaxing than flying and that's a good thing!!! Honeybear...that Friars potion sounds scrumptious! Hope everyone is healthy...the CV is making everyone crazy.
  16. Nope...the only shower curtain I have is in my master bath and it matches the bedroom so it's staying. Although I was just thinking I need a new clear shower curtain liner...so YES!! (That counts, right?) The person below me has touched a stingray.
  17. Good Morning! The sun is bright although still cold here. Monday it's supposed to getup to 70...I'll take it. Not many greens in my winter stash but there are a few. I found a favorite... GWW Come Round Hagrids...I love this scent. Have a great Saturday.
  18. Yes! I don't like loosing an hour but the extra light makes it worth it. The person below me usually chooses "paperless".
  19. Lololol Honeybear...you're right!! We do LOSE an hour! Actually...I don't mind cause we will gain more daylight...I'm good with that! Im sorry about your move...I know you put so much energy into your beautiful new house but I'm sure will do it again in a new place...and that farming community sounds lovely! Amy...I hope you made your trip safely! How did you enjoy your meet up? And I'm glad your eyes are doing ok. So...keeping with the green theme....it's Gollum by TSGS -patchouli, vetiver and bergamot. Smells great...I just hope it's not too strong. Goodnight all.
  20. Thank you! That sounds lovely...plus you do like your Lush, right? I have so many perfumes and body sprays...unbelievable, I know...lol. So...my tastes change a lot but right now I'm liking Olive Branch by Lush and Vanilla Vibes by Juliette has a gun. The person below me uses fabric softener.
  21. Great thread title Michele!! Greetings All....and Hello Shari and ! Been busy in the workshop lately...making wreaths. I feel like there's not enough time in the day but we will be turning back the clocks soon enough so we will get one more hour. Right? Susan...so glad to hear you are slowly getting back to normal and I hope you never get it again either!! Michele...busy, busy, busy! It's nice that your girls are very different from each other and like their own things. I'm sure her wedding will be just as lovely as her sisters. Those brittles call to me all the time...I'm trying not to listen. Lol. Amy...back on the road again! How nice that you are meeting up with some friends..sounds great...and yes, meant to be. Btw, how are your eyes feeling? Hope you are doing well. Today...first day melting in a couple days... Pink and Purple by Semo Pistachio Pudding Cake by Nancy's Have a nice evening.
  22. I do like carrot cake. Yum. If I had a choice though...I'd always go with cheesecake. My favorite salty snack...very boring....but it's potato chips...preferably kettle style...crunch, crunch. The person below me has a favorite perfume.
  23. Hello All... Michele...that sounds like a good one...whatcha think? Amy...hope you are back home safe and sound. It's funny...now that I am finally melting again I am having a tough time finding red wax in my winter/fall stash. I don't buy strawberry (very picky with that fragrance) so most are apple which is lovely but I was looking for something to rotate between apples. Lol. I think most of my reds are in my summer stash...and it's too cold for that yet. So this morning it's... L3 Persephone's Plight CFTKR Pizzelle (this was a beautiful pink heart) Nellie's Acres Carmelized Crimson Pear Have a nice one.
  24. Good Morning! Susan...so glad to hear you are not in any pain anymore...that sounds horrible. Debra....lol...there's always something that fills the gap...lololol. Michele...wonderful on the knee!! I keep telling my DH about your positive experience!! Keeping with the pink theme... Swankys Cashmere Cedar Pour Girls Maple Bourbon Apples/Caramel Popcorn SGA Apple Cinnamon Whipped Cream Zucchini Have a good day.
  25. Oh my gosh Amy....your description of the cookies cracked me up! And I'm not a big cookie/cake person at all and you still got me hankering for some cookies. I do make cookie pops or decorated cookies for my students for parties but I'm just not a big fan of most sweets. Salty calls to me! But as for your question....I don't like prepackaged store bought cookies but if I am near bakery cookies or someone's homemade ones....I guess I'd like a chewy chocolate chip with crispy edges. The person below me has a favorite cake. (Lololol)
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