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  1. Good morning all! Another week is moving briskly along. I'm so happy for the cooler mornings. Driving home tomorrow rather than Friday because we should finish today. Mag... Please be careful painting up so high...I know you are cautious but gee whiz... We are not 25 anymore... And not buying wax for 1,245 years is maybe a long time, when I can't even get through one month...I love LOM from L3 so that must be amazing with the pomegranate! And yes - Jeff Beck was incredible. I actually went to see Santana, and it was spur of the moment... This must have been 25 years ago... And Jeff Beck was opening for him. I wasn't familiar with him and I just lost my mind over his playing... For me, his part of the concert surpassed Santana, who I love... The soaring melody lines... His tone... And I love him to this day. I was so lucky to get to see him. Maybe again... Michele, I'm so happy the closing went well. Also yes... We carry the memories with us. Big hugs my friend. Your L3 sounds like one from her bakery sampler - amazing. Enjoy!! Cyn, thank you for keeping us rolling... You do a lot behind the scenes and I know we all appreciate it!! I hope you are doing well. What are you melting or burning these days? So it's been: Destination Wax Lavender Mint - herbal and gorgeous - and so strong. Rainbow Melts Warm Sweater - brown sugar, fig, cotton - this is lovely but it needed a little something something - so I added one cube of YC Spiced Pumpkin and it is perfect for me now. I've been playing music every day in the hotel and this is really helping me keep my spirits up. Take care everybody and stay safe. Susan, Sharon, Honeybear, let us know how you are doing.
  2. (I will be happy to dance EXACTLY like that, In fact, I am practicing it now. We will find something excellent.) (And yes!! I remember that one from The Spotted Hog, and it was excellent... Also her Spider Cider and Deadly Donuts, was that the name? LOL! Oooh, should we place a little order?) Apple scents... If Apple and I were on Facebook, our relationship status would be "it's complicated." We have broken up so many times. However, we can't stay away from one another. Your Northern Lights blend sounds so beautiful... And of course it's discontinued. I hope someone will be able to do as customs for you. I would say that I prefer green apple to Mac apple.... And yes there is one I love - from VCS, but of course I have forgotten the name, which is green apple and ginger ale - fabulous! Hayden Rowe also has a nice green apple, and I have forgotten that name as well... How about you?? The person below me has a favorite musical instrument she likes to listen to.
  3. (ha! One of my goals is for us to go to a live concert together.) Well, I have decorated with gourds in the past, but not lately... But that sounds like a good idea and now you are giving me ideas! The person below me has a specific favorite pumpkin scent from a specific vendor.
  4. Good morning all! Taking a quick break on the drive back to stretch my legs. I've been on the road for about 4 hours and since it is very cloudy and foggy, my view is not the most spectacular but it's an easy drive without much traffic. Michele, I know it is a big relief to have your father's house finally cleared out, but it is a bittersweet moment as well and my heart goes out to you. I love the name of that VCS Filthy Animal blend. Sharon and Mag, congratulations on your haircuts...Doesn't it feel like your head will just float away, when it's been a while since the last trim? Lol. I don't have the courage to trim the back of mine by myself so it continues to grow. I actually am liking it a little longer but I need some help with the layers and the bangs and the angling of the bottom... and that will just have to wait. This morning I have in the car a little silicone liner cup that I use sometimes on the road from my wax because it makes it easy to change, and in it is: Destination Wax Lavender & Manuka Honey - from the other day... This is just such a gorgeous blend. I have the little liner cup sitting on the dashboard by the air vent and it is blowing the lovely scent through the car. Ahhhhhhh I think I have about 4 hours to go and I am listening to an assortment of music...lots of classic rock and fusion guitar that I will never be able to play, lol! Jeff Beck...I got to hear him live about 20 years ago and ohhhhhh... Have a great day everybody and happy Friday!
  5. Good morning all, Well the week is going by quickly. So far so good and tomorrow I drive home. Having the keyboard and guitar along really help me relax in the evenings. Mag I think it's so funny that you hated your minivan... They're just so...big and ungainly. But yes, with four kids you truly needed it - with all their backpacks and clothes and sports gear - you had to. I've gotten used to this beast now, and at least I can always find it in the parking lot. It also comes in handy in another way... I've been taking boxes to the Salvation Army en route. We have a storage locker with things we have not looked at in years and it is time to lighten the load. I'm taking three or four boxes a week and my goal is to get out of that locker. We were going to do a big garage sale but it just seems like too much work. It's much cooler in the mornings now and I'm actually looking forward to fall wax. Yesterday I was in the Walmart here and I did wander down the wax aisle but didn't buy anything, wonder of wonders. WoodWick has some lovely new melts - Spiced Blackberry, Pumpkin Butter, and Wood Smoke - all beautiful, but it's fair to say I already have a few things just like those. *Sigh* Well I don't know if it's the airtightness of the hotel room here or what, but I only need a tiny piece of wax to fill the room. So I'm not making much of a dent this week. However, there have been some great scents. This morning it's a repeat because I like it so well: Empire Alchemy Get Lost - Febreze Hawaiian Aloha and Gummi Bears - fresh and lightly fruity and laundry, really love this. Last night was: TBG Teaberry Bubblegum - wintergreen and bubblegum - and I liked it a lot at first but I have to say I needed to move on within a couple of hours. If you think about the old Teaberry gum, it's that same effect and it's fun, but it's kind of biting and a short time was enough. I hope everyone has a good Thursday. Are you folks starting to haul out the fall decorations? I think I will get out the pumpkin warmers next week. Take care everybody!
  6. Yes I can whistle. In and out, lol. I blame my father for this... Long hours singing and whistling in the car. It has come in useful... one of the songs we do in our little group is Don't Worry, Be Happy, and there is whistling. I'm not as good as Bobby McFerrin so I always ask for help. The person below me has watched an entire concert online.
  7. Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is well. It sounds as though you all are melting beautiful scents. Another 8-hour drive yesterday but the weather was beautiful. And there's the first hint of leaves starting to fall. I'm reluctant to let go of summer this year. Mag, I do understand your rationale behind the tiling. That's a lot of hard work... As well as putting the pool and patio to bed for the year. I can't believe you slept through an earthquake but that just shows how tired you must have been! As for Empire Alchemy... I'm in love. Beautiful blends! I'm so glad you found her for us! Michele, my heart goes out to you, packing up your father's house. That's a lot of work and it is heart-rending... And that generation saved every little tiny piece of everything. Hugs to you. Sharon, your wax sounds beautiful. Update on the haircut please! Mine continues to grow... And a very belated Happy Birthday to your DH!! I have two melters in the hotel - one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom - and it's: Empire Alchemy Get Lost - Febreze Hawaiian Aloha, Gummi Bears - another gorgeous and unusual combination - the laundry in the Febreze saves this one from being overly sweet and I love it. Destination Wax Lavender Manuka Honey - lavender, bergamot, and New Zealand honey - this is herbal and beautiful. Another vendor I can't get enough of, and it's a good thing the website is closed until October. I'm on a "ban" again bit I guess it's more of a "low buy"..…lather, rinse, repeat! Debra, Valerie, Susan - hello to all of you and don't be a stranger....... like I have been... Work will be busy for the next few months, but that's a good thing. I am renting the car by the month since it's going to be every week again... The only thing they had left last week at the little rental near us was a huge minivan, lol, which DH has named The Lusitania. They said I could switch it for something smaller, but now that it has a name, I've grown a bit attached to it. It's the same price for any size because it's through work... Anchors Aweigh! Take care all and happy melting.
  8. Hi Cyn! Thank you for this update. It sounds like a ton of work and I know we all appreciate it. The forum is so huge and although I have greatly enjoyed going back and reading posts from days gone by, it's true that most of us who still come here mostly use SOTD or Games. What you're doing makes total sense to me, and I hope the others agree as I am a relative newbie (coming up on only three years in January). Thanks again for the huge task you're doing, and I hope you are doing well during this very strange year of 2020! Best wishes, Amy
  9. (3.2 lbs?! She is so petite!! I'm with you on holding off on the fall scents - I remember last year seeing a lot of Instagram folks jump into pumpkin at the end of August and they were sick to death of it long before Halloween!) Winged creatures, oh so wonderful - I would say my favorite is the wood thrush because of his beautiful song. The person below me has been on more than one type of ferry boat.
  10. Hello all! On break at work. Thank you for the kind words about the termites. We also have a relatively wet area which used to be farm fields, with a high water table, and the little guys love moist conditions. I was happy when the termite man (I should call him something better but don't know what) said that our crawl space is lovely and dry. The house is guaranteed for 5 years now and I will retreat after that. Sharon, I strongly believe we should embrace our grey hair. To me, grey hair is very pretty and I've been delighted the last few years when grey was actually a trendy color. My mother's hair went completely white as she aged and I always thought it was beautiful. Mag, I can't believe it's your job to lay tile... This is a big job... Hard on the back... I'm afraid I would go on strike... I'm glad your little puppy is there to give you comfort!! So many beautiful scents, also. And congrats on trimming your own hair!! I have no ability in this area.. my hair is also getting long but I may leave it for awhile. Thanks on the blending encouragement...I have a few ideas but as usual they involve peppermint and marshmallow fireside. Today it's Ava's Sunny Buns - piña colada with added banana, very tropical and I love it - strong throw and perfect for end of summer vibes. Stay safe everyone!
  11. (I also love O-Cedar products!) No, I'm holding out until Sept. 22 for the fall wax, lol... My favorite scents are probably Spring/Summer and Christmas.... So I'm hanging on...I have one drawer of fall wax and that should last nicely up until December. I do enjoy the pumpkin and smoky scents so that will be fun...soon enough. (And you?) The person below me has been taking walks in her neighborhood.
  12. Good morning all, Well, that week went by in a flash. We had the house treated for termites yesterday... It was a preventive measure because we had had a leak under the fridge which was repaired a few weeks ago, and we had some damp wood removed that had some little bugs in it, not sure what they were, but I panicked. The technician yesterday said he saw no evidence of termites but I'm in the camp of "an ounce of prevention...". I love this house and it's probably the one we will stay in for the rest of our lives. Mag, can it be six months since you were at your school? In some ways time has stood still and in other ways the weeks have just disappeared. All your wax sounds lovely...VRC, CFOW, EA. I remember that VRC Olive Lavender Shaving Cream. Michele, I'm glad the VCS is holding up. I haven't ordered from her in awhile but in the spring I want to order some of her ginger ale scents. Sharon, lovely to see you on here and I keep hoping that one day we all will somehow meet in person... Once this virus is under control...I am not planning on flying until that's true. Well yesterday I had a melt from RG with beautiful base notes - Herb Patch and Oak Moss - but which had some amber in it that was way too strong for me. So I ended up trying lots of other scents with it and making a scent shot cup sampler - combos with Cranberry, Rosemary Mint, Satsuma, Lemon Confection, Campfire Marshmallow, or Vanilla Ice Cream. I have never played with blending before and it was so much fun! What other scents would you have tried here?? Of the bunch, I would say that the Cranberry and the Rosemary Mint were my favorites. Mag, you are our expert Blender-in-Residence and now I see why you enjoy this! I felt like the mad scientist... The termite man was in and out of the house and didn't say anything about all the different aromas... So all night I've had a candle under the lamp: Homeworx Farmstand Strawberry - and this is a very realistic sweet strawberry and very strong, delicious. I hope everyone will have a beautiful Labor Day weekend, and stay safe out there. Hugs all around!
  13. Hello all!! Lovely to be home again. I had to focus more than usual driving home yesterday as there was some rain in the mountains. A whole different kind of beauty. Today we picked up groceries and paid bills, and we had new tires put on DH's car. So the checkbook is a bit lighter, but it feels good to get this stuff done. Mag, it takes awhile to get through these loaves, doesn't it? I have a few as well... Last night I had strong fruity scents so today I needed something refreshing: L3 Amber Noir Bamboo - heavy on the bamboo, which I love - and Amber Noir is mandarin, jasmine and amber, so this is just gorgeous. I would say I'm mainly getting the bamboo and the jasmine, and it's very strong. Love! Take care all. It might actually be getting a little cooler!
  14. Shamefully I do not own an apron...I used to.... The person below me has a Swiffer.
  15. Hello all, Very hectic at the plant. But that's good... It's fun when there is lots to do. Mag... Thanks. . And I'm so so glad that all of your family tested negative for this virus. Tobacco Barn sounds right up my alley. I have two melts going in the hotel which are so good I can't bear to pour them out - Destination Wax London Rain - rain, citrus, florals and wood - oh such a beautiful combination! I really love this vendor... Kae's Blackberry Sugared Violets - oh I love this so much! Hoping everybody down south will come through the hurricane safely, but it looks very tough. Hugs to all, stay safe.
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