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  1. you "don't hate it" Yes, I keep a small spray in my car... At the moment it is BBW Hot Cocoa & Cream which I am obsessed with. Also love that Balsam & Cedar! The person below me has one Christmas song that she will change the channel to get away from.
  2. Well good morning all! I hope everyone is enjoying the start to the weekend. Happy to say that I decided to forego going in person to BBW Candle Day and successfully ordered the two candles I hoped for online. I'm glad you ladies enjoyed the trivia questions...I just hide my head during some of the sections... Maggie, I'm glad you enjoyed the work party! Also the Pumpkin Friendship Bread sounds delicious. Debra, anything with Cozy Cabin in the name is going to get my vote, especially from Cheryl's. Susan, I like that BBW Spiced Apple Toddy... How was the throw from the smaller candle? Sharon, the Bluebell scent sounds interesting...I must admit that I am looking forward to the spring scents. Well it's been: Colonial Candle Snow Day - my beloved soft wax in the little oval clam - luscious and so strong that I had to turn it off. Eucalyptus, juniper, mint. Southbound Winter Palace - pink sugar, plum, cherries, oranges, peppery woods. I love this one so much and after a year it was very strong. ScentSationals Iridescent - I had high hopes for this one, but to my nose it was too heavy on the pink sugar. Waaaaay sweet. It says spearmint and vanilla woods but I'm not getting those notes. BBW Hot Cocoa & Cream - absolutely delicious. Huge wicks that must be kept very short or it burns violently. And the star of this week, while granted it has nothing to do with Christmas: Enchanted Peony four-wick candle by Harry Slatkin off QVC - bought on clearance "as is," not a thing wrong with it - Oh. My. Goodness. Such a beautiful fruity floral, and I love it so much that I reordered the scent. Gorgeous heavy hobnail jars. Again violently huge, hot flames and must be kept severely trimmed, so hot that I couldn't touch the candle without a mitt. Last year I guess they had wicks that would drown and not stay lit, so they went completely to the other extreme. In any case, I want to smell this scent forever. Enjoy your weekend all!
  3. Good morning all! Maggie, LMAO, I'm glad you actually sat down for five minutes. You have been moving children in and out of houses... Teaching... Helping your father, endlessly....You always have so much going on and it's no wonder you are exhausted. I see you turning wreaths out right and left on Instagram... those didn't just make themselves. Sometimes the couch is the answer and I'm glad you took advantage of it. As my mom used to say, "Even God rested!" Michele, I'm joining Debra in cheering about your knee!! I think you have a great attitude about it, just getting on with the job. I saw the trouble you were having before and am so glad this is working out so well. Valerie, it's good to see you!! I know your daughter is disappointed, but hopefully she will still have some good memories about the experience, or at least good learnings. There may be things that will play out in wonderful ways down the road that she has no way of anticipating now. In any case, I know you've been terribly worried and will be relieved to have her back on this side of the ocean. Debra, my trivia category...Well, history and geography are surely not it... Not too bad with Authors.... But they really haul me along for the Rhyming section. Every answer must be two words that rhyme. For your pleasure, here are three clues, followed by their three answers: Clues: 1. Instruct Students in Elocution 2. Frumpy Doody 3. Faux Gateau Answers: 1. Teach Speech 2. Dowdy Howdy 3. Fake Cake This is so useful and necessary in life, which is why I can do it. Just don't ask me which US state is closest to Bermuda. Well I'm going home today! So this morning I'm melting more of that ST Santa Clause snap bar - the eggnog and cinnamon one, fabulous. Also burning: WoodWicks Petite Candle in Pumpkin Butter, very nice. A little sputtery towards the finish. Enjoy your Thursday all! And, since I know this is eating you up, the US state closest to Bermuda is.... North Carolina. And yes, we got it wrong (Florida? South Carolina? Puerto Rico? Wait, that's a territory...).
  4. Good morning all, Michele, I'm sorry your wax had you coughing, that is simply unacceptable!! Hope you feel better. Last night was Trivia Night with the work group at a local restaurant. We didn't win but it was a blast. Each of us has our stronger categories (history not being mine) so everyone is needed. So this morning it's: TBG Mrs Cratchit's Christmas Pudding - ohhhhhh, just exquisite - cake, plums, raisins, carrots, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla brandy. This clam is a year old and cured to perfection. I must write this one in the To Repurchase list. Today is very full. Have a good Wednesday all!
  5. Good morning all! Traveling again so just a quick note. Susan, your combination of scents sounds amazing and I'll bet it did smell fabulous in there! I do love all the holiday scents. Deb, "lockdown," I love this description. Sharon, snow on the mountains - it sounds so beautiful. And yes - plum scents are among my favorites! Well last night I arrived at the hotel and popped on one I had forgotten completely about: Super Tarts The Santa Clause - eggnog, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint, sugar cookies. Oh my goodness, but this is wonderful. This one is in a breakaway bar, which I remember buying after enjoying her Christmas sampler last year, so I must have liked it then too, but I surely had forgotten how much! Delicious! Have a good Tuesday all!
  6. We have no snowblower. Frankly I would welcome enough snow to need one... The person below me loves fruitcake.
  7. Good morning all, It's so lovely to see so many of us on here! (Ahem, Valerie? Cyn? Aria, are you lurking? Our other Michelle?) This morning I am procrastinating packing... Yes, I will do it soon... Maggie, the board is not the same when you're not here, so lovely to see your name, and now you have me rummaging through my coffee melts for some to take along... Susan, I'm so happy that you had a pleasant stay with your family, and that you are still glad at the END of the visit that you live nearby. Thank you for the reminder that I also have votives that need chopping! Debra, isn't cardamom just one of the loveliest scents? I love cooking with it... and coming across one of the little open seeds when eating is always a delight. You mention Scentsy... I also think they have some spectacular scents and would purchase again someday... Do you have anything newer than 2018? I'm hoping they resolved their older issue with the leaking oils. Michele, I am beyond delighted with your progress with your knee and that you can use the stairs sometimes now. Kudos to DH for learning to clean out your melters - truly, he is a keeper. And the good news about your brother is the best of all. Also, yes you are melting all sorts of interesting scents these days and inspiring the rest of us!! Sharon, are you getting any more snow to go with the cold weather in Wales? My beloved Evergreen candle is glad that Maggie and Debra have been enjoying his story, and he is proud of his clean burning progress. He simply must have the shortest of wicks but then happiness abounds. It's also been: BH&G Incense & Evergreen - very nice, a sort of pine/patchouli combo, heavy on the latter and kind of a Hippie Christmas vibe. BBW Frankincense and Myrrh - just started this this morning and I really like it. I love Frankincense - there is a historic restaurant and gift shop in Lebanon, Ohio called The Golden Lamb that we went to every year when I was a child, and the store always smelled of this. It was like stepping back in time, and my mother loved it. Very nostalgic scent. Isn't that one of the best things about fragrances, that they can take us instantly back to beautiful memories? Well I hope everyone will have a fine start to the week. Take care, all.
  8. Greetings all! Michele, my heart and prayers go out to your friend, terrible news but let's hope they've caught it in time. Also sending you big hugs as you begin the healing from the knee operation. Maggie, it's good to see you!! You have had such a year, taking care of your dad, moving your DD's... It just never stops and I salute your perseverance. The Pumpkin Pancakes do sound tempting... Yes... Where is the batter mix... Debra, you are so kind to your little feral kitty... I'm sure he is grateful for his warming pad and his house, so much better than being exposed to the elements! Susan, enjoy what's left of the OPT...I also have very little remaining of that vendor. Sharon, I hope it will be a bit warmer in Wales this weekend for you. Well it's been: TBG Elf Morning Blend - coffee beans, candy canes, milk chocolate, marshmallow, peppermint bark. Thankfully the peppermint bark is a lesser note here....I can't explain why I love to eat anything chocolate mint but don't care for the smell. BBW Grateful - Cardamom Apple Crisp - and I'm really enjoying that cardamom note. BBW Pink Petal Teacake - one-wick, in the bathroom - rose petals, strawberry poundcake - no words. I absolutely adore this beautiful scent. My beloved BBW Evergreen, which was burning so cleanly and beautifully until the halfway point, suddenly turned into a chimney yesterday, sooting merrily away, so despite trimming the wicks, he will be going on the warmer tonight. UPDATED - I love this candle very much, so he and I had a little heart-to heart. I trimmed his wicks back even more and restated my position on sooting. I am pleased to say that we have now had one hour of a clean burn. This week went by so terribly quickly and travel begins again this week for three weeks. I must put my head down and get it done. Enjoy your Saturday all!
  9. Good morning all! I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving! Michele, I'm so glad you are home at last. I hope the knee will show steady improvement for you. Sharon, stay warm over there in North Wales! Susan, I admire your tenacity in working through your OPT!! Debra - yes, stuffed - I was quite full yesterday. Your pumpkin Souffle melt sounds divine. Well today I will retire The Enchanted Pumpkin warmer for the season and give the spotlight to Gnome For The Holidays. The latter has been in apprentice mode the last few days and I hope he will behave properly. So I've been a melting fool the last few weeks and I have the Christmas melts down to 26 items, perfect from now until Christmas, so hurrah, I can relax a bit and continue to enjoy the candles as well. I have reduced the total number of warmers going in the house to two and am enjoying it much more. As usual I had overdone... Well it's been: ScentSationals Mixables - Cranberry Chutney and Spruce, in one longish clamshell - a beautiful pairing. TBG Russian Ice Bath - peppermint, menthol, spearmint, eucalyptus, lemon, vanilla - so gorgeous. BBW Evergreen - continuing in the living room - I adore this. Perfect clean burn, no sooting - why, why don't they stick with these wicks?? Perfection! Vintage Road Candles S'mores candle - in the kitchen - lovely scent. Thick wicks that make larger flames so I am keeping them trimmed. I hope everyone will enjoy Friday, especially if you don't have to work today. Enjoy the leftovers!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US! I am very grateful for this forum and for the beautiful friendships we share. I hope everyone will have a peaceful day and good food. It's been: Southbound Vintage Christmas - Ribbon candy, spiced tea, cinnamon, light floral, a favorite. TBG Bah Humbug - coal, smoke, pinecones. Love this too. BBW Tis The Season - nice scent, could be stronger. Red Apple (!!), cinnamon, cedarwood. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  11. Hello all, Very windy and mild here today. I guess it is the remnants of that Bomb Cyclone, Deb (!!). Deb, that Black Currant from Scentsy sounds divine. Honeybear, good to see you, and your melts sound beautiful, especially the Swanky coffee blend. Michele, continued hugs and best wishes for your knee's recovery. It's been: Ten Digit Creations Patchouli Mint - a gift from a sweet CF friend - earthy and lovely, very strong. Thank you!! ST Abominable - mistletoe, buttermint, vanilla bean, champagne. I love this one and it threw well. Village Candle Royal Nutcracker - slooooooooow to pool out or to throw, but after several hours, it suddenly produced a lovely scent. BBW Evergreen - absolutely gorgeous and right up there with Winter White Woods as my two faves for the season. Threw within five minutes. Feeling much much better, hardly mean at all, but still very tired. Enjoy your Wednesday!
  12. Hello again. Feeling a bit better and I am much less mean than yesterday. I'm very grateful to be home and resting. Susan, thanks for the reco on the Kringle. I can relate to the storage challenges! Good for you, to be making a dent in your OPT, you can do it!! Michele, I hope the knee will recover quickly and beautifully! It's been: K's Kreations Mistletoe Magic- a gift from a generous CF pal, thank you!! - a beautiful scent and DH commented how much he liked it. TBG Fireside Christmas - Spruce, bonfire, candy canes. Very strong. BH&G Frosted Winter Flurries - pine, actually very nice if I weren't already getting tired of pine... Zeep Jingle Bell Rock - berries, pine, Christmas cookies - nice! The berries are a welcome addition. Village Candle Lemon Poundcake - lovely scent and nice clean burn, but it could be stronger. BBW Pink Fairy Gumdrop - a one-wick and not my cup of tea, but it's very popular so my nose must be off. Have a good Tuesday all. My spam mail is flooded with Black Friday enticements but I will not be venturing out into that madness.
  13. Good morning all, good to see so many faces. Thank you ladies for the well wishes, I guess this is the flu and I am achy and crabby. But the week is young!! Hot liquids!! Attitude adjustment!! Michele, sending you big hugs for your procedure and I hope you will come out kicking... Well, after a brief recovery period, of course. Susan, you are indeed in Apple mode. How is the Kringle - how have you found their candles in general? I'm very happy you have a short week, you really deserve some down time. Maggie, I can imagine you are getting very busy with Thanksgiving parties at school and preparing for holiday concerts.... And wreathing.... You are a busy bee. Debra... Aromabeads... Where did you buy those? What see they made of?? *Inquiring minds* Sharon, I like that Zen melt. As for men rushing us at the store...DH is a happy shopper but I want to get in and out of there. Unless wax or a candle is involved... Well it's been: VCS Anna's Sugar Plum Fairies - gorgeous. One year's cure, which seems to be the ticket with this vendor. Beautiful blends. Colonial Candle Pink Peppercorn melt - ohhhhhh so beautiful. Walmart Evergreen Spruce Candle - well, at least the label was pretty. Nice on cold but not much throw. BBW Chestnuts and Clove - a big favorite, just a one-wick and so strong. Have a good Monday all!
  14. I would like to watch SNL! But it's way past my bedtime. The person below me has some candle accessories such as a pedestal.
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