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  1. Folks there is a poll for us to vote in up above - doesn't look like everyone has seen it - "Candlefind Forum Fate."
  2. I don't know if everyone can see this reply, Cyn, but my two cents....I am one of the latecomers here. I've only been posting since January 2018, which is pretty short compared to most everyone else. I can tell you that the regular posters here have come to be my friends and this group means a lot to me. I am very grateful to this forum for that. That said, I realize that we pretty much post in Scent of the Day and that's about it. We may play a bit in the Games section but I realize we're not using all of the other sections, although I do like to go back and read some of the older comments from time to time. Personally I think the board could probably be much smaller and we would be fine... But I hope it doesn't go away altogether. Maybe the others will have some suggestions... And one more thing... While we have been slow from time to time, I think the recent extreme slowness has been made worse by the corona virus. At least for me I have been rattled and not as able to focus on my wax. Thanks for asking and for keeping us alive here.
  3. Hello everyone! Maggie, I love this month's title - you are always so creative. I miss Wax Workshoppe! Home and so happy to be here. I drove back Thursday afternoon and evening. Took a slightly different rural route out of WV and the mountain views were spectacular. Yesterday I worked from home, lots of web meetings. Valerie, your melts sound delicious. How are you liking Teddy Bee's? Michele, I enjoyed that SB Pink Easter Candy last year. Susan, I like that White Strawberry Bellini! Cyn, it's good to hear from you! And now you have me intrigued about that poll... It is odd to be living during a time which seems sure to go down in history. I think there is much we can learn about ourselves and human interaction. The virus seems to be a great equalizer. I hope that the world can forget about all of the things that divide us, and instead help one another to get through this. I was so glad to come home that I filled up all the melters and had different candles going and finally my nose had had enough! I stopped everything and opened up the windows. This morning I was ready to smell again. So it's: Waxmosphere Lord of Misrule, in the bathroom - so good. Homeworx Citrus Mint Garden candle, under the candle lamp in the living room - crisp and refreshing. Diptyque Cyprès votive - oh, I love this! - a soft cypress, filling the bedroom, wonderful. Today I just want to stay home, which is agreeable because we're not supposed to go anywhere anyway. I will do some cleaning and just rest a bit. I hope everyone is holding up well. What are you doing differently now that you are home so much? Love to all.
  4. (Cannoli?? Ohhh one of life's gifts! I miss that bakery so much. I don't think there is a single cannoli to be found in all of Ohio.) Yes I have been cooking more on the weekends when I am home. I enjoy cooking and always think it tastes better. Mostly fish and chicken dishes and some Indian so nothing fancy. (How about you? Which dishes?) The person below me has considered sewing up some Covid-19 masks.
  5. Well good morning all, Another busy work week but so far so good. We are in masks now and everyone is healthy so far. I am grateful that the company is taking this pandemic very seriously. I am also grateful that my drive to and from WV is so beautiful - all the dogwood, cherry and magnolia trees are in bloom in the mountains and it's just impossibly lovely. It's good to hear from so many of you. Deb, I am worried about you... Please check in. I can't imagine. Susan, good to hear you are still working. Where would the older folks be without the caregivers?? I stand in admiration of what you do. Mag, I'm glad to hear the family are well. Perhaps there is a silver lining in all of this, to bring us closer together to our loved ones....I keep telling myself this... Michele, you are melting up a storm. You will really see a dent with all that effort! I agree that SGA has amazing coffee scents. Valerie, you are right, the wax and candles bring a lot of joy and beauty during tough times. I hope your daughter will be feeling calmer and I'll bet there is a lot of anxiety everywhere right now. Well last night it was: BBW Twisted Peppermint one-wick candle on a plate warmer - extremely strong and I love this scent. ScentSationals Herb Garden - basil and rosemary - this started out so beautifully but after a couple of hours, something happened! It turned to a smell like an old, wet air conditioning unit, no other way to describe it, and I don't know why it changed so badly, eeeek. And this morning I am doing a few web meetings from the hotel and it's: BH&G Agave White Tea, lovely. Take care all and stay safe.
  6. Oh my, yes... My first apartment was near University of Cincinnati and I shared with another girl... Unsafe neighborhood and I cannot imagine what my parents thought. DH and I had a tiny apartment in a little farming town in Japan that I dearly loved... Small studio in Flushing, Queens near the Italian bakery where we first tried cannoli... The apartment where we lived on Long Island in Hauppauge when our son was born... Happy happy memories! The person below me likes camping in a tent.
  7. Good morning everyone, Again I'm sorry to have worried you. I don't know where the days have gone and to be honest I am a bit rattled, as I'm sure many people are. "Keep Calm and Carry On." Mag, I'm glad you've been able to spend some time in PA. I hope you were peaceful there! I hope all of the family are well and taking it easy. Michele, I'm glad you are with DH and able to relax and melt. I'm also sorry Wonderberry went OOB and am savoring what I have left. Sharon, I hope you are doing well in Wales and that the Spring is beautiful over there, to lift the spirits! Susan, I sure am washing these hands and hope you are too. I had to start using much more hand cream to keep them from drying out. Michelle P - Happy Birthday friend and many more!! Valerie, I'm glad your DH's company is taking this seriously with the "red shirts." It's a scary time. I hope your girls are doing well too. Deb, I can only salute those of you on the front lines... My heart breaks for you because of the PPE shortages and the extreme stress.. Please stay well my friend. Cyn, thank you for taking care of us and keeping this website going! There is beauty in the world always. This terrible time too shall pass. This morning I once again consolidated and rearranged the wax into three drawers - Fresh, Fruity and Fall/Holiday. I have another drawer for Walmart wax and another one for beautiful gifts from all of you. Total, then, I am down to 5 Sterilite drawers, originally 12, and I put two of those big 3-drawer units out by the street and someone picked them up within an hour. I was afraid to keep them....I might fill them again. I have stopped buying candles.... I may have made a small RG order and a small Scentsy order last week, but nothing huge. Maybe I can keep it under control... Today it's: Ava's Country Cupboard Bunny Hop - you know I broke my ban for this scent and it was totally worth it - raspberry, peach, orange, sugared lime, and vanilla. The last of: Diptyque Paris En Fleur votive - such a beautiful rose and patchouli scent and I'm so so sad it is coming to an end. Stay well all.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm so sorry to worry anybody. The days have flown by, apparently. I will come back in a bit, currently at the laundry. Love to all.
  9. Good evening all, I hope everyone is well and safe at home. Work is good. Today everyone had their temperature taken as we came through the door. It was very orderly and I'm glad they are doing this. Everyone is being good about the 6 foot rule, except I made a booboo today - I saw a friend i hadn't seen in weeks, and got all excited and gave her a big hug before I realized what I was doing. We slunk away back to our 6 feet. Tonight I am in scent heaven: RG Marshmallow Fireside RG Peppermint ... and these two are making a beautiful combination. Sleep tight all. This too shall pass.
  10. Good morning all, Michele, thanks for checking, yes I just arrived in WV. Easy ride, very little traffic, heavy fog in the mountains so slow going. I hope everyone is doing well this morning. Very strange times. If we follow the plan hopefully we can beat this thing. Last night I put a small candle on the hot plate: BBW Twisted Peppermint, one-wick, and it was so strong while melting that I had to turn it off. Gorgeous scent. Stay safe everyone!!
  11. Yes very much so! The person below me is still melting winter scents but is ready to change them up.
  12. Well good morning everyone, I'm glad you all are coping as best we can. It's good to hear what you all are doing. Debra, please check in, where are you and how are you doing?? Like the rest of you I am trying to find some (dark) humor in these very strange times. Beautiful scents are helping. I am still working because the new plant in WV is busy making products people need. We have tape on the floor throughout marking 6-ft increments for people to distance themselves and so far this seems to be working. Driving back and forth is still unexplainably comforting and feels very safe. I stop at state welcome centers to use the bathroom - they are diligently sanitizing everything - and keep my distance, and pack food. The hospital where I volunteer has suspended all volunteer services, so this is a big disappointment for me, but I understand why this has been done for now. This morning it's: Rockets Blueberry Spearmint - so strong and luscious, and the end of a huge green candy kiss shape. Homeworx Pomegranate Lychee candle, under the candle lamp, just lovely and fruity with a woody note. I tried burning this one but it was very sooty so we are back to the lamp. Beautiful day, although frosty. I am going to go check on our little primitive cabin down in the woods. Take care all.
  13. Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is doing well and managing life in our new world. Deb, Mag, Michele, you are all pretty close to some hot zones and my prayers are with all of you.. This all came on so quickly but our scientists at work insist that we must do these new things and distance ourselves and wash, wash, wash. Michele, we will figure something out, we want to see you!! Susan, glad to hear your eyes are better!! Valerie, I hope all is well with you and your family. If you have to move again, when would that be? The candles and melts are a great comfort, aren't they? So beautiful and a touch of normalcy. I've been using both a melter and a candle lamp here in the hotel. Over the past couple of days: VRC Rosemary Mint - gorgeous. Homeworx Climbing Clematis candle - very earthy and green and I absolutely adore it. Homeworx Pink Pomelo candle - a very sweet grapefruit, possibly a little sweeter than I like, but still a beautiful fragrance. Rosegirls Spearmint Vanilla - blows me right out of the room, very strong and wonderful. I continue to be happy with having switched to driving here rather than flying. Much less stressful. I wish I had done this long ago. Door to door, the time spent is not that different. Stay well everyone. I will come home Friday morning. Hugs to all.
  14. Mag - how horrible - and yes, when it hits close to home it becomes real. I'm so glad you are staying home and washing, washing. Thank you for updating us. This is no false alarm. Take care my friend. Love to all.
  15. Good morning all! Michelle, no plans to shut anything down ... I work for a consumer goods company and people still need these products to keep themselves and their homes clean. The people in the plant have a good distance between each other and if necessary we will all go into masks. Beautiful drive through the mountains this morning and I am reminded that this too shall pass. Stay safe everybody!
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