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  1. Well good morning all, I hope everybody is well. Steaming up around here. I'm walking earlier and earlier in the day to avoid the heat. Today I'm trying a new-to-me vendor which was a gift from a generous CF friend (and thank you thank you! ) Empire Alchemy Seashells - Driftwood, lemon, sea salt, vetiver - so right up my alley and this is JUST SO GOOD!!! It's absolutely strong and I can smell it out in the yard... The driftwood and Vetiver together make for a bright, woody, oceanic gorgeousness and I feel like I'm sitting by the sea somewhere...I LOVE this. Danger, danger if this vendor is always this fabulous!! Have a great day all.
  2. Yes!! There are quite a few both in front and in back of our house - mockingbirds and wrens. Clemmie sits in the windows and stares at them while her tail flicks back and forth. The Predator. The person below me has a Keurig or Nespresso machine in her home.
  3. Michele I love your title!! I'm glad you ladies are creative because I am usually not.... Usually get stuck on some variation of Magic Melts... Amazing Aromas.. And then I draw a blank. Mag, LOLOL, that happens to me too, when I can't remember what is melting... I have misplaced the clamshell or bag and have no clue... Hi Cyn!! How are you? What are you melting? So today it's: ST Nightmare Before Christmas - herbal lavender, candy cane, and cotton candy. I absolutely love this and don't think it is necessarily a holiday melt. Throwing well in the new Yankee Scenterpieces. Two more clams from 2019, hurrah, then we can move on to 2020 wax which is, ahem, a lot. Stay well all - getting hot here in Ohio...
  4. Good morning ladies, and Mag you are very quiet, Less steamy today which is great. We had lots of lightning last night and Clem hid under the bed. The dogs were not concerned. We were going to do a big garage sale this weekend but with the Covid hospitalizations in Cincinnati doubling since last week, I have stopped it. Nothing there that can't wait. Today it's: YC Seaside Woods, a gift from a dear CF pal which is driftwood, citrus and florals - such a beautiful scent. Driftwood is one of my favorite single scents. Glitterati Lavender Coconut Milk - also a gift from a sweet CF pal and this is lovely and throwing strong in the office. It smells just like Zeep's version of the same thing and both are beautiful. Enjoying the calm before the storm at work, catching my breath before the fun starts again. Have a peaceful Tuesday all!
  5. Hello all! Michele - totally agree - Sarah's samplers were a cut above. Maybe she will do more this year... Hoping! Well today it's the same scent by two different vendors L3 and Rosegirls - lemon poppyseed, Piña colada, and vanilla ice cream. Both are great and throwing like mad - it's that vanilla ice cream softening the pineapple and ohhhhhh so delicious. I'm not even changing them out midday because it's just too beautiful. Lovely to be home two weeks in a row. The calm before the storm, but that's ok too. Have a great day all!
  6. Good morning all! Mag - TSGS honeydew & chiffon sounds blissful. I am *out* of their wax... Susan, good to see CFOW getting the love...I enjoy her blends. Michele, that VRC coffee sampler was *the bomb.* And the Tobacco Barn also sounds beautiful. Today it's: ST White Walkers which is a mint blend. I don't order a lot from ST but I will always get this one - gorgeous. Valerie sent me some two years ago and I fell in love with it and have repurchased. Rainy cool days here, so lovely. Enjoy your weekend, all!
  7. I like most bread but don't go crazy for it...I like hot crusty bread probably the best. The person below me has found a cute cloth mask to wear.
  8. Hello everybody, I hope you all are well. Good to see everybody melting up a storm. I'm so eager to see your puppy, Mag!! Today we had a socially distanced and masked get-together in a park with another couple. It was good to see them. Melting Hayden Rowe Honey Clementine which is gorgeous! Take care everybody!
  9. (I have a similar style called "The Sphinx") Well, yes, usually I have either a Yankee Candle car hanging thingie that is scented, which lasts about one day, or a Glade car plug that goes in the A/C vent, but right now I just have a spray can of BBW Hot Cocoa & Cream. The person below me takes a walk every day.
  10. Mag - a puppy?!!!! Oh how completely wonderful!!!!! Oh they are just furry balls of love.... And puppy breath!!! Oh sooooooo happy for you!!!! Michele - is Mulholland drive from the cream cheese sampler? And you know how I love Grandma's Pearls, so beautiful. So many work calls today.... But they must be done!!
  11. Hello dear ones! Well it is raining once again and I got caught during my morning walk. Very refreshing. Mag - LMAO - is there anything more important than getting the wax to fit in its designated storage?! Nothing!! Well last night I started a sample from The Bunny Sisters: TBS Fruit of the Earth - red apple, raspberry, woods, and earth - ohhhhhh I love this so much. I am not a big Mac Apple fan but the raspberry tones it down, and the woods and earth just make this so different and outdoorsy.... It is possible that I went on the website and ordered a bit more. I do love when vendors send samples of things that are actually available on their websites! Well I am home this week and possibly next week as well - we shall see. The lull before the next wave of work in WV. Take care all and stay safe!
  12. Yes we used to belong to the Y and we would swim there. then we weren't going so we discontinued the membership... But now I think we should go again because I miss the pool! The person below me wants to try a new hairstyle.
  13. Good morning all!! At the laundromat. One of life's constants!! Mag, CONGRATULATIONS on fitting all the wax into the wax cabinet, WELL DONE!!! AND.... Crab cakes? *on my way* Sharon, glad you feel like melting again! Michele, I hope you are enjoying the beach house and melting there! Susan, yes, if a scent is disgusting, really nice to have bought it on sale! This morning was: Hayden Rowe Honey Clementine, a nice juicy citrus and I love the Honey note on top. Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers in your lives!!!
  14. (Yes that's the ice cream treat I had in mind....ohhhhhh...) I have never driven a jet ski! I have ridden on the back of one over ice, however. The person below me like to swim laps.
  15. You know, I have never thought to do that and it sounds like a beautiful idea!!! The person below me likes dip cones.
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