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  1. Good morning all! Typing this from my computer as my phone battery will not take a charge and I need to go to Verizon today to see if they can help me. I can't get onto GroupMe because they want to send me a code....on my phone...which is completely dead... arrghhhh. Susan, it's good to hear from you! I'm glad you are hanging in there and fingers crossed that your eyes are improving. Michele, I hope the wedding was everything you hoped for and that your daughter was happy with her beautiful evening! Can't wait to see pictures...once the phone has a new battery... Debra, I wish I could say I stopped at the one purchase but there may have been a candle involved.... Maggie, I hope you are continuing to feel better. Sharon, I believe you were having bad storms and I hope that has passed now. Valerie, I hope everything is going well and that your family are all healthy and happy. I bought a candle lamp from Candle Warmers and this is such a game-changer for candles that were misbehaving. It warms from the top rather than the bottom and doesn't melt the entire candle. The throw is impressive and I am thrilled with it. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
  2. Hello dear girls, what a week, whooosh! Valerie!!! It's lovely to hear from you! I hope your family are all doing ok and that DH is feeling better. It's exciting to think about maybe moving back to NM, isn't it? Time will tell but in the meantime you can dream about it. Have you melted Rainbow Melts before? I've heard all sorts of good things but somehow have resisted ordering thus far. I have been melting some of your homemade tarts and as always they are glorious! Mag, I hope you are feeling better! And Sharon, has your cold flown the coop for good? Michele, The big day is almost here! I'm excited for you and I can only imagine how you all are feeling. I know it will be beautiful and can't wait to see the pictures. Debra, I know your big work project was leaving you little spare time and I hope it will come to an end soon! All work and no play... Susan, I hope the eye problem is resolving itself and that you are feeling better. Thinking about you and sending you a big hug! This week has been extremely busy at work but it is going well. I'm going home in the morning. Next week I get to go to Chicago for something different. I like Chicago so I'm looking forward. DH has gotten some jobs playing with local big bands and he is a very excited fellow. I'm so happy for him because I surely didn't expect to be traveling this much and it keeps him busy and happy. I've been continuing with the red, pink, and white wax and frankly plowing through it. If I don't love it, it goes out pretty quickly. However I have been melting one which is wonderful and I don't want to pour it out: Ava's Strawberry Ice Cream - oh, I just want to lick the air. Absolutely scrumptious. I really like Ava's wax. This is a good thing because I have a lot of it. In fact, I should mention that Bunny Hop is waiting for me at home!! I hope everyone sleeps well and keeps good health. Also it looks like snow and ice in the Eastern part of the country so everybody be careful over here, as well as the rest of you living in the west or overseas!! Hugs to all of you and I hope we can meet up somehow, somewhere, someday.
  3. (sounds totally boring under the clothes racks, lolol!) No Valentine's plans. We don't really do anything. To me it is a Hallmark holiday but I'm glad for others who enjoy it! The person below me has tried wax crumbles.
  4. Oooh, it's so good to hear from almost everybody. It's like in the movie Grease when Frenchie says, "Oh, the gang's all here!" Susan, I am so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your eyes. I know you are following doctor's orders and I hope you will keep us updated. Thank you so much for letting us know what's going on and we are all sending hugs and prayers! You are missed! Mag, you didn't say who ripped the little door off the dishwasher liquid, but I might have a guess!! Grrrrrrr! My special someone broke my coffee grinder in similar fashion, turning the little dial too far. Can we just put them out to sea?? And I think lavender is perfectly acceptable for the wax challenge! It's in the red and pink family, isn't it?! Michele, oh the excitement must be enormous! Where are they going for their honeymoon? I love your Lush Sultana. Debra, please don't sleep on a cot at work, that is too pitiful! I hope the second project will calm down soon. And daffodils already?! They are so lovely even if they are early! Well yes back on the horse, er, plane tomorrow. As some of you know, I broke my wax ban yesterday to get my beloved Bunny Hop from Ava's in two snap bars. To justify the shipping, I may have thrown in a couple of other little items. So far this has not been a gateway drug and I hope to keep it that way! So today I melted a few things early but my favorite was: VRC Strawberry Lemonade - so tart and lovely that it made my mouth pucker. Honestly Sarah's wax is just perfection, as least in my home. Enjoy your evening all!!
  5. Hello all! More snow last night and it was so pretty, but now it is melting so we have to enjoy it while we can. Mag, Sharon, I'm glad you both seem to be on the mend! Yes... The aftermath of a cold or flu, with the funky cough... So little joy in that and at least for me, the cough takes forever to shake. I hope you both will feel much better very soon. Michele one more week til the wedding, OMG!! Squeeeee!! Debra, I hope you are resting this weekend! Susan, we are thinking of you... Come back soon! Valerie, you are MIA girl, what is the story, come back soon! I'm really all tickled "pink" that we are all doing this challenge together... Or tickled red... Or white... Today I am burning a beloved white candle: Homeworx Winter Fireside - oh, so beautiful, but this one has had toppling wicks which drift around in the wax and then keel over wholesale while burning and extinguish themselves, a nifty little trick, so this has gone under a candle lamp. And melting: Wonderberry All the Diggity - pink sugar and blackberry, loveliness, and very pink. Enjoy the rest of the day all!!
  6. (yes... Nowhere to go but up!! ) Cough drops... Yes... Well, I like Halls Mentholyptus in the Honey Lemon, or Ricola. I have had success with both of those so maybe they would help you too, here's hoping! The person below me has gotten separated from family in a large store.
  7. Sharon, I'm so glad you are feeling better and forgive me for not sending well wishes last night! Well done on the pink wax! Yes we have to observe all the CLP guidelines at work as well and it was challenging a few years ago when all of the documentation changes came into force. Yes it did snow, not much but a covering, and it is beautiful. In honor of the snow I am burning: Homeworx Let It Snow, a blend of gala apple, pear, caramelized sugar, evergreen, and fresh mint leaf. So beautiful. This smells quite a bit like my beloved Colonial Candle melt Snow Day, the old formulation which is discontinued, so I am doubly glad for this candle as I was missing that scent! Stay warm everyone - Sharon and Maggie please get better soon!
  8. (I'm so so sorry you are sick. Honestly, you just can't seem to catch a break... It's been tough for a long time my friend. Fingers crossed the tide will turn soon!!) I can't say I have tried an unusual color popcorn, although now that you say that I can't think of anything else and simply must find some. I've been popping the same boring generic brand from the little grocery near my hotel and I think packing peanuts would be an improvement. Let me know if that microwave version is good! The person below me eats lots of citrus when she is sick.
  9. Mag I am so sorry that you've been sick! Also I I'm very sorry to hear of two of your DH's family passing away. Indeed a rough year so far. I am sending up prayers and sending you a big hug. Debra, please don't work yourself silly or you will be sick too!! I hope you are getting some rest! Michele, you must be so excited! And yes I love that L3 bakery sampler and it has just gotten stronger and stronger. I'm loving this wax challenge especially since all of us are doing it together. I melted quite a bit this week but the best one was: VRC Pink Grapefruit - So juicy and tangy and I simply will need to order more of this later in the year. I'm home and it's supposed to snow tonight...DH has a rehearsal this evening so I hope it holds off until he gets home. Sleep tight all and Maggie please feel better soon.
  10. Hello everyone! Very busy work week. Very happy tonight because a friend and I just went to visit our colleague at the hospital. He is 73, was still working FT, and suffered a massive stroke on January 6th. Honestly he was doing so poorly, not responding, not speaking, and so on, so we were all fearful that he would be more or less a vegetable. So imagine our delight that he is now doing so much better, talking clearly, able to focus on our faces and have a relatively normal conversation. His left side is still paralyzed so he has a long road ahead. But it seems that he could have some decent quality of life after a long rehab. He told us how happy he is to have visitors and honestly the whole thing just made my week. I'm delighted that a bunch of us here are doing the red, pink, and white melting challenge!! I'm pretty happy with this because I love strawberry and a lot of these colors seem to have strawberry in them. What is everybody melting? Michele, your L3 sounds fabulous. I've been melting from her bakery sampler that we got last year and I'm really pleased, how about you? Sharon, that Darley Llama wax is so good, glad you had some in pink!! Well tonight it's: VRC Pink Grapefruit - this one takes the prize for the whole week. Fantastic, beautiful sweet tangy grapefruit, ooo la la, I adore this one. VRC Strawberry Preserves - also delicious BBW Fresh Cut Lilacs (white) -smells just like the huge lilac bush in our yard. Scentworx Sugar Cookie (white, scrumptious, and makes up for the next one). I would repurchase. Yum! Scentworx Frosted Berry (red) - so so disappointing. No scent at all and this is my third evening with it. I think they forgot the fragrance oil. This brand (from Kohl's) has been hit or miss. Sleep tight all. Going home tomorrow.
  11. NyQuil...I haven't but I know people who swear by it! I seem to feel medicine very strongly so I am afraid to take anything... But with a fever I would take it. I hope you feel better soon. The person below me likes air-popped popcorn.
  12. Hello hello all and I hope everyone is well! Mag I'm sorry you don't feel well! Noooo! I'd better type fast before that NyQuil takes hold... For the melting challenge, for once the instructions are easy... Just melt red, pink, or white wax for the month of February in honor of Valentine's Day. That's it! I'm posting mine on Instagram with the hashtag #februarymeltingchallenge, but so far I seem to be the only one doing that, lol! I know three YouTubers who are also doing this challenge but they're not posting their pictures. Crickets again! But that's okay and those of us from CF can do whatever we want, right? The main thing is that this helps us get through our stash and have some fun in the process. Michele, I love the sound of that pink wax from VCS! Even though her wax takes a long time to cure, I think she has such beautiful scents and I love the background smell of her wax. You must be getting very excited for your daughter's wedding. I can't wait to hear all about it! Debra, I agree with Maggie, that black and Tiffany blue sounds amazing! And I agree with all of you that black has become an elegant choice at just about any function. That is a big change from when we were little and I think it's a good one. How was the Puppy Bowl? We were so tired yesterday that we didn't watch any of it but I did watch some of the commercials this morning. How is your work project going? The young octopus is absolutely beautiful and I just hope she is happy because to me that exhibit seems kind of small. I think I told this story before, but the octopus at the aquarium in Hawaii when we lived there took apart her drain and disappeared into the ocean. I was very happy about that. They are very smart creatures, and I know they are ambassadors for their species when they are in captivity, but I always feel bad for them. Sharon I hope all is well! And Susan, if you are reading this, please know that we are thinking about you and that we miss you. Valerie, you have been MIA for a long time and you are sorely missed! Come back, come back! Well I'm back on the road and I brought a bunch of red, pink, and white wax with me. I must admit to a bit of speed melting where everything gets 2 hours and then I change it. There is just too much to get through. CFTKR Strawberry Musk - in a gorgeous flower shape... Beautiful as all of Carol's wax is. CYS Strawberry Marshmallow - this is really good wax and smells beautiful. If I ever learn how to order properly after this wax ban,I would like to get a few more pieces from this vendor, without ordering her entire catalog. That's it for now! Have a good night all!
  13. (LOLOL I think you really have made a dent!!) Yes I love festivals! There are a few around here.... Many local Firemen's Festivals... Sauerkraut Festival... Taste of Cincinnati (many local restaurants take to the streets)... Oktoberfest...Bunbury Music Festival... Opera in the Park... My son took me to that last one for Mother's Day in 2016. The person below me would like to buy a new area rug for one of her rooms.
  14. Maggie, I adore this month's title! I also had forgotten it was Leap Year! Well we went to the Aquarium yesterday and it was packed, lots of families, which is good to see, but it was difficult to move. The nice thing about season passes is when it's like that, you can just check out a few favorites and head out the door. The newer, younger octopus seems to be doing better than its predecessor, moving about the tank. They had named this one Davy Jones and it turns out that she is a female. Davi! Well, I've started this month's Red, Pink and White Challenge (and I hope you ladies will join in!): VRC Peppermint Fluff Ava's Belle (fresh picked strawberry, lemon curd) - tart and juicy BBW Rose Water Meringue - a sweet rose and vanilla - there are no words, so fabulous. Happy Groundhog Day all!
  15. Ooooh yes Mag, do join in, others if you want to also, it'll be much more fun to do together. I just heard about it from a friend on YouTube. The idea came from another gal, @prettypolkadots on YouTube, who I don't know yet and she doesn't seem to be posting it on IG, but I'm going to post mine and credit her so I can stay accountable. I like this one because it is ready to grab those colors and move forward!
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