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  1. (oh no!! Red wine on a white carpet - so did it come out?? Ugh I'm sorry!! And your shoes sound lovely and just my style. I love slip-ons.) Yes, because I am essentially lazy and uncreative, I definitely prefer bagging gifts. I do like the look of a beautifully wrapped gift, but then I hate that it gets torn apart, so I guess I am ambivalent about the whole thing. #bagsforthewin The person below me has done needlepoint and likes to do it.
  2. Good morning all! Well I have been a bit remiss on here and I hope you will forgive me! Such a week, but we are pressing through... I was thoroughly rattled by all of the events in Washington and my heart was breaking for the country, but hopefully we will find our footing again. In addition, my beloved beagle Moses hurt himself the other night and couldn't get his hind quarters up, which had me in despair and required an emergency visit from the vet, but now he is on two meds and doing much better now, still wobbly. The one medicine is supposed to cause feelings of relaxation and euphoria. I may need one of those myself. On a happy note, next week our hardwood flooring will be installed, and it is supposed to take 7 to 10 days. The flooring people have brought the wood over, and it is relaxing in the living room getting used to our temperature and humidity. This is a bit of a retirement treat which we planned and saved for, so happiness abounds. Susan, I'm glad you are ok, and yikes, I'm sorry the covid numbers are up where you are. That has to be scary when you are a caretaker. I know you are careful and I'm saying prayers that you will stay healthy throughout all of this. Mag, I hope the new job is going okay and that the children know how lucky they are to have you. Yes, putting the Christmas decorations away is always a bittersweet activity. Michele, You must be so excited with the twins coming home soon! I think your household will be very lively and full of joy. Sharon, your pictures on Instagram have been so beautiful from your daily walks... You truly are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world! All of your melts sound amazing - L3, VCS, Burning Mitten, OPT... I've been looking at all the wax stored around here and shaking my head... Focusing on one vendor per week at the moment in an effort to appreciate that vendor's different blends, and to see a dent. It will take a long time to make any sort of dent in all of this wax! This week is Empire Alchemy, which had been curing for 2 months, and I continue to be stunned by the beauty of her blends... It's an interesting wax, because it seems to take about an hour to start blooming in the house, and then all the different notes are apparent... She combines things differently than many of the other vendors and I am really loving her wax. So today it's: EA Dalgona Coffee - gorgeous gourmand espresso blend with heavy cream, a touch of cinnamon, and vanilla crumb donut- And EA Storybook Cottage - hazelnut coffee, pecans, raspberry, a hint of maple and pancake - beautiful with the coffee and raspberry mixing so well together. So far I am quite happy with retirement - playing my guitar more - I have heard retired friends say they don't know how they ever had time for their jobs, lol, and I can appreciate that now - So far I have no trouble filling the day and I have never had a problem with being by myself. Of course the whole thing is very new, so we shall see how things go in a few months. Hugs to all and please stay safe out there.
  3. Haha! I am horrible at getting stains out of anything.... And due to DH's allergies, we don't have carpeting... Just a few area rugs which are washable. (Uh oh - why are you asking this - ) The person below me has recently bought a new pair of shoes for work.
  4. Hello everybody, I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and that everyone stayed safe with all the snow. Mag, I hope the new job will be wonderful. Michele, the house must indeed be quiet with the kids off visiting. But with the twins coming - it will soon be so lively!! Susan, I hope you and your clients are doing well and that you are getting some sort of break over the holidays. It is indeed sad to hear what Sweet is going through and Mag, you are a dear to set up the GoFundMe. Let's hope it will give her a breather. All of your scents sound beautiful - I'm still letting The Burning Mitten cure, do you think it's ready Mag? Michele, how is the ST Sleepytime, is it as good as reported? And everyone, I must agree - UTC does peppermint so well and I'm hoarding some of that. This is my last work week and I am home. Retirement starts officially Thursday night at midnight but since that is a holiday, my last work day is Wednesday. There are actually still reviews but we are doing them remotely. Very mixed feelings! Today it's: RG Palo Santo, Pine and Peppermint - a muffin, very strong and beautiful. Take care all.
  5. (I love, love, love that you bought the worst tree you could find... You gave it love... I'm sure it is very happy!) Yes, I was so happy that I was home when it snowed for the first time this year in our neck of the woods in Ohio. And tomorrow I might get to see a lot more snow, with the impending snow storm!! I'm excited!! Ooops I forgot to finish here. The person below me will make a snow angel this week, snow allowing!!
  6. Hello dear everyone, Well, it looks like a big snowstorm is supposedly coming to the mid-Atlantic states tomorrow and Thursday... Here in the panhandle of West Virginia they are predicting more than a foot of snow... And Mag and Michele, it's headed your way! So could be interesting. Or, nothing will happen at all... All of your scents sound so beautiful. Mag, I'm glad that little Cannoli is doing better and I hope she will stop eating hair! Lol It's always something. You inspired me to melt Jack Frost from Nellie's Acres and I loved it. Michele, I'm so glad you had good weather for your drive by baby shower! Sharon, I'm sorry the weather has been so dreary in Wales. This is my last week at the plant and I am enjoying it. Yesterday was my virtual retirement celebration and it was short and quick as I had requested. It is tough enough with people writing sweet emails and calling... Too many goodbyes. I will miss everybody greatly. I'm working my way through two Advent calendars, Empire Alchemy and a collaborative one between Britta's Creepy Treasures and Rainbow Melts. Just about everything has been great and I'm really enjoying them. Tomorrow both of them have mint blends (yes, I peeked) and that seems perfect with the impending snowfall. I hope everybody has a beautiful night. Stay safe in the coming weather!!
  7. Hello all! Good to see everyone! Sharon, that is indeed exciting that the vaccines are beginning to be given in the UK! And who better to receive one of the first jabs than William Shakespeare!! Do they have an idea when the bulk of the population will be vaccinated? I know you are enjoying that beautiful Darley Llama wax. Mag, ohhhh that Golden Willow melt sounds beautiful. How is it that I keep forgetting to order from her?? I certainly have not forgotten anybody else... Michele, your Palo Santo blend sounds perfect. I have really enjoyed getting to know that scent this year. I know you are getting very excited with the babies coming soon!! Maggie and Michele, I'm glad all the doggies are doing ok. They will get into everything and give us grey hairs, won't they?? I also found our beagle Georgia working on a cotton ball I had used to soak up some wax. She was none the worse for wear but I was on edge until the next day. Susan, your melts sound lovely! I love cranberry scents so much. I'm glad you got a dusting of snow - same in Ohio and West Virginia - so beautiful. Well I continue to work my way through the beautiful Empire Alchemy advent calendar and today it is: EA Pom Poms & Mittens - vanilla ambrette, Madagascar vanilla, lavender, and olibanum - started out very light but now it is filling the hotel room, very sweet and perfumey, very body care. It's pretty. Mag, thank you, there has been very little drama at work, so let's hope I can ride off into the sunset with that being true! This week has been going very well and I will start driving home at noon tomorrow. The way it stands now, one more business trip next week and then wrap it up WFH. We are going to have hardwood floors put in and that was delayed, thankfully, by the flooring people, due to illness in their family. We found out yesterday that they will start on our floors immediately after the new year. So not only am I greatly looking forward to this, but the timing is perfect to transition over into retirement. Over the holidays, I must declutter in earnest so we can move furniture back and forth more easily. Take care all and stay safe out there.
  8. Mag, that's so scary and I'm happy that Cannoli seems herself again. Hopefully it was just too much excitement and she just needed some sleep. I am definitely ready for snow - parts of New England had 6" last night, jealous - so please send any snow you don't want to SW Ohio or NE West Va. Susan, hi! How is that Kringle candle throwing for you? Michele, that Peppermint Creme Noel sounds lovely! Today it's Scentsy Marshmallow Mint - absolutely gorgeous! - and it reminds me a lot of the Sonoma marshmallow mint candle, which wasn't available this year, so doubly happy. Back on the road tomorrow but this is the last two weeks of travel I will probably ever do for this kind of work. Take care all!! Stay safe!
  9. (oh, I see a poker game in our future... And lol on forgetting the rules... I cannot play those games like bridge or euchre where you have to remember what everybody has played... Forget about it... Not happening) Yes on the Charlie Brown tree! We were living in Japan in 1978, and Christmas trees were not a thing in Japan at all back then... But we found one little shopkeeper near the Navy base, where there were a few pitiful trees he had chopped from somewhere... The one we got was only a few feet tall, and stuck out several feet on one side with nothing on the other... DH called it "the Christmas Bush" and we just put the bare side to the wall... Beautiful memories! (Have you?) The person below me has a special winter hat that she loves wearing.
  10. Hello everyone, Well, that was a week. Busy in WV and then we had a job in Ohio yesterday... Lots of driving. So I am glad it's the weekend! Two more travel weeks... Mag, I'm so happy for you, that you will go back to teaching - I know you've missed it. Congratulations and I hope it's with a great group of colleagues. The little ones are so lucky to have you coming as their teacher. Michele, I'm sorry that the melting was making your daughter nauseous but yes, I remember some green moments during pregnancy so it's understandable! As for Wax Workshoppe, I thought they had lovely, strong wax but unfortunately they are OOB. Sharon, LOL, it's good to see you! I'm working my way through the Empire Alchemy Advent Calendar and the scents are so beautiful and strong. Today it's: EA Velveteen Plum - plum and pomegranate wine, fig, marshmallow fireside - and it's a juicy sweet plum with that biting fig balancing it out, and then the soft, sweet marshmallow fireside in the background. Very strong. Love! Yesterday's chai blend lasted 24 hours in a hot warmer. I have to clean up this house today! A little worse for wear. Take care all and stay safe!
  11. (I don't know if they work, lol...I don't have one but I see them on IG with Baby Yoda riding on top... I'm sure Clementine would be pouncing on it.) Well, yes, I do love to play cards. I blame my father for this, as he taught me how to play poker from an early age. When I ran with the fire department, I used to deal poker at the yearly Fireman's Festival...that got interesting as people got drunker. But I am always up for a card game, not that I've played recently. (And you? I could foresee a girls' game for our wax troupe...). The person below me will plant some bulbs here shortly.
  12. Hello everyone! Michele, I love this title! Busy week at work. It looks like I will travel through Dec 18 and then possibly WFH the last two weeks of the month. Mag, how did the Wax Workshoppe hold up over time? Michele, glad you're enjoying Teddie Bees! I don't dare look over there. Well I'm not melting much this week due to work, but I'm enjoying the Empire Alchemy Advent Calendar very much. Today was: Simmering Potpourri - orange, clove, cinnamon, tangerine - smells like a pomander ball and it was blowing me out of the hotel room this morning. Gorgeous spiced holiday scent. Take care all!
  13. (Haha!! I love your dad's remote aerial adjustor, that's just awesome! Same at our house growing up - PBS was the excitement. As for cable...don't get me started on the noise, noise, noise from the idiot box...) In fact I do own a baby Woodwick candle, in Evergreen! I like their little cracking sounds. (And you?) The person below me owns a Roomba.
  14. Mag that's amazing that your EA melt lasted so long!! I agree with your though - they do benefit from a good cure... And yes -- I am tempted by their sale tonight, but I have SO MUCH from this vendor already...I haven't hit any other sales, but I did pick up a few BBMB from Scentsy (Marshmallow Mint, anyone? ). I still might see you over at EA later... So very tempting.... happy hunting!!!
  15. Hello all! Susan, Michele, it's good to see you both! Your melts sound delicious. We also had a quiet Thanksgiving, very tasty, ordered in with plenty of leftovers. Today it's: Scentsy Winterberry Apple Tea, slightly spiced and delicious. Up The Creek Coffee Marshmallow Bread, oh my goodness, different and delicious. Enjoy the long weekend if you are off and everybody stay safe! I will be traveling this week. One month to go.
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