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  1. Great title Mag! I hope everyone is well. Your melts sound delicious. Susan, I have tried Swan Creek, good to hear you're enjoying that one. Shocking though it may be, I have no orders out there. The plan is to take a break from ordering for six months. I think most of us on this board took some sort of a pause last year. I actually feel relaxed thinking about it. We shall see! Today it's a gift from a sweet friend and it's absolutely wonderful: Cheryl's Twilight (Lush lavender dupe) - spot-on like the Lush version, strong, long-lasting. I adore this and will re-order next year. I have to travel this week but I'm looking forward to seeing my mountains. Stay safe, everyone.
  2. (where in the world did you find those emojis with different colored hair??? Those are amazing and they are us!! ) At the moment I do not have any grassy plants, although I love them. I hope your citronella grass will do the trick with the mosquitoes because if it does, I will be buying the same! The person below me has a favorite type of fish that she enjoys eating.
  3. Hello everyone! I hope everybody is doing well. Today I just goofed around and played my guitar and was totally unproductive with work work, so it turned into a vacation day. Mag, Susan, I have heard only good things about Satin Suzie but yikes, you just can't order from everybody, although I have certainly tried. One day I will try her! Michele, yes you are melting all sorts of different varieties these days!! And you have gotten me to appreciate bakery more. It's good to spread our wings a little! Mag, I love that VRC Queen of Hearts! I remember that summer when we were buying loaf after loaf... Well I need to make a dent in my Rosegirls stash so today it's: RG Rosemary Lemon Olive Leaves and this is absolutely gorgeous. Very strong and very fresh! Have a great evening all!
  4. (I think you would look amazing with a cool funky hair color. Let's both do it and shock everyone!) I'm not sure I have a favorite month. I like Christmas so maybe December could be it! The person below me can do a flip off a diving board.
  5. Hello everyone, It sounds as though we've all had our share of water issues! Michele and Mag, yikes!! I hate thinking it's getting into the floorboards...I can see the dollar signs flashing before my eyes... but into each life, some home repairs must fall! I have to giggle because now you ladies are doing melting baskets and I stopped doing them. I found that I never wanted to melt what was in the basket. I'm just pulling from the drawers and you're right, I see no dent that way.... Susan, I hope you're doing well too, I liked that L3 sample, got the same one. Love you too sweet lady. Well today it's been: Wicked Wax Studios Clothes Line Saga - clothesline, citrus, apple, woods - really nice because of that wood note! Sometimes I can't do all day with a laundry scent, starts getting on my nerves, but this one is different and lovely, and going strong after about 15 hours, really beautiful. I hope you all have a restful night.
  6. Ha! I have never done that but sometimes I like seeing it on other people. If I did anything it would be a little streak of bright blue... But I don't think I have the nerve. (Do you? Have you? ) The person below me has more than one piercing hole in each ear.
  7. Hello dear all! I'm sorry to have been MIA. Everyone seems to be melting up a storm! I traveled last week but am home this week. Mag, I am very sorry about your washing machine overflowing from upstairs. What a complete pain!! I am sorry!! I remember that SGA Coin Wash and wow it was strong! Michele, I also am enjoying EA thanks to Miss Mag -very creative blends!! Susan, all your HR scents sound lovely and I surely enjoy that vendor. We also have discovered a water problem. It has been leaking under the refrigerator for who knows how long and the floor has some rotten spots. I have called the fellow who does that kind of work for us and he is all backed up but will come. The good news is we were going to do all hardwood in here anyway... It is currently a wood laminate. But first we have to understand what repairs may be necessary underneath there. Yikes, isn't it always something?! Well today it has been a berry day: Homeworx Farmstand Blueberry - under the candle lamp - so delicious and juicy, great throw. Rosegirls Wildberry - blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and cream - this is very very very sweet but also juicy and good enough to eat. Have a great evening everyone and stay safe!
  8. Hello and welcome! I'm sorry I didn't see this until now. I will go look as well!
  9. (ha! I'm glad the basket idea helped... And yes, it's a nice way to put the overflow somewhere!) Oh yes, this is a constant struggle.... What to cook...I am so bored with everything I usually make, and I'm not terribly creative in coming up with new ideas... So I make the same old stir fry over again...LOL! The person below me has a huge umbrella that she loves to walk under in the rain.
  10. Good morning all! Thanks Mag! I did have a good drive to WV. There is now a detour so I took an alternate route through the mountains and it was very winding and very beautiful. I did have a late start due to locking the keys in the trunk of the rental car. AAA came and were able to open the door with a hook, but not the trunk. The car went into protection mode and all of the interior electrical buttons were inoperable. But I found an internet hack and my DH was able to reset the car alarm through the key switch. Then the trunk release button worked. DH is my hero! Sharon, I love that you could see the space station!! And I'm with you on the pear scents - wonderful. Susan, I love that White Tea & Berries by Hayden Rowe! It's different from so many of the tea blends. Michele, wasn't Dessa's Confetti Gelato delicious? That one was a big surprise for me. And I agree that the Bunny Sisters' Wits and Sass is bakery scrumptiousness. Mag, I am continuing to enjoy Empire Alchemy and thank you again for introducing me to this vendor! And I remember that Water the Melons loaf - I believe you sent me some of that and it was wonderful. Well this morning I went out to see the comet, but no joy. It seems that he is much more visible now after sunset, in the NNW. I will try again tonight. So this morning it's: Empire Alchemy Yosemite - a sample - charred orange, pink peppercorn, and wood fire. This is wonderful and extremely strong. Love, love, love! Have a great Wednesday all.
  11. (I can't wait for you to bring home that little puppy!!) You know, I haven't... And we used to love the drive-in. There is one of the oldest drive-ins in the country near us...I feel a movie coming on!! The person below me has been melting some Christmas in July wax.
  12. Good morning all! It is so steamy outside so we are pretty much staying in. I will drive to WVA tomorrow. Michele, your dress sounds beautiful and I love emerald green. I'm glad your younger daughter has found a house they are happy with! Mag, yes VCS is a mystery... To me, there was a period of about a year there where something was amiss, very little throw - but before and after that, it was much better. I've been reading some folks say (and I think Michele said this too?) that she has changed her formula over the past six months or so and the throw is much better again. I hope so because she has some gorgeous blends! I would never be a wax vendor... Yikes what if the base wax changed from the supplier... Up a creek... Anyway, Mag, the CFTKR Sea Island Grapefruit sounds gorgeous! Susan, you are making steady progress. I love, love, love that Vanilla Sky from Hayden Rowe! I hope you're doing well these days. Well I've been trying to remember that I do have candles waiting patiently, so the two candle lamps have been pressed into service in the evenings: Sonoma Marshmallow Candy Cane - just fabulous, so creamy and authentic, just right to combat the heat outside. Homeworx Root Beer Float - oh, there are no words - It's like having your head in a frosty mug of A&W Root Beer - so strong I had to turn the lamp off after a few hours. Fabulous. I will buy again and again. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm enjoying being home, next week back on the highway. It's ok. I've enjoyed three weeks in a row at home, heavenly. I have seen the comet six times, always with binoculars...where we live it is very dark at night and he is more or less in our front yard. Susan, your melts sound lovely, especially Gain Fresh and Lemon mint leaf, mmmm. Mag, I'm glad you got to go to the beach, even if it was hot. And that EA sounds delicious... Also the name... Michele, I loved that Wonderberry Pretzel scent so much -that's the one you sent me - so beautiful. . You are making steady progress through your wax! So today it's: Rosegirls Strawberry Shortcake- throughout the house in various warmers... Absolutely scrumptious and making me hungry. Have a good day all!
  14. (me too.....ohhhhhhhhh) Not a homegrown veggie to my name this year, shamefully!! (have you?) The person below me will have a puppy soon and has details to share.
  15. Miss Mag (and everybody)! Yes the comet is supposed to still be visible Monday morning between 4:15-5:00-ish in the lower part of the NE sky. He is best seen with binoculars and he has a lovely trailing tail. The name of the comet is Neowise - your local news might have more specifics for your area. For me, I took the binoculars and scanned the lower part of the sky very slowly. It took awhile for me to find him but then suddenly whoops there he was! Very exciting. Now let's hope for no clouds in the morning. I was reading that later in the month, we will still be able to see him, but at dusk. Good luck and be patient...i was reading one of the astronomers describing comets as being like cats... One minute they're there, and then they're not...a bit elusive.
  16. I love your country choices! I don't really have little baskets around. I do have some special Rookwood dishes though, that I put candies in. The person below me has had a professional massage.
  17. Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Susan, I'm so sorry about the deer!! I'm so glad you are ok. Mag, I'm glad the Savannah Blue have been doing ok so least some of the time! Michele, all your scents sound beautiful. This morning we saw the comet in the pre-dawn sky, very exciting! Today it has been CFOW Butterscotch Coke Float - a summertime favorite. So sweet and delicious. Take care all.
  18. Hello hello, I'm here! Michele I am also ready for pumpkin but I'm trying to hold off. I have *lots* of summer scents... Mag, how was your Savannah Blue? Michele, you said the one didn't throw very well... I have heard that she increased her fragrance oils this year and that the throw is much better... Have any of you found that to be true? Sharon, Seaside Donuts sounds very interesting and tempting! Today is a Palo Santo day: CFTKR Palo's Strawberry Patch - just like it sounds and absolutely beautiful. Homemade Palo Santo Lemon Colada Fresh Picked Strawberry from our artist-in-residence - this is fabulous!! Valerie, truly you are a gifted blender, and I'm really enjoying this. Thank you so much!! Hotter than the hinges outside. I am very grateful for A/C. Take care all!
  19. It depends... I like the older-time country and bluegrass music better and not the kind which is more pop. I liked Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Dolly when she was younger, and I love Vince Gill, Ricky Scaggs, Patty Loveless. The person below me also likes "country" music. (Have to know)
  20. Good morning all, The 4th of July was extremely loud here in the countryside of SW Ohio. The large fireworks displays were cancelled and so people bought large quantities for personal use. I felt like we were on the middle of a war zone, and it went on for over three hours. I had gotten medication for Eli but it was of no use, as he was terrified. Next year I will take him on a long drive in the car to get away. Clem hid under the bed and the beagles were unconcerned. This is my least favorite holiday. I know that people have been cooped up and were just blowing off steam...I get that... But for the pets it is just too much and I wonder how many die of fright. Mag, you really are working on your candles and I need to do the same...I have slowed down on that. Michele, slow and steady wins the race and I see you melting with purpose, so many lovely scents! Susan, Sharon, I hope you both are well and enjoying your summers! Well today it's: The Bunny Sisters Grape Soda - I have to laugh because this is so strong and juicy - I have it in three different Scenterpiece warmers and the whole house smells like a happy childhood memory. Have a great day all. It's been thundering for about 24 hours around here with no rain. I wish it would get the show on the road.
  21. Well good morning all, I hope everybody is well. Steaming up around here. I'm walking earlier and earlier in the day to avoid the heat. Today I'm trying a new-to-me vendor which was a gift from a generous CF friend (and thank you thank you! ) Empire Alchemy Seashells - Driftwood, lemon, sea salt, vetiver - so right up my alley and this is JUST SO GOOD!!! It's absolutely strong and I can smell it out in the yard... The driftwood and Vetiver together make for a bright, woody, oceanic gorgeousness and I feel like I'm sitting by the sea somewhere...I LOVE this. Danger, danger if this vendor is always this fabulous!! Have a great day all.
  22. Yes!! There are quite a few both in front and in back of our house - mockingbirds and wrens. Clemmie sits in the windows and stares at them while her tail flicks back and forth. The Predator. The person below me has a Keurig or Nespresso machine in her home.
  23. Michele I love your title!! I'm glad you ladies are creative because I am usually not.... Usually get stuck on some variation of Magic Melts... Amazing Aromas.. And then I draw a blank. Mag, LOLOL, that happens to me too, when I can't remember what is melting... I have misplaced the clamshell or bag and have no clue... Hi Cyn!! How are you? What are you melting? So today it's: ST Nightmare Before Christmas - herbal lavender, candy cane, and cotton candy. I absolutely love this and don't think it is necessarily a holiday melt. Throwing well in the new Yankee Scenterpieces. Two more clams from 2019, hurrah, then we can move on to 2020 wax which is, ahem, a lot. Stay well all - getting hot here in Ohio...
  24. Good morning ladies, and Mag you are very quiet, Less steamy today which is great. We had lots of lightning last night and Clem hid under the bed. The dogs were not concerned. We were going to do a big garage sale this weekend but with the Covid hospitalizations in Cincinnati doubling since last week, I have stopped it. Nothing there that can't wait. Today it's: YC Seaside Woods, a gift from a dear CF pal which is driftwood, citrus and florals - such a beautiful scent. Driftwood is one of my favorite single scents. Glitterati Lavender Coconut Milk - also a gift from a sweet CF pal and this is lovely and throwing strong in the office. It smells just like Zeep's version of the same thing and both are beautiful. Enjoying the calm before the storm at work, catching my breath before the fun starts again. Have a peaceful Tuesday all!
  25. Hello all! Michele - totally agree - Sarah's samplers were a cut above. Maybe she will do more this year... Hoping! Well today it's the same scent by two different vendors L3 and Rosegirls - lemon poppyseed, Piña colada, and vanilla ice cream. Both are great and throwing like mad - it's that vanilla ice cream softening the pineapple and ohhhhhh so delicious. I'm not even changing them out midday because it's just too beautiful. Lovely to be home two weeks in a row. The calm before the storm, but that's ok too. Have a great day all!
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