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  1. Hello All. Michele...so sorry to hear about your dads eye stroke. BIG get well wishes to him.And a thought... Are you sure he wasn't "sleep waking" when he called you at night? If they gave him any sleeping meds...could that be what happened? Amy...I'm so glad you enjoyed the drive. It sounds so much more relaxing than flying and that's a good thing!!! Honeybear...that Friars potion sounds scrumptious! Hope everyone is healthy...the CV is making everyone crazy.
  2. Nope...the only shower curtain I have is in my master bath and it matches the bedroom so it's staying. Although I was just thinking I need a new clear shower curtain liner...so YES!! (That counts, right?) The person below me has touched a stingray.
  3. Good Morning! The sun is bright although still cold here. Monday it's supposed to getup to 70...I'll take it. Not many greens in my winter stash but there are a few. I found a favorite... GWW Come Round Hagrids...I love this scent. Have a great Saturday.
  4. Yes! I don't like loosing an hour but the extra light makes it worth it. The person below me usually chooses "paperless".
  5. Lololol Honeybear...you're right!! We do LOSE an hour! Actually...I don't mind cause we will gain more daylight...I'm good with that! Im sorry about your move...I know you put so much energy into your beautiful new house but I'm sure will do it again in a new place...and that farming community sounds lovely! Amy...I hope you made your trip safely! How did you enjoy your meet up? And I'm glad your eyes are doing ok. So...keeping with the green theme....it's Gollum by TSGS -patchouli, vetiver and bergamot. Smells great...I just hope it's not too strong. Goodnight all.
  6. Thank you! That sounds lovely...plus you do like your Lush, right? I have so many perfumes and body sprays...unbelievable, I know...lol. So...my tastes change a lot but right now I'm liking Olive Branch by Lush and Vanilla Vibes by Juliette has a gun. The person below me uses fabric softener.
  7. Great thread title Michele!! Greetings All....and Hello Shari and ! Been busy in the workshop lately...making wreaths. I feel like there's not enough time in the day but we will be turning back the clocks soon enough so we will get one more hour. Right? Susan...so glad to hear you are slowly getting back to normal and I hope you never get it again either!! Michele...busy, busy, busy! It's nice that your girls are very different from each other and like their own things. I'm sure her wedding will be just as lovely as her sisters. Those brittles call to me all the time...I'm trying not to listen. Lol. Amy...back on the road again! How nice that you are meeting up with some friends..sounds great...and yes, meant to be. Btw, how are your eyes feeling? Hope you are doing well. Today...first day melting in a couple days... Pink and Purple by Semo Pistachio Pudding Cake by Nancy's Have a nice evening.
  8. I do like carrot cake. Yum. If I had a choice though...I'd always go with cheesecake. My favorite salty snack...very boring....but it's potato chips...preferably kettle style...crunch, crunch. The person below me has a favorite perfume.
  9. Hello All... Michele...that sounds like a good one...whatcha think? Amy...hope you are back home safe and sound. It's funny...now that I am finally melting again I am having a tough time finding red wax in my winter/fall stash. I don't buy strawberry (very picky with that fragrance) so most are apple which is lovely but I was looking for something to rotate between apples. Lol. I think most of my reds are in my summer stash...and it's too cold for that yet. So this morning it's... L3 Persephone's Plight CFTKR Pizzelle (this was a beautiful pink heart) Nellie's Acres Carmelized Crimson Pear Have a nice one.
  10. Good Morning! Susan...so glad to hear you are not in any pain anymore...that sounds horrible. Debra....lol...there's always something that fills the gap...lololol. Michele...wonderful on the knee!! I keep telling my DH about your positive experience!! Keeping with the pink theme... Swankys Cashmere Cedar Pour Girls Maple Bourbon Apples/Caramel Popcorn SGA Apple Cinnamon Whipped Cream Zucchini Have a good day.
  11. Oh my gosh Amy....your description of the cookies cracked me up! And I'm not a big cookie/cake person at all and you still got me hankering for some cookies. I do make cookie pops or decorated cookies for my students for parties but I'm just not a big fan of most sweets. Salty calls to me! But as for your question....I don't like prepackaged store bought cookies but if I am near bakery cookies or someone's homemade ones....I guess I'd like a chewy chocolate chip with crispy edges. The person below me has a favorite cake. (Lololol)
  12. Good Morning and happy Sunday. Was away from Friday to Saturday visiting the girls...so happy to spend time with them. Amy...so happy for you that you are making dents in your stash! I think I melted less than 5 melts this month. How, you ask? I can not explain. I believe I lost my "melting mojo" at some point and I need to bring it back. The candles....well, we can't be perfect, can we? Lololol. But really....it's ok to buy things that make us happy as long as it doesn't have a negative effect so enjoy those babies! Honeybear...It's a bit aggravating when you find a "need it" scent and then you can't get more!! (Probably for the best though, eh?) Debra...60 degrees is sooo nice! I love the in-between temps....perfect for being outdoors. I do think we are done with winter and probably no snow for us this year. I live near a small airport and I can hear someone taking flying lessons overhead...sounds like summer. I will try to find a red/pink wax for today... VCS One Hand One Heart in red SB Christmas Tree Cookie in red from a sweet CF pal....love this. Thanks! Have a great Sunday.
  13. Good Morning. Sharon...so glad you are ok but terrible news about the devastation elsewhere. And thank you for your well wishes...I am feeling much better. Good to see you Susan...hope you are feeling ok. Have a good day. Melting SGA Yuletide Pear Vanilla
  14. Good Evening! Thanks Valerie....it's better but still hanging around. Debra....lolololol....too funny! Michele...that's great news...Hawaii is a wonderful destination! Remelting the wax from yesterday...enjoying every bit. Have a great evening!
  15. I feel the same way about Valentines Day...just sayin. Yes, I have tried crumbles and I like them. An easy way to put the amount you desire in your warmer. Usually the chunks are too large for my tastes as well as the brittle. I wish more businesses used them. The person below me has a favorite type of cookie.
  16. Good Sunday Morning! Susan...I am so sorry to hear you are having eye issues. I am thinking of you and praying that everything works out for you! Michele...the big day has arrived! I am sure you had a wonderful time last night!! To the newlyweds! Amy...oh no! I hope they can figure out what's happening and fix your phone. Do you have off tomorrow or will you be traveling? Debra...lololol...I can guarantee that you do not have the same amount of "accidents" that my DH has! I think he has the "if it doesn't move, I'll make it move" policy. Sharon....hope you are safe with that Storm Dennis!! It's heartbreaking to see all the flooding and I can't believe it's the second storm in a week! I am trying to melt in one warmer this morning....the scents have been irritating my cough so I haven't melted in a while. It's Toasted MAC Apple Fireside Fallen Leaves by a talented pal. It's a beautiful red color and smells amazing! Have a great day.
  17. Thanks for the recos! Hmmmm....like when I was a kid? I have never shopped with my husband except for furniture so I'll have to think way back. As a kid my mom would shop forever...I would crawl under the clothes racks and just sit under there until she called my name. Sooo boring. I still have no love of shopping to this day. LOL The person below me has Valentines Day plans.
  18. Good Morning. Well....the dishwasher is broken. Ugh. When I was sick, someone tried to use it for the first time....and ripped the dishwasher fluid lid right off the machine. Didn't know it slides...he said. Yep....that's me. Debra...my kids keep telling me they'll show how to use hashtags...then they say some words really fast and smile. I have no clue. Daffodils? How pretty! I'm thinking Spring is on it's way too...although I'm still waiting on my snow. Amy...hope you are enjoying your weekend home. Will you be off again tomorrow? Michele...so close now!! Susan....hope you are well. Valerie....thinking of you! For some reason I keep thinking lavender is part of this challenge ...I picked Cedar Leaf and Lavender from a sweet pal ...it is lavender in color but I can pretend it's pink. Amazing blend. Have a good day.
  19. Thank you my friend. Things have got to get better from here...right? I try to since it is supposed to help but my belly rebels against the acid. Don't you worry though...lol...I just shove it in! The person below me has a favorite cough drop...when it's needed. (Any recos that work best?)
  20. Good Morning. Sharon....thanks and I'm so glad to hear you're at the end of that terrible sickness. Yuck. Good riddance to it! I was a big buyer and blender over at OPT...lots of fun. She is in the process of closing down now so she only has RTS left on site. Amy...thanks my friend. It's a slow process here...the cough is pretty nasty sounding but without that fever I'm feeling like I won the lottery. I'll give it a few more days to see if I can kick it and then head into the doctor to see if I need antibiotics. Pretty sure I don't yet....everything seems like it's staying out of my lungs for now. Lucky you got some snow! 🌨 I really would love a big snow storm...as long as it kept everyone from driving in it! Thanks regarding the passing of my in-laws families...it's actually my SIL mom and my BIL dad....both married to my siblings. It is a tough time for my poor nieces and nephews...first wake was last night. I am rewarming the tarts from the other day but will change them up for the challenge...I do enjoy this idea...honestly, can't smell a thing...lol....but it's fun. So it's a pinkish lavender tart bar from CFOW in Trivial Pursuit...ohhh....I can actually smell this....ZB, coconut and blueberry. Have a nice Saturday.
  21. Good evening all. Thanks for the well wishes. It's been a tough couple of days. I ended up with a fever and the same evening 2 family members from the in-law sides of the families passed away. 2020 has been pretty bad so far. Sharon...I am sorry to hear you've all had an illness....I hope you are all feeling better now! Debra...yikes...all work and no play make it hard to melt! Glad you got something good in the warmer! Michele...I'm sorry you are missing your mom. I know how you feel. It will be 15 years for me this year and it feels like yesterday. Amy...I'm sooo happy for your friend! Yay! It will be tough work but he can get most of that back if he works hard enough. I'm glad you see an improvement already. Thanks for the info on the melting challenge....I am totally illiterate as far as hashtags....can you tell? LOL Tonight it's all red and pink and all CFOW.... Poison Apple, Princess Peach and Good Morning Miss Bliss Have a good evening.
  22. Funny you should ask...I just bought a microwave glass bowl corn popper....not air pop...but close. And I bought some Amish purple, blue and red corn to pop in it. The person below me has tried different/unusual color popcorn. Thank you for your well wishes. It's been a tough couple days.
  23. Oh that sounds beautiful Amy! You sure have lots of fun things to do by you! Actually I was just thinking about that this morning.lol The person below me has taken NyQuil.
  24. Hello All. Thanks regarding the title. Was away for the weekend and now I am not feeling well. Had a sore throat at work but now I have a slight fever. Took some Nyquil and heading to bed. Amy...would love to do that challenge. Soooo....how do I go about it...clueless here. Glad that little gal octopus is doing well...such smart creatures. Debra...Tiffany blue and black? Wowsa....gorgeous! Michele...Glad to hear everything is going smooth for you. Melting Rosita by SGA Flannel Sheets Season of the Witch by L3 goodnight
  25. I love Amy Jo....it flows! And yes....my given name sounds like a saint....and yes...it's three names. Lol Nope...no dent....no signs of movement....not a scratch. The person below me likes going to festivals in the summer.
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