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  1. I'm sorry to hear that Susan! How terrible! Btw...I think I approved my own post...lolololol.
  2. Sometimes....I used to a lot but not lately. The person below me irons a least three times a week. Btw....all of Joshua Alexander's paintings are done with his fingers. It's amazing.
  3. Hey there! Amy...glad you got back on board! That scent list of yours is nice....You sure are hauling through your scents!! Oh dear, Honeybear....I am so sorry to hear about that! Your poor daughter!! I hope she can sort that out quick!! Cyn...glad you are settled in and relaxing with your wax! Sharon....enjoy your trip! Susan...glad you had a nice time in Washington DC! Michele...it sure has been hot here! I can't believe today was the first day of Fall and it was 90 degrees! It has been The Evil Queen by OPT...Mac Apple, cucumbers and pink berries. Have a great evening!
  4. Hello and Good Morning! I am very happy it's Friday! Already the sickness has begun at school...director of the school became sick after 2 days of coddling little ones...I'm hoping I stay well! Fingers crossed. Amy...glad you don't have to drive at night anymore and I hope you got to really enjoy this little break!! And, yup... I am lovin these Bh&g and Scentsationals Wax Melts. Valerie...big hugs to you! I get sad when mine travel far for a short while so I can imagine how you must be feeling but I'm sure she is sooooo excited!(btw....all the cute emojis are here...they're at the bottom or just use the search.) Debra and Amy...yes! I love that Blue Sugar Sandalwood! Wonderful scent! Cyn...I think you fixed it! I don't think I see the reason for editing..lol. So it's been bh&g Citrus Autumn Brew and it's wonderful! May go back for more....although my Fall stockpile is already too large...hmmmm.
  5. Right now I am so intrigued by John Bramblitt and Joshua Alexander aka Usihtat. Both are immensely talented and both paint uniquely. I have print of Bramblitts Dragonflies which I love! Hopefully I will be able to acquire something from Alexander at some point. Also love Lee Teter, Thomas Kinkade, and Norman Rockwell....and so many more. The person below me has broken a bone.
  6. Yay! I'm on! Thank you Cyn! Michele...I'm sorry to hear about your Dad but glad he had no broken bones. Hope the pain and swelling subside soon! Amy....I found some of those BHG aromatherapy clams at Walmart and OMG! I got a few because they smell soooooo good. Thanks for the tip! I hope you are enjoying your time with no traveling! Yahoo! Last night and today it's Hayden Rowe Blue Sugar Vanilla Sandalwood and SGA Shy Girl - Beach Night, Strawberry, Peach and Cantaloupe - both delish! Have a great evening!
  7. Not terribly so but yes....in my fingers and my legs. We used to have contests to see how long you could put your feet behind your neck when we were young. One time my sister did it in the car and my dad stopped short...those were the days of no seatbelts so she got lodged in the rear footwell!! Lololololol The person below me has a favorite artist/painter.
  8. Hello! Starflower! Michele...I'm sorry to hear of your father's fall. I'm glad he is doing ok....I know that is very scary. Debra... That's so crazy!! That must have been some downpour! Amy...thanks...that jar was at least two years old so I'm thankful that it's gone...although it smelled great! Last night and today is CFTKR Island Grapefruit from a sweet pal....ohhhh this is magnificent and potent! Thanks! Have a great night!
  9. I don't have a favorite...Right now I'm using Aveno Stress Relief in Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang...it's nice. The person below me is double jointed.
  10. Hello All.... Amy...so nice you got to visit with your Aunt! That seemed to work out well!! Michele....hope all is well with Dad! Susan...glad your picnic was enjoyable! It's STW Cantaloupe today...finally finished off a jar. It's tough using up those jars! Have a nice night!
  11. Nope...no oil diffuser for me. The person below me likes kettle corn.
  12. Hello! Oh Debra...that is hysterical and quick thinking on your part! At least you got one kitty in! Hope all is well with her/him. Amy...yes..a beautiful day here as well. I'm enjoying it immensely although I wasn't out enough. Susan...hope you had a nice time at your picnic. Michele...that does sound like an interesting scent! Well earlier today I tried Ten Digit Creations in Blueberry Pancakes, Coconut Caramel, Molasses Cookies and Amish Bread...wanted to like it...the Blueberry was wonderful but the caramel killed it. Had to switch it. Put on CFOW The Lost Boys...nice throw and a nice scent. This one is aging well. Goodnight all.
  13. That sounds yummy! Not usually. I don't wear fancy clothes to work since I'm in a preschool so why change? But once in a blue moon I'll change into my pjs as soon as I get home. The person below me has a favorite fall flower.
  14. Hello! Michele...congrats on finding "the" gown! That must be a great relief for your daughter! Amy...had a great day today...loving my little class! Great kids and great parents! I wore Olive Branch body spray to school today...it's the best scent! Is anyone noticing a strange happening on the CF site? When I post I usually scroll back to see if I've answers others questions but all of a sudden I can't scroll back while posting, ugh... It's Scentsationals Cotton Candy Clouds in the main living area, Hayden Rowe Place Vendome upstairs And SGA Pomegranate Beach Nights Birthday Noel in the workshop Goodnight.
  15. Hello! Susan....so sorry to hear about all you are going through. I'm assuming it will be a bit stressful to have your boyfriends ex staying with him although sadly, she is ill. Praying for her, your cousin and your client. Michele...regular school started Tuesday although my school begins tomorrow. Amy...poor horsies. I hate horse flys. I haven't changed the warmers because these groovy scents are making me happy. ;) Goodnight.
  16. Lololol....no....it's not you. It's me. I meant showering or bathing indoors during a thunderstorm....which is supposedly dangerous. :( Well....I've knitted and crocheted many partial things....I did make a scarf once...although not something I'd actually wear. The person below me drinks iced coffee.
  17. Hello and Good Morning! Amy...I'm glad Eli is adjusting to the horsies! ???? Plus I'm very glad you are happy with your new neighbors...such an important thing. :) Michele....I don't want it to be Fall yet either....although it's my favorite season. It's been Scentsationals Cedar & Lavender...thank you friend....this is AMAZING! ???? Must find more!!! And SGA Woodstock '69...wonderful. Have a great day.
  18. Good Evening All and thanks regarding the title. Honeybear...glad you are enjoying the time with your DD!! My youngest girls are home this weekend as well! I am sooooo happy too! Amy...I hope you are relaxing and truly enjoying your extra day home! [smilie=th_c2e41937] Yahoo!! I think the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" applies to scents as well as people...Lolol! Debra...homemade chocolate chip cookies? Those gooey delicious treats sounds delightful! I'm glad you are enjoying the beach!! Btw....Thank you so much for taking over the SOTD posting ....I am home more often now...so if you don't want to be the poster any more just LMK....although I'm more than happy to share!! Today has been TSGS in Hostel....very nice blend of Spearmint, Grass and Sandalwood. Have a lovely evening!
  19. Hello All! Congrats Amy on getting through all of your wax! Pretty good! I hope you had a uneventful trip home. ;) Thank you Susan for that scent description. Sounds lovely. Michele...glad you had a nice time in AC even if you didn't win. It's been a big fav from Savannah Blue...My Boyfriends Truck. Plus I'm burning a lot of candles tonight since I've stayed home cleaning all day. One of my things to clean was my candle cabinet...oh gosh...that's why I needed to burn some! Burning GooseCreek in... Paris Noir Beach House Lemon Vanilla Cake Batter And B&BW in Gingham...which didn't go so I blew it out. Have a nice evening all.
  20. Hmmmm....I'm not a big ice cream eater...and I can't remember the last time I had a sundae....but I suppose if I had one I'd get it with everything...so I'd keep them on it, The person below me has taken a shower/bath during a thunderstorm.
  21. Morning! Oh no Amy! Overflowing wax!?!? I hope you didn't ruin your warmer! I love the names of some of these tarts..."Weekend Camping Trip" sounds amazing...lol. I'm pulling from the singles jar this morning... Candies Violet and Lemon Sugar Cookie by Alamo Candelaria Pie At Tiffany's by The Bunny Sisters Duchess by Hayden Rowe from a sweet CF pal....thanks! Everything smells wonderful! ???? Have a nice day.
  22. Thanks for your vote...although I may wait a bit longer... No more Halloween decos for me...I've got too many as it is!! The person below me prefers eating ice cream in a cone rather than a bowl.
  23. Morning! Debra....hope all is ok with kitty! Maybe she's just feeling under the weather. Hope things calm down for you too. Michele....have a great time! Amy...lovin the scent Jersey Shore...not that I'm biased or anything...lol. Honeybear...thank you. Are you having problems with all of your Scentsy? I usually have great throw with mine and I'm hoarding a few that I just don't want to use up. Today is Weekend at Bernie's by SGA...great one. Have a good day. ;)
  24. Oh no... ...the Sphinx has returned??? You crack me up! I'm sure that you do not look like that! My hair is in a holding pattern as well. I just can't come up with anything interesting....although I'd love to go blonde....however....I'd need to do that before I meet my new class...changing hair color would freak them out. But can you imagine me blonde?? No....I am a Arm & Hammer with Oxi-Clean gal. I have tried everything....and have always come back. The person below me enjoys some mixed drinks.
  25. Good Morning! Thank you for your kind words regarding my run-in with the yellow jackets. Actually, I think a single sting is worse...Maybe my adrenalin was up or maybe taking the benedryl fast helped but it all felt kinda muted. Michele...I love grapefruit and sugar cookie! That's a goodie. Susan..."Keep Swimming"? Is that a Finding Nemo reference? How did it smell? Amy....suppose you're on the road again? Its nice that your Melts are matching your weather! I think your hopeful prediction seems to have materialized. It's Woofwix Orange Sherbet Waffle Cone Funnel Cake And Rosegirls Cantaloupe Both doing well and smelling delicious. Have a good one.
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