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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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    Hi Brennie! Welcome to the fun! [smilie=th_Animated20Dogs20waving]
  2. Hello Jan! Welcome to the forum...I'm a newbie too!
  3. :? Bravo! I have been dragged along for months at a time by 3 different vendors over the past few years. Twice I received my candles EVENTUALLY. This most recent time, nothing. Sometimes even with communication, I feel like their just stringing me along for months. It's so frustrating.
  4. :? Thanks Everyone! I always love reading the posts....I finally decided to join and stop lurking...
  5. Hello All! Burning CFTKR Coffee Cake and Spice...one of my favorites!
  6. I am also burning Almost Country Denim...It's Iced Orange Pineapple today and it is nice and strong but you know I never burn it past one tealight so I don't know how long it would go...I'm always anxious to start a different scent!
  7. Dabba... I always have teenagers over my house... both my kids like to have friends over... it is nice to see them having so much fun... luckily I like their friends.... ... but it can get really busy with a large group... have nice evening relaxing! When my teen has her friends over, I pop in the Fruit Loops tarts ! I love to entertain them with these funky scents. Anything that smells like grape soda is another good one for the teen crowd , and Winter Candy Apple is usually liked, too. My daughter's friends actually try to guess the scent when they come in...sometimes it's not that easy! They also say my teen smells like candles...Now how could that be bad?
  8. Thanks Boogie! I did use a credit card via paypal so I'll give them a call as well!
  9. Happliy burning "Candle Melts n More's" Jamaica Me Crazy. Still sad that she's gone! I just love this one- so strong and filling up the house. I think the cold weather is on it's way soon and I'll start burning the comfy scents!!
  10. Thanks for all the greetings everyone!
  11. Thanks for the info Stardust!! I am so glad to hear that! I am really lost in these situations because I always want to give someone the benefit of the doubt.... It's funny, I just counted and it seems the last time I heard from her promising my order was on the 44th day! I'm so glad to know I can still do something about this.
  12. Hi all! I also had an order in at Heartland Herb from June and was trying to be understanding about her personal situation. We corresponded a few times and I told her to take her time. She finally sent me an email on August 2nd saying that she would refund paypal some money for products she would not be able to make and that she already SENT the candles that were already made. It has now been 3 weeks and I never received a package or refund and she won't answer my emails now. I think I've been had!!!
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