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  1. Such a cute thread title Michele! Melting Robin by ST....strawberries and fresh cut grass.
  2. Good Afternoon all! Michele...that Cabana Boy sounds unique and lovely! Thanks about the heads up regarding the restocking at RM. I will be there...of course....but if it's mayhem....I'll slowly back away. Lol Anyway, glad you made it safely to Ohio! I've got on... The Bunny Sisters -Swim Break from a dear pal...amazing! Thanks! OPT Watermint Clementine, CFOW Unicorn Marshmallow And upstairs it's CFOW Atlantic City from a sweet pal...love it. Gotta look this one up! Thanks! I hope everyone has a lovely day. It's clear and sunny yet cool in the shade. I love this low humidity!
  3. That perfume sounds heavenly. Yes....I do cook them all different ways....I think my preference changes upon my mood. I love poached...but I cook vegetable scrambled most often. The person below me likes to lay or sit out in the sun.
  4. Good Morning....ahhh....afternoon. Every day and every hour seems to be running into another. I put on L3 bundts yesterday in Citron Mandarin Pink Ombre Cake that is exactly 2 years old...threw amazingly....still going today. Lovely fruity floral. The DH came home and actually commented that something smelled great. That never happens...lol. Honeybear.... I Swanky! Amy... I am a super fan of Rainbow Melts!! I'm always stalking her site and looking for openings. Of course...her stuff goes fast and I'm just not into fighting to get stuff so I've not bought in a while. Her fruit blends are ! Did you happen to stop by Empire's Restock? I got there early...was so fast about filling my cart and checking out and still ended up loosing a ton of stuff....I'm especially bummed about loosing a scent I requested her to stock. Of course...I won't be running out of wax anytime soon...so I suppose I'll be ok. Have a good day.
  5. Ohhhh....what does The Shadow in the Water smell like? Hmmm....I think I have touched a few. One time I moved a snake for my neighbor when it was blocking her door and she was petrified. Now a spider...that's a different story. You? The person below me likes Italian ices more than ice cream.
  6. Good Evening all. Been busy at work the last two days. We had a little car parade in the parking lot and we all waved to all of our students...and gave them all the cute arts and crafts that they've made but were left behind so abruptly. Amy...glad you got that phone issue fixed...that's so frustrating! Are you enjoying being home this week? I hope you've had some nice days. Michele...that Lavender Paris is such a beautiful scent! Today I've had Ten Digit downstairs...Lavender Coconut Milk/ Lavender Patchouli/ Cotton Candy/ Peppermint Twist...excellent scent...I am soooo sad she's closing. And upstairs it's Golden Willow in Lemonade In the Shade : Lemon Balm, Spearmint, Vetiver and Vanilla...a freebie and it's excellent!
  7. Oh....that beautiful Michele. I'm trying to find it but having trouble. Do you know the name of that article? Good Morning all. Its Sugared Olive Brach by OPT and Room Service by Empire Alchemy. This was a sample in my order and it's amazing!! Need more.
  8. Hmmm....idk. I like lots of perfumes but I think only other people know what scent reminds them of you. My guess would be Alien by Thierry Mugler because I wear it most often and when I do, people mention it. Personally, I adore Olive Branch these days. Do you have one? The person below me understands the different meows of their cat. There's a cat meowing in the woods behind my house and I'm wondering what she's saying. She seems bothered.
  9. Good Morning. Sitting in the backyard...what a lousy weekend. Cold and wet. Ugh. Yesterday it was L3 Think Happy Thoughts/Pirates Life: Rainbow Sherbet, Waffle Cones, Gummy Bears & Raspberry Rainbow. This morning I need something stronger since the girls were making churros last night. Love churros but hate the smell of frying oil. Yucky. Now it's Avas Watermelon Funnel Cake. Have a nice day.
  10. Quick check in... Cream and Sugar by Scarlet Raine and Blueberry Pop Tarts by Wax Workshoppe Goodnight all.
  11. Oh...you are so lucky Michele! I love to sit by the water...winter or summer...cold or hot! Enjoy! And I that Woodstock Boogie...great one! Found a super oldie in the wax cabinet...Xanadu by LSC....it's a cut up loaf from years ago and it's still throwing like a champ. Goodnight!
  12. I do like to listen to the rain and thunder. And I love to watch the lightening too. The person below me is not a fan of storms.
  13. Hello All. I am shocked at the winds around here for the past 3-4 weeks. They are wicked and completely unusual for us. My gazebos look like they're ready to lift off and fly into the sky. Even when it's sunny the winds are chilly and crazy and makes it hard to enjoy the outdoors. What is going on? Ugh. Yeah, Michele...looks like it's gonna be a very different summer at the beach. I'm assuming they will only allow a certain number of people on and they'll probably higher the price for a badge. Although I'm only 20 minutes away from the beaches...I may travel down south where the beaches are much bigger so I can actually get on them. It's Scarlet Raine Lime in Da Coconut upstairs and downstairs....I haven't changed yet...loving the Blue Monday...but it's time. Let's see.....ok...Coney Island by the Bunny Sisters. Mmmm....Salt Water Taffy, Vanilla Ice Cream and Cotton Candy Frosting. Have a nice day.
  14. Happy Birthday Debra!! Hope you can enjoy it and get some "you" time! Amy...safe travels to you! And I love blueberry....never disappointed. Michele...so happy you like your haircut! I'm sorry to hear your hairdresser is worried about loosing her business...I hope that doesn't come true. Sharon...your haircut sounds lovely! I love changing my hair all the time...long, short, straight, curly... and I really enjoyed a pixie cut as well. My only complaint was having to get a haircut so often! I found out yesterday that they are easing restrictions a bit here as well...I didn't have to wait in line to enter the grocery store and they are staying open past 8 now. I am glad for that....but I hope people don't go hog-wild now. Slow and steady. Melting a new to me vendor...Empire Alchemy in Blue Monday. I am sooooo into earthy scents now...more than ever. Thank you kind CF pal for introducing me to this vendor. Have a nice Monday.
  15. Hello! Got home late last night...the girls are moved. I am achin. I asked the hubby...at what age can I stop moving furniture and boxes up and down three flights??? Yep...think I passed that age many, many years ago! Of course...one car broke down on the way home...completely packed with boxes and had to be towed. And my car broke down on the way UP on Thursday but at least I could drive it home to switch it...you’d never know my DH is in the car business. Amy...welcome home. I hope the trip was nice and uneventful. Valerie...I hope you had a lovely and relaxing evening out. Restaurants still aren’t open here...and I keep forgetting that. By the time I remember...they’ll all be open again!! Congrats on finding that property...sounds like it was meant for you. Michele...How’d the haircut come out? Did she wear a mask? Well...I’ve been without melts for days...but the house smelled great when I came home and fantastic now. Just don’t remember what’s in the warmers. Edit: Ok...figured out what was in them because they had so much power...had to be our own CF wax scientist! Finally, changed them up...so now it's Blueberry Cobbler by Bohemian Life. Yum. Have a good one.
  16. Cocoluxemelts!!! Nice to have you here!!!
  17. Oh yes...we always have to wait...but it varies. Last week I waited only 15 minutes but the week before that it was 1 hour and 5 minutes. The aggravation level depends upon the weather. When it’s sunny I don’t mind...when I’m standing in the rain...ugh. The pick up for the grocery stores were 1-2 weeks wait time so I never did that. Now it just says no time slot available. No...my eye doctor always says I need to use them because my eyes are dry from contacts but they don’t really feel dry to me...just tired. So I don’t use my contacts much anymore. The person below me has purchased some new waxies!!!!!
  18. A big yes to that! I'm not too picky while shopping...I'll change as I go but my Dads shopping list is very specific...so oftentimes I can't get what he wants. The person below me waits about an hour to get into the grocery store.
  19. Good Afternoon Oh no Valerie!! I'm sorry that your daughters car was stolen! I hope it works out for her in some way. Michele...sounds like some great scents! Amy...love me some lemon! I'm melting all homemade tarts from a talented pal...they are all kicking!! Cannabis and Exotic Hemp, Flowering Cannabis and Black Cypress & Cassis.
  20. Me? A crown? LOL.....no....not me. I know sometimes ladies wear crowns to get married....as a Halloween costume...birthday etc. I can safely say I have never been homecoming queen either. LOL No waxident so far in 2020...which means it will happen any minute now. This year is the pits....so a waxident would be icing on the cake. The person below me owns a car charger for their phone.
  21. Hello All! And thank you Amy. Oh...ladies...I love the scent of lilac as well....my mother gave me a lilac bush when I bought my first home and it grew beautifully. When I moved I tried planting new lilac bushes here but they didn't take. Maybe the soil here is too acidic. Today it's Water Hold me Down by SGA....coconut mango SSA. Have a nice one.
  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! Wishing you a wonderful day! I hope you enjoy it!
  23. Oh...I love Starbucks Blonde coffee too....it's my favorite. Yes, sometimes I do because I'm a terrible typer. However, I've realized that I'm also a terrible mumbler... The sentences that appear...OMG. The person below me has worn a crown.
  24. Good Evening! Thinking of you Michele. You and your entire family are in my prayers. Oh Amy! Great choices with the music! I saw Joe Walsh and Tom Petty in 2017...an amazing concert! Sharon...lucky you with the 67 degrees....today it was 36. Brrrrr Its The Bunny Sisters in Bunny Picnic...strawberry and fresh cut grass. Wonderful. Have a nice evening.
  25. Hello Everyone! Glad you stopped in Sharon! Good to see you! I forget what is in the melters a lot! Lol Susan....you've got a lot of nice ones going! Blue Sugar Plum Crazy sounds good! Amy...so...what did you decide to listen to for your ride? The choice of music anywhere in my life is an important thing! Curious.... Today was a busy day...rearranged my workshop...much more room! It's CFOW Toasted Marshmallow SSA Graham Cracker.... Goodnight all.
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