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  1. Oh that sounds delicious...I'm hankering for some Chinese food. We ended up eating taco bowls. I'm not reading anything at the moment but I miss it....I may start a book next week after my gala...lol. The person below me owns a compass and has used it.
  2. Hello All! Dad just left after his weekly dinner here....zoomed away faster than normal...lol! I think he wants to get into bed and sleep. Amy, no big plans here. Never been a big NYE person and I'd be happy if the stores were open so I'd have something to do. Although, I do know that others have lives so....a boring evening in for me. You are sweet about my party, thanks. And Rockets is doing well...even with a short cure time. (Yup....I made a little purchase...shhh). As for tonight....Maybe I can get someone to play games with.... Susan...oh...I love games too! Can ya tell? The Rockets is still going for now.... Happy New Year Everyone!
  3. Ahhhh.....no? I don't have a clue about what I'd like to cook tomorrow. I'm not a big NYE person but since it's Tuesday, Dad will come for dinner. Any ideas? The person below me has used a weighted blanket. ***I did get a lot of candles, but I like them all so I either kept them or gave them to my girls.
  4. Hello, hello! Valerie....glad you are back and hope you are feeling better! I'm sorry you were sick but having the girls around must have been Thanks for the update on a Holly...please tell her hello! Debra...isn't that silly though? I try not to rush through when they are still throwing great but just in an old bag....but I just can't help it! Amy...you have a lot of things on your "to do" list! I hope you are getting time to relax as well!! That peppermint pink sugar buttercream blend sounds delightful! Michele....sounds like you are doing amazingly! Yahoo! I'm glad you've got help from your DD for the shower...perfect! Susan...the family trip to Billy Graham library sounds interesting and it looks like you had such fun! Sadly, I haven't changed the scents in two days...ugh. I put on Pink Peppercorn by Colonial and although I've been turning the warmers on and off...I think I'm fired. LOL. I've been so busy planning my annual "Friend Christmas Get-together"....that I've been slacking. This year I'm doing an Italian Murder Mystery and a few rounds of $25,000 Pyramid. Couldn't decide which...so I'm doing both. LOL Now it's going to be... Brown Sugared Pears by Rockets Have a nice evening!
  5. No....but I have decided to keep my decorations up for all of "Christmas". The person below me has some Christmas returns to do.
  6. Good Morning All! Oh no Amy....is she sick or just a little backup? Hope all is ok. Are you tired of the Christmas scents already? I look forward to them all year so I am always very sad to see them go back into hibernation. I'm trying to use up some that have been hanging around for a few years due to size. I bought BIG bags from Taras and although they have kept their scent nicely....the bags are getting kinda beat up. Sharon....thanks for teaching me something new! I've heard about "Boxing Day" but never knew the history. Very cool. Michele...hope you are feeling good! Debra...yes! I am also not a fan of the soft wax but I do like Colonials scents and throw....plus they've always had great sales on the melts before Christmas. Not this year...hardly anything. Its Taras this morning... Holly's Christmas Wish Christmas Donuts & Eggnog Both delicious! And both blended by an old friend from CF...Holly! I wonder how she is? Have a great day!
  7. Good Morning I hope all is well with you! Debra....oh gosh....three times is a lot! Amy and Sharon...glad you got a chance to blob! Its Colonial Candles Balsam Fir this morning...one of my favorite scents at Christmas time. So much running and racing and now I don't know what to do with myself. I've been debating weather to take down decorations early or let them go until the end of the Christmas season...I think I'll let them sit until the 6th at least. At least that's what I say today...lol. Have a good one.
  8. Yes! (I have always wanted a fireplace but have no wall available to put one in so I make do with a electric one) The person below me hangs Christmas cards.
  9. OMG Amy....hysterical!!! Crickets!! Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Finally ready for a little blobbing. Ive been melting Amish Quilt by Wax Workshoppe....wonderful!!
  10. I agree with you totally re the lights! I have some steady and some twinkling on my tree. As for the pie...thanks....now I get you...I don't think we have a pie staple for Christmas. Yes! My mom gave one to my DH and me for our first Christmas as a married couple. It looks almost the same as hers....so it is very dear to me. The person below me has a real fireplace and has already used it this year.
  11. Hello, Hello!! I'm glad to be posting...finally. Been busy as a bee with kiddies at school, my Dad, my own offspring coming home and my own tests and whatnot. Happy to finally have an evening to check my mail and get on to read the board. Ahhh. Debra...the cat rodeo???? Amy...Coming home tomorrow? Ya-hoo!! How cool that you met another Internet pal! You are so friendly and social...I just love that! I'm glad it was a lovely visit! As for the bear....ugh....not someone I'd want to run into. My sister has bears that roam around the neighborhood and break down sheds to get to the garbage. My BIL came out one day and walked right into one....he slowly backed up until he was in the house....not for me! Yikes! Susan....I'm sorry about your breakup. Hugs to you!! Onto new adventures! Michele...hope you are still recovering magnificently!! Its been Rarified Air by Golden Willow Wax.... Have a great night.
  12. A Christmas pie? I'm not sure what that would be. Do tell!! Growing up, Christmas was when we had homemade cherry cheesecake and Christmas cookies. I'm not a big cookie baker but I always make the cheesecake. The person below me prefers blinking lights to steady lights on a Christmas tree.
  13. Good Morning! It is Saturday and the concerts are complete! All went well....nothing unexpected. Now the parties begin. Amy...Are you still traveling? I know you had an extension added onto your trip but I'm hoping you're home now. I'm missing the snow....so far it's rain, rain, rain. Yuck. You are lucky. Glad you found your Zeep box. I "think" I only have one of hers left. Debra...I was just noticing the slightly grayish cast to the ceilings on the day I saw the soot in the candle shade. Ugh. With so many candles in inventory, I have no time for that. Lol. Glad kitty is doing well....I'm hoping her memory of it fades soon. Susan....you are on a mission...lots of good sounding scents! Michele...thanks about the concerts. I hope you are still feeling good and making progress. Last night and this morning is Gingerbread Man by Savannah Blue. I haven't liked the smell in my house but I couldn't figure out if it's the wax or my dinner. Better change it's up! So now it's going to be Dessas Candy Cane Snowball Cookies Wax Workshoppe Captain Crunch French Toast Have a good day!
  14. Yay Michele!! I'm so glad you are on your own and using a cane! Amy...so sorry to hear you have to stay on the road a bit longer than expected....but Friday is only 1 day away! Thanks about the shows....fingers crossed for tomorrow! Debra....oh dear! That sounds like a very tough job! How did it work out??? Was burning a lot of candles yesterday for the weekly dinner at home. BBW Fresh Balsam.... Goosecreek Night Before Christmas.... Goosecreek Classic Christmas Tree BHG Cut Frasier...I love this scent but it turned my candle shade black. Ew. Think I may toss this....all the other candles burned sooo clean. Have a great day.
  15. Oh....I have so many that I love but my top ones are: Charlie Brown's Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Year Without A Santa Claus (Love Heat Miser and Snow Miser), Rudolph (Love Hermey & Yukon Cornelius), Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Love Burgermister Misterburger), The Santa Clause and Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol....and....Its a Wonderful Life. And that's just the top ones...lol. Oh...that scent sounds yucky. Very yucky. I would say that anything with peanut butter would make me gag. I have had scents that I chuck before they even melt but I can't think of them now. The person below me has a favorite Christmas scent.
  16. Hello! Oh Debra....that Mint Shaving Cream sounds wonderful!! And good going on that ban! Amy...the first concert went perfectly...even with 2 sick with the flu and 1 with stage fright! Couldn't be happier! Lots of great scents going in your hotel! Actually, the honey in the Sage Leaf and Honey tart ruined it for me. I love sage but honey is tricky. Today is SGA Blue Spruce Homespun Sugar...love it! Have a great evening! Hope your knee is doing well Michele!
  17. Ohhh that's a good question....and ya know now I've gotta know yours!! Let me think....yes! It's Dominic the Donkey....I just can't. (And I do like donkeys) The person below me has a "most hated" scent.
  18. Good evening! Thanks Amy. I do love it when the house is decorated....but things are so crazy these days so not home much to enjoy it. Ugh. Tomorrow is my first concert of the three we do. Here's hoping.Two weeks till some relaxation for you....hopefully without any fevers!! A massive over buying you say? Nahhh....never heard of that. Sharon...thanks for the update on the candle. And curry, you say?? Looooove curry! Tonight is...Colonial Candle Sage Leaf and Honey Have a good evening!
  19. I have only tried it once and I don't hate it. The person below me has a winter car scent in their car right now. ( I just put Balsam & Cedar in mine and it makes me )
  20. Good Morning All! Debra...I hope you had fun! Michele...the Peppermint Marshmallow candle sounds wonderful....I think I'm going to burn something like that today! I'm glad you are doing well! Amy...Thanks! The PFB scent was wonderful....sadly, it seems she's now OOB. I am sad that so many vendors I love keep closing up shop. That hot candle is pretty scary! Be careful!! Sharon....ohhhh.....what does Bluebell Woods smell like? Well...since I've finally completed my Christmas decorating...I can play the music and warm the scents. Yesterday and this morning is... Sweater Weather/Cranberry Salsa/Bayberry Forest by Ten Digit......another OOB that I didn't even know about when I ordered in October. I would have bought more. Have a great day!
  21. Good evening! Just got home from my work Christmas party...lots of fun. Amy...sounds like a lot of fun....and you have a quick mind!! However...I got none of them! (Good going Debra!) Clever girls. I've been melting Nancy's wax in Pumpkin Friendship Bread....delicious. Goodnight all.
  22. Hello All! Congrats on the title Susan!! I just can't get off the couch....what a big blob I am being. I have so many things to do....yet....here I sit. Yep....pretty much a wasted evening...but in my defense...I'm exhausted...haven't been sleeping well Michele....sorry to hear about your cough...could it be from the anesthesia? But very happy about your progress! Yahoo! Amy...Looks like you had a fun evening last night...I love trivia! Honeybear....glad your DD is coming home early. I know she must be disappointed because her expectation was very different from reality but she'll come up with a new dream to pursue....there are so many! Its still the same tarts going. I must admit the 8 hour shutoff has been messing up my schedule. Usually when they go all night there's not much scent left in the morning...now I can keep turning it on 3-4 times...which takes days. Upstairs it's Colonial Candle Falling Leaves "I really need to decorate for Christmas"....she said as she rolled over.
  23. Yes...I have a few but not many. The person below me owns a snowblower.
  24. Happy Sunday. Michele...very happy to hear you are doing better today. One day at a time, right? At least sleeping in your own bed should be one step closer to norm. Nice of hubby to change up your warmers. And great news about your brother!! Amy...awwww.....yes, the weeks fly right by when you don't want them to! But if you want to go home... Let's hope the next 3 weeks go quickly. Btw....that conversation with your candle.... Debra....you are amazing putting that warmer out for kitty!! Words gonna get around about the new Kitty Bed & Breakfast...expect more customers! This morning it's all VRC... Pumpkin Spice Latte, Cinnamon Bread & Fall Nights Have a nice day.
  25. I didn't realize I've been gone for quite a bit. Hello all and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Michele....I am hoping you're feeling better each day And I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Praying. Amy....hoping you are back to 100% and feeling well! Sorry about that flu...no fun! Susan...have you had good luck with your OPT? Sad it's your last one? Debra...glad you had a lovely Friends/Thanksgiving! Starflower...yes...the cold is coming for sure. Today started off brutal but by 2 it warmed up a bit. Been melting my Nellies Acres Pumpkin Pancakes....absolutely delicious. Have a good evening!
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