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  1. Good Morning. Thanks Susan...it makes me sad. But hopefully some good can come out of this fund! I'm glad you called out of work...lots of accidents from this snowfall!!! This morning it's Golden Willow Wax in Lovejoy Bakery - Pinterest Christmas, Sunday Pastries and Snickerdoodle...yum. Have a nice Saturday.
  2. Hello All! I wanted to let you guys know that I put up a GoFundMe for our old friend "Sweet&spiceygrl". She is having some troubles and could really use some help. Anything would be appreciated and Prayers are great too! I will include the link to the site and if you could pass it on, that would be wonderful! Thank you Cyn for allowing me to post this here! https://www.gofundme.com/f/our-dear-friend-is-in-financial-troubles?sharetype=teams&member=7430742&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=0ba0e21a1bb94baab75684c915ed4f3a
  3. Hello! We also got about 6 inches but with the sleet on top of it, it has crushed a bit. Spent the morning digging out my Dad and his neighbor (my childhood friends mom- her mom and my dad still live in the same homes...lol) Michele...that Father Christmas sounds AMAZING! I see it's EA...of course...lololol. Today has been Gingerbread Ice Cream by The Melting Duck Have a good one.
  4. Good Morning!I really hope it snows! (As long as nobody has to drive through it!) Amy...thanks about Cannoli! She continues to eat hair she finds on the floor and it gets "stuck"....the vet said....don't let her eat hair as though we are feeding it to her. I think I'm gonna have to start sweeping every hour. Ugh. I'm glad you had a sweet VR retirement celebration! I'm sure everyone is going to miss you terribly! As for that Jack Frost....it went all day long! So pleased with this company! A secret gem! I've just been visiting the site but I just CAN'T! Lolol Michele...sounds like lots of great scents going! So exciting with all the planning! Sharon...I hope the weather changes for you! I love a good rainstorm but too much rain is....too much!! I'm still melting the Jack Frost, but I'm gonna change it up. Now it's an oldie...from 2016....Christmas Donuts and Eggnog by Taras Candle Cottage. This is already smelling strong and it just started....it's been too long since I ordered from her. Have a good day and stay safe!
  5. Hello! Thanks Sharon....she is having some issues eating hair....ugh....but otherwise doing very well. It's a gift from a sweet pal...Jack Frost by The Burning Mitten...peppermint and vanilla. This is wonderful and so strong. I am really loving this company!
  6. Good Afternoon... Oh that sounds lovely Michele! You did have some wonderful weather! I hope she got a lot of helpful gifts since she'll be needing two of almost everything! Its LBC in a waffle of Frosted Sugar Plums...it really smells lovely....and a nice fruity change. Have a great day.
  7. Morning. It's EA Hinoki Winter- butter mint, garden greens and iced peppermint Have a nice day.
  8. Good Morning. Thanks Michele...she's looking a bit better today...especially after her meds. Hopefully each day will bring her closer to normal. I was surprised by the lack of throw from RM too! This morning it's 1803 Pine Needles and Berries....all I smell is cranberry and cinnamon...which is fine but strange because of the name. Lol Have a good one.
  9. Happy Friday. It's super quiet around here. Sadly, the RM didn't do much...surprising for sure. This morning it's Blue Me Away by Ten Digit -Blue Sugar, Blackberry, Frankincense and Peppermint. Sad this vendor is OOB...may try to recreate this blend next year. And from a sweet pal...Christmas Story and Grinch from UTC. Smells amazing! Thank you! Have a nice day.
  10. Good Afternoon all....it's been a tough night. Poor little Cannoli had her spaying done yesterday and she's having a tough time. Gotta run back to the vet for stronger meds. Poor baby! I put on my Rainbow Melts Yuletide - palo santo, Christmas tree and fireside. Sounds amazing but shockingly enough I can't smell anything. I added the rest of the bar so I'll see how it goes. Have a good day....off to the vet.
  11. Oh yes we have a Charlie Brown tree....right now as a matter of fact! We went to the farm to get some boughs of evergreen and there were some tiny pitiful trees. Briana wanted to pick up one so we picked the worst one...that no one else would want and brought it home. It's sideways and looks to be leaning over with less branches on the back but I think it looks pretty good dressed up. I love your story about Japan and I can just imagine your sweet tree! Nope...I don't wear hats much so I don't have a favorite. Maybe that's the problem. The person below me has seen some snowfall this season. (It's currently flurrying here. )
  12. Good Afternoon and thank you Sharon and Amy regarding the pup. She is currently at the vet getting spayed. What a week for that poor girl. I'm happy that they are letting us take her home today...I hated to leave my previous dog there overnight...so scary for them after surgery. Susan...lucky you! I love snow...as long as I don't have to drive a sedan through it. Sharon...my son just told me today that you guys are first in line with the vaccine! That's great news! And to think William Shakespeare was second in line...lololol. . Amy...how wonderful about your new floors! And perfect timing to beat! Any particular shade you are liking? Today it's some wonderful mint scents from the UTC sampler a pal sent...Peppermint Marshmallow Bean Noel, Peppermint Lavender Pink Sugar & Blueberry coconut Peppermint. And upstairs it's Mrs Claus Christmas by Wax Workshoppe. Have a great day.
  13. Good Morning! Oh gosh Michele....I'm so glad your daughters puppy was ok! Yes, they are like little babies for sure! I understand what you mean about accumulating Christmas scents! LololI only melt them for about a month and a half but I end up with enough to last a year...they're just sooooo good! Yesterday was Candy Cane Cupake by LBC...surprisingly not very powerful. Everything from them has been pretty strong and with this being a mint scent...I'm surprised. This morning it's Rarified Air by Golden Willow Wax - Douglas Fir, Sun on Snow, Pendleton, Santa Lane and Beach Hair. I this one! Have a nice Tuesday.
  14. Thanks Amy. She was also shivering which was really scary. I think figured out what it was. She got into someone's garbage and was chewing on a cotton ball that had been used for polish remover. Why??? It's smells horrible. We all need to be careful about closing doors now. Congrats you on your last two weeks! Yay! I hope you have a pleasant two weeks with no drama and can truly appreciate it.
  15. Good Sunday to you...I hope everyone is well. Thanks Amy and Michele. I do hope I'll be working with a nice group of people. Fingers crossed. Had a scary day yesterday. Was out in the morning but when I got home our little puppy threw up a little bit...not too worrisome since she tries to eat pine cones and sticks and bugs (ew)....we are always chasing her around getting things out of her mouth. But then she went to sleep and seemed exhausted for hours. Didn't care who walked into the room (usually she greets everyone like she hasn't seen them in years although she saw them 5 minutes ago) Hard to know what she may have gotten into with the DH "watching" her and Christmas decorations out. Didn't have a fever or any more digestive issues but when I was about to call the vet she rallied and seemed fine. Since people are up at all hours and in and out of the house all night around here...I thought she just could have been truly exhausted. I'm glad she is perky and fine this morning, but I was pretty nervous seeing her so lethargic. Today is The Melting Duck in Something Christmas This Way Comes Have a good day.
  16. Thanks Michele. Tonight it's a gift from a sweet Pal...Merry & Bright from The Burning Mitten...so happy to try this new-to-me vendor! It's smells amazing ! Goodnight all.
  17. Happy Friday. Just got back from a 5 mile walk through the rain. Warming up. Still melting Mistletoe Kisses by 1803...just freshened it up with new wax. Upstairs it's a gift from a pal...Jack Frost by Nellies Acres. Strong peppermint scent...thank you friend! Have a good day.
  18. Oh I'm pitiful. I'm always up for learning a new board or card game...the problem is remembering how to play once it's over. My brain. My uncle would always play penny poker with my siblings and I when we were young...it was so fun and a great memory. I would have loved to see you dealing cards with the firemen...lol. The person below me has purchased a "Charlie brown Christmas tree" at some point.
  19. Good Evening! Awww...Sharon..I was wondering where you’ve been!!! Glad to see you posting..lol. Are you melting? Michele...I’m sorry about your daughters nausea. That’s so uncomfortable when your expecting. And I’m sorry that you are having trouble melting in your home now...that does sound like a beautiful scent. Amy...sounds like you’ve been busy, busy, busy!! It should be nice getting some time at home before you’re big day!!! The Wax Workshoppe threw nicely considering is pretty old. It’s from 1803 today...Mistletoe Kisses! I am going back to work in January. Full time in another preschool. Looking forward to it.
  20. Adorable Thread title Michele!! Its SGA Candy Cane Vanilla Delicious Sugar Cookies from a sweet pal and... Wax Workshoppe Fresh Cut Wood and Fire Roasted Marshmallow Smelling wonderful here. Goodnight all.
  21. Good Afternoon All! Michele...that blend sounds like a keeper! Lol This morning it's been LBC Christmas Cabin....nice scent. Decorated the house but still need to do outside and the tree. Nice and easy makes me less stressed.
  22. Yes! I usually have a variation of evergreen type burning at Christmas time...I currently have one Fraser Fir one and two Pumpkin Muffin ones. One of the PM ones has a flame that's so big it emits smoke! I can't get it to burn low like the other one. Ugh. I do not have a roomba. My Dad has one although it seems to be sitting in the corner covered in dust. Do they work? When I think of them I think of Wayne Szalinski from Honey I Shrunk the Kids...lol. The person below me like to play cards.
  23. Thanks Cyn! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! I'm going to decorate today....at least inside since it's raining cats and dogs outside. With that being said....out comes the Christmas wax! Its gifties from a sweetie today...and it smells soooooo good in here! UTC Peppermint Vanilla Lace, Strawberry Peppermint & Peppermint Marshmallow Serendipity Bread from the Peppermint Sampler! Thank you so much....this creamy peppermint is mouth watering! Upstairs it's Indian Paintbrush by Tuscaderos...still going strong. Have a great day!
  24. Good Sunday Morning! Rewarming the Wicked Wax Studio's House In the Woods - strawberries, balsam, almond, vanilla and musk. The combo is unique but lovely. Perfect for this cold Fall day. Amy...haven't hit any sales except Empire Alchemy but even there...I'm stalling. Marshmallow Mint sounds delicious! Have a great day all.
  25. Lolololol....I need to copy your tactics! My life would be easy street! We never had cable when I was a teen. My parents refused when it came out...everyone had MTV and Nickelodeon but we had PBS. My Dad put an antenna in the attic that we could spin remotely to face wherever the signal was coming from. Pretty cool actually. Yes, I wrote a lot of poetry as a youngster. Teen angst and all. The person below me currently owns a wood wick candle.
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