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  1. Hello! I forgot to post for a few days. It been Lavender Martini Sweet Lavender by Wax Workshoppe from a sweet friend...love it and still going upstairs. Downstairs it's Peace in the Grass by OPT...really this. Have a great Tuesday.
  2. Good Morning. Amy...I'm glad to hear you had a nice birthday! ???? It's Zeep Clean Shave this morning. Have a good day all. ;)
  3. Enjoy your outing today Amy! It sounds lovely! Can't smell a thing today...when SB stops throwing...it really quits. Lol Think I'm gonna look for coconut... Ok it's GWW - Coconut Bra...raw coconut and SSA...wonderful. Forgot I had this. ???? Have a good one. :)
  4. Yes! Wig helmet here! The person below me will be ordering some wax this weekend.
  5. Hello All! Busy, busy, busy. I'm so glad it's Friday! Picking the girls up from school tomorrow! Don't know where we will put all their stuff since the downstairs is full of my wreath making supplies! Biolaeagles....I'm sorry to hear about your sons staph...I hope he's back to school and feeling better! Did he get a wicked fever as well? Amy...welcome home! Glad you got your fix of coconut....now you got me itching for it too! Aria...yup, sometimes a coffee scent is just what the doctor ordered...I haven't been melting enough of those lately! And I totally agree regarding the insane price of college books! My kids rent them if possible when they don't think they'll want to keep it. So tonight is SB Delphina - bubblegum, Cotton Candy & pineapple. Yum. ???? Upstairs it's Kae in Blue Fluffy Pillows from a sweet CF pal. Thanks! ???? Have a great night.
  6. Hello! to your DD Honeybear! Aria...aww....it is definitely so nice when the kids come home! Hope you were able to get your walk in. Michele...that Smurfs in the kitchen is amazing! Susan...Happy sounds like great sounding scent. Amy...lucky you getting to eat pancakes! Yum. Your scents sound great too! Tonight it's Water The Melons by Scarlet Raine...nice one. Goodnight all.
  7. ????? Yes....Pistachio or Mint Chocolate Chip...although I've developed an allergy to dairy recently and can't eat it. :( The person below me keeps fresh flowers in their house.
  8. Good Morning! Rainy and yucky here. Staring the day with Ava's - Blueberry Maple Pancakes. Wish I had some real ones. Have a good one. :)
  9. Yes Honeybear...I thought it was very strange that I didn't smell anything but the lavender. Maybe I had an overdose of lavender throughout the house so it took over. In any event, it was lovely. Glad you had a #1 kind of day! Yay, Sharon...glad you like your new hairdo and you had a relaxing day! Michele...sounds like a super dinner tonight with all the kids... I'm sure you are having a ball. Have fun tomorrow! I did enjoy those coffee scents...I don't melt them as much as I used to but really love them when I do. Amy..yes..it sure was coffee day but it's time for a change! SGA - Sick Day...beautiful...Citrus, Sage, lavender & spearmint SB - Blue Sugar Ribbon Candy... :wub: Ashland - Coconut Sea Salt...a forgotten fav...may try to get some more tomorrow! Goodnight all.
  10. No, I don't think so. My younger sister got me started and my SIL only burns candles....so I think I've only influenced people outside of my family. ???? The person below me owns a paper shredder.
  11. Good Morning! Have fun Debra! This morning it's coffee scents... Zeep - Flat White FP - Coffee with Spice and Cream Both from sweet pals....thanks! Swanky - Butter Cream Coffee Have a great day! ;)
  12. Hello! Ok...now that song is stuck in my head! Welcome home Amy! Yes, that Mars Rover was excellent! I know to order that next time! How sweet of your hubby to tidy up! Sharon...hope you like your haircut and enjoyed the meet up! Tonight it's Swanky - Lavender Icebox Cookie Cream Cheese Frosting ....honestly, all I smell is lavender....but definately not a bad thing. Have a nice evening. :)
  13. Good Evening! It got up to 80 degrees today which was odd since the morning started off sooo chilly! Thankfully, no fog here although it seems to have been everywhere else. Really enjoyed the heat although....so weird. Oh Biolaeagles...I'm so sorry to hear about your food poisoning! How horrible! I'm glad you are making a turn for the better! Turning back on the melters..all gifties... Homemade Lavender Blue...wonderful!!! SGA - Mars Rover...so goooooooddddd! Rockets - Aaron's Blue Cosmic Cotton Candy...yummmmmy! Thank you!
  14. Oops! Sorry Sharon! Was trying to wait for more people to vote! Only two this month. :( Cute title Aria! And good morning to all! I've been melting that SGA Jack the Clipper since Sunday morning....it just kept going! Amazing. I've been turning the warmers off for work so I haven't gotten into a new groove yet. I'll figure it out...but I did put on Zack Morris by the Bunny Sisters upstairs...strong and wonderful scent. This may be a "keeper" company...still researching. LOL Glad to see you Biolaeagles! Susan...12 hour shifts? That's tough...you are a hard working woman! Amy...yes, back to work and Honeybear...no terrible damage from the woodpecker....although we did get the exterminator to check things out since he was trying to find breakfast in the eaves! Debra...I know! The beaks on those birds is UNBELIEVABLE! The day they leave is like No new scents this morning. Have a good day! :)
  15. Thanks to Aria for this months Thread Title! What are you burning/melting this May?
  16. Good Sunday Morning! Hi Biolaeagles! I hear ya...love the fall scents all the time. Mpfand... Yay! Glad the garage sale went well! Debra...looks like things are all better now...weather, walks and waxies... Michele...really? 4 squares only equal one ounce? Wow...that is amazing! Thanks for the info! Amy...I'm happy to hear you made it to the cabin and hope all is well there. It sounds like the perfect place for some peace. Those woodpeckers may be pretty but the sound of their pecking is "something else". We had one that must have found some insects in the eaves of our last home and when he started pecking, the entire house vibrated and the sound was deafening. Usually at 5am. Even the ones that find an old tree in the woods....it's soooo loud! They must have some beak! So this morning it's Jack the Clipper by SGA...(great idea Amy!) Have a wonderful day!
  17. You know it! It's been almost 8 weeks and I'd like to keep going. We shall see. The person below me has a solar window dancer.
  18. Good Saturday Morning! Mpfand...best of luck to you with that garage sale! I've never had one although they are very popular here! Michele...glad that your beach house is ready for you as soon as the weather turns! Debra...sorry to hear that it's cold at the beach, the Internet is sketchy, and you forgot your WAXIES????? I hope you found some good ones to buy! Plus...Amy is right...just seeing and hearing the beach would make me a happy gal! Hope you enjoy! ;) Amy...welcome back! Will you be off again on Monday? Your scents sound divine! The week went quickly...kinda boring. I wish I knew other people that had the week off...my only other teacher friend went to Florida. It seemed like a lot of folks traveled this week...even the roads were less crowded. I absolutely love the sound of the Wood Thrush although I haven't heard him yet this year. It's funny...I don't know the names of the birds ---until you tell me! ;) ---but their calls are near and dear to my heart. I've always lived with woods behind me and hearing them brings me happiness and calm. This morning is CFTKR Salted Cantaloupe..love it! And from some sweet pals... Rose Girls Frosted Blueberry Hill Peeps Cake Scented Squirrel Fantasia (Sweet Lavender Italian Cream Cake) CBV Safari Sunset They ALL smell amazing! Have a great day!
  19. Good Morning! It's a cooler rainy day here as well, Sharon. Blech. May switch to some rainy day scents next. Valerie...glad you had a sweet "date night" with the hubby even though you were too full for the carrot cake. . Best wishes to your friend...I went through a similar experience 3 years ago...hope her tests come back clean. Amy...Safe travels to you, my dear! A last look at the ocean sounds wonderful. Not sure about what I would look for in a summer job...something no stress...just to keep busy. Last summer with the girls home...so I may wait till next year. Idk. Susan...did you have off this week as well? This morning it's lemons, lemons, lemons. CFTKR Iced Lemon Biscotti from a sweet pal...love it! The Scented Squirrel Fruit Loops & Lemon Cookies from a sweet CF pal...yummy! Homemade Raspberry Lemon Colada Cake from a talented CF pal...delicious! Thanks! My house smells sooooo good! Added Merman from the Bunny Sisters upstairs. Wonderful. Have a great day. :)
  20. Nope...not for me. Too many fears in that hobby. Snorkeling was my limit. The person below me opens their blinds/curtains/shades first thing every morning.
  21. Good Morning! Thanks Michele...although as usual...after a few days I'm getting bored. I got some stuff done and I've got more but it's boring stuff...I like to be up and moving. Hmmmm....I may look into a part time summer job. And I don't blame you for wanting to stay out of the car! Btw, When do you usually open up the beach house? Debra...awww....poor little guy..or girl? Coyotes? Yikes...I bet you've got a good plan of action after doing this so many times. These little guys are lucky they came to your house! Mpfand...mmmm...cantaloupe. My favorite...think I'm gonna go looking for a cantaloupe scent! Today it's Woofwix Grapefruit & Citrus Tobacco Musk...unique and I love it! Wish I bought more than one. Ugh. Savannah Blue Sunshine on my Shoulders Upstairs it's OPT The Cleaning Fairy Have a good day.
  22. Valerie!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! Debra...I hope kitty comes out soon. How long does it usually take for them? Michele...oh my gosh...5 hours? I can only imagine the worry about not making it after all that time in the car. I'm glad you ended up being able to pay your respects...and glad you got home safely. Aria...listening to podcasts is a great idea. I would think that time would go by very quickly then. So exciting about getting your son a car! I'm sure he'll be very happy! Sharon...ahhh...filthy cars are not fun! Hope it's not as bad as you anticipate. Amy...yikes...till Friday? That stinks.But glad you brought enough wax...as though you may not have.... It's Ramble On this morning...lovin it but the name was rubbed off the label. It's fruity and delicious. Have a good day.
  23. That's funny....actually I love paper maps since I'm very visual. It took me a while to adjust to GPS and I'm still not a big fan. If I'm traveling, I have to look at the route ahead of time or I feel stressed. The person below me keeps blankets on their couch for extra cozy times.
  24. Good Morning! It looks like a beautiful day outside! Amy...sorry about the longer work week but hopefully not too much longer! Honeybear...so glad you got to visit with DD! Last night I ended up putting on SB Pink Pear Coconut Milk which should have been great if I could smell it. I am thinking her stuff needs a solid 3 month cure! So this morning a gift from a sweet CF pal... ScentSationals Cedar & Lavender... Great blend! Thanks! Have a nice day. :)
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