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  1. Good Morning! Been melting some goodies the past two days... First it was Apple Sage by Destination Wax from a sweet friend. Great scent! Then late last night and this morning it's "If You Llama Be My Lover" by Birdies Making Scents - Blueberry, Blue Sugar and Marshmallow Fluff. I love blueberry and blue sugar...it reminds me of a wonderful blend from Haley's Heavenly Scents. This is in an adorable blue and white llama shape. So darn adorable. Have a great Sunday.
  2. Hey Cat!!! A wonderful blast from the past! Great to see you! Happy Saturday all! Rewarming the Tranquil for now.
  3. TGIF! Trying a new to me vendor....Wicked Esscents in Tranquil -lemongrass, lilac, patchouli sugar. So far, so good. (Thanks for the reco Debra!) Have a good evening.
  4. I used to do needlepoint. I haven't in a while. The person below me (remembers to) put body lotion on every day. (LOL Can you guess who forgets?)
  5. Hello all.... Quick post before work. I haven't been online much at all. However, I have changed the warmers twice. Amy...I'm so sorry to hear about Moses!!! Oh gosh...there's always something with our fur babies! I hope that cough is gone for good and so happy to hear his leg seems to be good as new! I am amazed that you are throwing candles away... Michele...that scent sounds like a keeper! It was a gift from a pal...Ava's Leaves. Thank you! Yesterday I finally changed them...OPT Winter...very menthol-y to me. Have a nice day.
  6. Good Morning! Its Destination Wax in Lavender Coconut upstairs from a sweet pal...thanks! And downstairs it's Goosecreek in Teakwood and Cinnamon. I ordered a bunch of hand lotions and soap and one candle and the candle arrived in pieces so I cut it up. Goodnight all.
  7. Thanks Michele...I think I'll wait until the weekend...although I'm having trouble seeing through my bangs...lololol. Changing up the scents...Blue Sugar, Sweet Lavendar, Cashmere, Cedar by L3....smells incredible on cold...can't wait until warmed. Have a nice night.
  8. Thank you Michele! Good Morning and Happy Hump Day. Last night it was Distilled Moonlight by Empire Alchemy - blackberries, aspen caramel woods, sage leaf. I'm needing a haircut once again...this short hairdo is growing like a weed. Trying to grow it out but it's looking like a mop....maybe I'll give it a trim and see what happens. This should be fun. Have a good day all.
  9. It's Monday. Boy, these weekends go fast. Last night it was Little Blue Coops in Plymouth Rock - orange zest, apple, spiced cranberry and cinnamon sugar. Wonderful. Have a good day.
  10. Good Afternoon! Glad to see you post Amy! Sounds like you've got lots going on! It would be nice to keep the good stuff and erase the bad. Hope little Moses is feeling better! Michele...So happy to hear the babies are doing well! Today it's Ten Digit Creations in my own blend...Christmas in the Woods (Bah Humbug, Marshmallows By the Fire, Vanilla Woods) Upstairs it's a gift from a pal...I've been enjoying this for days...VCS Fangtasia (patchouli, cinnamon and cedar) Thanks! Have a great day.
  11. Good Morning... TGIF!!! Michele...I also enjoy laundry blends...I used to dislike them. It's funny how our tastes change over time. Melting from a Christmas Movie Sampler from a sweet pal... Home Alone, Klaus and Christmas Vacation....all smell Thanks! Have a nice day. (Amy...I miss reading your posts too!)
  12. Good Morning All and Happy Hump Day. Susan...glad you are able to enjoy your family during this difficult time. We will get through this eventually. Sharon....oh...THE DUST...it's everywhere! Ugh....I know....I've vacuumed and dusted and I'm still finding evergreen needles too. At least my house gets a good cleaning after Christmas. Lol Michele...what a cute name for a tart....isn't that a children's book? Amy...hope you are well and enjoying your well deserved time off!! Ive finally changed the warmers...Empire Alchemy Phoenix Down (guaiac wood, cinnamon sticks, amber, hay, red delicious apple, dry grass) something about this struck me as holiday scent...don't know why. I just looked up Guaiac wood and it's from the Palo Santo tree aka "the tree of life"....I didn't know that. Have a good day.
  13. Morning. Its RG Snow Kingdom from a sweet pal... Smells wonderful! And Empire Alchemy Charred Woods- rosewood, smoked berries, ginger and frankincense. Have a great Sunday. Gonna pack away my decorations today...always hate how bare the house looks afterwards.
  14. Greetings All...Happy New Year! Thanks Michele! I'm hoping for a better year too! Since yesterday it's been Ava's Strawberry Peppermint Carnival and The Burning Mitten's Peppermint Stick...both from sweet pals! Thanks! Time for a change...L3 Black Jack Randall/Geneva - Forbidden Fruit, Sweet Chocolate Orchids, Lord of Misrule & Blackberry Vanilla Bean. Have a good year!
  15. Hello all. Thanks Sharon! It's sounds absolutely beautiful by you! All of our old snow has melted away so I'm ready for some more. It's Wax Workshoppe Amish Quilt...I always forget how much I love this fragrance. The man is supposed to finally fix the oven today. The part finally came in. It's been nuts trying to function without an oven for this long...especially at the holidays. Have a good one.
  16. January's Happy New Scents 2021: Champagne Toasts & Waxie Posts Smells Like New Years Eve
  17. Lololol.....yes, how'd ya guess? My daughter spilled an entire glass of red wine on her carpet. It's white. No, but someone bought some for me for Christmas! Minnetonka slip ons. The person below me prefers bagging gifts to wrapping them.
  18. Good Afternoon! Congrats and very exciting Amy! I am shocked at how fast that went! It feels like yesterday when you first mentioned it. It will be so fun...you have plenty to keep you busy and we will be done with this "way of life" soon enough and the real fun begins!! Thinking of traveling or are you traveled out? Thanks about the new job. Michele...it's been so long since I've had RG and these are soooo strong and really wonderful blends! Nice scents ladies. Its Semo today...Orange Cranberry Muffin...smells incredible cold but not smelling much hot. Maybe they need more time...I was impatient. They are large Christmas lights...tooooooo cute. Have a good one.
  19. Good Morning...I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!! That sounds nice Michele....a little rest after all the hub-bub. I'm looking forward to that. It's been non stop here. I have off for the week so I'll be cleaning like crazy...probably take down the decorations early cause I'll have the time. It's EA Peppermint Sugar Cookies...mmmm. I love it but not as good as UTC....hers are truly spectacular. Have a great day!
  20. Good morning all I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! This morning its a gift from a sweet Cf pal...Koopa klaus is coming to town by RG. This smells amazing! Thank you! Have a great day!
  21. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a better new year! It's been EA Pink Christmas Tree for Christmas Eve and this morning- cotton candy frosting, blue spruce, pink candy canes & woods.
  22. Our poor little tree is so dry that I'm afraid if we turn on the Christmas lights it will burst into flames. It's seriously a tree just like Charlie Brown...it's just nailed into an X of wood....no way to water it and we got it almost a month ago. LOL No, I did not make a snow angel this time. The person below me is good at getting stains out of carpets.
  23. Hello All. Thank you Michele. Its been the UTC Peppermint Sampler from a sweet pal...Peppermint Sugar Cookies, Spearmint Peppermint Twist and Peppermint Cotton Candy Summer Scoop. This is amazing. Thank you. Goodnight
  24. Good Evening All. I agree Michele...she was always a pleasure! I miss her loads. First day of work at the new school...it has been a long day...I have a splitting headache. Gonna take some Tylenol and head off to bed. No melting for me today. Have a good evening all.
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