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  1. Hello All! Michele...wow...your daughters big day is almost here! How wonderful! Are you almost all ready? I hope the fitting went well...what color did you pick? Thanks for the info regarding the Moose Ears...lol. It sounds good....and that Woodstock Boogie is one of my favs! So, what did you think of Little Women? I saw it last week. Amy...Thanks...he finally got in to the GP today...so long to wait but that's just the way it is. I Love that Radiant Red Maple too.....it was very unexpected and wonderful. so...it's time to change the melters....hmmm ...
  2. Hello All. Oh no Susan...I hope all is ok with you! We will all miss your posts! Debra...glad all is well in kitty world and he's your friend once again. And...to the Mum candle...that's totally something I would do too! Glad you finally lit it up! Michele...Moose Ear Eggnog? lol....What does that smell like? Well...today was one of those days where nothing went right. Hope tomorrow's better. At least it smells great....Radiant Red Maple by SGA. Have a great night.
  3. Good Morning! lol Sharon...an Elephant Ear is fried dough in a cookie/pastry with butter cinnamon and sugar that is shaped like a elephants ear. Glad it doesn't smell like a real elephant. I hope you had a lovely time celebrating your uncle. to him. This morning I felt like coffee scents... Apple Crisp Coffee from a sweet pal. Oogie Boogie (almond cookies, espresso, cherries and toasted coconut) by She Loves Cake. This was part of my CF game winnings a few years back and the wax is getting better each year. Delicious. Have a great Sunday.
  4. Interesting....I usually find some new music I like from our local community college radio but haven't really listened to the radio much lately. Probably the most recent "new to me" music is The Tedeschi Trucks Band (Made Up Mind). Lots of bluesy brass and great vocals. They've been around a while but I just found them over the summer. How about you? The person below me likes to redecorate their home every year.
  5. Good Morning Valerie...so sorry to hear your DH is still not feeling well. I hope the doctors can figure out what is going on and help him start feeling better soon!! Big hugs to you...and praying. Amy...glad you are home! It wasn't too cold this week....much better than last week. We got the kids out twice this week which isn't too shabby since it was a short week. It definitely helps. Michele...Lolol....that's how I feel about my wax....one more thing could blow the roof off! If I switch to B&B I'm in Bigggggggg trouble. I've done that before and I gotta be careful. This morning it's... Pumpkin Sugared Donuts by Crosscreek from a sweet pal....let me tell you this little tart is amazing! Throwing like a champ and I know she's been closed up for a bit so I am impressed! Now I really miss her! Elephant Ear by Avas...another oldie and throwing great. Have a good one.
  6. Oh yes....I love veggies and fruits! Lots and lots! And I can eat a few of those clementines too! The person below me owns a cat tree.
  7. Good Evening! Debra...glad your little kitty is doing better! And 2 months without a wax order? Good going! Amy...Bunny Hop = Gateway Drug You are toooo funny! However...I get ya. It can spiral for sure! Tonight it's a gift from a talented friend...Autumn Lodge...lovely. I hope you are well my friend. Goodnight
  8. Awww...thanks Amy! I love French toast too! And I've had a re-interest in Weird Al lately...some of his old stuff is hysterical....Smells like Nirvana....Lololol. I just use a handy old ice scraper. Nothing fancy...probably costs 5 bucks....but tbh I park in the garage so I rarely use it. The person below me likes to eat a fruit every day.
  9. Good Wednesday Evening! Amy...oh so true....this weather is so crazy! I can't believe the forsythia bushes were blooming already!! They're early bloomers but not this early! I must say my CFOW has been throwing great...the ones from yesterday were samples in my recent order...(yes, I splurged...and again at SGA this fine evening..lol) so they may have had a nice cure time. I just peeked at IG and started to follow her...danger, danger. Those chunks are lovely! And thanks re my avatar. Tonight has been VRC Pumpkin Marshmallow, VRC Autumn Leaves, and SGA Ghosts and Goblins....smelling wonderful here. Goodnight
  10. I do like to make it...but nobody eats it. The person below me like Weird Al.
  11. Hello all. Amy...we sure do need outside time too! You are so busy...glad you are happy in the smaller room with the lovely ladies taking care of you! I don't know how you do it! I'm amazed at how great you're doing getting through the wax!! Debra...how did it go with Mr. Kitty? Hope he is recuperating well! Michele...glad to hear your PT is going great! I've been telling my DH about how well you're doing...he's supposed to get his done this year...probably closer to the summer so I can help him. Last night and today...all CFOW... Feed The Birds, Brand Walsh, Screech Goodnight
  12. Good Sunday Morning CC....hope you had a nice time at the birthday party! Sharon...love going to the local farms....always so much tastier! This morning its been BHG Berry Pumpkin...not sure I would have liked it by the name but it's delicious. Have a great day.
  13. Nope...even when I travel...which actually sounds like a good idea now that I think of it. LOL The person below me has a hidden talent.
  14. Hello, hello! TGIF! So happy to be back at work this week but the kids were sooooo jumpy! Yikes....I think they need some outside time even though it's sooo cold. Amy...yay for being home! Glad for you and getting new computers...nice! My Southbound melts were very strong and I believe they were the last of a giftie from last Christmas! Michele...thanks regarding the French Baguette...that sounds yummy. And what a cute name of your melt! Riff Raff? Lolol Sounds interesting! Candle Connoisseur....I just saw Goosecreek has a new chocolate candle out. You may want to take a peek. Its Rockets Perseus tonight....soooo strong and full of deep bakery scents. Delicious but almost too strong. Lol Have a nice evening!
  15. Hello and good morning! Debra...oh no...sorry to hear about little kitty! My Yorkie had terrible teeth and was always having intestinal issues. Once we got all almost all of her teeth removed, she was so much better! Good luck! And Battleship is- Stainless Steel (beach masculine scent), Blue Sugar, & Cotton Candy. In the upstairs warmer is Twisted Misters by VRC Have a great day!
  16. Yes...I usually do but I'm trying to get more sleep. My face is dripping off me due to the lack of it. Lol The person below me has used a tanning bed/spray.
  17. Hello All. Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks Candle Connosieur! I'll keep that in mind...I love a good sugar cookie scent! I'm still melting the same things in all of my warmers...it's about day 3...I think somethings gotta give. That's my only complaint about the automatic timer warmers....I don't have to go near them so by the time I remember to change them, they're off and hardened with wax so I say...tomorrow....and the circle begins. Somebody's lazy. So.... It's gonna be all Southbound tonight... Frosty, Snow Candy and Elf Treats
  18. Hello All! Debra...you are lucky to get snow....even a dusting. I want some snow sooooo bad.Gingerbread kettle corn....interesting!! Amy...those mountains sound lovely! Thanks re the hubby...he is doing good. It must be a little odd jumping back into the traveling after being off for a bit. I hope you feel refreshed and ready to go now! Your blueberry spearmint melts sound yummy. Michele...thanks re the DH too...all is well and I hope you are doing good as well! How's that French Baguette? Is it yeasty or doughy....although they sound like the same thing...lol. Candle Connoisseur...Hi! Although I've bought the Ashland candles and melts from Michaels in the past...I have never seen that scent! That's a new one to me. Tonight it's Battleship from CFOW.... Have a nice night.
  19. Nah...I think I'd rather work on it after everyone leaves. When they come over, it's their turn to relax. I'm usually chasing people out of my kitchen...lol. The person below me has a night light in a room. *** Not TMI at all! I love the breakaway bars too....it seems like a decent amount of wax in a shape that's sooooo easy to store AND much less garbage.
  20. Thanks Valerie and Debra....it went well...folks left around 2:30am but I was cleaning till 4:37 am. Debra...love the cinnamon scents on cold days. Sharon....that Sandalwood and Black Pepper scent sounds interesting! Valerie...so glad your DD will be much closer than before. I'm sure next time the visit will be better with no sickness! Its CFOW in Ugh...Men! (Blue Sugar, Fire Roasted Marshmallow, Sugar Cookie) Have a good one.
  21. Good Morning! Susan...I love Crossroads candles! I love their artwork candles and they throw wonderfully for me to boot! I hope you enjoy your new candle! Amy...I know...doesn't it go so quickly? Glad you may be able to wait until Tuesday to travel! Thank you about the party today...I do hope it is a success. Your IG Challenge sounds fun....and having the right scent probably isn't too difficult when you have a "large selection" to choose from...lol. Michele...best of luck today with your DDs bridal shower! This morning it's The Melted Duck in Naughty Noel...probably melting too soon but I was hankering for a smooth minty scent...let's see how it does. Have a great Saturday!
  22. Hmmmm.....well I bought some Chianti for the Italian theme....but I'll probably drink a cranberry grapefruit vodka drink. Not too exciting but it tastes good. The person below me has a favorite style of wax....shape, type, etc.
  23. Good Morning all....and thanks regarding the title, you guys! Sharon....I am mostly a seasonal melter although I love shaking things up once in a while. For me it's due to storage....I must take half of my inventory and store it away every six months (so my summer stuff is away now...I'll swap in Spring) or I won't have anywhere to keep it. My goal is to stop buying long enough to keep everything I own out and use from there...buying as I have room. Crazy that I have that as a goal...lol. Susan....yep....I remember too....Silver Bells is a good one! Yahoo, Michele....back to driving! You must be doing well! I'm sure some independence will feel so good! Amy...oh...thanks...lol! I'd love to be games captain...lol. Oh dear...I'm not building a pyramid...it's a 4' x 4' thin box that I've tried to make look like the board from the show with the red and orange boxes. We will see how it goes...lol. Savor your last days of vacation...do you head out Monday morn? The kids were so quiet yesterday and one fell asleep on the play mat. It's nice being back though. Gingerbread Man Melts by Nanas Tarts From a sweet CF pal Mulled Cider & Chestnut by Ten Digit Have a good one.
  24. Yes...I have a wick trimmer. The person below me is looking for some snow!
  25. Happy New Year to all!! We were sending HNY messages to family and my nephew is in CA so he had three more hours to go....however, when I woke up his messages were waiting for me from 3 am. The time difference is crazy. Thanks Re the title. It's a problem. Lol Debra...I don't know about energy but I love crafting so any excuse to build a $25,000 pyramid out of cardboard and paper is all I need. Lololol. Amy...if we can all manage to meet up together at some point...I'm bringing the games! My get together is Saturday...still have some odds and ends to finish up and then get the booze and food. Michele...enjoy your dinner today....and so exciting about Saturday! Yay! Does your DD know? I don't think the girls have surprises anymore...I guess they want to show up looking good....lol....not in my day!! This is pretty much what I looked like at my shower...lol. Well it's all gifties today and they smell great! Fireside by Nenes Victorian Christmas by PI Christmas Cabin by CFTKR
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