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  1. Yes...My favorite is cod although the twins...not so much. However, everyone loves flounder so I'm good with that. I'm not a big fan of a steak type fish...although I am the only one on that too. How about you? The person below me has seen a tornado first hand.
  2. Good Tuesday Morning. The Tropical Storm is here as I woke to my phone blaring that a tornado watch is in effect. We don't really get those here so my big worry is the wind gusts...hope they don't rip apart my gazebos and garden. Thank you regarding the thread title! You guys are sweet! Amy...that's a great idea. You can surely do it! I think I will join you in the 6 month hiatus. I have no room left for summer and my fall wax is full and has a lot of elderly tenants....I really have use them up. It does feel good knowing I am trying to get off the hamster wheel. Yesterday was.. SGA Beach Night Waffle Cone Cotton Candy Frosting, OPT Pool Towels, EA Blue Monday (Downey Blue and Blue Sugar) and Homemade Daredevil from a talented CF pal. Thank you! Smells so good! This morning it's...SGA The Perfect Storm- rain, ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, driftwood & waterlily. I hope ALL of our CF friends are safe and healthy. Missing some of you guys!
  3. Good Morning. I can't believe it's already August! I can't believe this whole thing started in March!! Crazy. This morning it's gifties from a sweetie... RG Thwomps and Goodnight Moon.....absolutely love them both! Thank you!! Sharon....it must be nice to have some normalcy. Glad you were able to go to the beach and get your nails done. Michele...I love that scent by VRC! I got that in my recent order! Amy...a day of music and guitar playing sounds wonderful! Sometimes that's just the perfect thing. And....yes, I sure do remember buying all of those loaves....Lolol! Have a good one all.
  4. Good Friday Morning...I can't believe it's Friday already! Finishing off CFOW Jack Sparrow...probably one of my favorites from her. Glad to be making a dent. And upstairs it's L3 in Ferris Buellers Day Off - driftwood, sea salt, oakmoss and amber. Wonderful! Have a nice day.
  5. Good Afternoon Susan...I've been peeking at Satin Suzie...it's been a long time since I ordered from her...but loved her stuff. Maybe it's a good thing she's only doing RTS right now. Its Queen of Hearts by VRC...strawberry preserves, wild berry mousse, vanilla waffle cone & sugar cookie dough bread. Finally finished the loaf. I bought so many loaves from her in 2018. Have a good day.
  6. Lolololol....ok....I'll do lavender ...you do blue! A flip? Ahhhh.....no.....I'm the gal holding her nose so the water doesn't get in!! As a kid I'd do under the water tumbles and always managed to get an ear infection. I'm that good. The person below me owns some type of grass plant. (I recently bought a citronella grass otherwise known as a mosquito grass and it's supposed to keep the mosquitos away...so far it's growing great...but not sure about the mosquito part. )
  7. Good Morning...another steamy day here. Can't complain. I like a nice hot summer and a snowy cold winter. Amy...that was what I found I was doing the first time I tried a melting basket...never found what I wanted in there. However, after seeing so much "old stuff" in the cabinet...I think it's a MUST for me. I gotta get these elderly tarts moving on. Taking a peek at WWS. So this morning it's an old Sniff My Tarts in Pistachio Pudding/Sweet Cherry & Pineapple/Cream Filled Cake. Very strong and delicious. Have a good day all.
  8. Good Afternoon all. Susan...I forgot all about Swan Creek! I think I have some of their stuff around here somewhere! Michele...glad you got that leak fixed. Water is a tricky little thing...pretty hard to find the issue sometimes! So this afternoon it's... Cleopatra from Savannah Blue...salty sea air, Cotton Candy and pink grapefruit. Have a good one.
  9. I never have colored my hair...I think I'd definitely color my hair funky if I was a bit younger. I like the look of it. And, yes, I pierced a second hole in my ear when it was "cool" to have two holes In one ear back in the old days. That hole never got infected and it never closed. Lol The person below me has a favorite month.
  10. Oh gosh...sorry to hear about that leak Amy!! I hope it's not too much to fix it up. We've had a leak under the refrig for years...I think the DH finally fixed it this time. Thank you re my laundry room catastrophe! Rewarming the melters with the same scents for now. It's nice to see some dent in my melting basket. I can't usually see any change when I just pull from the wax cabinet.
  11. Good Afternoon...it sure is hot today Michele! Nice scents going ladies! Here it's L3 Concrete Jungle - lemon, pears, pineapples, sage, cedar and sandalwood. I finally used up this jar...a wonderful scent but I need to get through stuff. This really smells so good! Upstairs it's a gift from a sweet pal...VCS Fangtasia- patchouli, cinnamon and cedar wood. Absolutely love this scent! Have a safe and lovely Monday.
  12. Good Afternoon to All! Forgot to post this morning...and forgot to change the warmers. It's been a crazy morning...the washer machine overflowed through the kitchen ceiling once again. I wish my laundry room wasn't upstairs!! I hate that! It seems like it would be convenient but if anything goes wrong your entire downstairs floods. Time for a new machine. I truly can not have this happen again. Its Empire Alchemy today...(thanks for the idea Michele!) Mermaid Potion & Camping at the Beach -ocean breeze, smoldering marshmallow, warm caramel woods, tobacco, vanilla crumb donut. Stay safe and have a beautiful Sunday.
  13. Good Afternoon.... Michele...I'm sorry to hear about your low throw/no throw wax. That always makes me angry! Sometimes they're too old and sometimes it really hasn't been too long at all. This morning it's... SGA Coinwash from a sweet pal...thank you! Smells great...cute name. VRC B.E.A.utiful - Sweet lavender, Mac Apple, whipped cream, sea breeze, back to the future (not sure what that is) Have a good day all.
  14. Good Afternoon All.... "HELLLLLOOOOO OUT THERE!" Sure is quiet around here lately. Hope everyone is doing ok. Its an oldie and a newbie today... Zeep's Juicy - watermelon, strawberry and honeydew Sassy Wax Melts's Peaches & Mint - not a big peach lover but the mint really changes things up...love it. Both doing great...Have a good one everyone.
  15. Good Afternoon All. It has been raining like crazy here...so heavy it almost looked like snow from the windows! But it's stopped for now...sun is peeking out until the next round comes by. In the melters today... RG Alice in Slumberland from a sweet pal. Thanks! Smells Satin Suzie in Once Upon A Dream Downstairs it's... Zeep Hello Sunday from a sweet pal. Thank you! Delicious! EA Hop To It - Dark Chocolate, Mocha Coffe & Blue Sugar ( a yummy sample) K's Cafe Swirl - this is sooooo old and is scenting amazingly! I miss these wax sticks. I think these are over 5 years old. Have a great Thursday All.
  16. "A Gust" Of Fragrance It's a Must to Melt in August!
  17. No..not me. I usually wear a raincoat if I must walk outside without getting wet....but I must admit my favorite way to walk in the rain is without any umbrella or coat. My friends and I live close to a major amusement park so when we were young we spent every summer day there and when it rained we just walked about normally. It sure does cool you off. The person below me has or would dye their hair a funky color.
  18. Good Wednesday Morning!!! Oh no Amy!!!! Those kind of days STINK!!! How long were you stuck? And “Hip Hip Hooray” for the DH!!!! I’m glad it ended up ok and your drive was beautiful! I love that Yosemite scent too!!! I am so crazy about EA and am glad you are too. This morning is another oldie from VRC but it’s throwing wonderfully... Treats from the Trolley...loads of fruity goodness. Thanks for the idea of a melting basket Amy...it really works to get some of my super old stuff melted!!! Have a good one!
  19. Hello, hello! Another hot one today! Amy...I hope you had a nice drive to WV! Sharon and Michele...I Pear scents! I think that's a scent that I loved from day one of my wax obsession and never grew tired of it. Finished up another loaf today...this one is super old but throwing like crazy! It's Scarlet Raine from 5/2017 but you'd never know it. Water the Melons - watermelon punch, watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. Have a good day.
  20. Good Morning! Sharon...that's so cool! I would love to see the space station up there! Actually, I'd love to see anything...I am surrounded by trees so I can't see the horizon at all so looking for Neowise is impossible. When I was younger I'd search the skies with my Dad...he has a very nice telescope. Might be time to do that again. This morning it's TBG Calypso from a sweet pal...just lovely...scenting my bedroom beautifully. Thank you! Downstairs it's EA in Another Day of Sun (pear, lemon sugar, butter cake and vanilla crumb donut) and Conch Shell Bread (lemon curd, sugar cookie, coconut milk and black cherry) Both smell amazing. I must admit I am crazy about this vendor. (And Aria...thank you for introducing me to her.) Hope all of you ladies are ok! Haven't seen a few of you in a while! Take care all.
  21. Lololol...no...I haven't although it sounds like a great idea considering the heatwave around here. It may just cool me off. I finally made myself a nice basket of what I need to melt this week...just like you do....now I may add a few colder month scents for fun. (Of course it was a necessity due to all my new orders not fitting in the wax cabinet....needed to keep some out..."why not make a melting basket like Amy?" I said. The person below me is running out of things to cook...my ideas have dried up
  22. Good Afternoon! Susan...thanks for the scent description of Bookworm...the name is adorable. Michele...your dress sounds gorgeous!! I love emerald green too! Amy...thanks for that info on VCS...it makes sense now. It could be that her 2017 wax was stronger and had more longevity compared to her 2018...interesting and that's what seems to be going on here. Glad you get one more day off...tomorrow is supposed to be the worst of the worst in these parts. This morning it's an oldie from Southern Twang called Shameless - rice crispy, sugar cane cookie and funnel cake. Throwing great! Have a good one.
  23. Good Morning All! Quiet here lately... Helllllooooooo! Susan...you've got some nice sounding scents going! What does Bookworm smell like? So...I changed to VCS Cannoli and Day Tripper and it threw great. A delicious jelly donuts scent mostly. That was also from 2017...Idk. This morning it's a gift is from a sweetie...CFTKR Sea Island Grapefruit...mmmmm! I love this delicious and realistic scent....filling my house like crazy! Have a good day and stay safe all.
  24. Good Morning! It's cool and overcast today...but supposed to get over 100 this weekend. Well, I changed the warmers to VCS Blueberry Backwoods Barbie and they threw. Strange since these are from 2017 so they are even older! I still haven't gotten a handle on this vendors longevity....some last, some don't. Does she switch her wax often? In any event, I need to use up what I have in the summer cabinet...I think I'll pull them this morning. I hope everyone is well.
  25. Yes...I'm growing tomatoes and cucs. We've eaten a few tomatoes...mmm. YES!! Little puppy has opened her eyes and is scooting about with her brothers and sisters! Probably another 4 weeks....sadly...I seem to be wishing away my summer just so I can hold my new "furbaby"! The person below me has been to a drive-in movie in the past 10 years.
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