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  1. Happy Birthday Amy! I wish you all the happiness and joy life can offer!
  2. Good Morning All. Thank you Amy. Now it's time to find out what wrong with him and get some stronger pain meds. We will be off the the doctor this morning and I want some answers. We suspected something two years ago and were brushed off but it seems that our suspicions may have been correct. I am praying for an answer so we know what is ahead. I've been through this before. Re warming yesterday's scents. Will change them later. Have a good day.
  3. Hello my dear friends. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes. The aide moved in with my father yesterday so I am finally home. She is a lovely woman and I am so grateful for her. I hope they end up getting along...as I'm sure they will but they are two strangers right now. It's an amazing thing to do a job like that...so much unknown...and you have to be a giving person to give up your comfort to move into a place you know nothing about to help others. The exhaustion, the boredom, the uncomfortable furniture and beds, the loneliness, the constant care. I am in AWE. There's a special place in heaven for them. I am melting. I am melting! It's a wonderful day. Pisces by Rose & Adder....a wonderful recommendation from Debra... This is Raspberry Lilac and Lavender. I made a purchase from this company last week even before melting anything...they smell awesome cold but I'll see how they throw hot. My only purchase in many months.
  4. Hello Amy! I finally signed on but have no way to melt here at my Dads. I miss my wax. I miss my family. I miss my pup. I asked my daughter to come and get her since she's been spending so much time at home doing nothing. I feel bad for her...at least now she's getting her kisses and cuddles. I hope everyone is well.
  5. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to All! Michele....that lasagne sounds delicious! Have a wonderful day at the beach! Amy...very cool to think of ordering Bob Evans! I love your story of the extras on your bed at the hotel! Priceless! And only us "wax lovers" can understand! It's Fried Pear Cake by TSGS....OMG....excellent. Pear, birthday cake, ice cream. Wonderful blessings to you all...let's hope 2021 improves and life can get back to some normalcy!
  6. Thanks for that reco....I'm gonna go listen! No, I don't. I used to but my feelings change so often that I'm not happy with what I write...positive or negative... when I look back. The person below me has worn a brace somewhere on their body.
  7. Good Morning! The sun is shining but it's cold as can be...I love your description, Amy!That stage manager seems to be running late! Thanks about Dad! I'm shocked that you ended up buying at EA! They did sound like amazing scents! Valerie...thanks about Dad! You are finding that leaking problem with Empire Alchemy? Ugh. I haven't seen that but I'm relatively new to this vendor...4 years? (New...lol) So far so good here. I'm hoping she changed her wax since this doesn't seem to be soft at all. The last of my LSC is turning into a big mess...I have to bag all the cups. Still working from the oldies bin and there's only about a quarter of the bin left. Plus I've also been taking from the singles jar which is amazing for me...I always neglect them probably because most are freebies and those are old as the hills...nice to make progress. I am enjoying yesterday's scents soooo much that I'm keeping them on for now... SGA Woodstock 69' and SGA Woodstock Boogie (from a dear pal- ) Upstairs it's My Dear Watson by Kae's Have a good one.
  8. Good Morning! Its more from the oldies stash this morning... Swanky Blueberry Lemon ZB L3 Cupcake Factory Blueberries and Cream Have a good one.
  9. Hi Valerie!!So glad to see you posting! I hope you are pleased moving back to New Mexico...sounds like good news! Thanks everyone about my Dad! He is on day 4 and holding steady...no better, no worse. The doctor said about 7 days so he's halfway there. Amy...."Anna may have a restock going on right now" you say? As though you were unsure........I do believe you know everything that happens with that vendor!! Michele....you're reminding me that I haven't melted any lemon scents in a very long time! So it's time to change the warmers... Empire Alchemy Rogue - silver birch, vintage tee, laundry, Apple, fir Empire Alchemy Gambit - cedar wood, lovespell, dark musk (I'd love this in a perfume) Have a good one.
  10. Good Afternoon All. Sitting outside at my Dads. It's a beautiful day here. Michele...ugh...I hate when that happens! I think it has something to do with backspacing....I used to be able to shake my iPad to get it back but that doesn't seem to work anymore. Amy...good for you! You'll be the healthiest gal in town! Well my poor Dad has shingles. I am happy that he got them on my first day of Spring break...not what I was anticipating but the best care for him. He has so much of them...poor guy....but so far the itching and pain isn't too bad. I'll be staying with him as long as he keeps getting fevers. This morning I put on SGA Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Cranberry Cookies, SGA Cranberry Pumpkin Pecan Waffles ZB, and VRC Old Fashioned Cranberry Bars. My house smelled Awesome before I left. lol.
  11. Good deal on that bike! Hmmmm. I've always wanted to travel across America...stop in different places and see different things. The person below me listens to podcasts.
  12. Good Morning Looks like a bleak rainy day today. Wasn't expecting that. Amy...glad to hear Clemmie is doing well! NASCAR? LOL! Those are some interesting blends from Scentsy...happy you are pleased with them. Michele...that Poseidon sounds nice! I'm still enjoying Blue Sugar blends a lot! Well, I've turned on my warmers with whatever was in them before I left on Friday. I'm having terrible allergies this year so I smell nothing (which is not necessarily a bad thing right now Lolol)...maybe they need some new scents....so it's Apple Sage by Sassy Girl Aroma...let's hope I can smell them. Have a nice day.
  13. Good Friday Morning! oh Amy...your post as cracking me up! I'd love to ask mine to hop on that slow boat to somewhere too...think there's room?? Yes, it's been pretty crazy here...plus it's the week before spring break so there's lots to do at work...parties...crafts. Life is tough. Michele...I feel for you. I remember those days with twins and having some time to myself was so important...when I should have been sleeping, I just wanted to sit and relax....let my mind be mine. It should be getting a tiny bit easier each day now! Susan...hope you're feeling better now. Ive needed some strong tarts lately so I've been using homemade ones from a dear pal...(miss you!)...they've been wonderful! Now it's VCS from 2018...Ice Cream Time Warp Man - pumpkin cupcake, marshmallow, buttercream frosting and ice cream. Have a good one.
  14. Hello all and happy Sunday. Amy...I'm glad you are feeling better. Those vaccinations are so funny because they affect each person so differently...strange. I'm completely vaccinated and feel so good. It's nice to be out of the rat race. Michele...yay...less than three weeks and you're out too! Ive been melting a lot but haven't been keeping track...I know I have Baklava from Nenes in now but it's been going since yesterday so it's going to be... Draper Lane by Golden Willow Wax...this is a BIG bag but I'm throwing it all on since it's pretty old and I wanna clear old the oldies. This is potent so we will see if I can stand it...lol Have a good day.
  15. Hmmm....Favorite book? I used to read a book a week for years...lots of great authors that I can't remember for the life of me. LOL....the only ones that come to mind now are children's books. LOL Favorite movie....I have so many...I love Dragonfly, The Birds, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Signs, Back to the Future I.....but my all time favorite is Stand By Me because it reminds me of me and my friends when we were 12...except we were girls. How about you? The person below me owns a bicycle.
  16. Hello All! Michele....wow...the little ones are doing GREAT! So glad they are thriving! Thanks for the update on EA! I wouldn't have known and I would guess she will close up for at least a while once they are born! P.S. I absolutely love Woodstock Boogie....I have some from a pal and I've been looking at it but don't want to use it up! Amy...so happy to see you posting! You must be super busy in your retirement. Lolol Not a bad thing when you're doing things you enjoy! It's nice you have someone to walk with but I know what you mean...sometimes it's nice to just walk with nature. Your compromise sounds like it might work just fine. I know what you mean about over buying...once this pandemic started I was buying wax left and right but I haven't bought any for a while and Ive gotten halfway through my oldies bin...feels good to make a tiny dent. Tonight it's from one of my purchases from December....recommended by Debra.... Wicked Esscents in Intuition -clove leaf, plum, cardamom and amber. This smells beautiful. Have a good evening!
  17. Good Afternoon! Susan...those Disney Inspired scents sound so cute! Although my VRC tarts are still going strong I'm ready for something new. Brown Sugar Pears by Rockets Have a good one.
  18. Hi Michele! So glad to see you posting! I gave up for a bit since no body has been here. It's sad. I had been out of work for 2 weeks due to a positive testing in 1 of the kids but I'm back to work now. Glad to be back there. I've been getting through a good portion of my cool weather oldies...being home helped a great deal. Happily most of them threw wonderfully. This morning it's single medallions of Vintage Road Candles...Tobacco Barn, Apple Strudel ala Mode and Carrot Cake. All smell great on cold but the colors are turning. Weird. The center of the tarts are white and the beige is around the edge. No matter to me but I've never seen that before. They seem to be throwing!! Hope your babies are doing great and sleeping for you guys Michele! Have a good one!
  19. Well...tally ho to all. I guess no one comes here anymore. I've been posting to myself for a couple weeks while on quarantine but it looks like no ones home. Take care to all and have a good one!
  20. TGIF Its oldies from Front Porch today... Bread Gone Crazy and Raspberry Sugar Cookie Dough Bread. I can't even imagine how old these are... Upstairs it's Buried Treasure by Ten Digit Creations
  21. Good Morning. Day 7. Today its a tart I've been saving for 4+ years...I actually thought it was longer. Sniff My Tarts Cinnamon Glazed Doughnut......omg...this smells so realistic. It's a giant donut shape and you can smell the sweet cinnamon glaze and fried bread. Amazing. I hope I'll be able to find more like this since a lot of vendors have a strange yeasty smell in their donut scents. I'm also melting OPT All The Bakery. Burning candles this morning... Hot Apple Pie by Crossroads Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle by Goose Creek Sugared Cinnamon Donut by Goose Creek Have a good one.
  22. Hello! Hi Michele...yes, it's quiet here now. Your scents sound wonderful! My DH surgery was on his left leg so they said as long as he's not taking any pain meds he could drive as soon as he felt able. I thought he was going to lay around complaining for weeks but I'm happy I was wrong. I separate my wax into hot and cold seasons. Right now I have too much to fit all of it into my wax cupboard, so this helps. My goal is to be able to fit it all in the cupboard without moving anything out. If I keep up on my "no buy" I may have a chance one day. (But first get rid of the oldies.) I don't date my wax but I look up when I bought it in my mail and I'm always surprised at how old things actually are. Yes, I finally changed up my warmers and my Taras did fantastic. It was still throwing but I wanted to move along. That scent is one of my favorites ever. Now it's TSGS (Wilmas) in Gooey Apple Zucchini from 2015!! And from 1/2019.... Savannah Blue in Bourbon Barrel, Pumpkin Marshmallow Fireside & Mac Apple Savannah Blue in Cider Lane, Mac Apple, Leaves & Toasted Marshamllow Have a great day.
  23. Morning! Michele...I just saw your question...sorry bout that. Yes, he's been up and out since day 5 after surgery. He left to get gas and get a haircut. Off he went with his cane. Today he sees his surgeon so he'll be back to work tomorrow. I'm totally amazed by his recovery. This morning its Taras Candle Cottage in one of my favorite scents...Citrus Glazed Pumpkin Carrot Cake...I love this one. This is from 2016 and it looks like it's still got lots of "umph". We will see. Have a great Tuesday.
  24. Good Afternoon It's Zeep Cookie Cakery - homemade cookies, sugar spice, buttercream and bday cake in two beautiful large Bundt cakes that smell wonderful. Upstairs it's a freebie from Wicked Wax Studio in Carry On Wayward Son - black ice, tobacco and leather. I'm actually enjoying this very much. Have a nice day.
  25. Good Morning! Michele...I'm sure you are very busy but so good to see you posting! I hope your grand babies are doing well! I admit I did throw out about 7 or 8 tarts...they weren't my kind of scent and I knew I'd not enjoy them so out they went. Don't need to hang on to stuff that's not for me. I have a 12 x 12 fabric basket in my coffee table that's full of the oldies. I'll be picking from there for a while. Of course I haven't gone through the oldies for the spring/summer tarts yet but I'll worry about that when I do my yearly swicharoo. This morning it's SGA from a Fall sampler from a 2018...Halloween Night, Sweet Potato/Gooey Marshmallow/Toasted Marshmallow and Cider Lane/Whipped Cream/Graham Cracker/Marshmallow Fireside. I do hope your package shows up...the mail is a bit wonky lately! Edit: added a freebie from a new to me company...Kae's in Sundrenched Apricot Rose...Have a good one.
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