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  1. Good Evening. Those earlier scents threw ok but it's time for something different. Swanky Blueberry Sugar Cookie Dough Waffle Cone...this smells so good cold...I hope it throws. It's "only" two years old. Lol I managed to get through my winter/fall stash and pull most of the much older wax. Hopefully I can make a dent now that they are separated.
  2. Hi Susan! So good to see you! Hope you are well! Good Morning...day two. Same scents as yesterday but I am changing them up. If the DH goes out today I will take a peek at my stash and weed out the oldies. For now it's... Super Tarts in Starfleet and VCS in an unnamed clam...the label must have fallen off because both of these are in clamshells that are disintegrating. The bottoms are soft and mushy. Let's see how they throw. It will be nice to get through some of these oldies and start fresh while I've stopped ordering. Have a great Saturday.
  3. Good Afternoon Its pulling from the oldies today...I'll have a while home to melt more. Apple Crisp Marshmallow Fireside for a sweet pal. Her own homemade melt and it smells wonderful. Pumpkin Scones by The Kissing Booth...oh dear...this one is almost 8 years old. But it's throwing well so all is good. I do think I have to make a special point of melting my old stuff this week. Definitely get it done within the next few months before I switch up my wax to summer....usually around May. Have a good one.
  4. Happy Thursday Its Woolen Blanket (rosewood, cedar, clove, vetiver, dark amber) by Little Blue Coop upstairs and Empire Alchemy downstairs...Bradbury (barbershop 1920, crushed sage, smoke and lavender) and Better off Undead (woods, black pepper, musk, dryer fresh towels, green iris verbena, ambergris)
  5. Hello all.... It's two gifties from an old pal...found it in my singles jar and they are so strong! CFTKR Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut and CFTKR Pumpkin Soufflé And over the weekend I melted a few tarts from our talented tart maker...they were amazing and threw like crazy! Missin' ya pal! Goodnight all.
  6. Happy Tuesday I've been using the same scents since Sunday Night and it still smells great. I'll change it up after work. Swanky Pumpkin Noel from 2015. Oh gosh, I think my stuff is older than I thought. This is my favorite pumpkin scent...strong and sharp...with that little bit of mellow. OPT You're the Apple of My Pie, Pumpkin...wonderful as well. Have a good one.
  7. Good Saturday Morning! So good to see you posting Sharon! Yes, Michele....I know the feeling! LOL So much wax! But the idea that you and Amy had about using a mason jar for the low throwers is a good one! It could really make a dent. It's Pumpkin Cupcake by Haley's Heavenly Scents...soooo old and throwing like a champ! This loaf has got to be THE oldest wax in the stash....at least 5 years and possibly 10. I can't find the receipt in my records so it's aged. I'm guessing 8. Pumpkin and Apple Strudel by SGA...4 years old and still haven't used it all. I think my constant loaf ordering caused a back jam in the wax usage.... Have a good one.
  8. Ohhhh that sounds like a delicious tart Michele....it sounds familiar....I wonder if I have one here. That would be I'm very glad to hear that your VCS is holding up...I have tons from her...mostly fall scents, I think. When it comes to wax....I'm not sure about anything. Lol. Hope your granbabies are doing well! The house smells like BBQ Brisket and although delicious to eat...I am gagging at the overwhelming scent in the house. It was in the crockpot all day so it seems it's worked it's way into every crevice.... So...it's time for some strong ones... Pumpkin Patch by My Paradox Box Noel and the Blue Pumpkins by SGA from a sweet pal. Thanks! And Upstairs it's Lavender Nicotiana by Destination Wax from a sweet Cf pal. Absolutely love this! Goodnight!
  9. Hello! Yes Michele....more snow predicted for tonight so they've already closed my school. I don't remember having so many snow days in a LONG time! I l EA Renegade! That's a great scent! Good luck getting through your wax...I should really try to use my old stuff but I always gravitate towards my newer ones! Btw, the hubby is doing great. Made it upstairs and slept in the bed last night. TFA! I need to change the warmers... Its CFOW in Ugh, Men! Blue Sugar, Fire Roasted Marshmallow and Sugar Cookie Royale. Goodnight.
  10. Good morning! Hope all are well...we never got the ice storm predicted for today...not even rain. Changed the upstairs warmer to Hayden Rowe Vegas, Baby - smoke, barnwood, musk and patchouli. My perfect scent. The Nene's Cedar Leaf and Lavender went for days...I just kept adding one tiny section. Nice scent! It's nice being home to change up the warmers...downstairs it's... VRC Tobacco Barn -Sweet tobacco, bar wood and leaves. Another winner. Have a good one. Off to the PT soon. I hope everyone is well. Haven't seen most of you on the board in eons.
  11. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I feel the same way Michele! So far the DH is sleeping on the recliner...he's not liking the bed yet...and I think you're right Michele...once he uses the bed, he'd probably rather be in his own bed. Oh well....up it will go again. This time I'm gonna need help. Amy...glad the visitors have left...lol. I'm sure the house was "topsy turvy" with every room being done but I can bet you are in love with it now! You really picked a beautiful wood...it's so unique and gorgeous! I'm not smelling much so I think it's time to change the warmers... Sweet Dreams by LBC....these "dreams" scents are just lovely...I ordered a bunch more. It's lavender linen, sugar cookie and marshmallow fluff. Have a nice Sunday.
  12. Thanks Michele. It went very well and I'll be picking him up today. I moved one of the twin beds downstairs yesterday and it fits in the family room great. So he will have his recliner and the bed. The bathroom with a shower is also there so he should be good. Only one step up to the kitchen but at least he won't have to take the 13 stairs up to the bedroom yet. Melting OPT Cabin In the Woods...this was a sample and it's earthy and right up my alley!! I don't see it on the site so I emailed Lara about getting more. Also Enchanted Library by OPT...another winner sample. Night Violet a sample by Tuscaderos I decided to use some of the samples I have accumulated. I have so many and I usually focus on trying to use the ones I actually buy but am really enjoying these scents. Excellent. Have a good day.
  13. Thank you Michele. He's in now....waiting to hear from the surgeon. Sadly, I won't see him again until I pick him up tomorrow or Sunday. Hope everything goes as planned. I know how busy you are Michele! It's amazing how two babies make such a giant difference when having one is overwhelming enough! Your daughter is so blessed to have you helping her! You're a wonderful Mom! Last night and this morning it's No Prob-llama by Birdies Making Scents - Strawberry Jam and Ice Cream Scoop Bread. Wonderful. Upstairs it's Cedar Leaf and Lavender by Nene's Kitchen Have a great day.
  14. Good Morning! Michele....your scents always have the most adorable names. I am melting so much less now that I'm back at work full time...it's sad. By the time I turn them on and the wax melts, I'm almost ready for bed so I forget to change them. The horrors...lol. Tomorrow the DH goes in for his new knee so tonight I've got to get everything ready. Still going with the same scents....except I added LBC Blueberry Dreams upstairs....OMG. Gotta go buy more! Lololol. Have a nice Thursday.
  15. Funny you you should mention that...my family room closet/wax storage closet needs a reorganization for sure! The person below me has a favorite book.
  16. It's Empire Alchemy in Oberon -thunderous rainstorm, midsummer nights type, patchouli, peppermint and moss and Wicked Wax Studio in Its a Good Day - mint, moss, pear and sage Its smells lovely here. goodnight.
  17. Good Morning Its SGA Evan and I’m loving this!!!! Blue Sugar Noel and Flannel Sheets... Have a great day.
  18. Happy Saturday and Hello Michele! The name of your tart is adorable! I love all Dr Seuss inspired names! My favorite books when I was growing up....loved everything about his books....the silly words, imagined places and the illustrations! I hope your babies are doing well...they are so precious! I know you must be exhausted. It's Caramel Toffee Pear by Bohemienne Life....excellent. And upstairs it's Zen Garden by Hayden Rowe...another winner! Another storm predicted for tomorrow...gonna try to get everything I need done today!
  19. Good Morning. L3 Mayor of Halloween Town/Smooch - LOM, Lunar Eclipse Dark Kiss
  20. How about.... "February is Full of Chocolate Hearts and Wax Tarts"? Happy February all. I can't believe it's already February. In honor of this crazy snow storm I'm melting Frosty Days by Rainbow Melts - Icy Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Juniper Berries and Sage. Wonderful blend. Stay safe all.
  21. Hi Michele! You must be enjoying those cute little babies like crazy!! I hope you are able to melt with no issues! I also miss melting so much when I can't. Stay safe in this storm...glad you don't have anywhere to run to! My dog is supposed to be a Bichon Maltipoo but She must be part Husky...she absolutely loves the cold and the snow and we have a hard time getting her to come into the house when she out in it. She runs through the snow like a nut and puts her face in it. I've never seen anything like it. Even when it's 7 degrees outside I can't get her to come in! What a Weirdo. The L3 is still going strong so I'm gonna leave it. Have a good evening all.
  22. Boy....it’s just me and the crickets around here. I just changed up the warmers and it’s L3 Enchanted Pears Pralines and Cream Graham Crackers and Tonka Bean...love this!!! The snowstorm has arrived...I wonder if it will really snow until Tuesday? Have a great day.
  23. Good Morning!!It looks like a beautiful day out there...you'd never know it was 18 degrees F (and feels like 7). Or that a big storm is on its way!! For the last two days I've been melting Buttermint by Little Blue Coop....I am addicted to her stuff. Those snap bars are just the perfect size and I'm really enjoying her scents....Although I think it's time for a change. Tiger Cult by CFOW- Espresso, French Vanilla, Candy Cane Cupcakes...I've been craving coffee scents lately! This is delicious!
  24. Hello All! Its Coven by Golden Willow Wax - Apple, Peach, Wildberry and Clove and Empire Alchemy Cran-Merry Bliss Bar - Baked Cranberry, Vanilla Cream Bars, Cookie Pie Crust. Both Amazing,
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