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  1. Hello, hello! Another hot one today! Amy...I hope you had a nice drive to WV! Sharon and Michele...I Pear scents! I think that's a scent that I loved from day one of my wax obsession and never grew tired of it. Finished up another loaf today...this one is super old but throwing like crazy! It's Scarlet Raine from 5/2017 but you'd never know it. Water the Melons - watermelon punch, watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. Have a good day.
  2. Good Morning! Sharon...that's so cool! I would love to see the space station up there! Actually, I'd love to see anything...I am surrounded by trees so I can't see the horizon at all so looking for Neowise is impossible. When I was younger I'd search the skies with my Dad...he has a very nice telescope. Might be time to do that again. This morning it's TBG Calypso from a sweet pal...just lovely...scenting my bedroom beautifully. Thank you! Downstairs it's EA in Another Day of Sun (pear, lemon sugar, butter cake and vanilla crumb donut) and Conch Shell Bread (lemon curd, sugar cookie, coconut milk and black cherry) Both smell amazing. I must admit I am crazy about this vendor. (And Aria...thank you for introducing me to her.) Hope all of you ladies are ok! Haven't seen a few of you in a while! Take care all.
  3. Lololol...no...I haven't although it sounds like a great idea considering the heatwave around here. It may just cool me off. I finally made myself a nice basket of what I need to melt this week...just like you do....now I may add a few colder month scents for fun. (Of course it was a necessity due to all my new orders not fitting in the wax cabinet....needed to keep some out..."why not make a melting basket like Amy?" I said. The person below me is running out of things to cook...my ideas have dried up
  4. Good Afternoon! Susan...thanks for the scent description of Bookworm...the name is adorable. Michele...your dress sounds gorgeous!! I love emerald green too! Amy...thanks for that info on VCS...it makes sense now. It could be that her 2017 wax was stronger and had more longevity compared to her 2018...interesting and that's what seems to be going on here. Glad you get one more day off...tomorrow is supposed to be the worst of the worst in these parts. This morning it's an oldie from Southern Twang called Shameless - rice crispy, sugar cane cookie and funnel cake. Throwing great! Have a good one.
  5. Good Morning All! Quiet here lately... Helllllooooooo! Susan...you've got some nice sounding scents going! What does Bookworm smell like? So...I changed to VCS Cannoli and Day Tripper and it threw great. A delicious jelly donuts scent mostly. That was also from 2017...Idk. This morning it's a gift is from a sweetie...CFTKR Sea Island Grapefruit...mmmmm! I love this delicious and realistic scent....filling my house like crazy! Have a good day and stay safe all.
  6. Good Morning! It's cool and overcast today...but supposed to get over 100 this weekend. Well, I changed the warmers to VCS Blueberry Backwoods Barbie and they threw. Strange since these are from 2017 so they are even older! I still haven't gotten a handle on this vendors longevity....some last, some don't. Does she switch her wax often? In any event, I need to use up what I have in the summer cabinet...I think I'll pull them this morning. I hope everyone is well.
  7. Yes...I'm growing tomatoes and cucs. We've eaten a few tomatoes...mmm. YES!! Little puppy has opened her eyes and is scooting about with her brothers and sisters! Probably another 4 weeks....sadly...I seem to be wishing away my summer just so I can hold my new "furbaby"! The person below me has been to a drive-in movie in the past 10 years.
  8. Good Afternoon all! Ugh Michele....no air conditioner during these steamy days? I'm glad you had the beach to go to! Hope it's fixed now. Congrats on finding a dress! What color did you decide on? And the kids are in NJ? LOL Amy...I'm so glad you got to spend some time at home and slow down a bit. I'm sure that driving can get tiring even if it's beautiful. So it's GWW upstairs in Sissinghurst - hyacinth, rose, cyclamen and foliage Downstairs it's VCS in Hopelessly Devoted to You...Supposed to be blackberries, honeydew and cotton candy frosting but I smell nothing. Absolutely nothing. I know these are old...about 2 years but I would hope to smell something...even with my nose to the warmer. Sad. Think I'll add some Jackie O Visits Her Family by VCS...also old. I've got two big loaves from 2017...they may be ready to chuck too since they're even older. Oh gosh. Have a good one.
  9. Good Morning! Hope everyone is doing well. Another lovely day here...can't complain. Went to the beach yesterday and felt like I was cooking...yes, I'm the person hiding under the blanket. Boy, the sun was strong and the sunscreen didn't seem to be doing anything. Felt like I was spraying water. Today it's Storm Front candles by Goosecreek outside in the deck. And inside I'm warming Empire Alchemy in "Girl, Let That Man Go!" - baked pineapple, banana cake, mango slices and twinkies. Mmmmmm! Have a good one!
  10. Good Afternoon all! It's back to being a beautiful sunny and low humidity day. Nice. Thanks Amy...I didn't read this until today so I'll try tomorrow morning! I did some blending this morning...OPT Island Slurpee and OPT Sun Kissed Summer Grass. I really need to get through these quicker.
  11. Yes...didn't think I'd like it. I loved it. The person below me has already harvested some homegrown veggies.
  12. Hello and Good afternoon all! That tropical storm sure left a lot of debris in the pool....glad the vacuum worked long enough to get everything out. Susan...happy to hear your headlight is fixed... Michele...that "I'm on a boat" blend sounds so unique! Whatcha think? Amy...a comet? Cool!! I didn't know about that...is it still going to be around to see tomorrow? Its Rosegirls from a generous pal... Koopa Troopa Assault, Petey Colada and Pear....all smell fantastic! (The pear is so creamy!) Thank you!!
  13. Oh gosh Susan...I'm sorry about the deer! I'm glad you are ok but the car damage isn't fun...even if the car is drivable. Scary. The animals seem to be out and about more than ever...maybe because the humans have been quarantining. Michele and Amy...I'm a Palo Santo lover too! Today has been... Coconut Lemon Cupcake candle by Goosecreek And I rewarmed the SB from yesterday...Probably time for something new. The edge of the hurricane/tropical storm has been here since early morning...rainy and windy all day. Funny how my DH is playing softball one state away and it's hot and sunny.
  14. Good Morning! I don’t get out that way much Michele..but if I do I’ll stop and beep! Lol Sorry to hear about the zero throw on your SB. Hate when that happens. Amy...my SB has been doing ok. So far no zero throws but no super strong either...except for her “My Boyfriend’s Truck” with the root beer...that’s strong and amazing. I may try another this morning to see. I love her blends but a bigger kick would be excellent. Mine are all from Jan-July of 2019. So far it’s my Goose creek Honeysuckle candle outside while the warmers heat up inside. Plus Burning...Paris Noir, Lemon Vanilla Cake Batter and Shorties Teakwood & Violet. ok...put some SB Fairy's Path in the warmers...Satsuma, cucumber and fresh cut grass...love it and it's throwing. Have a good one.
  15. Hello and Good Afternoon! Sharon...I like a nice rainy day once in a while but too much makes me sad. I hope the skies clear up for you soon. We've been having strange weather for us...quick thunderstorms and then blue skies with low humidity... unusual for this area. Today though....very humid. ( I don't know where the sweating emoji went!) Michele...do you go back and forth all summer or stay at the beach? You are a lucky gal. I think I'm gonna start making plans to get away soon. Today it's Supertarts in Finn & Jake....grapefruit and pink sugar.
  16. I now love country music! I used to only listen to classic rock....and a little bit of southern rock. Now I like all different types of music but as for country...Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, Merle Haggard, Zac Brown Band, Chris Stapleton...to name a few. I just listened to Ricky Skaggs...I love it! The person below me has little baskets around their home.
  17. Good Evening! Awwww Amy...I'm sorry about poor Eli! And I love when a scent brings me back to a childhood memory. Michele...I love Rainbow Melts too! Well...it's been Storm Front by Goosecreek burning. I never used to burn candles outside in the summer...I really thought I wouldn't be able to smell a candle outside but it's strong. Wow. Inside it's Watermelon Cake by Savannah Blue.
  18. Sounds like you've got some nice fragrances going Michele! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY FOLKS! I hope everyone has had a nice relaxing weekend. I hear ya about the noise of the fireworks...my poor Daisy would hide under the bed shaking like a leaf. They've always been illegal in my state and they recently lifted the ban on certain types but I can't believe the level of "boom" generated this year! It was the loudest sound I've ever heard and they weren't professionals. Poor little fur babies. Its been Midnight Fairie Lights by TBG...lovely. I hope everyone is well and safe. Haven't seen you in a long while Honeybear!
  19. To the board!!! I’ll go check it out!!!
  20. Yes! I have a Keurig...love the flavor options and speedy cup of coffee but hate the extra garbage. I won't be buying another one when this one goes kaput. The person below me likes listening to "country" music.
  21. Lol Michele...it was a cornucopia of scent for sure!! Now it's Skipper by L3 in the warmers.
  22. Good Morning Everyone! I've got loads of candles going today... In Kitchen it's Buttered Maple Syrup by Crossroads..haven't melted this in a while In Family Room it's Lemon Cake Batter by Goosecreek In Living Room it's Paris Noir by Goosecreek In Dining Room it's Lavender Vanilla by Yankee Outside on Deck it's Storm Front by Goosecreek Have a nice day...it's a scorcher today.
  23. Good Morning Hoping for a sunny day with no rain. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I'm melting an oldie from SGA Big Bird and Cookie Monster- Cotton Candy, lemon poppy seed, sweet bakery dough. Take care.
  24. I did...but even with the filters, it's pretty useless. My ugly auto body tech ones are my best ones. The person below me has a bird nest near their home.
  25. Great thread title Michele! And from what I hear...it's supposed to be sizzling in our neck of the woods for July! It's been Lovely from a sweet CF pal mixed with SSA in my bedroom. She's a magician with wax! Thank you! Downstairs it's been the same thing for days....can't even remember what. LOL Now it's SGA Strawberry Raspberry Guava Beach Nights and Zeep Welcome to Stepford. I haven't melted Zeep in a long time...cold sniff is delicious. Take care all...hope all are well.
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