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  1. Good Morning It's a grab from the singles jar this morning. Swim With the Mermaids by Savannah Blue Melons at the Fair by OPT Salted Cantaloupe by CFTKR Have a good one. :)
  2. Good morning! Hi Sharon! Lucky you with a sunny day! Our weather has been terrible. Humid and rainy with tiny patches of sun here and there. There can not be complaints of drought this summer! Oh Michele...I have done that myself. Ugh...at least you had some scent to fool you. When I did it I thought the melt was a dud cause I couldn't smell anything....shoulda checked the warmers earlier. Your scent choice sounds wonderful! Amy...yes, that's true...they don't stay in the nest very long and I could go out anyway. The last few times they nested in the gazebos, they became so used to me going outside that they stopped flying away when I did. I just wish they'd poop somewhere else. Btw, I'll send you some Palo Santo. I think you'll like it. Debra...Me too! With the house all closed up I'd think I'd smell the scents stronger...however, I'm getting a lighter throw from stuff I know is stronger normally. Last night I put on some candles... YC Lavender And Vanilla B&BW Gingham Everyday Luxe Peonies & Oakmoss - from a student Now I've got the warmers going... CFOW Blueberry Cinnamon Donut Have a great day! :)
  3. Good Morning! Debra...oh gosh...I've had that happen too but I thought maybe I didn't wipe the lip of the bowl enough. I wonder if I've got the seepage too? Better change up the dish. Amy...lol...I was waiting for your arrival last night... We just HAD to eat ALL of the ravioli and meatballs. ;) Another rainy day here. Ugh. Well...I am being invaded by birds. One has nested in my backyard gazebos which is adorable although they are pooping all over my furniture. The other has nested in my new flowerpots on the front porch. It appears I will have a hard time using my new rocking chairs... Well, the Meadow Bloom custom was not strong enough so back to the cure cabinet it goes. This morning it's an oldie but goodie....Blue Cotton Candy Bubblegum by Southbound. Upstairs it's Cocoa Butter Cashmere by Pocket Full of Peonies Have a nice day.
  4. Good Afternoon All. I am officially on summer break. Michele...sorry you weren't feeling well...glad you are feeling better! Debra...they are seeping? Wow! Michele and Honeybear...the Swanky did great...an all around medium throw which is great for no cure time. The Palo Santo is an earthy type so I think it's just stronger naturally. Amy...the Palo Santo is...A soothing woodsy scent, notes of smoked woods but not incense, sweet wood. I'm glad you're liking the Fluffy Clouds...it's very fruity and creamy to me. So I pulled from my OPT blends... It's Meadow Bloom...Fresh cut grass, Vanilla Buttercream And Lilac. I think I love almost anything blended with grass and vanilla. Gotta go make sauce and meatballs. Have a nice night.
  5. Good Morning Debra...it's nice to get things accomplished...especially the kind you can see. Good job! Michele...glad you are enjoying the beach! Amy...I love a good thunderstorm but not when I'm trying to sleep....and of course I feel terrible for the little fur babies! Safe travels! Saturday I received my Swanky loaf order and had to dig into in. Yesterday put on the Palo Santo....ohhhh....nice. Have a good day...off to clean...
  6. Good Morning and thanks Debra and Amy. Amy...yes, it was lovely and soothing. I was not a big fan when I first smelled it years ago...now I enjoy I very much. Funny how scents do that. Debra...yes, I said goodbye to my students Thursday and Friday. Next week is clean up and sanitize...fun. Today is Southbound Pink Beachwood Vetiver...lovely. Enjoy your day.
  7. A nope to that. I am not a big baker...and that sounds relatively difficult. The person below me usually remembers their dreams.
  8. Hello All. Finally home and melting all gifties this evening. Homemade PS Lavender Whipped Cream Coconut Cream Pie Front a Porch Rosemary Mint Sweet Lavender Hayden Rowe More Than Four Thanks to all!
  9. I love being barefoot! (although my doctor says it's not good for my arches!) and I dont mind driving on narrow roads with 18 wheelers. The person below me has a favorite condiment.
  10. Oh Amy I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your SIL. Prayers to you all.
  11. Oh my gosh you are are cracking me up....ornaments?? Good Evening All. Got a good amount of work done around here although not everything I had hoped...but tomorrow's another day. Thanks Debra and Honeybear...we shall see how this summer pans out. Amy...went in for a checkup but it turns out I have inflamed corneas. Ugh. Using eye meds and need to go back in 10 days...AND I have to wear glasses till then. Yuck. ???? Haven't changed the melters today...still enjoying what's left of the Country Chick. Goodnight.
  12. Thanks for the great title idea Michele! It's up! Amy....oh dear...I'm sorry! That must have been frightening! Glad you realized it was your hubby! Honeybear...sorry about your little kitties!
  13. Thanks to Michele for this month's Thread Title!! :)
  14. Good Morning...running out to the eye doctor in a few but I wanted to post my scents. I had that Woodstock Boogie going for days... love it so much! Michele....if you enjoy earthy/incense scents, you'll love this. Did you receive yours yet? Debra...no big plans yet. Trying to take a short jaunt to Florida to visit with a friend but not sure if that will happen. And I'd like to rent at the ocean for a week in July or early August. Still in school....won't end until the 14th and clean up and sanitizing until the 18th. 2 weeks!!!! Now it's OPT Country Chick....love it. And upstairs it's OPT Persian Silk Have a nice day. Btw....anybody got a good SOTD Title? It's June! I should be fired. :(
  15. Love to hear them sing! I'd love to know who I'm listening too. The other day so many were singing at once...I'd love to send you a clip and maybe you know who they are. The person below me likes kale.
  16. Hello Mpfand...yes, I love pineapple and orange too! Amy...wow....that's an interesting one...I would have been scared of that combo too! Honeybear...glad to hear the DH is feeling better but sorry to hear about little kitty! Hope all is well today! Michele...are those breakaway bars from a recent order? That's pretty shocking for SGA! Last night and today it's a fav...Woodstock Boogie....absolutely love this and I must get more! Thanks friend!! I just got in and it's still going super strong! Have a good night.
  17. Maybe...pool is open but it's not hot enough for me yet. The person below me has seen a rainbow this month.
  18. Hello All! Yay Sharon! Your blends sound sooooo nice! I agree with Mpfand.....lavender coconut milk is delicious! Honeybear...hope your hubby is feeling better. Back pain is no joke...that's for sure! Amy...concert was great. Had a ball! Thanks! Debra...Roger Daltrey sounded so good....I am so impressed that he has such a strong voice at 75! Still amazing! Tonight it's still what I put on this morning... VCS Queen Mary from a sweet cf pal...lovely! SGA Jelly Donut Cookie Monster Blueberry Beach Night That Smell Good Shop in Pretzel Shop from a sweet cf pal..thanks!
  19. I agree 100%! Don't know what I'd do without music! No plans for a barbecue but I will be marching in a parade. The person below me owns a hammock.
  20. Good Morning! Did a little straightening up...now sitting with my coffee outside. It's a beautiful day and the birds are very talkative today. I can hear all the cheering at the kids soccer games at the park...so many games being played this weekend. Amy...yay! 11 hours? You needed some sleep! I hope everything comes out A-ok with your checkups! It sounds like you had a lovely evening last night. It's funny...my music teachers had a great impact on my life and I don't even play an instrument anymore. I remember Mr Corder from my early years and later on Mrs Schroeder...she was there to mourn with me the morning John Lennon died. A tough day even for a young girl. Debra...I like the Peach Suntan Lotion a lot...I just wish it was a bit stronger. The little tin pies I bought last year don't seem as strong as all of my other orders. :( Michele...I hope your friend has heard some good news. I was bombarded by sales as well but only placed one order with L3. Needed to try those famous scoops! Lol I have broken into my latest customs...I just couldn't wait. It's Sweet Pucker aka Sweet and Sour by OPT....I am Have a nice one! ;)
  21. Hmmmm....no not a new one but I've been listening to Duane and Gregg Allman's "Back Down Home with You" every morning while I put on makeup for a couple weeks now. Haven't gotten sick of it yet. The person below me listens to music everyday!
  22. Hello Amy...I must admit I ended up changing up that Lavender Fudge after a few minutes...I'm not a chocolate lover so it was not for me. I hope you got to relax today. I haven't even changed my warmers yet and it's so late. I should loose my melting license! Ok...I'll change to... Pop Musik by Ramble On Yesterday it was Peach Suntan Lotion by Swanky Tomorrow I'm going to see The Who...looking forward to it! Have a good night.
  23. Good Morning Michele...praying for your friend. The waiting is unbelievably stressful and I'm sorry. I hope the news is the better of the two! Amy...oh no! A waxtastrophy in the hotel? Sorry to hear about that...although is definitely something I'd do! Hope is was a pretty easy cleanup. Sharon...what is your favorite types of blends? I made a custom that I love in Spiced Pear. It's Spiced Pear, Vanilla Buttercream and Fresh Cut Grass. It sounds weird but it's lovely. I think Pear can be blended with a lot of things...other fruits...flowers...bakery. Whatcha thinking? Finally changing the melters... Pass the Sangria by Savannah Blue And upstairs Lavender Fudge by Woofwix Have a good day.
  24. I've been thinking about buying a dress for our graduation....but I'm nit a dress kind of gal. Hmmmm. The person below me has plant that's flowering in their yard right now.
  25. Debra! Have a wonderful day...and enjoy the weekend! Hope the weather is nice for you! Good morning all! Amy...yay for nice weather! I'm glad we have that bright, yellow ball in the sky today too! I'm sitting on my porch listening to all the lovely birds. I'm not one to want the AC on either...I'd much rather have the windows open...but I don't suffer from allergies. Susan...enjoy that auction! Aria...congrats to your sons! Job well done! I have realized that the only VCS that are holding up for me have Cinnamon in them. Last nights melts are still going...I'm enjoying them so much. It was a blind pull... Savannah Blue Pink Pear Coconut Milk L3 Apricot Peeps ZB Homemade Lavender Apples & Oak from a dear friend...this one reminds me of my Mom. I don't think I'll be changing it until every last drop is gone. Thank you! Have a good one. :)
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