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  1. Glad to see you Biolaeagles!! Hope all is well with you, your hubby and the kiddos! Sharon...no...around here most places only get Easter Sunday off....if they aren't closed on a Sunday to begin with. Same here with service and trade...many dont get off at all. I work in a private school which follows the public school calendar so I am off this week. Aria...4 miles! It's time to change the melters...but I just started to blob. I really should get up and do it...
  2. Good Morning and I hope you all had a nice holiday. Where in the world is our friend Amy? I imagine hearing the song from that show...Carmen Sandiego... LOL And up with Clemmie all night too? I wonder what she wanted? I wish we knew what they were trying to say. Safe travels to you. Debra...glad you had a nice brunch. :) Today is Orange Ya Glad by OPT And Snoozy by Barrett Wax Crafts from a sweet CF pal...thanks! Beautiful. Have a great day. ;)
  3. Yes! And I love a good thunderstorm because I usually don't have to worry about tornados! The person below me has an Easter dessert that they always make/eat.
  4. Oh gosh Sharon...I just woke up and had no idea. Yes, I suppose that was exactly the reason it was done today. Praying for all of those souls. I wish a blessed Easter to all! This morning it's Zeeps Spa Day from a sweet pal...honeydew, cucumber, and lavender Thanks! CFTKR Salted Cucumber Tonic from a sweet pal Thanks! SMT Vanilla Pound Cake, Peeps and Fruit Slices Have a lovely day and enjoy your families and friends.
  5. I like them both...but I drink iced tea more often. The person below me has an allergy.
  6. Good Morning! The vacation begins... Michele...yay for your hubby coming back early! Hmmmm...I should probably check our weather report for storms as well! Thanks Mpfand! ???? This morning it's VRC in B.E.A.utiful...lovely scent. I am really enjoying finding all these warmer weather scents! Have a great day. :)
  7. I think that changes depending upon the season....but I'd probably say...watermelon! The person below me has a favorite vegetable.
  8. Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes! My kids and DH took me out to a delicious dinner and the twins came home earlier than expected...a real treat! Tonight we will all go out again to celebrate with my birthday buddy...my Dad. Michele...I'm sorry to hear about your DD boyfriends mom....that's way too young for this to happen..especially difficult if she seemed to be doing well. Amy...it's a bummer that the zoo was crazy...but nice to know you've got a pass so you can go back again soon. You're welcome about the Mainstays warmer...it's good that you found replacements. They should really get them out of the stores...maybe I'll write a letter to Walmart. Aria...I hope you had a wonderful birthday! That SGA Woodstock Boogie kept going and going and I'm happy as can be cause I It!! Today it's all sweet gifties... Tranquility by Hayden Rose Homemade Milk & Chamomile Tea L3 Beach Nights Funnel Cake Scoop Thank you soooo much! Smells amazing in here! Upstairs it's Dessas Journey Over Pandora Have a great night! :)
  9. Today was Woodstock Boogie by SGA from a sweet friend... Thank you! Goodnight
  10. Aria!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!
  11. Nope...not I. But I love games and we used to play more. There are actually a bunch of fun ones here...for some reason this is the only one that kept going. The person below me has a favorite wax vendor. (At least for this week.)
  12. Good Morning All Amy...yes, my brothers pup. She's such a sweetie. This morning I was sleeping and didn't hear her yip...completely forgot there was a dog in the house until my DH said..."she's calling you!" She appears to be an early bird. Sharon...I hope the rest helps your back! Feel better! Debra...oh gosh, poor kitty! You are always so kind to the animals that need some love and a home! I know the vet is expensive...I hope he adjusts quickly for you. I wonder how the other members of your fur-family handle the new additions? This morning I felt like coffee scents. Good Morning Pumpkin by Semo Coffee with Spice & Cream by FP from a sweet CF pal...thanks! Both delicious and throwing so nice! Have a great Sunday. :)
  13. Hmmm....no I think I'm still satisfied with my last painting extravaganza! I painted every single room in the house about 4 years ago and everything is still good to go...except the hallway and stairway which needs a new coat....I hate painting those places. The person below me needs a break from playing in the games section....
  14. Good Afternoon! ???????? Haven't done much today...spending the day with my little fur niece, Fiona. She's such a cutie and sooooo good. I love having a fur baby in the house. Amy...your scents sound nice....except for that fish scent...lol. I wonder why it had that exceptional flavor?? Glad to hear it didn't stick around! It's been yummy gifties today... L3 Adipose Enchanted Pears FP Apricot Raspberry Zinger Both delicious! Have a great day!
  15. Not here! My DH loves all his lawn equipment....I think people think he does it for a company...scooting all over the place. The person below me likes to lay in the sun.
  16. Hello! I'm in the terrible habit of leaving my hot plate warmers on 24/7. Of course I've never had a problem which make me have a false sense of security. I think I'll have to get into the habit of turning them off at night and definitely when I leave for work. I've been doing it since I read that post but it takes a while for the warmer to heat up...not used to this but I know it's for the best...all it takes is one time to loose your home. Maybe I'll get more of the 8 hour automatic turn off warmers. Debra...ice cream for dinner? I used to do that with my kids once or twice a year and they thought it was Amy...good going! I'm glad you are keeping strong on taking that week off! And.... Groovy baby on turning to the patchouli side! Honeybear...yes, that is very scary! Tonight it's... SGA Sweet Lavender Beach Night upstairs And downstairs Woofwix SSA Strawberry Frosting Funnel Cake Coconut Cream Pie So fun when you find scents you didn't know you had! Have a good one. :)
  17. Good Evening All... Michele...happy to hear that! Amy...hope you are ok! It's all gifties from some pals today... Upstairs it's Clothespins by Cheryl's Downstairs it's Peach Waffles by CFOW Pineapple Orange Vanilla by Wax House Melts Pink Sands Honeydew Melon by Sweet Sage Thank you! They ALL smell great! ???? Btw, did you guys see the recent post on IG about Mainstay warmers overheating inside? There was a picture of the inside wires looking charred....scary! Goodnight all!
  18. Debra....dirty socks??? :sSig_rofl: Thanks for starting my morning off with a laugh! Good Morning to All! Sarahkat...I agree with the other ladies. I've heard a tealight is more powerful but I rarely use it due to the open flame. I'm a hot plate gal. Honeybear...congrats to your DD!! I know how bittersweet this must be for you since I'd feel exactly the same way! But what a wonderful experience for her! I'm sure she's excited! Amy..I'll have to tell you when I see you next time. I'm sure we all have fun stories to share! Michele...hoping your sister is feeling much better today. It's an oldie that smells nice and strong... Zeeps Underoos And a new one... The Bunny Sisters Mother of Pearl...this one has Vanilla Lace, Cotton, CC and SSA....I like it! Have a nice Thursday!
  19. Good Morning Debra...Pink Sugar shaving cream is soooo good! ???? Michele...Emergency surgery is scary...hope your sister is feeling better today!! Honeybear...welcome back! Happy to hear you had a lovely time on your getaway! Sharon...Glad you had a nice time with your friend. I took a train from London to Liverpool summer of 2017. Such a fun and beautiful place...stayed only for one day to do "Everything Beatles" but would have loved to stay longer. Yesterday was Savannah Blue Sweet on You Countryside Chunks in Strawberry Cotton Candy Lime from a sweet pal...thanks! Smells nice. :) Off to work...have a nice day!
  20. No...not true! Probably...but I don't mind folding...I hate ironing! The person below me never eats soup in the Summer months.
  21. Late night posting...forgot to post earlier... L3 in Skipper - SSA, Coral and Blueberry Goodnight
  22. Good Afternoon! Yes Amy...it is! OPT has blossomed for me over the year! The throw is wonderful and I can truly experience the blends now! I wasn't so crazy about this scent before but now I love it. When I went back to reorder my favs before she stopped accepting custom blends I didn't reorder this one. Now I'm bummed....but I do have extras of three of my others. ;) I'm so sorry to hear about your restless night! Gosh...every creature out there was causing a ruckus! I hope you can get a few winks today! Today it's SGA downstairs... Montage Bay Unskinny Bop Coconut Cream Beach Night Sugar Cookies Upstairs it's... Savannah Blue in Woodsmoke & Candy Have a nice day. :)
  23. Awww Debra...sorry that the birds are tearing up your landscaping! Spent the morning and early afternoon rearranging my wax...needed to move the spring/summer scents out and put the fall/winter into hiding. Threw a bunch out that I just don't want to see again. It's Birthday by the Sea by OPT....forgot all about these OPT blends. Goodnight all.
  24. Good morning... It's Sniff My Tarts in Mrs Claus Cookies/Hot Apple Pie/Ice Cream Cake Batter...weird for April but doesn't smell like Christmas. Have a good one. :)
  25. Yes...I plan to every year but then I start too late. Maybe this year. The person below me can't eat gluten.
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