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Look no further than Candlefind for detailed home fragrance reviews. Our scent experts help you discover various ways of scenting your home by performing detailed candle reviews, wax melts reviews, and reviews of other scented products. We cover big name brands as well as small, indie candle companies. While the single candle review is our signature review, we also perform another of other review types, including candle company reviews, mystery shops, and candle spotlights. Our absolute favorite candles (and wax melts) are given the Editor’s Choice badge.

Our Favorite Home Fragrance Reviews

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Peppermint Brownie Bath & Body Works Candle ReviewBy Christina RylanBrand: Bath & Body WorksType: 14.5oz large 3 wick candleFragrance: Peppermint BrownieScent Strength: Medium First Impression of Peppermint Brownie: I have a huge soft spot for chocolate mint fragrances so ordering Peppermint...
Mango Coconut Cooler scented candle - Bath & Body Works By Christina Rylan Brand: Bath & Body Works Type: 14.5oz 3 wick candle Fragrance: Mango Coconut Cooler Cost: $22.50 Scent Strength: Medium+  Introduction to my review:Bath & Body Works has a new candle collection out called...
 Cinnamon Cider scented candle – AromatiqueBy Christina RylanBrand: AromatiqueType: 2 Wick CandleFragrance: Cinnamon CiderCost: $20.00Scent Strength: Strong  What did my candle smell like? This is a really pretty candle that was a joy to burn. The vessel was a rectangle shape...
A fresh, ozone scent with a hint of saltiness and warmth. This palm wax candle would be a perfect choice for Father's Day!
A delicious pumpkin bread type of scent, but it misses on the marshmallow mark.