Rainy Nights, Candle Escape

Product Name: Rainy Nights

Product Description: Top: Bergamot, Lime, Grass Middle: Green Leaves, Cucumber Base: Bamboo, Violet

Brand: Candle Escape

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Candlefind Says

Another winner from Candle Escape! Fresh, clean, and complex. This scent had ozone-y and green notes with hints of floral. Perfection!


  • Great scent throw & strength
  • Clean burn
  • Long-lasting


  • No cinnamon detected

Intro To My Candle Review

Rainy Nights was my 3rd and final candle to try from Candle Escape. I actually had saved this candle for last because honestly – I thought I might like it the least. I appreciate all types of scents, but I’m mostly wild about bakery and floral scents. But I was SO very impressed with my first two candles (Clean Cotton and Bamboo & Coconut), that I was really looking forward to burning this candle after all. The picture to the right is for their Clean Cotton candle, but the candle I had look similar. This Rainy Nights candle was the 16oz apothecary style jar but with a wooden lid.

First Impressions of My Candle

The candles I’ve burned already from Candle Escape could be considered fresh and clean scents. That’s also what I got from this scent – fresh, clean, and green. A little ozone-y (like after a fresh fallen rain). The cold sniff on this one was milder than the other two candles I tried, but I was definitely getting that fresh and clean vibe.

Top: Bergamot, Lime, Grass
Middle: Green Leaves, Cucumber
Base: Bamboo, Violet
Red Hot Cinnamon
Top: Cinnamon, Nutmeg
Middle: Clove

From Candle Escape’s Website

Ok – that was NOT what I was smelling on cold sniff. Cold sniff to me was more ozone-y with some clean, fresh cologne notes. I could get some green notes, which must have been the grass +/- bamboo. Still, I wasn’t too concerned because the complexity of  the scent usually becomes more apparent once the wax is warmed.

Once lit, that’s when I started to notice the real complexity of this scent. The bergamot was more noticeable here – fresh, zippy, and a little earthy. It made for that cologne-y type scent I expect from ozone notes. The green notes came out a bit more upon burning, making this scent another good one for the fresh/clean category.

I could get a little bit of floral undertones every now and then, brightening up the scent. I couldn’t get much in the way of the cinnamon or cloves. Still, this was a beautiful scent to me and I enjoyed it through the last burn.

The candle scent was strong…not blow-the-doors-off kind of strong, but strong enough to make sure you knew it was burning. The scent traveled on throughout the main floor and even scented up the room while not lit.

How Did My Candle Burn?

This candle provided me another awesome burn – clean, even, and not a lot of maintenance. The wax melt pool for this candle was super deep – I think that helped a lot with the scent throw. I had no wasted wax on the sides, no black sooting. Just a clean burning candle that you expect & hope for from every candle burn. Perfection!

The other thing I loved about this candle was the fact that it was a slow burner. It kept a pretty deep wax melt pool, but it still lasted about 60 hours of burn time. That’s great for a candle of this size.

Closing To My Candle Review

I started off impressed with Candle Escape and I end on an even higher note. This candle was refreshing and relaxing and complex. It had an excellent scent throw and strength and a super clean burn. What more could you want? If you like complex, clean types of scents, this one may be for you. It was more ozone-y than anything, so you do have to like those types of scents to enjoy this candle.

I end my series of reviews for Candle Escape for now, but I’m already hankering to try more scents. When I find a place I really like, I get a little OCD and want to try every single scent they have to offer. Watch out Candle Escape…here I come!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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