by Lisa Carter

Types: 3.5 oz., 8 oz. and 22 oz.
Double-Wicked Oval Jar Candles

Fragrances: Pink Champagne
and Vanilla Frosted Cupcake

Cost: $8 (3.5 oz); $14.50 (8 oz) $24 (22 oz)

Burn time: Approx. 30 hours (3.5 oz), 55 hours (8 oz), and 95 hours (22 oz.)

Scent Strength: Light to strong


Introduction to my Pink Champagne & Vanilla Frosted Cupcake Candles from Colonial Candle:

Now that the season for graduations, weddings, and other celebrations are in full swing… what better time to try a couple of celebration-type scents? Colonial Candles has a couple of nifty ones that are brand new for 2008 – Pink Champagne and Vanilla Frosted Cupcake – that I just had to sample!

For those of you not already familiar with this brand… Colonial Candles is a large Colonial Candle Logocandle company with a nationwide presence, both retail and online. I’ve found their candles in my area in both local Hallmark stores and in Linens n Things.

As might be expected, the Colonial Candle website is professionally designed, easy to navigate and use, and has beautiful graphics. Their scent list boasts more than 85 different scents, with a variety of fragrances in all different categories, so there’s something for everyone. And not only do they offer the usual jar candles, but they also have pillars, tapers, votives, melts (called “simmer snaps”), unscented candles, candle accessories, gift items, and even a separate section that provides decorating and decor suggestions. You can shop for candles by style, fragrance, or color, and there’s an extensive help page (and live telephone help too) in case you have questions about your order.



What did my Colonial candles look like?

I have to admit, I love the look of Colonial candles! For each scent, I received three different size jars – 22 ounce, 8 ounce, and Colonial Candle Review3.5 ounce. These sturdy, clear glass jars are absolutely beautiful – all are in Colonial’s trademark oval shape with a flat glass lid that’s discreetly stamped with Colonial’s “four C” logo. (The smallest size does not come with a lid but instead has a removable clear plastic dust shield.)Each one is double-wicked, even the smallest, and the wax color is creamy and even – a soft pink for Pink Champagne and a beautiful off-white shade for the Vanilla Frosted Cupcakes scent.The labels for each scent have a corresponding picture and color scheme, and best of all, are designed to peel off easily, so you can use the container for other things once the candle is finished.



How did candles from Colonial Candle smell?

Colonial Candle Pink Champagne Scented Candle ReviewPink Champagne

This scent was a little out of the norm for me – I usually tend to go for bakery, spicy and fruity scents before wine or champagne-type scents. But, this was a case of choosing a book by its cover – the candle looked so pretty and festive on the website and the scent description so fun, I really wanted to try it. Here’s how the description reads: “Cheers! An effervescent and fruity champagne.” Colonial Candles Pink Champagne scented candle review

This scent definitely lived up to that brief description! I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect at first – sometimes these winey-type scents smell authentic, and sometimes they smell like a grape Popsicle. But when I sniffed Pink Champagne cold, my first thought was that it smelled a bit like fresh-cut grapefruit – a good sign, since I was looking for a fizzy, fruity type rather than a candy smell. And when lit, the fruit scent was still there, but it blossomed into a great bubbly champagne fragrance with true white grape notes and the tiniest touch of a floral.

The throw on this scent was excellent. I put the smallest jar in the powder room, and it filled it and drifted out into the hallway beyond. I burned the other two candles in the foyer and the family room, both of which have cathedral ceilings, and with all three going at once my entire downstairs smelled like Pink Champagne. Perfect for a celebration!



Vanilla Frosted Cupcake Colonial Candle reviewVanilla Frosted Cupcake

“Fresh from the oven, the rich buttery aroma of warm vanilla cupcakes.”

Mmmm! What could be a better fragrance for a bakery lover? Although I really am trying to branch out a little more with my candle scent preferences, I just couldn’t resist trying Vanilla Frosted Cupcake. I’m one of those people who never grew out of my sweet tooth, and there’s nothing that compares to a great cupcake, heavy on the frosting!

I’ve tried many similar scents in candles and melts, and it’s been my experience thatVanilla Frosted Cupcake Colonial Candle review this type of fragrance and those in the same family (like Buttercream) tend to be on the lighter side. I think it’s just the nature of this particular scent. So I’m always thrilled to find a good strong Vanilla Cupcake candle.

Unfortunately, in terms of strong scent my search must go on. To my nose this fragrance was actually stronger cold than hot. After my Vanilla Frosted Cupcake candles had been burning a bit I had to nearly stick my nose in the wax to detect a scent. Even after letting them burn a couple of hours to establish a big melt pool, there was little to no throw on these. And because the fragrance was so light, it was hard for me to detect any cake notes or dimensions other than a straight buttercream vanilla. It’s not that I disliked the fragrance – what I could smell of it was great – it was just that I found it hard to discern any complexity because of the lightness. I think this one would be an excellent choice for those who prefer more delicate scents.



Candle flameHow did my candles from Colonial Candle burn?

These candles are among the best I’ve ever burned. Without exception, they all burned evenly and cleanly, with no sooting, smoking, tunneling, drowning or low-flame wicks. There was no wax left on the sides of any of the jars, and edge-to-edge melt pools on all of them were established quickly. The double wicks look gorgeous shining through the clear oval glass when lit, too!



Final thoughts on my review of Colonial Candles:

In spite of the low throw on the Vanilla Cupcake scent, I would highly recommend Colonial Candle scented candle reviewColonial Candles. They have a luxury look without the luxury price tag (they’re comparable to Yankee Candle in cost). I’ve tried other scents from Colonial in the past and can attest that most of them are quite strongly scented. I also like the unique twists that this company tends to put on most of their scents – they take ordinary fragrances and tweak them just a bit or add unexpected notes to make them something special. The burn performance is excellent, and Colonial has a sizeable and frequently-changing scent selection as well as good customer service. This is definitely a company I will return to in the future.

Happy candle shopping!

~ Lisa

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