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Advertising Program

Welcome To Candlefind's Advertising Program

Welcome to Candlefind’s advertising program. If you run an online candle store and need some extra exposure, consider advertising on Candlefind. We are the #1 site online dedicated solely to bringing helpful, unbiased, entertaining reviews and information to candle lovers and shoppers. Every day, many loyal fans of Candlefind and first time visitors as well spend time on our site seeking a sense of belonging among other candle-addicts.

How Can Candlefind Help My Candle Business?

While our visitors enjoy our site, they are always looking for new candles to try. If you want to sell more candles, you need to put your message in front of them. Does advertising on Candlefind really help? A resounding yes! We’ve been the launchpad for several small home-based companies and we provide steady traffic to larger, well-known brands. Advertising on Candlefind helps connect you to a niche audience that is interested in scented wax products, looking to make their next purchase. (you can find traffic information below.)

What Kind of Traffic Does Candlefind Receive?

The number of candle-loving visitors to our site has been steadily increasing since our creation in November 5, 2003. By placing your message on Candlefind, you won’t be advertising on a stale site. We are always adding new and exciting content to continue our growth and to establish even more loyal fans of Candlefind. To illustrate our ever growing traffic, see the chart below:

We now use Google Analytics to track our statistics.
In 2019, we’ve noticed tremendous growth.
August Users up 287.05% September Users up 33.41%

Interested in Advertising?

We offer several types of advertising packages including text links and banner ads. You can download our current rate sheet here. Please email us for more options!