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About Us

Candlefind is THE place for candle lovers! We review scented candles, wax melts, and other home fragrance products. Find your new best favorite scent…we dare you!

In 2003, Carolyn O’Conner wanted to create a space where candle lovers could read and talk about the world of scented candles. She wanted to make sure we, as consumers, were able to make informed decisions and good purchases. She also wanted to hold candle companies accountable – for their products, practices, and customer service! She created Candlefind for that purpose, growing faster than her wildest dreams.

In 2007, she turned the Candlefind reigns over to Christina Rylan, candle connoisseur with a keen nose for scents. Under Christina’s leadership, the site has continued to grow and has become a leading site in its field.

Andrea Haskins

Owner & Operator

Susan Tucker

Chief Operating Officer

Chris McCutcheon

Director of Sales & Marketing

Andrea Haskins is the current owner and operator of Candlefind. Andrea’s team includes Susan Tucker, Chief Operating Officer, and Chris McCutcheon, Director of Sales & Marketing.

The site continues to grow, never forgetting its roots of protecting and informing you…the consumer.

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