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Candle Tips4 Brilliant Ways to Save on Yankee Candle Easy MeltCups

4 Brilliant Ways to Save on Yankee Candle Easy MeltCups

These simple tricks can help you get the most bang for your buck with Yankee Candle Easy MeltCups.

4 Brilliant Ways to Save on Yankee Candle Melt Cups

When Yankee Candle EasyMelt Cups hit the market, I was slow to jump on the bandwagon. These plastic cups filled with scented wax were made to fit in their proprietary wax melting system, called a Scenterpiece®. More money! I was immediately looking for ways to save on Yankee Candle Easy MeltCups. I was displeased with some of the messiness of their regular tarts, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest in a whole new warming system and pay the price for the individual cups. Since then, I’ve warmed up to the idea (pun intended). And with the news that Yankee was going to discontinue the scalloped wax tarts, it was high time to get with the program. I’ve now embraced the whole setup and actually enjoy using these melt cups! I’ve posted reviews on some of my favorites like Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose and Wildflower Blooms. Fabulous!

Still, I’ve seen the price of these cups of scented joy drift upwards. They are currently selling for $6.00 each – ouch! While I love to shop, I also love to save. I have learned how to save on Yankee Candle Easy MeltCups, so I thought I’d share my quick tips with you.

Tip One

Shop Smart

This suggestion is a bit obvious, but it’s important if you are wanting to save on Yankee Candle melt cups. The current going price for these wax melts is six bucks. If you are not worried with seasonal melting, you can often get the off-season EasyMelt Cups at a great discount. I’ve recently seen prices as low as $2.75 for the Halloween fragrances. Also be sure to check for sporadic sales on specific scents as you can often get them for half off. There is no rhyme or reason for which of the scents go on sale that we can tell, so it’s best to just check the site periodically or subscribe to their newsletter.

Yankee Candle Sun Drenched Apricot Rose Wax Melts

If you play your cards right, you can end up with a nice little collection of these melt cups, which store easily and seem to hold scent quite well while doing so.

Tip Two

Time Your Scenterpiece® Use

Most of these melt cups fragrance a room really well even before they are fully melted. Try keeping your Scenterpiece® on just long enough to fully melt the wax, then immediately turn it off. The fragrance will continue to scent your room as it is starting to solidify and even for a while afterwards. Better yet, get a Scenterpiece® melter with a timer and have it auto-turn off for you at specific times! If you don’t want to invest in a melter with a timer (which I think is totally worth it), you can buy a timer that can attach to your melter and have it turn on and off at set times. This seriously extends the use of your melt cups beyond the stated 24 hours. I’ve been able to use one of my melt cups for several weeks using this method.

Tip THree

Reuse Melt Cup Wax

I usually keep my melt cups on the warmer until I don’t get a lot of scent out of them anymore. Since the Scenterpiece® melter is such a low wattage melter, I’ve found that the wax still has a little bit of scent left if you cut it up and place it in a higher wattage melter. You can place the cup in the freezer for a few minutes, then pop out the wax in one full piece. Cut that disc up into 4 or more pieces and use those in your higher wattage warmers (or in a tealight burner). You’ll be able to eek out a little more scent from the wax! This is also a great way to mix and match your scents to great your own custom fragrance.

How to Maximize the Use of YC Easy Melt Cups

Another option is to use the wax disc to scent up your drawers or cabinets. Place the used wax in a small area (either in or out of the plastic cup) and let it gently scent for a couple of weeks. Toss it out when it is completely scentless. If you’re going this route, just remember there are still oils in the wax. Protect your surfaces and clothing by placing it on a sheet of wax paper or something similar. This is a sure fire way to make sure you are saving on Yankee Candle melt cups!

Tip Four

Reuse The Plastic Cups

After you have removed the melt cup wax, you can reuse the plastic cups to melt other wax melts! These cups will hold quite a bit of wax, so you can fill it to your heart’s desire. Since the Scenterpiece® is a lower wattage melter, it will melt the wax a bit slower and you’ll notice that the scent lasts a bit longer. I’ve used all types of wax in these melters. Harder wax doesn’t do as well – it might take it a bit longer to melt all the way, and you’ll need to use smaller amounts. Soy blend, soy, and coconut wax tend to work the best. Below I’ve put in some wax melts from Shortie’s Candle Company. The all soy wax melts from this company are perfect for this method.

Keep in mind that these are considered single use cups, so be cautious with how long you repeatedly heat up the same cup. I tend to toss mine after going through about 20 different melts, which is still a lot of mileage from one cup.

Those are our top tips to help you save on Yankee Candle melt cups. Get more use out of your cups and extend the use of your other wax melts. It’s a win-win!

Do you have any tips on how to save on the Yankee Candle Easy MeltCups? Comment below to share!

Happy candle burning!

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