Pink Barn House You've Been Shopped!
The Pink Barn House
Pink Barn House You've Been Shopped!

Name: The Pink Barn House

Description: Handful of 100% soy wax melts and a jar of soy wax crumbles.

  • Ordering Process
  • TAT
  • Unboxing Experience
  • Overall Impression of Products

Shop Notes

  • 100% soy wax products
  • Wax is semi-soft
  • Heavily decorated 
  • Our best results with the wax melts were in a 24W hot plate warmer 


  • Good product selection
  • Reasonable prices
  • Quality products
  • Freebies included
  • Super fast TAT


  • Heavily decorated (can be a con – depends on your preference)

Why The Pink Barn House

I was browsing Etsy one day looking for another new-to-me wax vendor to try. The word ‘pink’ jumped out at me at The Pink Barn House and the wax melts shown were super, super cute. All that added up to reasons for me to shop this Etsy shop!

Products OrderedPink Barn House You've Been Shopped!

  • Fairy Garden wax melt cup
  • Pink Linen wax melt cup
  • Fruity Loops wax melt cup
  • Valentine Sugar Cookie heart-shaped melt cup
  • Pink Lemonade wax crumbles, 4 ounce container

Freebies Included

  • Small wax melt cup – I forget the name, but I did want to mention it because a freebie was definitely included in the order.

Ordering Process

The ordering process here was super easy. Each scent is listed separately, so  I just added all that I was interested in to my cart. The wax melts are all heavily decorated and there was not an option to receive them ‘Plain Jane.’ (I didn’t want mine that way, but it does bear mentioning.) Etsy’s checkout process is super easy, so no problems there.


The turn-around-time was blazing fast. I ordered on a Friday and had my order by Wednesday!

Pink Barn House You've Been Shopped!

Unboxing Experience

The package arrived in pristine condition. Everything was wrapped well to protect the contents. I could smell the goodies immediately as I was starting to open the box. It was also fun to pull each of these out and look at them, as they were all so stinkin’ cute!

Pink Barn House You've Been Shopped!

Impression of Individual Products

Overall, I was pleased with my order. The wax melts are listed as 100% soy wax, but they didn’t have that soft, crumbly feel (except for the crumbles). Maybe there were additives to firm them up. The blends were interesting and they put out a decent scent throw. My least favorite was Fairy Garden as it was on the lighter side and I didn’t really get the coconut-vibe. My favorite was Valentine Sugar Cookie – so delicious and strong. I will say I had to be in the mood to put them in the warmer because it was a lot of work to change them out. (I like to pour my wax out hot so that I can quickly move on to the next scent!).

Pink Barn House You've Been Shopped!

Product TypeScent NameScent DescriptionCommentsRepurchase?
Wax Melt CupFairy GardenA refreshing blend of fresh flowers and light coconut with a soothing musk and sandalwood base.This was a nice scent but I didn’t really smell a lot of coconut. I smelled mostly sandalwood and something a little sweet. This was the lightest of all the melts.No
Wax Melt CupPink LinenA pure and airy fragrance of clean cotton blowing in the breeze.Loved this one! It was fresh and clean, a bit perfumey. Moderately strong.Yes
Wax Melt CupFruity LoopsSweet orange, tangy cherry, and sweet vanilla bean. Inspired by Fruit Loops Cereal.This scent was very realistic! Fruity and delicious. Moderately strong.Yes
Heart Shaped Wax MeltValentine Sugar CookieNo longer availableThis was delicious! It smelled just like freshly baked sugar cookies. Great scent throw and the heart shape was an extra bonus.Yes
Wax CrumblesPink LemonadeSmells exactly like the name! A splash of citrus & sugary sweet bottom notes.True to the scent – a sweet lemonade scent with a bit of tangy-ness to it. The throw was pretty good and I liked being able to add more crumbles if needed.Yes

Final ThoughtsPink Barn House You've Been Shopped!

I enjoyed this order from The Pink Barn House and would definitely order again. The wax melt cups are a generous size, adorably decorated, and well-scented. The decorations might be a bit heavy handed, but they were fun to melt all the same. I’m glad I ran across this shop and look forward to heading back!

Have you tried The Pink Barn House? If so, what are your thoughts? 

Happy candle shopping!

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