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Shining The Light On: MR. Candle

A soy-based candle company with candle scents that lean towards the masculine side.

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While the candle world is dominated by women, there are plenty of male candle lovers AND makers (chandlers) to be found. We were lucky enough to be introduced to two great guys – McKinley Harris and Ronnie Ethridge – who happen to make some of the most amazing, uniquely scented soy based candles. MR. Candle is a candle company with clean-burning candles and clever, often tongue-in-cheek scent names.

A Closer Look at MR. Candle

Owners Harris and Ethridge wanted to find more scented candles that had more earthy and woodsy notes for their homes. They wanted those candles to be high quality, long-lasting, and clean burning. Candles that actually had a scent throw! Too much to ask? Apparently so as they found it hard to find anything reliable on the market that hit on all cylinders. So they did what many others decided to do…make their own!

Once they started creating, family and friends wanted more and so it began. Their first custom candle, Chip Off The Ole Candle, was a huge success and propelled them to make more uniquely scented candles, many of which might appeal to men. Truth be told, though, the owners admit that most of their customers are women and that both men and women alike enjoy their candles. We were able to test four of their most popular candles: Chip Off The Ole Candle, Unforgettable, Country Living, and The Force.

At Mr. Candle, we are passionate about concocting unique scents and using our special soy based formula to bring you the longest lasting candles on the market. We pride on giving the best to our customers. All our products are handmade, hand poured. No chemicals, no machines, just 2 honest hard working people doing there best to perfect a craft that is loved by many across the world.

MR Candle
Shining The Light On MR Candle Review
Photo credit: MR. Candle

Products Offered

As of this writing, MR. Candle offers 8 ounce jar candles, tealight candles that come in packs of 6, and clamshell wax melts. The candles are single-wicked and all products are dye-free.

Shining The Light on MR. Candle
Photo credit: MR. Candle

Chip Off The Ole Candle

The first candle we tried was their first custom candle: Chip Off The Ole Candle. We were particularly interested as we had recently written about our five favorite chocolate chip cookie candles, so we wanted to know how this one would stack up. Their candles do come gift boxed, so that you are able to gift them without much additional effort. This particular candle’s jar was white, fitting for the scent. On cold sniff? Ahhhh…heavenly! The smell of a buttery cookie with swirls of chocolate hit my nose and instantly made me fall in love.

The scent description reads: Chip Off the Ole Candle was made to mimic the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. To create the warm and cozy environment that brings the childhood memories of comfort and love. When you light this scented candle, you will want nothing more than to get a glass of cold milk and find the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Chip Off the Ole Candle is just that good.

MR. Candle Chip Off The Ole Candle
Photo credit: MR. Candle

Once lit, this candle smelled more like crisp, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, with a lingering of chocolate goodness in the air. The scent was enough to carry well in a medium sized bedroom and the candle itself had a nice, clean burn. We can see how this one is so popular!

Country Living

Next up for us was Country Living, a leather-scented candle that is another very popular scent for the company. This candle had a light brown frosted jar, fitting for the scent. The cold sniff was a bit masculine but not overly so – the fresh fruit notes helped brighten the fragrance and make it both energizing and warm at the same time.

The scent description reads:  Our take on a leather scented candle and happens to be our most popular. The tantalizing blend of fresh fruit and leather will lighten up any room. Sit back, relax and smell the sweet scent of the country. Fragrance Notes- Top: Leather, Strawberries, Coconut, Cherry; Mid: Banana, Melon, Peach, Apple, Pear; Base: French Vanilla, Mint, Clove

MR. Candle Country Living Candle

Once burning the candle blend was absolutely mesmerizing – not too masculine and not too feminine/fruity. It was just the right balance with a moderately strong scent throw. This candle had a slow, clean burn, just like Chip.

The Force

The Force candle was in a gorgeous blue frosted vessel which made us think of crisp, clean notes. Turns out we were on the right track, as this particular scent had notes of mint and pine needles in the mix. Once lit, though, this candle was so…much…more. It was AMAZING! It was crisp and clean, yet warm and inviting. The spicy notes made it very alluring and different.

The scent description reads: This warm and exotic scented candle is a cultural blend of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, patchouli, and crisp pine needles, with a hint of leather. Fragrance Notes- Top Notes: Orange, Apple; Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Clove, Cool mint, Leather; Base Notes: Pine, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk, Patchouli

MR. Candle The Force Candle
Photo credit: MR. Candle

This was a strongly scented candle and the scent throw carried well beyond the confines of the room we had it in. We could even smell it for a long time after snuffing the candle out. Another nice clean burn from MR. Candle!


We saved the Unforgettable candle for last because it was in a candle jar that was a gorgeous shade of pink…our favorite color in case you haven’t noticed! The cold sniff pulled us in even further, with a sweet floral bouquet of goodness.

The scent description reads: Unforgettable was inspired by Victoria Secret’s Pink perfume. A soft romantic fragrance that will fill your home with an Unforgettable scent. Light this scented candle to relax or set an atmosphere for a romantic night, either way, Unforgettable will not let you down. Fragrance Notes- Top: Lemon, Melon, Mandarin Orange; Mid: Peony, Freesia, Neroli, Lily-of-the-Valley; Base: Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver, Vanilla

MR. Candle Unforgettable Candle

Ahhh, yes…this candle was a romantic bouquet in wax form. Masculine? Not really, but beautiful? Oh, yeah! We could see this being a perfect candle for the Spring or warmer months of the year. The scent throw was moderately strong and the burn was, once again, super clean.

Overall Impression of MR Candle

5 Stars

We thoroughly enjoyed our introduction to MR. Candle. The candles offered up a clean burn and had moderately strong to strong throws – at least the ones we tried. They also burned a good long while, which makes the candles a great value. They have a number of wonderful sounding scents and we can’t wait to dive in more. Male or female, we think there is something to be found for just about everyone at MR. Candle!

Their candles can be purchased on their website.

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