Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Candles

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! While there are a number of things you can make with these little morsels of delight, our first thought is that of chocolate chip cookies. Where would we be if Ruth Graves Wakefield didn’t have that inkling of cookie curiosity back in 1937? While we ever grateful to Ms. Wakefield and Nestle, the love of these cookies can pack on the pounds. That’s why we prefer chocolate chip cookie candles instead! Finding a chocolate chip cookie scented candle is not hard, but finding a good one…there’s the rub! We tested a Mrs. Field’s cookie candle before, but the scent was practically nonexistent. Goose Creek’s Cookie Dough Bites didn’t have the mix of scents that we were expecting. After all our testing and sniffing, we’ve come up with six of the best chocolate chip cookie scented candles we could find. Grab a glass of milk and enjoy!

1. Kringle Candle, Chocolate Chip Cookie

Kringle Candle Company Chocolate Chip Cookie Candle
When they’re just about ready to take from the oven, that warm comforting aroma fills the air with doughy, chocolate morsel goodness. Top: Chocolate, Vanilla Mid: Brown Sugar, Caramel Base: Clove Bud, Cocoa Powder Photo Credit: Kringle Candle

Warm and delicious with plenty of brown sugar notes, the chocolate chip cookie candle from Kringle Candle is one of our favorites.

2. Surf’s Up Candle, Cookies & Milk

Surf's Up Candle Chocolate Chip Cookie scented candle Cookies & Milk Paint Can Candles
Freshly baked cookies dipped in milk make for a delicious treat. Subtle cinnamon notes blended with sweet vanilla and tonka bean create an authentic, enjoyable scent. Photo Credit: Surf’s Up Candle

Add in some smooth vanilla for a delicious cookie and milk scent that is simply mouthwatering. Serve it up in an adorable paint can and this candle from Surf’s Up is just irresistible!

3. Stinky Candle Co., Chocolate Chip Cookie

Stinky Candle Company Chocolate Chip Cookie candle in tin
We were clearly in a very dark place when we decided to make the Chocolate Chip Cookie Candle, since there are few things worse than smelling the delicious scent of warm cookies and discovering that there actually aren’t any to be had. Photo Credit: Stinky Candle Co.

While Stinky Candle Company is known for making candles scented for things you might not want burning in your home, this is one of the exceptions. This one is on the milder side but yum-yum nonetheless!

4. Hearth & Home, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Hearth & Home large candle jar scented in chocolate chip cookie dough
Just like the real thing! A nice fresh batch of mama’s cookie dough! Photo Credit: Hearth & Home

Hearth & Home’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough candle takes on a sweeter, more airy quality. This one is perfect for those home staging occasions when you don’t need a candle scent to be too overpowering.

5. Henceforth, Midnight Snack

Henceforth soy candle midnight snack scented as warm chocolate chip cookies and milk
You’re not reaching for the hummus and carrots when you sleepily wander into the kitchen at the witching hour. You’re looking for a snack that’s comforting, and a little nostalgic. This candle hits those notes with the scent of milk & cookies. It’s a tall, cold glass of soy milk, almond milk, or regular old milk, and warm chocolate chip cookies…in candle form! Photo Credit: Henceforth

If you’re looking for a great, handmade soy option, look no further than Henceforth’s Midnight Snack candle. This scented candle smells like you just pulled the cookies out of the oven and poured yourself a cold one…glass of milk, that is.

6. Candle Confectionery, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Candle Confectionery Chocolate Chip Cookies decorative candle
Tons of sugar, a combination of light and dark chocolate and vanilla. A sweet, rich decadent delight. Photo Credit: Candle Confectionery

Burn this chocolate chip cookie scented candle from The Candle Confectionery if you must, but we just love looking at the layers of deliciousness. If you do choose to burn this one, you’ll get a fairly sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies with tons of sugar.

That concludes our round-up of the best chocolate chip cookie scented candles that you can buy. Did we miss your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below!

Happy candle burning!

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