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Candle Lists11 Best Fall Luxury Candles for 2021

11 Best Fall Luxury Candles for 2021

A round-up of some of the best luxury candles to burn this Fall.

Candlefind Presents Best Fall Luxury Candles

I have been loving all the luxury candles I’ve been burning lately so I became inspired to showcase some of the best fall luxury candles for this season. While we’ve already covered our list of best Fall scented candles, this list is specifically referencing luxury brands – those generally costing $2 per ounce or more. These are candles that will fill your home with such unique fragrances and capture the perfect essence of Fall. It’s definitely one of my favorite seasons for weather and fragrance – and luxury brands offer some of the best from which to choose.

Pumpkin Chai – Nest

Pumpkin Chai Candle – Nest
A fragrant blend of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamon, ginger and cinnamon, Pumpkin Chai brings a cozy, warm and inviting ambiance to any autumn occation or celebration. Photo Credit: NEST

Mmmm! Who can resist spicy pumpkin to warm your home with fragrance? Pumpkin Chai is a favorite of mine to burn all winter long. It has a rich essence without being too heavy or spicy.

Simmered Cider – Thymes

Simmered Cider Candle – Thymes
A simmering blend of freshly-pressed apple mulled with crushed clove and cardamom, with hints of bourbon. Photo Credit: Thymes

This is one of the best luxury Fall candles you can set out on your table this season. It has the heaviness you’d want from a cozy, warm candle, but the sweetness of the apple shines through for an extra treat.

Copper Leaves – Illume

Copper Leaves Candle – Illume
Notes of roasted chestnuts, cinnamon, and coconut create the quintessential fragrance of fall. Photo credit: Illume

Mmmm! This fragrance is AMAZING!! Illume tends to be on the lighter side “aroma wise” but boy do they create some amazing and beautiful fragrances.  Copper Leaves is all about roasted chestnuts with a surprise coconut twist. Yum!

Balsam Black Pepper – LAFCO

Balsam Black Pepper Candle – LAFCO
LAFCO Balsam Black Pepper Candle is a pure forest of evergreens with notes of crisp eucalyptus, herbaceous rosemary and purple lavender. Cedarwood and amber envelop the scent with a touch of warmth. Photo credit: LAFCO

The new Absolute Collection from LAFCO comes in some stunning candle vessels. Balsam Black Pepper is one that should take you from Fall to Winter without any problems at all. The familar scent of balsam is wrapped with black pepper and cedarwood for a unique, cozy fragrance that is sure to please. This is an easy pick for our list of the best Fall luxury candles.

Sexy Cinnamon – Trapp

Sexy Cinnamon Candle – Trapp
The Signature Home Collection – No. 39 Sexy Cinnamon candle is sultry, smooth and sophisticated – cinnamon like you have never experienced before. It’s not your Grandma’s cinnamon. Photo Credit: Trapp Fragrances

No Fall lineup is complete without a cinnamon candle, so Sexy Cinnamon it is. This cinnamon candle is not too cinnamony or harsh – it’s more smooth, sweet, and warm. It’s fabulous!

Vanilla & Ghost Pepper – P.F. Candle Co.

Vanilla & Ghost Pepper Candle – P.F. Candle Co.
A cool desert breeze, the sun setting over terracotta landscapes, a warm blanket’s embrace, and the lingering spice from dried ristra peppers. Creamy, spicy, and woody. Violet, tonka bean, cedar, cinnamon. Photo credit: P.F. Candle Co.

New to the lineup at PF Candle Co. is this little gem – perfect for the start of Fall! A sweet vanilla scent that is tempered by the heat of ghost pepper. It is unique and dreamy!

Suede & Smoke – Delirum

Suede & Smoke Candle – Delirum
Delirium Suede & Smoke Candle is a smoldering vaporous mingling of tobacco leaves, moss, papaya, lapsang souchong dark tea & green manda. Unwind in your favorite worn leather chair in a library full of classics. Photo credit: Candle Delirium

A gorgeous candle both inside and out, Delirium’s Suede & Smoke candle is a bit more masculine than the others we have listed. It combines a variety of scents that all seem to blend well together, leaving you with a strongly scented, warm Fall fragrance.

Ambre – Diptyque

Ambre Candle – Diptyque
A warm and elegant procession of woods, vetiver and patchouli, enhanced with radiant aniseed, insolent spices, mysterious incense, cistus and Tonka bean. Photo credit: Diptyque

This fragrance is exotic and a perfect addition to your Fall lineup. It has a unique, smoky scent that is infused with rich spices. So, so good!

Willow (Palo Santo) – Bijou

Willow (Palo Santo) Candle – Bijou
A truly sacred blend. Palo santo, resinous labdanum, and smoky birch tar with a warm base of vanilla bean and cedar. Photo credit: Bijou

You need a palo santo candle in your Fall life…trust us on this one. Bijou carries some of the most amazing luxury candles and they burn beautifully. Their palo santo version is a wonderful blend that will wrap you in warmth and comfort.

Pumpkin Macchiato – Archipelago

Pumpkin Macchiato Candle – Archipelago
A sophisticated aromatic blend of crushed pumpkin seeds, cardamom spice and creamy coconut milk make up this comforting fragrance for home. Photo credit: Archipelago

If you want a pumpkin scent that’s not too sweet, dive into Archipelago’s Pumpkin Macchiato. It has just enough spices with the creaminess of sweet coconut milk to be sheer pumpkin perfection!

Pumpkin Dulce – Capri Blue

Pumpkin Dulce Candle – Capri Blue
YUM! This delicious Pumpkin Dulce fragrance is filled with sweet notes of white pumpkin, sweet gingersnap and whipped vanilla and will take coziness to the next level. Photo credit: Capri Blue

This delicious Pumpkin Dulce fragrance is filled with sweet notes of white pumpkin, sweet gingersnap and whipped vanilla and will take coziness to the next level.

If you’re looking for a sweeter pumpkin scent, check out Capri Blue’s Pumpkin Dulce. It gives that traditional pumpkin scent many of us crave during the Fall with plenty of luscious vanilla without being cloying.

And that, candle lovers, completes our suggestions for the 11 best Fall luxury candles to burn this year.

Yes, luxury brands can be expensive but boy are they worth it sometimes for a treat and a pampering indulgence. Something we all should indulge in every once in awhile. Why not this Fall?

Happy candle hunting!

Editor’s Note: 

This article was originally published in September 2016. The original author’s notes have been included with necessary modifications/additions based on product changes, availability, and similar factors.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click through one of them and make a purchase, Candlefind may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. It is your ongoing support that helps make Candlefind successful, and for that we are thankful.

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