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  1. Amy, I would have loved to see a baby Octopus! I wish he wasn't hiding from all of you. Too much paparazzi for those celebrities, I guess! Starflower, good luck with your time change, I think we are finally adjusted to ours from a few weeks ago. Honeybear, I am so glad you made it to Carol's sale! It was killing me to know she was open but not order! I have the disease bad, eh? Today should be sunny, so more yard work - and maybe a little visit to a vineyard in the area... Today it is Jammin' Rock Candy, CFOW
  2. mpfand, your and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Amy, back to the real world... Starflower - I love it when I am forward thinking enough to buy scents I like before they are discontinued! Tonight it is Lilac Sensations - Blue Skies.
  3. Goodness, I got home so late that it is bedtime and I almost didn't check in here! I hope you had the best birthday ever, Michelle! I popped in Sugared Apples, CFOW, while I feed the pets - then it is off to bed!
  4. Michele - what did we do before we had cameras? It is so nice to have proof - so sorry that you have to wait. Amy, I am glad you are getting some beach time. The east coast sure is different than the coast here out west. No warm sandy beach out here. (I am in the Pacific Northwest, SarahKat) SarahKat - HHS was a beloved vendor that we lost a few years ago. She made wonderful products and the throw is strong still. Her company was bought and recently reopened but may be restocking now - I will have to try and see if the "recipes" are the same. I believe they are now part of Galaxy Candles. Meanwhile, we can give you names of our Lavender vendors if you like? Do you melt tarts/melts? As far as candles go - I have some candles that are 3-4 years old that still scent nicely - but it depends on the brand and wax! My closed tins seem to be holding up well! Tonight it is Rocket - Lavender Blue Sugar.
  5. Hi SarahKat! Welcome! We are glad you found us! It looks like we have the same taste in scents - yours sound devine! Amy, I hope you and DH are having fun traveling, (and working... ;) ) Tonight it is HHS Lavender again. :wub: :wub:
  6. Susan, I have CPA relatives - it is crazy busy now, isn't it? Michele - do not fear! I have so many oldies and for the most part they still have a good throw. Some are "small room" melts now, but I really have not had to throw much out. We are talking YEARS! Gorgeous day today, DH out of town and I could not find anyone to go play with! So, it was a book in the shade. Sharon, enjoy your new wax - I am guessing that is what will be in the parcel you have waiting! Today has been Diamond State - Pink Sugar/Fruit Punch.
  7. Well phooey, looks like I viewed my post last night but did not post it and it went POOF. :angry: Amy, glad your trip wasn't a stressful one, and re-entry was good! About the movie - I reserved it from the library - I am # 272 out of 480 waiting! :blink: It was supposed to rain today so I made indoor plans - and no rain! Today was HHS - Lavender and Willow Creek Lavender Eucalyptus - I felt like I was living in a spa! :wub:
  8. Susan, I agree, those scents sound divine! :wub: I bet you are on your way home by the time I write this Amy! I hope the transition is not too difficult. Mpfand - hooray for being done! Is there a standard color you use, or do you have to pick the color? Tonight - Rocket's Blue Sugar and Lavender - I keep taking little pieces, trying to keep from using it all up.
  9. Michele, I am organized by vendor also. It helps me keep track of how old things are! Honeybear...I believe I am guilty of way too much wax also. [smilie=th_E_JUMP16667] Susan, enough snow yet? Glad your snow did not stick? Mpfand - painting the pool...that sounds like a lot of work! But how fun, after it is done! Tonight it is Cheryl's - Rain/Hyacinth
  10. I also miss Crosscreek! I still have quite a few and I think they may be more of a paraffin? They seem to last. Seventy degrees again, but really windy. The big pile of pruning that I made is distributed all across the back yard. Amy, I don't know how you adjust to all your time traveling. I am not sure I would be clear headed enough to work. :wacko: Wine scents - I like some of the Merlot - grapey ones when I am in the mood for a really sweet scent. I am melting an old CFOW - different label - Orange Vanilla Coffee.
  11. I think I am about 75% back to normal. It is interesting what notes you pick up when you melt with sniffles. They can sure smell different! ;) A beautiful day here - close to 70 degrees. That means clean out the flower beds. I hope you are having fun, Maggie and Amy! Today it is TCC - Mint Chocolate Scoops. A pretty green to celebrate the day.
  12. Thanks all, for your get well wishes! Honeybear, I actually have been melting ST - one called Mr. Freeze. Fingers crossed that the sniffles will be gone tomorrow! I am glad you are having fun visiting Amy, Michele and Maggie!
  13. Still stuffed up, trying a peppermint melt. It is sneaking through just a tiny bit...hoping for a better smeller tomorrow! Time to go relax!
  14. Susan, I hope you have better restraint than I do! ;) I hope you have had a super Birthday, Michele! Tonight - snuffles...unable to smell...
  15. Mpfand, the family transitions are fun/stressful/challenging. I hope you enjoy the next few days with your family! Sharon, I love it when I find a melt that has an unusual scent note in it! Susan, you always have a different vendor - fess up! Do you have a big stash of wax? Tonight - testing for a friend that has been making her own - Peach Brulee.
  16. Happy travels, Amy! I hope you went to warm weather! Sharon, I love going to YC stores! I buy way too many of the accessories...which reminds me it is time to get out the sharmrock votives. Cookie, you have another one that sounds good - Rosewood Musk! Tonight it is Colonial 0 Moroccan Market.
  17. Uh oh, Michele! Interesting mystery! Does it start smelling like that melt when you plug it in? Susan, I love Garden Mint! :wub: Lots of kids coming and going! Mine now live within 30 miles and I see them less than when they were away at college! Beautiful outside here today - almost 50 degrees. After all the snow dustings we have had, we have earned this. B) Today - Good Day Sunshine - Nene's.
  18. Michele - was security curious about your wax? Seems like a lot of people have not idea what those things are! Yeppers, Amy, the restocks may do me in...I wish I could hit the pause button for a few months. Where are you Maggie?? In your workshop? Tonight it is L3 - Strawberry Zucchini Bread.
  19. We had light snow all day, but the ground was warm and it did not stick. Whew! Amy - I loooove ginger scents! And ginger drinks, and ginger recipes... Cookie - I am a big fan of AJ&P also - it was one of my first loves! Tonight it is CBV - Purely Herbal, this is a strong one!
  20. Good evening! We are supposed to have a little snow dusting tonight. Very late in the season for that! I need to go check out TBG site again. You are mentioning some good sounding stuff! Tonight it is Cheryl's Woodland Orange Spice.
  21. No, you are right, Amy. If the site migrates, we could loose some of the pretties. Sunday nights are hard...time to get my head back in the game for tomorrow. ;) Today was L3 - Amber Pine Tree Silver Birch. I accidently ordered 2 of these, and boy - glad I did! :wub: :wub:
  22. I had an odd thing with the site - I logged in and there was no purple designs yesterday. All better today. Oh gosh, too many restocks again this weekend. Someone needs to freeze my Paypal! Finally, we are done with the snow flurries. It was a long week. Just enough to make the roads a mess and delay work. Tonight is Brown Bag - April Showers, a long time favorite.
  23. Very nice, Michele! I am very ready for the weekend. I am getting to old for this work business. I know when it is really cold here, Amy, I wake up with 4 cats snuggled up against me. It is a wee bit hard to sleep that way. :( Tonight - Candy Panda, Tea and Cakes
  24. It is late, but I wanted to pop in and see what was up! Great movie choice, Cookie! Amy, I am sorry you are on the road again soon. That must wear you out! And, how brave of you to toss out the wax puddle! I must march on through all of them, one at a time, even when they are not my favs! :huh: Tonight t is Melted Confections Pistachio Coconut Cake.
  25. Amy, I bet you do smell wonderful! I dipped my sleeve in raspberry jam at work today - and even that scent followed me around! Susan - me too! What did you see? mpfand - That is when I melt all my "meh" scents - when I can barely smell them! Tonight it is Hot Cocoa - A Crafty Barista.
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