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  1. Maggie, I love Orange Blossom! I hope that it is as good as it sounds! :wub: Cookie, it is a CYS night here, too - Mango Spearmint
  2. Amy, I have found my tarts that are paraffin hold the best over time. They are so hard, no oil is going to sneak out, apparently! Michele, aren't you glad that most tarts come with the scent descriptions now? I have some old ones that need scents labeled. Tonight it is HHS - Cherry Limeade.
  3. Oh Susan, what a shock, I am so sorry for all of you.
  4. I am sorry you have to head home, Michele! That transition can be tough! ;) It has been really hot again, air currents getting all fouled up and sending scents the wrong way. :( I have been working on melting my older tarts, and it is complicated - can't smell because they are too old or due to the A/C? :wacko: Tonight - Sweet Sage - Ozark Muscadine Wine. Happy travels again, Amy!
  5. That is a fun fact to know, Amy! I should have looked into the name myself! You have a real difference in scents there - banana vs patchouli! ^_^ Michele, good that you are getting some quality melting! :) Tonight - Cheryl's Berry Bundt Cake.
  6. Friday! It has been a long week, I am really ready to clean out those melters and do some serious melting. Tonight it is Starry Skies - Claire Bear - I think is Sugar Cookies and French Vanilla, but I can't find the container.
  7. Thank you Michele - clever title! What are you melting?
  8. Well, that was odd...I hit some unknown key and Poof! My post evaporated. Honeybear, I bet it looked interesting seeing the pool that full, sorta like an infinity type pool! Michele, Atlantic City is on my bucket list! Tonight it is K's Kreations - Lemon Noel Cookies.
  9. YooHoo, where are our title thinker-uppers? Times runnin' out! Amy that is a long melting list! I am sure your house smelled divine! Tonight it is TSGS - Golden Amber.
  10. It sounds lovely, Amy. I prefer the herbal lavenders to the sweet ones. Much more spa-like! :wub: Michele, I am looking forward to melting more of the twisted peppermint type blends, so soothing in the winter! Tonight it is CFTKR - Mulberry.
  11. Amy, it is nice you can be home now on Sunday! You have logged in a lot of miles! Michele That is exciting news! He sounds like a special guy! I have been melting Mochaccino - VRC, a surprise from a candlebuddy! Later I relit the Vanilla Wonderland from yesterday and the combo of the two was a good combo when they mingled.
  12. Michele, that VCS sounds very summery! Amy, my John Lemon was a good one - I only had a small sample, but it was enough for a burst of lemon! Today it is Goose Creek - Vanilla Wonderland.
  13. Michele, you asked about tea lights, that is what I usually use. They get quite hot so the scent can burn off faster - so softer wax may only be a 1 tealighter. (I try to get tealights that last about 4 hrs.) Some of the firmer waxes can last 2-3. I usually plan on two and then I move on! Amy welcome to the patchouli club! It makes fall/Halloween more fun when you are tired of pumpkin. Maggie - The Stones!! What a treat. Susan, don't hate oversleeping? That zip of adrenaline when you realize what time it is... :wacko: It has been in the 90s...not so much melting since it is scent chasing. One recent one was Flower Finery - John Lemon.
  14. I agree, Amy! That is quite a melting list! Susan, I am with you on the banana. Once in awhile I find one I like but usually they are on the "no melt list". Michele - how was the smoky part of that melt? That is another one I don't melt very often. Tonight - Me Time - Cotton Candy Frosting Lavender Marshmallow.
  15. Sore muscles! But my yard looks a lot better! Today has been SGA - Blonde Moment/Pink Sugar.
  16. Wow, Michele, 115?? I hope have found a way to stay cool! It is only 86 here. Cool by comparison! We went to a Lily Festival today. What beautiful flowers! I was able to buy a couple potted ones for upcoming birthdays. (If you are a fan of these, search Soft Music Lily - so pretty!) Tomorrow is a big yardwork day. We had hired someone and he went Poof! So, I guess we are saving some money and getting some exercise! Amy, I love red currant. I don't even need it blended with anything! Tonight - another Nene's - Bodacious Blueberry.
  17. Maggie, the pumpkin melt was a good one - I am a fan of nutmeg! What does a boyfriend's truck smell like? All I can think of is leather and fast-food wrappers! It is supposed to start getting hot here again. It has been pretty dreary. Tonight - Nene's - Red Currant.
  18. Maggie, that is serious humidity! :( Amy, I love your pocket wax remedy. I should remember to carry some of my own. Tonight it is L3 - Pumpkin Cream Nutmeg
  19. I can see the weekend! It has been so cloudy and humid here lately. It has affected my air currents again, I am chasing my scents around trying to see where they are going . Tonight - little wisps of YC Jelly Bean. A really yummy scent and I am still trying to see where in the house it is headed...
  20. Susan, I think it is a treat to grab my iced tea and take a book outside! Wow, Amy, that was quite a list of good sounding scents in your mystery box. How do you ever choose what to start with? Tonight it is Cheryl's - Lemon Gumdrops. I have loved this scent for years!
  21. Susan, I hope you ended up with a relaxing day! Funny how that wax multiplies when you aren't looking, huh? I bought a couple more trays this morning to corral some of my smaller orders. I keep things by vendor and the "try me" size orders just get lost. Amy, I will be watching for that sampler, remind me about the opening, pretty please! I see that CFTKR is sharing a few of her scents with another vendor for bath and body products. That is going to make people happy! You can smell like her Fresh Picked Strawberry soon! Today is Tink! by Diamond State Soaps. (Pink Sugar, Watermelon and Juicy Couture type)
  22. Good evening! I think I missed out when I did not get the coffee sampler! :( It is nice to have a quiet weekend ahead. I need to cut back the wild blackberries, but that is all that is pressing. Tonight it is FP - Lavender Mint.
  23. Thanks, Susan! I hope the week goes fast, Amy! And your wax is waiting someplace cool! I have been diligently melting my way through my oldies, I almost have an empty drawer! My oldie tonight - Full Moon Candle Company - Tide Pool.
  24. It is very humid here, unusual and not my favorite weather. Susan, Four Cruel Summers? I can't begin to figure out the scent notes in that one! Tonight - Cheryl's = Apple Caramel.
  25. Isn't that cotton ball method slick, Amy? I do that or ice cubes...buying the cotton balls at a dollar-type store cuz I use quite a few! That was quite a storm to wake up to! Sharon, in case you haven't seen it yet, the notes in Lady Katrina appear to be a fizzy grape, fruity candy and lime! We are heading back into PNW rain tomorrow. But - our summer usually doesn't start til sometime in July so I should be used to it! Tonight - Ava's - Pink Bread.
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