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  1. Amy, a moment of silence for your Cronuts! You will miss them... Maggie, was that a surprise day off? Or something already on the calendar? My Night Owl has been pretty good - I have only melted 2-3...seems there is a lot of other wax here! Tonight it is another very old one from Bella - Caramel Zucchini Bread.
  2. Valerie, the Mom in me is feeling your anxiety! I am glad she is better. And that she is willing to contact you for help! Michele - finding an unposted post is annoying - like typing a big one and seeing it go poof! Tonight it is Night Owl - Iced Orange Chiffon Cake.
  3. I also noticed that your surgery would be Thanksgiving week, Michele! I hope you can just sit, heal and direct cooking traffic! Sharon, glad the smeller still works! Amy, traffic delays make me nuts. Fortunately we have GPS programs now that can give you a clue about what is ahead! Tonight it is Fizzy Lavender - Sweet Sage.
  4. Amy, the Bloom notes I could find included greens, daisy, honey blossom, peony, amber and I think musk? Glad to hear work is calmer today! I imagine more gets done that way... Michele, sending your brother good thoughts. Tonight it is Satin Suzie: Aubrey Marie, which has some rose and lemon notes.
  5. Isn't that Scentsationals MM the one you liked so much, Amy? I never have found it...but will keep looking! Sorry to hear about work issues...battle fatigue again? Trying to use up the YC melt stash - popped Wildflower Blooms in. I ended up liking this one a lot!
  6. Michele, I am thinking good thoughts for your brother! I am glad you dad had a good birthday. Amy, that must have been fun feeding the horses! I love their fuzzy noses and lips when they nibble. Went for a beautiful drive today though our wine country. Clear blue sky, brilliant orange and yellow leaves. I love this time of year! Today has been Midnight Daydream's Brulee Sugar Cookies.
  7. Amy, I think adding berries to any scent makes it wonderful! Susan, I am also sorry to hear about your BF situation. Sharon, we have our wind and rain back already here - total hairdo busters. I often wonder why I bother before work! Today it is Cheryl's Pomegranate Clove.
  8. Hello! I am back from the 1990's! No computer for almost a week - you sure get a lot more done. Seems I am always looking things up when the computer is working... Glad the peachy one is good, Amy - I have a love/hate relationship with peach scents. Good news about your mom, Honeybear! Sorry she had to take a little trip in to be checked, but sounds like all will be well for the big event! Maggie, clever title! Tonight it is Scentsy - Shaka, (sandalwood, bergamot and lime)
  9. How are things going now for your daughter, Valerie? Sometimes a day or two can make a big difference, can't it? I see green here, too! And burgundy/purple. Cyn, I still have a fair amount of Can-do - in the drawer with my other OOB fav... Crosscreek. Susan, I hope the car repair was an easy one. Tonight - it is Nene's - Lavender Chamomille
  10. Tonight it is a missed OOB vendor - Can-Do, the scent is Lemon Magnolia
  11. Cyn, mission accomplished with a different browser! Thanks! It is supposed to be a rainy day tomorrow, sounds like a good wax organizing day... Honeybear, it is reassuring to hear things are going well for your daughter! Amy, I love Vetiver! I just got a big jug of that scent for my Fragrance Lampe. Tonight it is a very old Scentsy - Tea Blossom. I keep waiting for them to bring that one back...
  12. It is also getting to be candle weather here, Cookie. It is more like October weather. Ugh...I don't see the emojis at the bottom, only in the gray banner above my posting as I write. Do you find when you click on the emoji smiley face only a few load? Tonight it is a L3 Ravenclaw candle burning.
  13. Wowie, Amy - that is quite a list! Apple Bubblegum - I had not thought about that combo before! Honeybear, I am sending mom hugs - hopefully you have your daughter Skype/facetime trained! I have Pomegranate Spice melting from Creative Enchantment. This is a scent I repeatedly buy, but I am not really a fan. Not sure why I order it from so many vendors!
  14. Good news, Maggie! I think that HR scent combo is one of my most favorites! Was that bad grammar? Amy, are you confused not living out of a suitcase? I have a melt from Me Too going - Rose Jam type. It is pretty strong like most scents with rose in it are!
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