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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Rosegirls Old Fashioned Christmas is melting away! I will have to look and see if they still carry it for the description, but it seems like I am smelling minty/balsam. Mommy - I also avoid the bakery scents and go for clean/earthy/citrus ones. If you come across bakery scents you like, please let me know! (I find my office mates and husband seem to like those better than what I like. Lemon poundcake is my compromise! I hesitate to burn most of those because the smells seem to make me feel like I just ate too much dinner!) LOL!
  2. mpfand - don't you LOVE samples?? It gets me out of my rut and I often find things to order that I would not have. Last night I was cleaning and found a bag of pretty old tarts - thought I should toss them, but tried one this morning and wowie! It still has a big throw. This company, Lighthouse Candle Co, doesn't appear to exist now per google (let me know if you see it). Melting: Apple Cider.
  3. Today became an oil day...I was Christmas shopping at the mall and B&BW and the Body Shop had oil a-simmering...so I came home and fired mine up. Colonial Cranberry Apple tea!
  4. Thanks momuvtu - I have never used the shades before and I was hoping they help...one thing I did notice though - with the shade on I can't see how long the wick is getting! LOL! Today is Soy Beads Earthly Embrace. I came to work and forgot to bring my holiday/winter melts, darn it! So many melts, so little time!
  5. I broke down and bought a YC candle...usually I only melt tarts and am wary of YC soot... So, because I really, really liked it in the store, I have 22 oz of Sparkling Pine to melt my way through...it smells great, fortunately, and so far the cute little Christmas shade on top is keeping soot/tunneling away.
  6. Well, no surprise, my name is Debra! It wasn't that long ago that I thought candles were a waste of money and had no idea why people bought them, lol! After being drug to a PLite party, where I discovered the melts, I became so obsessed that it is embarrassing! I log in a huge amount of time on this site - and just like to look at the company webstites even if I am not buying. Sorta silly, huh? I have 2 grown sons, and have 4 pets that have taken their place, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Very expensive ones - our vet loves us! I am in Oregon, and am a RN. My husband is out of town about 3 days a week so I melt like crazy while he is away. (He wants to send me to a "sniffaholic" meeting if one can be found!) My favorites tend to be clean or citrus, but every now and then I find a baking or floral that I have to have. I also am dabbling in oils and in the fragrance lamps. I am also trying wickless - with the melting plate - but I am not sure if I like these. Curious to know how others feel about those versus flame?
  7. I hadn't tried Yankee for a bit so I melted the frosted cedar wreath - I really like the minty woodsy smell - but whew! I was very intense, headace-style, so next time I would cut it in half!
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