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  1. What a nice visit, honeybear!! OK- tell me about this Woodstock Boogie. Somehow I have missed this one! :huh: Tonight it is Cheryl's Bonsai.
  2. Amy - that is a wonderful L3 scent - do you let it melt all night? I am still melting the SGA from yesterday - trying to eek out the very last bit of scent!
  3. Maggie, we posted at the same time yesterday so I didn't see about your eyes. I hope it is not painful. And I had to quit wearing my contacts and move into glasses - it took a bit to feel good about the change! ^_^ Susan, the CFOW scent sounds really good! :wub: Amy - do you try to stay in the same place? Tonight it is SGA - Orange Whip Satsuma Blueberry Lemon Lime Fizzy Pop,
  4. Honeybear, I try to trim my furball, she is one of the most timid and seems to be clairvoyant - she knows when I am coming for her for any type of maintenance. Poof! She is gone! Amy, I am glad you have summer coverage - it is too long to go without new wax! Today it is SGA Pina Colada Smoothie Sweet Raspberry Cotton Candy.
  5. Honeybear, I hope all the kitties' problems are solved! I have a really long haired one, she gets "things" stuck, too! Quick thinking, Michele - good title! Amy - what a fright! And good processing for waking up in the middle of the night! I bet the adrenaline was flowing - how long did it take to go back to sleep? Maggie, I hope you are able to get some beach time! You have earned it! Tonight it is CFTKR - Secret Potion.
  6. Yay for last day, Amy! Michele, that scent really sounds like a good one. Not much melting tonight - home late due to book club, Remelting a Lime and Neroli custom blend from Cheryl's.
  7. Honeybear, how is your kitty? Maggie, is school about out? Any summer plans? Amy, that company should give you a big send off party when you are finally done! Tonight - Me Time, Rose Jam type.
  8. I am having changing air currents also. Maggie, I am glad the concert was a good one. Sometimes the "reunion" type shows aren't what I remembered! ;) Amy, sounds like you should be in your home away from home by now. Tonight - a long time favorite - Lemon Gumdrops from Cheryl's.
  9. Good looking customs, Starflower! Ye, Maggie - we want to hear about the concert! Amy, I hope you do not have to head back out this next week and you get to stay home a bit. Tonight - ST, Hedwig - I smell Chai.
  10. Happy Memorial Day weekend! Glad your friend heard good news, Michele! I hope DH feels better soon, Honeybear. I have been strong with the sales - I only ended up with a lovely candle holder that is gold and white with branches. Tonight it is Wilma - Bedford Falls.
  11. Maggie, that sounds like so much fun to see The Who! A little trip down memory lane... and the Peach Suntan Lotion sounds different and actually pretty good! What did you think? I hope you all have fun plans for the long weekend. I will be gardening if the weather cooperates. ^_^ It is time for YC SAS - time for new accessories! ;) Tonight it is VCS - Bettie Page. (If I remember it has some Satsuma and VBN in it...)
  12. I love pear - when I can smell it! It is one of those scents that is sometimes too light for my nose. Amy - you have had quite the luck! It is hard enough cleaning up wax spills at home, I can imagine how hard being in a hotel would be. And - nice that you got some BG good scents that you like. I can only imagine a different scenario if you clicked the wrong button. Some of the man candles scents out there would have been challenging to melt! (motor oil, bacon, etc.) Tonight it is Melted Confections - The Dauphine. No scent list available, I am thinking maybe a lavender vanilla blend?
  13. Amy, my intentions were good, but I mainly moved things around a lot. Not sure that counts as organizing! I know what you mean about 1 square and staying in a hotel - I remember my last overnight. I opened the doors wide before I left to reduce some of the lingering scent. They probably still thought I dumped a bottle of unusual cologne somewhere. I am thinking the best for your friend, Michele, she is in my thoughts and prayers. Tonight - Creative Enchantment - Pear Tree.
  14. Thank you for all the birthday wishes! We had a packed day and it was a lot of fun. Then I came home to a really long Windows update so I went to bed and let my computer do its magic. Did any of you get that update yet? Congrats on winning the cookbook, Susan! I like to read those like novels, and like wax, I have way too many! Amy, you are helping to motivate me. The scoops are just laying in a drawer and they really should have a little home of their own. I will need to go shopping! Michele - enjoy your time at the beach! It will be several weeks until I get to go back. Aria, I am sorry you didn't get to order your scent! Which one did you want? Today I am starting with LSC - Lemonilla
  15. I am glad it is home time again Amy! Tonight it is a homemade tart from a friend that has started making them and she asked me to try them - the scent is berry ice cream. She is doing good!
  16. Honeybear - I miss LSC! :( I am about out! Rainy weekend ahead - at least I don't have to water the garden. I was noticing that the L3 store is about 2 hours away...hmmm.... Tonight it is Zeep's - Miss Belle's Berry Sweet Tea, originally a giftie from a buddy - and I have purchased it several times since!
  17. Michele, I feel better when the wax is labeled and organized. I like to know what I am melting. Not sure why it makes a difference, but it does! Our 80 degrees is turning into rain tonight. Tonight it is L3 - Resident Evil, smells like berries!
  18. I hope you are having a nice Mother's Day. Kids are all away today so it is me, my M&Ms and my wax! I can't complain! I've been watching the NBA playoffs - the games are so close they are hard to watch. I do a lot of pacing... :o Today it is SGA - Pure Grace type. It has been going for hours!
  19. Hi Aria! Dinner sounds good! Amy, I hope you were able to satisfy your coconut craving. Susan, Lemongrass and lime...I can't believe I have not tried that combo before! I did a reach in and grab, and it is totally off season - Villainous - Purely Evil, a Halloweenish scent of maple pumpkin donuts.
  20. Biolaeagles, let's hope for a speedy healing of the chin! Honeybear, I hope you all enjoy the weekend! :) It will be 90 degrees this Saturday, I have to start watering already. Tonight it is L3: Happy Feet. (Tea, Peach, Spearmint)
  21. Honeybear, I remember when VCS's BWB was a super popular scent and everyone was trying to get it! Work has been so busy, not leaving me much time to play and melt. Tonight I will have to clean a melter or two, then I will pop in Moon Lake Musk from Cheryl's.
  22. Tonight it is from Me Time - it is a lemon, coconut, pink sugar blend.
  23. Sharon, I have a group of ex-work friends, too! It is nice to stay in touch! Tomorrow is a volunteer day. I will be helping with a big plant sale, and fortunately it will be 70 degrees. Perfect! Tonight it is Tiffanny's - a lavender blend.
  24. Almost bedtime! Biolaeagles, I hope you are feeling much better! I having a little trouble typing, I have my big ol' tuxie cat licking my elbow. He ignores me most of the time, but when he wants attention...he gets it! Tonight it is a YC - Color Me Happy. Fruity!
  25. We have been lucky here, Michele, it has been sunny and 70 degrees! Great title, Aria! Tonight it is Cheryl's - Basil.
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