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  1. Happy weekend! It has been drizzling here, so it is not too hot. Most of my kitties are fans of cat trees. They will jump up and sit on each other until one moves and then they take the spot from them. Tonight it is TDC - Island Teakwood.
  2. Hiya Susan! Nice to see you! I hope things slow down a bit for you. We had a 2.5 hours long firework serenade last night, I didn't think we were ever going to get to sleep. With this being a Friday night, I am kinda expecting to hear leftovers... There sure a lot of sales and restocks to try to ignore, aren't there? Tonight it is CJ's Candle Corner - Breezes and Sunshine.
  3. Yes, we are paging Susan! Amy, I think that is how my night is going to go also, cats and dog nervous - and under the covers. Michele, I have been seeing a lot of poptail lately - what do you think? Amy - like minds...today's melt is L3, American Cream type.
  4. I know, Michele!! Think we can make it through the weekend without buying wax!? Any early fireworks in your neighborhoods? We have the big ones going off that sound illegal for our area this week. I hope that maybe they will have run out of them by tomorrow night! Amy, you really have been on a melt-a-thon! Tonight's melt - Galaxy - Big Bang, vanilla coffee and currant
  5. Amy, the CFTKR melt was one of the sunshines with the face. We had thunderstorms again - lots of thunder and dime sized hail! Between the thunder and early fireworks the pets are jittery. Tonight it is Cheryl's Apple Jack and Peel.
  6. Mpfand - how exciting! Big changes ahead, I hope all goes smoothly. And I echo Amy - Give Up Wax??? Honeybear, I can not begin to imagine how 112 degrees feels...I hope it is dry heat and not humid! I hope you are able to relax now at the beach, Michele! Starflower - I like florals in small doses - that one was mild enough and quite nice! Hey everyone - I am assuming the Poll duties for a bit and am having a wee bit of trouble remembering how I did it in the past! The poll is up, not sure if it will actually work, LOL! I will keep an eye on it. We may need to post here for a day or two, sorry! Tonight it is CFTKR - Cranberry Apple Marmalade.
  7. Sharon, you are welcome to the thunderstorms! I am ready for warm summer weather! Amy, how great to have some time off! Hope you are getting things done that you don't usually have time for! Tonight it is Colonial - Daffodils and Daisies.
  8. I hope you like your order, honeybear! I love the bright colors. Amy - you were home today - was it a day off from work, or just from traveling? More thunderstorms tonight...at least the watering is done. ;) Tonight it is Musk Flower from Haute Candles.
  9. We have thunderstorms tonight, that means cats under the bed. I am glad you were able to head home early, Amy! Michele, that is a lot of fruit flavors in that SGA - any one of them the strongest? Tonight it is Galaxy, Gods and Goddesses. Scent description says floral, masculine and tropical drink.
  10. Good evening! I love how it stays light so late now! Home from the beach, back to work, and it was another busy Monday. Amy - have you ever forgotten your wax and it had a trip through the washer and dryer?? Tonight it is Wilma's - Minty Mojito.
  11. Honeybear, what a challenging and difficult time for your family. I know, as the mom, it is so hard when your children are going through so much. Hugs for all of you. Michele - I hope you made it to the beach. Any wax waiting for you there? ;) Amy, I remember how much you liked that scent, I think I even ordered because of your recommendation. It was a sunny day here, but very, very windy. Our dog is watching Dog TV. It is fun to watch her be that interested in what is on the screen. Usually she is asleep in the other room. Tonight - BH&G - Sugared Lavender
  12. At the beach! It is not as easy to melt here, but I do have one melter going - ST, Belle.
  13. Michelle, I have had a couple FP mystery tarts - and you are right, I had doubts! But they turned out just fine! Sharon, you must have taken our sunny weather. Back into the 50's at night these days. Tonight it will be CFTKR - Flowerbomb type. I always expect a floral, but it is not even close!
  14. Michele, that sounds like some really good lotion! A nice long lasting scented one. Once again I am trying to figure out what direction the scents are going. It is not hot anymore, sorta cloudy, so fans and A/C are off. You'd think I should be able to track down the air currents... Tonight it is Galaxy - Just Peachy.
  15. Amy, the melted wax is sort of oozing through the bottom of the ceramic dish. Not a lot, but I need to wipe up a little when I lift the dish. Hooray for your break, Maggie! Tonight it has been FP Pink Sugar and Strawberry.
  16. Honeybear, it seems the restock went fast! :o My ceramic dishes on my plate melters are staring to seep. I suppose I better start looking for new ones, I have to clean off the plate every day. Tonight - FP Blue Slushy Cotton Candy.
  17. Amy, that sounds like a serious storm! Poor Clemmie! As I type, I have a cat on my lap begging for attention. This happens often... I went out do do a little yard work and came back in the house 3 hours later! Things look good, but I bet I will feel some muscles in the morning. Tonight it is L3: Lemon curd/Twilight/French Vanilla
  18. Cookie, I love those little waving guys - I just realized that it is dogs AND cats! I had only noticed the dogs before. Maggie, I hope clean up is not too much work. I bet it feels good when it is done. Michele - enjoy the beach - I will get to go to our beach house later this month. Tonight - Wonderberry - Lavender Milkshake.
  19. Nice to see you, Maggie! Is it summer break now? Too many sales and restocks this week/weekend! Tonight it is Galaxy - Laundry Room
  20. It is cooling off! I have to figure out where my scent has been going. With all the fans and A/C lately I could not smell nuthin'! Thinking about you and your family today, Amy. Tonight - L3, Orphan Black - some lemon, tea and toffee.
  21. Good evening! Maggie! We miss you! Amy, you may need to call ahead to make sure she is ready for you to drive up in a big U-haul truck! If our heat continues like this, it will slow down my ordering! I would have a mailbox full of wax puddles. Tonight I am rounding up my old Sugar and Spice - waiting for a restock/opening - It is Marshmallow Noel in the melter.
  22. Susan, I hope you are also having a stress free week! It will be almost 100 degrees the next couple of days...I wish I liked that type of heat more. Tonight it is Melted Confections - Brandied Pear.
  23. Thank you for the description, Michele. Sounds like a scent I need to try! :wub: Amy, how wonderful to have family members that can help out! Your scent combo sounds like a good one. We have also a graduation to go to tomorrow. I am not sure how everyone grew up so fast. ;) Tonight it is FP Blueberry Cherry Serendipity.
  24. Amy, I am so sorry to hear about your SIL. Hugs for all of you. Tonight it is YC - Sage and Citrus. A classic.
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