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  1. Susan, I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend! mpfand - sad to hear about the stuffies. It must have been that snow, LOL! Maggie, I am guilty of melting whatever I grab some days! The summery one a couple days ago was sorty of amberish. I believe I just made up a word? Amy, I hope I can suppress those ordering urges for a bit. We certainly supported the wax world this weekend! Snow forecasted for tonight! Ugh. The commute... Today it is out of season again - YC Autumn Gathering.
  2. Good evening! Lots of good sales and restocks through the weekend. And, I happened by a Wally's today - and checked out the new wax there. Overload! I hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing weekend! BH&G - Sunset Island Sands.
  3. Thank you, Maggie! I am going to try to find a coffee shop with Wi-Fi while I am out! Fingers crossed that it works...although I really don't need more wax. Susan - my favorite snow days are the ones that I don't have to work! I am so sorry so many of you have a bug! I hope you start feeling well soon! Especially if it is affecting the sniffer. Tonight it is SGA - Red Velvet Marshmallow Cake.
  4. We are having goofy weather again - 29 at night, 45 during the day, but at least my tough little daffodils are holding up! I just realized I will be on the road when the L3 restock opens. Rats! You all save me something! ;) Michele - I hope you enjoy that sampler, I am weakening! Tonight - Scentsy - Dutchess, which has birch and vetiver as I recall.
  5. Honeybear, I hope the sick germs go poof at your house soon! Michele, that is one long scent name! But, boy, it sounds like a good one! Amy, I have trouble remembering to capture scent names on special samplers until it is too late...then I get so annoyed at myself! :angry: Tonight is from the oldie drawer - Candlelight Jasmine & Patchouli.
  6. Amy, I hope you have had a restful or maybe productive day! Maggie, I know what you mean about the after-scents. I can always tell which melts are MC when they melt. It is a pleasant scent - I have had some that smelled sort of rancid at the end. And - yes, I vacuumed - scared that cats as usual... Tonight it is Gio and Turner - Lavender Pop.
  7. Good for you, Amy! It seems like there are restocks haunting me every week. The water bottle is a good trick! Wonder if there is still one around here somewhere,,, I think it will be a Netflix-type day. I am not very motivated. If I manage to vacuum, that will be an accomplishment. In the melters: YC - Winter Glow Cheryl's - Mint Leaf and Chamomile Blue Gecko - Rosemary Mint. Years old, still good!
  8. Howdy! Tonight it is ST Never Been Kissed - Raspberry blend.
  9. Happy Valentine's Day! I like to be really seasonal on Holidays! Tonight it is Melted Confections: Forget Me Not - in a purple heart shape. The label has red hearts,so it was a must!
  10. Maggie, that is the problem, indeed - we like to many places, too much! Honeybear - I have a lovely pink peony that the ants swarm. They sure are floppy plants, though - I have to remember to stake them up before I find them laying in the dirt. :huh: Amy, you are the on the down hill side! Do you have jet lag when you come home like this - or is your timetable too mixed up to care? :D Tonight is L3 - a very strong one - Brown Sugar Chestnut Crème Brulee.
  11. Thanks, Susan - that sounds like an unusual blend - but I bet I would like it!
  12. Good morning, I have a meeting in a couple minutes - but I wanted to get caught up. Susan - is that less stress scent lavender? Eucalyptus? Amy - I don't know how you do it. You must sail through all these airports. I find them overwhelming, usually... Maggie, yay! Have a fun day! Michele, I am impressed! We had quite an ordering whirlwind, you were strong! Get ready for work melt - The Shonks: Sweater Weather and Mint Cream blend.
  13. Well, the cookies are made and I need to stay out of them. That is not going so well! :blush: honeybear, I tend to hang onto the pretties or the big ones. I don't like chopping them up. I am always glad when I have, but it is that first step! Maggie, I wish that there was a way to know when someone was going OOB so you could hang onto the scent list until all your stash from that vendor is gone. (Like this): Today's melt - Storybook Scents - Emily. Wish I knew the scent notes!
  14. Amy, the snow came on both sides of us but just dusting here. That is good! Just enough to be pretty off and on, not enough to panic about the roads. Do you stay at your cabin? How far away is it? Does it have wax storage? ;) Honeybear - those scents sound like my types of flavors! :wub: Michelle - I am also interested in what movie you saw. Tonight - Waxy Taffy, Watermelon Lemonade. Off to make chocolate chips cookies at DH request.
  15. Too chilly for your area, mpfand! We are right behind you at 23...snow expected any day. Amy, I bet it feels good to be home again! One of my cats has very candle-ish smelling hair. He smells nice this evening! In the melter - Cheryl's - Apple Harvest.
  16. Michelle - Tonight is Scentsy Winter Wonderland. Our winter is finally hitting - possible snow for the next week...23 degrees tonight.
  17. Aria, I don't think you are alone! It seems I hear friends talk about hopping out of their social media accounts quite often. I think you are right - we are lucky to have a nice group of buddies like we have here! Do you ever try to eat up things in your refrigerator or freezer? My DH likes to shop at places that give samples and brings home all kinds of stuff he has tried. Every once in awhile I have to put him on a ban - and start cooking things up! Honeybear, my nose does that sometimes, too. In fact sometimes I go outside for a minute to see if I smell anything when I come back in! Tonight it is CYS - Pink Garden Mint.
  18. Good evening! Pretty quiet tonight! Amy, you must be a good traveler! And an efficient packer! Tonight it is a very pretty melt - Winter Blues - a blue sparkly tree, scent is Blue Sugar from TBG. A giftie from a candle buddy.
  19. Sharon, I like the sounds of your sunsets! Maggie, my Wolf was good, strongest in patchouli! Maggie and Michelle - you have had some fun times! What a great way to end the week! I am watching a little of the SB - it is almost over. I get distracted too easily! Today is Pills n' Potions - Da Lime in Da Coconut.
  20. AmyJo - how nice that Clemmie is not holding a grudge! Mine, on the other hand just came back from the vet and wants nothing to do with me... Honeybear - yep, Walmart has these HUGE bins in some stores that are maybe 4 x 4? Mine looks like the previous season's scents, but sometimes you find that one you have been looking for! And about LSC - that is surprising! Mine seem to last and last. Sure wish she would open again. Tonight I am going with a really old CFTKR - Wolf in the Woods. It is an earthy scent with the things I like - patchouli, ylang ylang, lavender.
  21. Friday!! Talk of snow here next week, but every time I look at the weather forecast it has changed :huh: ...so, we will see! I love it when I see those big bins a Walmart! It seems like there are a lot of a few scents - but if you dig a bit you can usually find some goodies. The last bin I looked through had a big bunch of a brownie scent. I hope you are adjusting to the cold, Amy! Tonight - Lemongrass and Sage from LOL.
  22. I picked up a couple Sonoma clams last week. I have not bought them for quite awhile, but they were calling out to me! Now, if I could find where I put them when I came home! We have a chance of snowflakes this Sunday and Monday. I wish that they would would be positive - this "chance of" snow makes me anxious. Tonight - Apricot Chamomile, SGA
  23. Maggie, I miss Janet too, I see her niece's (I think it was?) company was sold. I hope they keep some of the goodies! :wub: My cat has learned how to open the kibble container and she is driving me crazy. I have tried stacking things on the lid - she just knocks them off and keeps going. I am surprised she is clever enough to turn the lid! Amy - glad you are able to have time to appreciate some of the beauty of the area! There's some spectacular scenery! Tonight it is Grandma's Homebrew again - Lavender Apple.
  24. I came in and read, then forgot to post! I was heading to bed and remembered, so this will be a short one! :wacko: Yay, Maggie, for a Sunday delivery! Amy - your selfie comment made me giggle Today's scent - HHS - Pink Lavender Noel.
  25. I have been holding off on Savannah Blue, but caved - and can you believe it? I forgot to use the free shipping code! I would email, but that is so annoying for vendors, so I will just deal with it. Have a good trip home, Valerie! Amy, Clemmie looks really big! Is that just the angle? She would be a good lap warmer. Speaking of Gene Rayburn, this weekend we have been watching the old Carol Burnett shows! I think they are from the 70's. Tonight it is Scentsationals - Himalayan Pink Salt, one of my favorites. (Jasmine and Eucalyptus) Forgot to mention - Rocket restock is the 31st!
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