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  1. We had local flooding from the big cloudburst last night. It rained so hard it went sideway - and through the dog door! I couldn't figure out where the puddle came from! Amy, you are doing so well! I miss opening boxes, though... Tonight it is CFTKR - Calacazz - which has the lime and neroli I like so much.
  2. Hi! Amy, I am enjoying the Salt Mtn. There was a pre-order today and I was strong! How great that you could have visit with your aunt. A little reward for all the travel! I drove home tonight through one of the biggest thunderstorms ever! What a change from the 90's of a few days ago. So the melt is Galaxy - Warm and Cozy.
  3. Michele - you have me on the watch out now for that VCS scent! Kitty appointment chaos...the one that was scheduled hid under the bed, one that has been hiding for previous appointments was in plain view, so I did a switcheroo and took her! I need to stay focused on my oldies, but today it is Cabana Boy from Salt Mountain.
  4. Good evening! Hooray for the weekend. I need to take a kitty in for routine care in the morning. Let the games begin! I have had to cancel more than once when she saw the cat carrier - even when left out for days. Ugh, Amy - I hate it waking up multiple times like that. I started setting 2-3 alarms 5 mins apart to help. I just hate it when the 2nd one rings across the room and I am still in bed. Cookie, I hope that things start turning around for you. Tonight - FP - Blackberry Lavender Sugar Cookie
  5. Michele, how fun to dress shop! Did it take long to find the one? Amy, you are having very good luck with your Lush-type scents! Maggie, I hope the school year is off to a low-stress start! Tonight it is Cheryl's - Caribbean Escape type. It is yummy!
  6. Susan, I am sorry that you have so much on your plate right now, you are in my thoughts and prayers, Maggie, anytime you would like to jump back in to SOTD, just say the word! Amy, I imagine that I could sit and watch your horse neighbors all day! Almost as good as the whale show! ^_^ Tonight it is a FP coffee blend - I can't find the wrapper with the label.
  7. I am not ready for fall scents. I need to have a little nip in the air. ^_^ It is nice to have a short work week, but I am so confused about what day it is now! :wacko: Tonight it is S&S - Flip Flops.
  8. Whee! The first one to post for the month! Helps if you make the post, doesn't it, LOL! Thank you, Maggie, for another great title! It looks foggy at the beach this morning, but still it seems so peaceful to sit and listen to the waves. Today is from my beach Scentsationals stash again - that seems to be where I keep most of those and the BH&G clams. Clams - beach, get it? Sun-Washed Poppies.
  9. Amy, congrats on your strength! Lots of Halloween stock showing up right now, making it tough. Sounds like Clemmie is very happy you are home! I am hoping mine are missing me! Tonight it is Scentsationals - Sunlit Meadow Trail...strong and clean. Off to make some chocolate chip cookies! ^_^
  10. Headed to the beach today - it was the most fabulous weather! We sat on the deck and watched whale spouts. Amy - It is interesting how the different stores don't stock the same scents. Wonder who decides? My orderer loves brownies, but not spa! :( Maggie, I also have a bazillion candles. It is hard to reduce the inventory when the big ones burn for over 100 hours! Tonight it is Scentsationals - Dawn to Dusk. The label says Orange Blossom, Sandalwood and Musk. :wub:
  11. Well, we made it up to 98 degrees today. Where is my PNW rain? B) I have so many irons in the fire, I don't feel like I have time to get everything done. Aren't those days unsettling? One step at a time, huh? ^_^ My oldest cat is on strike for some reason. Usually she sleeps by me, but the last 3 nights she has gotten into the kitty carrier to sleep. Yep, the one that takes her to the vet!! Usually she walks a big circle around it. Eating, sleeping, playing, so I don't know what is up. Valerie, I am going through a spell of wimpy melts, too. I actually threw 6 away last night! I don't usually give in like that. I keep giving them a try but I am wasting prime melting time. Tonight - Me Time - Blackberry Cotton Candy Marshmallow.
  12. Wow, Maggie, that was a lot of stings! I bet it was painful! I am glad the Benadryl calmed things down for you. It has been cooler but supposed to get back up to 90 this week. Tonight it is L3 - Blonde Moment Mint Leaf.
  13. Amy. I am not very creative - I simply went with berry syrup on my waffle! And the "mouthful" scent was nice, hard to pick out specific notes, I think the orange was the most noticeable. Hello, Susan! Michele, it always seems to happen that way with things around the home. Its like they get the idea from each other to quit working! Owie, Maggie - did I miss the story? Was it bees, or? I have finally decided that I do not like Fig scents.
  14. Amy, that is really funny about the WoodWick! We had waffle day at work today. Not sure much work got done, but it was really fun to see how people topped their waffles. Tonight it is a mouthful - FP - Pink Sugar Cotton Candy Orange Chiffon Cupcakes. ;)
  15. Amy, you are very convincing! I am ready to try Charmed! I will start by hunting through the VRC box, and who knows what I may find. ;) It has been hot and finally today we were to have a rainy day. Well, I was ready and it just barely spit a few drops. Just enough so that you need to wash the car... :( Tonight it is Bay Laurel - Cheryl's. This remains one of my favorites! :wub:
  16. You are right, Michele - there is always something to fix in the house! I hope all is smooth sailing for your weddings! Tonight it is Sweet Sage - Mermaid Kisses.
  17. Michele, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Honeybear, I am glad you have had some time with your daughter! We had a sink clog months ago - and the guy who cleared it popped a hole in the pipe several feet down the line and we did not know it - now there is a big puddle in our crawlspace. :angry: Now we need to hire someone else this week to come a drain it. Tonight it is Me Time - Fruit Loop Pink Buttercream VBN.
  18. It has been a very busy day! Very little melting going on here during the day, but I just got home and popped on Sweet Sage Fine Wine Sangria.
  19. It will be cooler here tomorrow, too! I am ready for it! Michele - I hope you had a fun lunch! Amy - it is hard to be without wax, isn't it, LOL! ;) Tonight it is another Cheryl's - Melon Apricot and Fig, from 2015, and still super strong!!
  20. Maggie, the carpets look pretty good! The cats almost had a heart attack with the commotion, but its over for quite awhile! One of the cats keeps nipping the back of my arm as I type to get attention. Yikes, what a sensitive area - it hurts! Tonight's scent is Basil Sage Mint - Cheryl's.
  21. Warm but cloudy today. No a/c so that helps the scents. . I came across a 2016 box of a vendor I can no longer locate - Cera la Bella. Sparkly and strong, I am sorry I did not get more when I could! Tonight's has no scent description, but it is a masculine scent - Curved and Chiseled. Honeybear, you are a busy gal right now! I hope you have a good time with your daughter! I see you scored some Ghost Munch! Good night!
  22. Good evening! I hope you all had a good Saturday. I have been good and have stayed away from the sales and restocks! We are getting carpets professionally cleaned on Monday - it is a lot of work getting ready! With this many cats/hairballs, it was time! Sharon - did you end up cleaning out melters? Goodness, Amy - you really did get up early! I bet it is early bedtime tonight. Tonight it is Sweet Sage - Snugly Pugly, a laundry scent.
  23. Ew, Amy, a jeep would be a small space for that amount of smell... Also, I love, love, love EGT scents - and adding to lavender?? Tonight it is Butterfly Lane, Lemon Marshmallow.
  24. Yep, Amy, usually anything cucumber smells good to me! :wub: Gosh, I think a mousey has met his demise under the dishwasher :huh: ... it smells so bad in the kitchen. Hard to find a scent to help. The dishwasher needs to be removed this weekend to solve the problem. Tonight is an older Nene's, Parsley Floral Water.
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