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  1. It sounds like it is getting pretty chilly out there for a lot of us! A lot of 30s and 40s around here, too! AmyJo - I forget to look on ebay - it is probably a good thing, there are too many options when those buying frenzies hit! Best wishes to any of you traveling the next few days! I hope it is smooth sailing. Tonight it is Wilma's Black Cedar and Juniper.
  2. Hmmm... yes it is quiet, AmyJo! It must be the "golden"...you described what it is like to walk Gracie! Five years old, going on terrible twos! She does better on a back harness, but if she sees a squirrel, I still have to hang on tight! Tonight it is Lilac Sensations - A Walk in the Woods.
  3. I took the dog for 2 really long walks this weekend, and boy do my feet hurt tonight! This getting older business is for the birds. Maggie, you asked about Merlin's Forest - it was one of my first loves! I think I melted it too much, it has been a couple years since I tried it again. As typical, this is a nice woodsy scent that lasts and lasts! Michele, thanks for the Hershey info! Making your own chocolate bars sounds fun - and dangerous for my waistline! I am sure I would get a little carried away with that project. Honeybear - enjoy your alone time! I think I have the same thing next week - just me and the kitties! Tonight SGA - Autumn Calling.
  4. Michelle- I do not know much about Hershey except the chocolate part! Are there other things in the town or is it mainly the Hershey theme park? Maggie, that preview button is my downfall. I click that and think I am done! :huh: Honeybear - I go in shopping spells - I buy a lot at once, then nothing for awhile. Proably not the best system, but at least there is a periodic pause! :D Darn, AmyJo! What a mess to clean up! I was wondering earlier today if anyone makes the same messes I do, I seem to be pretty accident prone! :blush: Tonight it is Apricot and Fig - CFTKR.
  5. Maggie, how scary! Surprise ice is never a good thing for my little car, either. It makes me do a sleepover at work! And AmyJo - you too! Sounds like quite an ice storm - I always worry about the big firs around here when it gets icy. How's the washer and dryer, mpfand? Is everything in the house clean now? ;) Tonight - Cheryl's - Merlin's Forest.
  6. Thanks Maggie and AmyJo for your SGA feedback! Honeybear, I almost stayed up to order, but made myself pull out all my ST tarts to see what I already have. Well, no reason to order! mpfand - I hope you found your new washer! Tonight - FP, Lavender Peppermint Noel.
  7. Michelle, you have a busy social calendar right now! It all sounds like fun. I don't know if you are like we are here - but once the rains and ice start we all hunker down in our homes, so not much socializing for a few months! And thanks for the SGA info, I was putting one in a dish at first and it seemed like way too much! Then, I wasn't sure if half was strong enough. Suppose it depends a lot on the strength of the scent! I also have a huge stash of VCS. It is hard to cut up those pretty roses! Tonight it is Pumpkin Souffle from a sweet Candlebuddy!
  8. Well, Holy Moly...I am in trouble. Did you see the Votivo fragrance fans and pods? Sheesh...it is just a matter of time. Nice order, AmyJo! I always see things I missed and should have ordered when I see what others have ordered. And about the bees - we learned a lot about turning our yards into bee habitats - ways to make it bee friendly. I will be planting lots of lavender and Lamb's Ear! Wondering - the SGA squares from the samplers, do you use the whole thing or cut it into pieces? Tonight - Scentsy - Shaka - Bergamot, Lime, Sandalwood.
  9. Honeybear, the apple/patchouli blend was good, but I wish it was stronger. I am always on the hunt for a good patchouli blend! AmyJo - I was in a landscape and pollinators class, I learned a lot about bees! BTW - I think the rule is that when you post that you ordered from Carol, you have to tell us what you got! Tonight it is Scentsy - Watermelon Mint. A big change from all the spices!
  10. Happy weekend! I had a class all day, so it will be a short weekend for me. Lots to get caught up on tomorrow - can't decide whether to get up early and get things done or take a lazy day. AmyJo - the Date Night/grape was pretty good - it was a blend of other fruit scents along with the grape so it was noticeable, but not overwhelming. Maggie, kind of surprising about the Colonial. I usually have good luck with those! I think the wax does sometimes stick for me like you mentioned. Tonight - L3 Overlook Hotel, (Cider Lane, Toasted Marsh and something smokey.)
  11. Michele, hooray for DH's return! Aria, you have good nose memory! To be able to remember your SGA from last year! Impressive! I am glad that you have the snow, not me! My poor little flowers all got zapped last night in the 26 degrees. They sure go from bright and pretty to wilting in one quick night! Maggie, I love the Halloweenish scents too - tonight it is Swwet Sage - Apple Harvest Patchouli Passion in one room and I also have Wonderberry Date Night melting in another room. (Strong and grapey.)
  12. Maggie, I am glad to see that I am not alone still melting Halloween! Makes me sad about my Candle Aire, this is my 2nd. They probably did not expect the over-use I give them! :D I do not see nearly as many designs available right now. Aria, I am so sorry for your loss. What wonderful memories. Tonight it is Halloween Spice - Cheryl's.
  13. Boy is it getting cold all of a sudden. Dark and cold. My Candle Aire is kind of pooping out. It looks like there is a bunch of dust and hair inside on the fan - I may try and see if I can clean it... I can see the fan spin, so maybe that is the problem. Tonight it is FP - Lemon Pineapple Noel.
  14. Thanks for the bag info, everyone. Time to shop! AmyJo - I have never needed to cure my Scentsy. Strength-wise mine have been all over the map, pretty light to very strong! Mpfand - I hope you have a wonderful time! Tonight it is Autumn Mist - Cheryl's.
  15. Good evening! The time change has my system and my kitties systems all out of whack. :huh: I am already ready for bed. Has anyone bought little bags to repackage lately? I am about out, I had a lot! I got them long ago and don't remember where. Tonight it is Scentsy - Dutchess. (Mandarin, Birch, Vetiver.)
  16. Count me in the group that can not dump a scent if I can still smell it. Even if my nose is almost right over it, that counts! :blush: I does make it difficult to melt down the stash! Michele, how fun to have a spontaneous outing! I agree, it is so hard to set things up so everyone can go - and often when you do, someone has to cancel! I am sort of cinnamon/earthy maxed out for a bit - so today it was Wilma's Butterfly Fields. Kind of a green scent - a nice change.
  17. Susan, I also have a Trick or Treat scent - mine is from HHS. I wonder if they are they same? I know that scent was available from several vendors a couple of years ago, a fruity type of scent. Honeybear - I saw that movie also - what amazing makeup! AmyJo - I am not sure if there is a Hocus Pocus oil! I saw a couple candles with different scent descriptions on line, mine was a very earthy scent. Maggie, I hope you are on the mend! Today I put a tart - Bubbling Caldren (Brown Bag) - in the melter. All of a sudden it was boiling and bubbling everywhere. I was pretty impressed and wondered how they did that...until I realized that I put it in the wrong melter, one that I washed and did not dry. It was the remaining water in the bowl that was boiling and bubbling through the wax! I am lucky it did spray little blobs of wax everywhere.
  18. That is sure a lot of Trick or Treaters, mpfand! :o It seems like it lasts til about 9 here too - the older kids come late! Thank you for your title, AmyJo! I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. We are going to be rainy for most of it. Could be a movie weekend! Tonight - Hocus Pocus, Tiffany Candles.
  19. I know, Maggie! I really, really hope there is a LSC opening in our future - and that we know about it! Halloween was very quiet here, lots of left over candy in the office this morning. ;) Maybe the rain kept the little ones at home. Tonight it is Kushner Kreations - Gruesome Graaveyard. Still have a few Halloween scents...well. maybe more than a few!
  20. mpfand - I hope you have about made it through all those trick or treaters! Wowie! 120 is my record! We don't participate with all these cats and a nervous dog. The doorbell is almost as bad as fireworks! :huh: Chickpeas - yes, right out the can! :wub: Just like the veggies, oil, S&P, and any spice for about 20 mins. I hope your client is doing better Susan. I checked with some co-workers, Trunk or Treat does not appear to be common here. Tonight it is an OOB vendor that we miss - Crosscreek, the scent is Monster Munch. I also have Dark Candles, Crypt Moss starting up.
  21. AmyJo - I have bunches of clamshells and for the most part they do well. Every now and then the plastic gets soft - not sure if it is the oil? Sometimes I have several clams from a vendor and only one or two get soft. That is usually after a year or so! I don't rebag those. Mine have held up as is! I ended up only roasting the sweet potatoes, I got sort of "cubed" out! However, I tried roasting chickpeas for the first time. Yum!! Just a little crunchy. I must make more! So, my night was not as late as it could be. But now I have some carrots and parsnips looking at me when I open the refrigerator. Tonight I have FA McGee - Grave Digger. Good name, smells like I stuck my nose in a bag of potting soil! I feel like I should keep melting it because it is Halloweeny - but we'll see...
  22. Good evening! Susan, I hope the repairs are going well! Michele - we are at the beach house pretty much year around. There is only a span of about 3-4 weeks when someone is not there! I got home late again tonight - and had planned to roast some vegetables - so I decided to just go for it! I may be up til midnight. :wacko: Tonight it is one of the original Scentsationals - Trick or Treat. It says licorice, but fortunately it is more clove with just a hint of black licorice.
  23. Thank you, Cookie, Mpfand and AmyJo! Despite the rain forecast we woke up to a beautiful blue sky that lasted until late morning - until the monsoon hit! Boy, did it rain! It is still raining sideways, if you know what I mean! However, while the sky was clear and blue, and sun sparkled on the water, we had a real treat. A bald eagle landed on top of a pine tree right in front of our deck! It sat on top like a Christmas tree-top ornament for about 10 minutes while we scrambled trying to figure out the best way to get a picture! Today it was BH&G Blackberry Bourbon. We discussed this a few weeks ago - and I was all set to melt mine...but then I could not find it. It appears I took it to the beach! :blush: I opened my melt drawer here, and there it was! It was not as strong and I expected since blackberry is generally pretty strong! Michele - a final confession...I lasted 24 hours after saying I was going to try to melt what I have.
  24. Heading to the beach for the weekend. It will be stormy, but I think that is fun - the waves and the fog make it look so different. AmyJo - I am revisiting my inability to smell most candy corn scents. Maybe they are not consistent? It is rare that I get any scent. Maggie? I am curious also about your GC. Michele, I am also trying really hard to use things up now that I am weaned away form ordering so much. I have to admit that I had to check out a couple of sites tonight and was tempted. :blush: Today was a SGA sample I was not sure about when I got it - Mexican Fried Ice Cream. It smelled really fattening and good! :wub:
  25. Carolooni, I swear my DH has a flameless candle addiction! Every few months he comes home with a couple more. We even have the little remote that turns them on! :D We have several. Sometimes I get the timer messed up on them and they come on at really odd hours! The only problem with not ordering wax is that you don't get excited about the mail! I miss the big unveiling and sniffing! Tonight it is Apple Pumpkin Butter - Cheryl's.
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