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  1. Sharon - I am certainly celebrating your homeland with these crazy early blooming bulbs! They should pop open any day now. Didn't we learn, once upon a time, that you had to post X number of times for the emojis to open? I hope I didn't make that up! I had the day off and other than getting the dog walked and having breakfast out, I did not get much accomplished! That could be the sign of a nice day of, I suppose! I am slowly getting myself talked into trying pretzel scents. Just when I decided not to order for awhile... and Rocket has a restock next week, SGA in the morning. It is fruitless to resist! Today has been Green Tambourine - Happy Hippy. Wonder what happened to this vendor. Maggie? I think you melt these too?
  2. Maggie, I am sorry - best wishes for your friend. Sharon, hopefully those little critters show up soon! That is crazy weather, Amy! My daffodil is getting close to blooming! Tonight - SGA, Pink Chiffon Lavender Birthday Cake,
  3. Welcome back Aria! I am trying very hard not to order. The problem is that I like to window shop - and the next thing I know a cart is full! Sharon, I hope you are able to locate the emojis! AmyJo - We have Rufous hummingbirds seasonally, our Anna's stay year around. They are very territorial - I would love to see a group sitting on the feeder, but it is usually one dive-bombing others that try to eat at the feeder. Tonight it will be Cheryl's Cap'n Crunch Berries - if I clean out my melter!
  4. Good evening! Michelle, that is fast delivery! AmyJo, I would be really happy that it was not as cold as predicted - my little hummingbird feeders would freeze! :huh: Tonight - Vanilla Cake and Pine - FP.
  5. Good evening! I am watching the weather reports about all the snow some of you have. Be careful! I hope you don't have to drive anywhere! I did not give in - I took out my L3 stash and looked to see what all I have. I have no reason to order! That reminds me - on your Paradox Box - where did you find the scent list? Tonight FP - lavender peppermint noel.
  6. Yep, lots of rain! Warmer this winter than the past couple of years and that is OK with me! Michele - we need details! Do tell about your orders! :) I have been to the L3 site too many times...no purchase yet, but it seems inevitable! :huh: Maybe if I just go through my current L3 stash this will blow over. Today it is Cheryl's: Rose/Musk/Raspberry blend.
  7. I hope none of you are iced or snowed in this weekend. It is just crazy - so warm here that my daffodils are coming up and starting to bud. Hopefully we don't have a cold snap now! I agree, the peach and lavender does sound like a good combo. Wonder why I haven't found that somewhere along the line! I remember how much I liked Lavender Shortbread - that has been a hard one to find again. Tonight - anyone remember Grandma's Home Brewed? Scent - Lavender Apple.
  8. Honeybear - interesting about the brighter candles! Great idea, I have a candle in a dark area of my hall, and I love it when it illuminates the area! Envious that some of you have a 3 day weekend! I could use a day off. It has been raining pretty hard so it would probably be an indoor weekend, but I would find ways to cope! ;) Tonight - BL, Cherry Marshmallow.
  9. Sharon, the B&BW scents are so good! I am glad that you can find some dups! Mpfand - mom worry never goes away, does it? Tonight I have one going that is really a strong one. It was a big chunk and I don't remember other pieces being this strong. Rocket - Blue Sugar Lavender.
  10. Good evening! Honeybear - I know Christina was working on it - I am guessing her webby person was able to do the fix. Tonight - VCS - First Lady Kennedy. It is a fruity blend.
  11. Hi, Susan! I didn't know much about Pigeon Forge - hooray for Google! I bet you have a really nice time, it looks like a great area to stay. Maggie, I am just going to have to go to Hershey. I have visions in my little brain of what I think it should be like. Hansel and Gretel type visions! Without the witch. :D AmyJo, you have me considering the new TBG products she announced yesterday. I took a quick peek but I may have to take another look. Lemon Tart is pooping out, finally. In the other room - TDC, Papa's Cabin from a Candle buddy!
  12. Honeybear, a ban sounds good - I will see how far into the new year I can get. ;) Sharon - I am loving that vendor name - Darley Lama. New to me! Michele - all done but the clean up? :huh: That part always takes me awhile...just want to put my feet up and rest! AmyJo, our NYE was nice and quiet, too! A few fireworks for about 15 minutes and they packed it in for the night! The kitties were very happy about that. Today, all day, it has been yesterday's Lemon Tart. It won't give up! So, neither will I - I will see how long I can get it to last! :D However, in the other room, it is ST Never Been Kissed - a Blackberry Jam blend.
  13. Michele, I bet your party is in full swing right now! I hope you are having a wonderful time! Sharon - it is nice to have you with us - I wanted to get the YC Christmas scents this year and did not get around to it. Maybe I need to check out the year-end sales for next year! Tonight it is Cheryl's Lemon Tart. It is a strong one - leave it on for 20 minutes, turn it off...leave it on, then turn it off... Happy New Year to you all!
  14. Welcome to our wax-loving group! I bet it is cold in your area now!
  15. Greetings, Sharon - and Happy New Year! We are a chatty group of wax lovers, and welcome your comments!
  16. AmyJo, our zoo does the zoolights too, and just like you mentioned, the traffic is so bad, I have not had the nerve to go for years. :wacko: Michele, you have been very busy, your little melter misses you, I bet! ;) NYE - I will wake up when the firecrackers go off and the cats jump off the bed. That is about as exciting as it gets! Melting odds and ends to make more room! Right now, Scentsationals Pumpkin and Cranberry.
  17. What is everyone doing? It sure is quiet! Still raining, decorations are not put away, and still working through some Holiday smells. Not much changing here! :blush: Tonight is an oldie, fond remembrances of Backyard Hobbies - County Christmas.
  18. AmyJo, how nice to have time off! It is nice to have a weekend to get caught up. Christmas is fun, but it keeps me from doing things like laundry and all those other fun things. mpfand, I hope your DH is holding up - 7 days is a long time! Maggie, I am so the opposite! After the snowy years we just had, I am so happy to have only rain! Tonight - still Christmas scents - Christmas Tree / Tiffany's,
  19. Look at you, Michele! Another party! It sounds like it is a really fun one! I love Lush, too, and even just walking by the open door, the fragrance can be strong! mpfand - you are very motivated! I am just sitting and looking at my decorations, wishing they would put themselves away. Maggie, you are one brave gal, hitting the mall right after Christmas! Tonight it is Old World Christmas - SGA. I smell orange and spices.
  20. It has been a busy day! Beautiful sunshine outside, very unusual, but it made travel easy! I hope you get a good night's sleep honeybear. I had a similar issue - but it was due to 3 cats trying to snuggle. They pin down the covers and I can't move, and if I move them, they wait a bit and come right back to the warm spot and lay down again. AmyJo - it sounds like you live in a wonderful neighborhood. It would make the Holidays more fun to be able to visit like that! Today it is SGA - Saucy Santa (minty)
  21. AmyJo - getting up that early made for a very long day for you! Maggie, I agree!! I think of people sailing through the air in a "tin can"! How can that work? :huh: I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas! Tonight is it minor melting - the DS that complains about his clothes smelling like candles is here...Cheryl's Christmas Past in the back room. I have to go back there to sniff! ;)
  22. Honeybear, the Lavender Scentsy scent sounds interesting! I hope you have a great time with your family! Maggie, I am very, very, very happy that all that moisture is rain not snow! Our poor city is not set up for much more than a dusting! AmyJo, that is a lovely melting list! I still need to find the perfect melter to replace my one that went kaput! Michele - how was the jammie bowling? Tonight it is SGA - Mistletoe.
  23. Sounds like a busy weekend for you AmyJo! It all sounds fun. I love the softness of the rays in our Aquarium! Maggie, I think I usually have candlenose Saturday night after melting all day. It is so annoying! All these things to melt, time to do it, and nada! The rain has started again...awhile back it looked like rain and snow showers were coming, but the snow forecasted has gone Poof! Tonight it is Dessa's Cranberry and Cornbread.
  24. Michele, I bet you will get to see some really cute jammies! I would have to go shopping first! ;) AmyJo, I hope you are home by now! You were a good sport about the delays. Maggie, missing your Daisy is hard! Especially when you see things that are fun little remembrances of their little habits. Tonight - L3 - Holiday Road
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