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  1. Good luck with your candle, honeybear. It is a good thing that you can trade them in - I have had to do that a couple times. Carolooni - I have some pretty cheap plate warmers and I do not leave those on overnight. Since my bulb melter has a lightbulb like my table lamp, I feel better leaving that one on most of the time. My preference overall is the one on the timer that comes on just before I wake up! I will be going by an outlet mall this weekend - but no YC. They have a B&BW - but it is not outlet pricing, just normal retail sadly! One good think about no internet for so many days - no opportunity to shop for wax! I have been pretty good since that fiasco - but I am starting to hear the call of the wax! Tonight it is SGA - Apricot Chamomile Noel.
  2. AmyJo - your story tickeled my funnybone! They had no idea what they got themselves into! Honeybear - thanks for the feedback on the YC scent - I almost bought that one last weekend and chose another - after much deliberation! Michele, I think there is an unwritten law that says car repairs must take hours to complete. It always takes longer than I expect. :( Tonight it is LOL - Twigs and Berries, I forget how much I like this scent!
  3. Yikes, Carolooni! How frightening! Breaking a window takes way more nerve than trying to find an unsecure door or window. Honeybear - that also took guts! You would think that all that racket would alarm neighbors! I am glad to have a dog that barks - but she travels with my husband. Then I really miss the security! (We had a break-in several years ago. I came home and the front door was slightly ajar. Our stereo (back when we had them, LOL) and our microwave was missing.) mpfand, I would be in serious trouble if someone stopped by! Between the cat toys and candles, I would never hear the end of it! Tonight it is TDC - Fern Valley.
  4. Honeybear - you have a good memory! Dharma is one of the ones that hides. She seems to know when it is vet time - I usually have to schedule 3 apppointments before I can find her and actually get her in to be seen. AmyJo, I have been trying to figure out what it is that does not appeal to me in that scent. It smells sort of "tart" to my nose. Those scents do not usually seem to be that way on their own, maybe the ocean and coriander are not cooperating together for me. Michele, I hope you had a wonderful shopping spree! Today it has been Scentsy - Poppy and Blush Suede. Now it is A Warm Autumn Welcome - BHG. This one is so old, the label is starting to yellow, but it still smells good!
  5. Caralooni, a break in sound very scary. AmyJo - the BS and Asian Plum sounds really interesting. I don't think I have seen that combo before. Tonight it is Mermaid Kisses - Lilac Scentsations. I noticed when I was sorting last week that I had this scent from more than one vendor. However, I think I like the description better than the actual scent! ;) (Ocean, moss, mint, coriander, cedar and vetiver.)
  6. What a crazy busy day at work. I need some scents! I also like the window cracked - until the morning when I get up and scurry around trying to get warm! I must have had an extra stressful day - I have located the Halloween candy stash and I am having a tough time staying out of it! Why do they taste so much better when they are bite-sized? AmyJo - good luck not filling up those tubs under your bed. One day you will look and POOF! Wax will have jumped in there and filled it up! At least that is what happens in my house! Tonight it is Lilac Scentsations, Pink Lilac and Willow.
  7. Wowie, Honeybear - Simba is a gorgeous and unusual Maine Coon! Mine, being sick for a bit, was only weighing in at 14 pounds a couple weeks ago. I think the females don't get quite as big! Know what? One of my other cats is named Dharma! She was a pregnant rescue - stayed in my yard for a couple weeks before I could catch her and check for a chip/do an ad. No results, so she became kitty #4! (And kitties 5,6,7,and 8 for a few weeks! They found good homes.) Maggie, I still have a couple YC patchouli for the big day also. I am still scouting around for some blends. I may have to get creative and get something made up. Carolooni - my Spiced Cranberry was tart and cinnamoney. I made up a word, I think? It lasted for 3 evenings - I was getting ready to move on to something else! AmyJo - you should see my Sterilite collection...It is just too easy to buy another when the ones in the closet are full! Still waiting for the final internet repair. They marked the utilities in the yard today - we have quite an assortment of colored stripes in the yard. I have a feeling there is going to be a big dig to get this taken care of. Tonight it is Flaming Star - Lavender Cranberry Peppermint.
  8. Honeybear - what a wonderful Maine Coon family! My Sophia is a Maine Coon, the first one I have had of that breed. They are so loveable! And big! Michele, I hope you get settled back in, soon. Hope you get to see DH again soon. AMyJo - good to be back early, that gives you more time to melt! Tonight it is Cheryl's Spiced Cranberry.
  9. Honeybear - I may have missed it - what does little Miss Heidi look like? Carolooni, I like plate warmers for soft wax and tealight melters for oldies and paraffin. mpfand - I have trouble with waxidents with those smaller plug ins also. They seem to be at the wrong height - I continually bump them. It was clear down to the 30's last night! All my gorgeous flowers that finally are in full bloom are getting zapped at night. It is so sad to see them start wilting already. Tonight it has been ST - Lumpy. Cotton Candy and Strawberry.
  10. I am back!!! Sort of...they came out to fix the internet 3 different times and each time there was an issue. Then, back into the queue we went. Finally they did a "Patch" yesterday until the real repair next week. Finger crossed this patch works til then. I have had enough of the 1990's! In a way it was good - I realized how attached I am to spontaneously looking up things and wasting time. Hopefully old habits do not come back. Maggie, I have been looking for my patchouli scents - it is not Halloween to me without them! It seems like there were fewer scents offered this year that were patchouli blends. A lot of the spooky sounding names were caramel blends. One thing about having extra time - my wax is super organized now! I know where all my oldies are so I can melt my way through them. I use tealights for those and the last bag I got had tealights that only lasted 2 hours. I have never had such a short burn time. A couple of stand outs recently: ST: Indiana Jones. It is a blend with honey and I it grabbed to melt quickly cuz I am not a honey fan. This one, however, had just the right amount so you would get little whiffs - not overwhelming. The other is Lemon Gumdrops from Cheryl. I think this was the first scent I fell in love with and ordered in bulk, many years ago from a company called Contemporary Candles. I was so sad when they closed, but I have found it again! It is kinda a cleaning-product lemon, not lemon peel. AmyJo - way back there you asked about my kitty (her name is Sophia, LOL!). One dose of meds and she was all better. I was surprised it helped that fast. Have a great evening!
  11. Hi, still no internet, so I am still lurking. Looking forward not trying to use my phone for everything! Miss you all!
  12. Rain: no problem. Cable lines: big problem, they were cut by the landscaper. So no internet for a few days. I am not good at posting via the phone so I may have to be a stalker for a bit!
  13. Well, I hit TJ's today - and forgot to look for the candle! Phooey. I did, however, pick up some Pumpkin Joe-Joes… Tasty! Honeybear, I hope all is going well with the wee one! I went to the vet yesterday and now I have to stuff pills in one of mine for a few days. She is not happy with me now. Thanks for the good luck wishes for our yard and house! It all starts tomorrow, fingers crossed that they don't get rained out. This is the PNW...they should be used to it! Tonight I found another LOL, Whichita Blue Juniper - another one still scenting after all these years!
  14. Honeybear, we want to hear all about your furball adventures! Michele - I have had some surprisingly strong LOLs also! Are you using a plate warmer or tea lights for these? Maggie, they pressure wash the house tomorrow, and we are also having some landscaping upkeep done, and that is falling when we are supposed to have a downpour. I found a super old FP clamshell. It is called Summer Garden, about to see if it has any scent - it is about as old as my LOLs!
  15. Caralooni! I was looking at the Vanilla Pumpkin candles in the TJ's flyer - are they good ones? Honeybear, I am happy to be at your enabling service! AmyJo - glad the B&B was better this time. I still need to give mine a try. Tonight it is Tiffany's Shaving Cream Loopy Verbena.
  16. Great title, Michele! AmyJo, thanks for the info on CFOW...darn! I was trying so hard to stay away, but what can I do? ;) We are getting rain this week. Naturally - we are about to paint the outside of the house, LOL! We have talking about it all summer, finally got it scheduled. Tonight is FP - Strawberry Rose Jam Birthday CAke.
  17. Final day of the air show! I have had my fix, I will need to wait a year for another. They have an amazing fly-by - the Heritage Flight. It is a WWII fighter and a current modern-day military aircraft side by side. I was sitting in the Veteran's section and it got really quiet. I got goosebumps! Just as they were heading off, the sun broke through the cloudy sky with those sun rays you see in paintings. Magical! Thank you for the SH info, AmyJo. I have been pretty good too - until the other day when I broke down and melted on of my last LPL tarts - Cold Ginger Ale. Wow, wow, wow. Since they are closed I had to go hunting...it is not an easy scent to find. So, we will see if what I found is a close match to this one. mpfand - sounds like what I do! I find and open spot and the wax just moves right in! Tonight it is Rocket's - it is a big bag of lavender and blue chunks, but it has lost it's label. :( I believe it has eucalyptus in it.
  18. Maggie, the airshow is pretty amazing if you are a fan of jets and noise! I went to the night show and there were fireworks attached to the planes, also attached to the parachute jumpers, so it was fun to watch. Today I watched them all fly above my house, kitties under the bed. Honeybear - it may have been the same airshow - this one has been going since the 80's. I did wax rearranging today. My closet looks so tidy! AmyJo, I hope you can relax for a few days now! I may have to try that Candy Corn scent. I just can not smell any of the ones I have tried. Tonight it is Rocket's - Apple Pecan Banana Donuts.
  19. Sounds like a lovely hike, mpfand! Sometimes it is hard to get out the door, but I am always so happy when I get the motivation to do it! There is a big airshow here this weekend. I love it, but feel really bad for the birds and pets. So noisy! Tonight - SGA - April Violets.
  20. AmyJo - abstaining from melting - what a sacrifice! I had something like that happen when I stayed at an Air B&B - it had a strong scent of pink sugar when I left. I was really worried about the review they would give me, but not a word about it! Maggie - too busy to melt is not a good thing! I hope things slow down a bit for you. Tonight is a YC - Honey Clementine - a strong one!
  21. I do decorate for Halloween, with my YC Boney Bunch candle accessories. I have quite a few and I really like the ones with dogs and cats on them. I don't do much else, though! It was so much fun when the kids were young, DH does not even notice them. ;) Michele, I have found some wonderful Goose Creek candles. :wub: That one sounds like a good one to try. AmyJo - thanks for the Blackberry Bourbon info - I think it often happens that blackberry scents overrun every think else in the blend. Tonight it is TDC - Leaves.
  22. Maggie and mpfand - I miss LOL and Candle Dippers a lot! :wub: Those melts were about at the end of their life expectancy - I bet about 5-6 years old? I could smell them with a tealight. but not for long. Aria, safe travels! Glad you were able to stop for the important things! ;) Aria, that is an impressive list! Do you have a melt diary? I jot things down so I remember what I liked. I have a question - do you have trouble smelling Candy Corn melts? I keep trying different vendors, but it is usually - nada. Tonight - from She Loves Cake - a brownie toasted marshmallow blend. We'll see how chocolaty this is! :huh:
  23. Hmmmm, Maggie, wonder what happened to your timer? I am binge watching A Place to Call Home tonight. I am a fan! Blech to chocolate scents. There are very few that I like to melt. Our fall has started with rain. Funny timing, I can not remember the last rain we had. :huh: Today has been a busy melting day: B&BW candle - Honolulu Sun Oldie - LOL - Blackberry Sugar Cookie Oldie - Candle Dippers - Watermelon Lily. Pistachio Lemon Noel - SGA
  24. Most of the time my melters are off until the timer pops them on about half an hour before I wake up or get home from work. I am watching my cat watch TV - she has not done this before, she has been glued to it for about 10 minutes. They are so silly, no wonder there are so many funny videos. I decided to pull all my VCS together in one box, and whoopsie - I have more than I realized. Shocking, huh? Tonight it is more of my bag of Bond, James Bond - VCS.
  25. Honeybear -I have kitty envy! I hope the time goes fast! mpfand - I just got the Blakberry Bourbon - whatcha think? Maggie - I am hoarding Hemmingway, also! Tonight - VCS - Queen Mary - (Driftwood, Waterlily)
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