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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Speaking of kitties, mine are hiding under the tree, so far no attempts to climb! Those videos of cats on Christmas trees - and falling - are so funny! Hooray for getting home AmyJo! I am such a home body! Tonight it is AmbiEscents - Santa's Sugar Cookies.
  2. Oh gosh, I just erased my whole post. AmyJo, I cracked up that you had a "lunchtime"post! mpfand - congrats to DS! A big achievement! Maggie, little kids and wreath sales - whew! You deserve a rest now! Michele - I also have SGA going tonight, scent - Mistletoe. Using about 1/3 of a chunk and it is pretty strong!
  3. AmyJo, yay for short business trips! Maggie, you are ahead of me in tree decorating! I have it up, but know my family wants to help decorate, so it is sitting all bare in the corner until they are available. Tonight I am lazy - just burning an old YC candle - Nutcracker.
  4. Susan, how great that you were prepared to stay! You think ahead! AmyJo, good that it is a short trip, it is a busy time to be away. This weekend was soooo busy with the office party, the brunch bunch, and a security alarm went off in my office at 2 am Saturday...so guess who they call? After all was said and done, I think it was a glitch of some sort. It is was a long day. Tonight it is SLC - Christmas Peppermint Bark.
  5. Holy cow, x 2 Michele! 70 cards, wowie, and your DD's winnings! What a prize! AmyJo, I have noticed that sometimes when I turn off melts and turn them back on after work, they are not as strong as they were when I first start out. Have you noticed that? Well, my Candle aire has gone to its final resting ground. It was great, but probably passed on due to overuse! Now I am in the market for another electric melter. I like my tealight melter but everynow and then I don't want to mess with tealights. Busy day tomorrow, breakfast group and our office party. And, I still need to decorate the tree... Tonight it is Blue Moon - Northwoods Christmas
  6. Maggie, I don't think I have tried Pink Evergreen yet - yay or nay? AmyJo, your mint blend sounds like a good one! :wub: It is 8:30 and just started roasting a butternut squash...guess I will be up for awhile! I should have paid more attention to the time. Tonight is a really old one, a favorite OOB vendor - Candle Dippers - Cranberry Balsam.
  7. Honeybear, that all must cause a lot of Mom and sister angst. Too many things for you to think about this week, I am keeping you in my thoughts. Susan - those are some big numbers! Can you travel in all that snow? Was it due to the snow that you had to work for so long? Tonight's advent scent is a Winter Candy Apple blend. Off to watch It's a Wonderful Life before it has to back to the library!
  8. Yay, Michele! Progress feels good, doesn't it? Mpfand, I also had potato soup cooking. I love the "loaded baked potato" type. AmyJo, I found some great canned cat food that is an "odor reduction" digestible type. Sophie loved it. Past tense, did you notice? Once I bought a case she was all over it. No more, thank you. It was not cheap, either! Tonight my Advent calendar scent is a Lavender Vanilla.
  9. Just a quick note before popping off to bed. Tomorrow is an early start! I frequently smell like my smellies. It makes my DS nuts when I go to his house - but I tell him it is either that or 4 litter boxes! Tonight it is Cheryl's Christmas Garland.
  10. Michele - how great to have help for your party! I tend fuss around at parties, I even find myself tidying up at other people's parties! AmyJo and Michele - wax pictures would be interesting! I am sure my DS would want to use mine for blackmail! Mpfand, you are quite the chef! Lots of yummy things in your house! Whoa, Maggie, that is one long-lived tart! Today is Cheryl's Christmas Magic, one I like but no longer available.
  11. Hi Buddies! Brrr….it has been a cold week. A stay inside day, but lots had to be done! It seems to all involve spending money! :huh: Once I got back in of the cold, I re-watched part of Downton Abby. Mainly to look at the gorgeous clothes! It would be amazing to wear clothes like that. Welcome home, AmyJo! I hope you are home now for the Holidays? Michele, you are a busy gal! Reading anything you like for your bookclub? Well, with the cold weather I have been chasing the scents around again, I do believe that my smells are going up the stairs where no one smells them again. . Tonight it is CFTKR - Flowerbomb. I will get back to Holiday scents tomorrow.
  12. Good evening! Glad you are homeward bound, AmyJo! I am hoping that tomorrow will be productive. I've made a list and I am checking it twice! Tonight it is another advent calendar scent - this one with eggnog and vanilla wafers.
  13. AmyJo, I hope as I type this you are off in dreamland! mpfand, what a treat! Family visits are so special, especially during the holidays. Maggie, those twinkles are frustrating, aren't they? My outside lights are supposed to have an occasional white twinkle - but seems only some of them light up at all! When they do work, it looks great! Great delivery day, honeybear! How did you decide where to start!? Tonight it is another Advent calendar selection that has Snickerdoodle in it.
  14. Posting early today! AmyJo, I hope the time is going quickly! Michele - that is dedication! What a long drive - I hope you have books on CD or something like that? I am still behind on decorating, and now I have to start thinking about getting the supplies for the office party. I need to cross things off the list, not add them! I also have Sophie cat on a hunger strike - I don't think she is sick, she ate just fine for the pet sitter. I think she is holding out for the treats I give her when I am trying to see if she is able to eat or needs a vet visit. She manages to get those things down just fine...but I spend a lot of time trying different things and watching her - just in case. :wacko: Latest melting - Cheryl's Mistletoe. This is a favorite and it is always a strong one! :wub:
  15. Home from the beach, had time to get my outside lights up before dark! One thing checked of my list! I am not sure how I missed the YC Spiced Pear. I think I melted/burned just about everything they made a few years ago. AmyJo - I believe the mint sampler is a pre-order...there is still time to think about it! ;) Tonight is L3 - a strawberry cookie blend.
  16. mpfand, I keep forgetting about getting the Sonoma melts. The ones I have had in the past were pretty good! AmyJo - the advent calendar has been good so far! Its is one of my favorite vendors, who just had a restock this weekend...sheesh. I was doing pretty good, then CFTKR happened, then L3 happened, then there was the mint sampler at waxmosphere...I need to get outside away from the computer, rain or not! Tonight it is a L3 blend of Mistletoe, Buttercream and Pear, started yesterday evening so still going today.
  17. Good one, Maggie! I headed to the beach last night - but for some time away, Michele - not for package pick up! I am so sorry you had to make the trip! Also, a big yes! I had a caffeine swap out that kept me up late recently! I should have known, the guy who took my order was acting like he wasn't really into what he was doing, so he may not even heard what I ordered! It is nice and stormy - not fun to be outside, but cozy inside with the fireplace a hot toddy! I brought my L3 Advent calendar so I have entertainment, too! Maggie, I hope the decorating is going well - since I am not home this weekend, I am really behind! Just a minute...I need to do some deep breathing! I relit the melt I had going the last time I was here - still going strong so I hate to toss it out yet : BH&G - Sunlit Meadow Trail, a fresh scent. I was expecting woods!
  18. mpfand, your family will feel so special with all your Christmas touches! Maggie, I already have Holiday anxiety about not getting things done. I wonder what is up this year? Usually I am as cool as a cucumber! I make list and lists, and I can't even focus to get that done! AmyJo, hope your work trip is smooth sailing! Tonight it is Dessa's - Caramel Apple. It is a strong one!
  19. Cookie, no power for 3 days sounds miserable. I am glad it is all better! Honeybear, that is my kind of shopping! It has been very busy the past couple of days, very little melting. Budget time at work, lots of meetings - and then meetings about the meetings! Tonight - Strawberry Mint Smash - SEMO, form a very nice Candlebuddy!
  20. Good evening! Another chilly day - I hope none of you had to deal with the big snowstorm. Oh gosh, Aria! I could just feel mom-anxiety! :wacko: I wish we didn't have to go through those parenting episodes, I expected those things to stop when they moved away! They seem to sail right through it though, don't they? :excl: AmyJo - it is about mint season here, too! I love those during the Holidays. :wub: However, before I break out the Holiday flavors, tonight it is Volcano Capri Blue - Lilac Sensations.
  21. Michele, I am sorry your DH had to go! We also got a lot done this weekend. It thought we would be out and about going places and seeing things - but instead we cleaned things up and did some fix-it projects that needing done. However, doing all of that - I forgot to put up the lights outside! We only decorate one big evergreen, but it will have to wait until next weekend now. Honeybear, how nice to get your vacation back! It has been awhile since I tried the YC at Walmart. I will need to look into that. It seems that my Wally has fewer and fewer melts every time I go. Hopefully I am catching things between seasons and that is not permanent. Tonight it is ST - Never Been Kissed (I remember blackberry and waffle cone but I know there are more.)
  22. You are ahead of me in my decorating. I barely got the autumn wreaths put away! We had really thick fog most of the day. Pretty, but kind of eerie. AmyJo, it sounds like your aquarium trip was a lot of fun! Maggie, the problem with Thanksgiving elsewhere is no turkey soup later! Today I had the bestest scent - one I would not normally try but I got it somehow, maybe in a sampler. It kept slipping off the shelf, so into the melter it went. Yummy, I don't think you could bake anything that tastes as good as this smells: Rocket's - Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Creamy Marshmallow. I just stood there and sniffed and sniffed!
  23. It is getting dark so early now! I miss my daylight when I am coming home from work. My DS sent us home with leftovers yesterday, so dinner is all set! I love that! DH has spent the day trying to help a friend find "just the right TV". He loves that kind of thing. I just tried Nutmeg and Cinnamon Triscuits. I am trying to decide what to do with them. A little pumpkin cream cheese may be in order. My cat, Sophie, is snoring! She is about 7-8 feet away and I can hear her. It is sorta cute! :D Tonight it is Scentsy - Cranberry Spice, from very nice Candlebuddy! :wub:
  24. I hope you have had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! I just got home - we had dinner at my DS house. He is turning in to quite the chef. AmyJo, mpfand, honeybear and Maggie - thank you for your kind words - we are a pretty bonded group when it comes to smellies and our posts. It is such a treat for me to end the day reading what you all have written. AmyJo, I have been on the hunt for new melters too. I love my tealights - but it seems the inside tops get all sooty and then seem to smoke. I found a really pretty blue Yankee one and will see what is out there tomorrow on the big shopping day. Today it is Scentsationals - A Thankful Harvest. I really like melting ones that have the Holiday name in the title somehow! Peeps for Easter, Santa's Workshop at Christmas...I am a good target for marketing! :blush:
  25. I hope you Candlebuddies feell better soon! It is hard to overeat Thanksgiving dinner when you don't fell well! AmyJo, you are an efficient shopper! Michele, someone brought in a Costco pumpkin pie to work today. It was breakfast - it was gone by 10 am! honeybear - you may need a sweater if that type of weather continues! ;) Maggie, I bet you are partied out! You deserve a rest. Anyone watching good Thanksgiving movies this weekend? Tonight - FA McGee - LaLa Land, (a lavender blend)
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