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  1. I am loving this Pink Tooth Fairy-Haley's... good stuff Also burning Winter Wonderland-YC Thanks for the well wishes for DH-it was a crazy thing to wake up to. Fortunately, the cost of repair was a whoppin' 15 bucks. Just the water pump-which made the car overheat and shut down...whew! Now I can go back to my regularly scheduled tart shopping! Trep-hoping you all made it back home safely today. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.
  2. Jules- you should run over and order now!It's for your DH and all-so he would want you to! Get double! I am on day two of her Pink Clouds (one of her LSC mixes-probably one of her better/top sellers) and can say that its going pretty well in my smaller Scentsy-just a nice background scent. I know her testing is done in a tealight, and she recommends only melting 2-3 hours at a time in the electric melters, but I keep mine going 24/7 and have no issues with the longevity. (Holy, run on sentence-Batman!!) I'd really like to be a tester for her too-since everything is tested before she puts it up on the site for sale...wouldn't we all???
  3. Enjoy your goodies! I love her bubble bars!
  4. Lol! Good morning-all right all right-I give ...how long before we get some hints?
  5. Good Morning- haven't started anything new yet, but it has been a rough night. DH called me at 2 a.m.-car broke down on his way home last night. We live in a rural area so it could be catastrophic to break down in this cold and not have a cell. At any rate, we got him home(knucklehead did not have a coat in his car) and thawed him out. Now we will be spending the day getting the car fixed... I am thinking that I need to look and see if I have any scents that will bring us some good luck on the cost of fixing this! Lol! Hope you all have a great day.
  6. Good Morning and welcome to the forum, this is definitely the right place for your obsession-er-passion...
  7. I am kinda bummed that she doesn't have the scent list up in its entirety-300 scents is like reading a good book in my opinion! lol I am especially intrigued by those LSC mixes and would like a description to go along with them all. Also, I like the fact that she doesn't offer flat rate shipping. For anyone who has fallen under that one knows that its hard to justify $8.95 for $10 worth of tarts. But, even better is the $50 free shipping-which is a great thing as someone else mentioned. It's the best of both worlds-great marketing technique! I would love to have some stuff up for RTS-as its a quick fix and usually means super fast turn around, but I understand that she is so busy right now with all the orders for tarts, she hasn't had time to put anything else on the site. Glad we could all entertain each other and learn lots about Pam Jameson and her passion! I know it says that she has oil burners available, but am not seeing those listed either-I'd love to grab some of the oils too... I also like the fact that she processes orders through paypal, as its my first choice when deciding to order from a new vendor. Are you getting all this-Cyn??? hee hee hee! Nighty night Nautilique!
  8. I am so glad she has gift sets available, and I am also wondering how the weather is in Keller, TX right now-if she can get out to start delivering the goodies ordered today. On a serious note though- Has anyone taken the plunge on ordering the 36 pack? Maybe Stardust-so you can order tons of the mint coffee latte! It would be great if you really loved 4 of the scents on the list-9 of each scent. Do you have to email her to order it-or is there a drop down for it?
  9. You two are cracking me up! You should both get the goods just for trying so hard!!! If either one of you happen to live in Canada-she can still ship to you! She does ship in the US and Canada ya know!!! I also found it interesting that she has had her shop open for so long(since 2002) and has just recently gotten overwhelmed with orders(in the last six months)-any correllation to the shout outs here? Ya think? I would be excited to have such a supportive husband of 19 years-that makes a big difference when you have a good support system in your business!
  10. Just added- LSC-Pink Clouds AMS-Black Linen and Amber
  11. Good morning- popping in for a bit after massive shoveling! LSC-Iced Lemon Biscotti. That sweet grass yesterday was so strong that I had to turn it off and dump it! I know that is normally something I would never do, but it was not my thing and I ended up with a headache. So, I would have to give LSC a thumbs up (as strange as that sounds). If she can make something that strong, its gotta be a great company!
  12. Brrr....snowing like crazy! Everyone stay warm and stay in. Threw on LSC-Sweet Grass and Cedar(thinking warmth while I am hunkered down) Hope you all have a great day!
  13. Popping in for a minute this afternoon-in the midst of surprise birthday preparation for my dd. Burning several candles-Battle of the Sexes-Haley's and a few Mainstays from Walmart too. Also melting- Sweet Snow-LSC Fluffy Pink-Haley's Eat it Raw-Phoebe's My Dear Watson-Scentsy Have a great evening everyone.
  14. This morning's scents are Fresh Squeezed Orange-Haley's Cool Citrus Basil-Kristen's Hope you are all having a good day.
  15. Today's melts are LSC-Apple Butter Pound Cake Haley's-Vanilla Spectacular HL-Peonies & Peaches (or Peaches & Peonies- I forget which way it goes) Have a good evening all.
  16. Popping in for a bit- Country Berry Hotcakes-CFTKR Dark Knight-CFTKR Bedroom Eyes-Cozy Cottage Blueberry Muffins-Huckleberry Layne Have a good day.
  17. Popping in after a rough morning of waxtastropies and bad bulldogs-lol! Any one want a slightly used, naughty bullie? Melting- Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie-CFTKR Cool Citrus Basil-Kristen's It's all competing with the huge pot of chicken soup I got going on. Hope you all have a great day, I am off to find a replacement melter...
  18. Good Evening. Sounds like a relaxing weekend for most. I am happy to report that DD is back to being super obnoxious-so she is definitely feeling better.Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Sweet-the average weight for a female bulldog is 40-45 lbs. a male runs 50-65 lbs. Maddie is right at 40 lbs. It is hard to imagine how heavy they are when you look at them, then you pick them up and WOW! Tonight I am melting Japanese Grapefruit-CFTKR Blue Sugar-CFTKR(for LLVV) Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely.
  19. No need to apologize Gail-she has an aunt Daisy-lol! She is a hurricane, for sure-forget the fact that she has a spinal defect! It hasn't even slowed her down, I can't even imagine how hard she'd be to control if she had full use of her legs! Back from the Dr and I have one sick little gal-strep, tonsilitis, and beginning pneumonia-so we'll have to go to hospital all weekend for shots. The upshot of the penicillin shot in the backside is that it immediately made her feel better. For the afternoon I am putting on- CFTKR-Pink Sugar AMS-Flirtini Still got my blue on as well.
  20. Hi Laurie- the sinus relief is very similar to vicks-eucalyptus and all that. I put it in the bathroom while my DD was in the bath to try and alleviate some of her coughing. At any rate, we are getting ready for the Dr's office this morning. I hope its not turning into pneumonia on us...the cough and fever are still not getting any better. Still got my blue burning for the morning Also melting Heather and Hyacinth-Candledippers (this seems to irritate the sickness the least for the moment-I may have to turn off all but the sinus relief). Hope you all have a good day.
  21. Good evening everyone! Yep, that's my Maddie. Great big, stubborn, BULLDOG...lol I just love that tongue hanging out-very Gene Simmons. Tonight we are melting- LOL-Sinus Relief BHG-Balsam and Cedarwood Still have that blue sugar going as well. Have a great night.
  22. It was cancelled due to the fact that every April I get older-so I paid the mods off to take a birthday away!
  23. LLVV- I am going to start the blue right now for you...sending strength your way.
  24. Good Morning. Got at least one kid back to school today, although the other one is home sick,geez I hate that! I just want to take it away and make her feel good again. I have Blue Sugar-CFTKR and relit my candles from yesterday. Hope you all have a good day.
  25. Jumped back on to update the evening melts- Heather and hyacinth-Candledippers Sweet Potato Corn Muffins-CFTKR That one is a super strong puppy-great freebie in my last order.
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