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  1. That sounds like a great vacation to me too. My in laws live in Ohio, but I have never been to Cameron...hmmm...I see a sidebar in the future! All of you meet me at the pool!! Can you see it?
  2. Geez Laurie how did I miss that earlier? I am so sorry that your family had to go through that, I get so mad when our healthcare professionals act like they don't care. I understand how hard things get in the er, but when a kid is there and scared-they should at least show a little compassion. Hope he is settled now and feeling more comfortable(at least as comfy as he can with a cast). Thanks Gail-that is a picture of me-playing around with my webcam today. You are too kind. My kiddo is still yuckamo and in the tub right now, trying to manage the dang fever! That's the worst part, is keeping that from jumping out of control. The other one fell asleep at the dinner table, that's how exciting my meals are! Melting for the evening- Animalistic Instinct-Cozy Cottage Blueberry Cobbler-Kristen's Burning the usual suspects... Hope everyone has a good evening.
  3. Good afternoon-another kid sick -dang it. Oh well, she's the last one and hopefully will be well in a day or two. I am melting LOL-Rosemary Mint HL-Vanilla Grapefruit Can't smell too much, but the EO seems to be getting through. Have a great day all.
  4. Man is he cute!!! I hope the throw is amazing...
  5. Love, love, love Busy Bee! Did I mention love? Wonderful people that own it, wonderful tarts, fabulous bath and body, and the best customer service! When I mention the words Pink Fairy Dust-there will be lots of people oohing and ahhing! One of my very favorite scents. Splinters and Rags-awesome as well.Banana Ivy-so clean and good! I will second Cyn on the sugar scrubs-great and a great bargain. Donna and Doc always go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. Great choice for a spotlight!
  6. For the evening- put on LSC-Hollanburst Can Do-Mary's Margaritas Added a couple more candles to the mix too. Home interior(old one) 3 layer Tropical mix YC-Garden Hideaway Still burning the two from earlier as well. Hope you all have a great night.
  7. Thanks guys, I finally got onto the order section for the Oak moss candle. I put that one in my paypal cart, and will go back again later. I just lost some patience with the site-its so slow for me. I do like the jar recycle program, it makes sense. You always wonder what to do about all the jars you collect-without a recycle program through our trash service available.
  8. Hi Silly- A secret pal swap would be like a gift exchange. We would put together a spring themed gift package and mail it off to our swapper. No one knows whom is whom until the end of the swap-when you receive your package.
  9. Cat01


    Welcome! You are definitely in the right place. Enjoy!
  10. Good morning everyone. I am busy doing some needed cleaning(clearing out the viral bugs-LOL). Popping in to report- Satsuma-Country Chunkie(I think-it was in a "gift" box, so I could be wrong on the vendor) Chocolate Amber-Can Do Clean-Bay Laurels Burning: Organic Living-Driftwood and Sand YC-Beachwalk Hope you have a great day.
  11. Bump...need to get an official count for interested parties and am leaning toward a secret pal swap, but would like input before we make that choice. Let me know by the 15th-thanks.
  12. Ok, so maybe I am a goober- but I cannot seem to get to the Oakmoss candle to order it. I was having a bit of trouble navigating the website-anyone else? I am so wanting a lot of stuff on there. The Shamrock Mint is right up my alley for sure...
  13. Glad everything is back up and running. The dang flu bug has made it to our house, so I have one sick at home this morning-yuck! Melting- LOL-Sinus Relief in DD's room to help... CFTKR-Coconut Lime Verbena BHG-Sugared Melon Kiwi Hope you all have a good day.
  14. Popping in to post about how wonderful my house smells, as I walk in from work today. DH finished the bathroom remodel and has everything clean and fresh. Melting- Bay Laurels-Clean(type) Awesome!!! Amish Wash Day-CFTKR And another one that he can't remember-rats! I want to recreate this and can't if I don't have all the ingredients! Oh well-it smells fantastic! Off to assist one of my mother's elderly friends with her tart melter-have a great day.
  15. Put on a LSC-Peppermint Mocha to get some strong stuff blasting around here! It is already throwing to the moon, and I just put it on! Good night.
  16. Melting- GG-Dumped Olde England-Caramel Butter Cookie CFTKR-Pink Sugared Blueberry Bean Pod-Marshmallow(old stash stuff, but it smells great) Hope you all have a great night and weekend.
  17. Thanks everyone-I think that we should decide on what type would work the best for all, and then we'll do the official sign up. If we decide on a "secret pal" swap, I'll ask a non participating mod to help get the names/addresses emailed out(so we are all surprised ). If you would rather do a "round robin" type of swap, we can decide the order using a randomizer site. What do you all want to do?
  18. Good Afternoon everyone. Came in today to DH melting Home Sweet Home-Cftkr Hot Wassail-Scentsationals I am also burning the same candles as yesterday.Hope you all have a great night.
  19. Oh Aria your poor babies-take care. They will be back up and going very soon. Good to see you Bigred-good looking scents you got going on there. Just lit a few candles for the evening. YC-Winter Wonderland(almost done with this one) My bb&b Sun and Sand dupe 3 layer thing from Wal mart in "fresh linen" type scents Still have all the melters with the goodies from earlier. Hope you all have a great evening.
  20. Today I am melting-Bay Laurels-Scandalous Bhg-Warm Vanilla Creme Can Do-Prim Wishes Hope you are all having a great day.
  21. Thanks-I will continue doing that...
  22. Glad you are finally feeling better! Just think, when you finally get a chance to savor your packages, it will feel like Christmas! I am melting one of the Better Homes tarts I got yesterday-Hawaiian pineapple cilantro. Man its strong! One cube is taking over!
  23. LOL also offers "Sinus Relief"-very strong and their tarts last forever.
  24. Pouring hot...the good thing about soy is that you can clean it up pretty easily with soap and water! I am also struggling to get them out of the cups to put them in the melters. Anyone have a good suggestion?
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