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  1. K- I think we are ready to get things kicked off here. Last thing before we announce the specifics for the swap-Can I get one of the mods to take the address info and assign swapping partners???? Cyn? Jules? Deb? Thanks in advance.
  2. All those scents sound great. Let us know what you think. I think its interesting that the redesign went to the prim design. So homey-what do you all think about the new website?
  3. Thanks guys, they did a pretty good job at fixing her up. I just about cried when she told my stylist thanks for making her look like a normal girl. This evening I have some tealights going BHG Ocean flowers, in addition to all the tarts from earlier. Have a great night all!
  4. Woo Hoo-enjoy!!! You will have to give us a review!!! I can't wait to see what you decide to try.
  5. Cinnamon Sticks and Candlewicks http://cinnamonsticksandcandlewicks.blogspot.com/2010/07/1803-candles-are-in.html 540 Main St Rt. 28 West Dennis, MA
  6. Jamie's Candle Loft at Country Primitive Antiques http://www.countryprimitiveantiques.com/1803candles.html
  7. Threw in Cozy Cottage-Gain Type and OMG-Red Currant Hope you all have a great afternoon. I am taking my 11 year old dd to the beauty salon this afternoon to get her eyebrows waxed for the first time. Now, before you say "what the heck?"- She decided to try and thin her brows out with a razor-Aaaaagh! So now I have to take her in and try to get them fixed. She is getting to the age where she wants to start doing those types of things, and won't exactly listen to mom about the right way...the joys of motherhood!
  8. The Rustic Rooster http://therusticrooster.com/osCommerce/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=23&products_id=1125&osCsid=asvbmdsd 125 East Main St,Eaton OH 45320
  9. Long day for me, Melting- Pink Sugar-CFTKR Satin Sheets-OMG French Lilac-BHG Ivory Soap-MTT(this puppy is super strong-I can smell it upstairs,and its melting in the basement!) Peppermint-HL Pumpkin Gingerbread-Can Do Also burning my Lucky Shamrocks-YC which has a nice, clean scent with a med. throw. Me likey!
  10. LolaRue and Company http://lolarueandcompany.blogspot.com/2010/09/1803-candles-are-here.html Bloomington, Indiana
  11. http://backwoodscountryprimitivesfurniture.blogspot.com/search/label/%221803%22%20Candles Backwoods Country Primitives Furniture and Goods
  12. Country Village Shoppe http://www.countryvillageshoppe.com/servlet/-strse-8609/1803-Candles/Detail 144 Mall Drive Appleton, WI
  13. I absolutely have no tolerance for this kind of stuff! I do not listen to excuses, there are plenty of places for me to spend my hard earned money. I do hope you get resolution soon for all of them.
  14. I have wanted to try this place forever, but am consistently stopped by the pricing...I wish they were more flexible.
  15. Came home from errands to my Crabby Candle order so I am melting- Cherry Limeade. Jury's still out as I am not smelling anything and its melted fully... Also added- CFTKR-Pink Sugared Confetti LSC-Scarlett Moon Cozy Cottage-Jasmine Breeze Beautiful day so I am outta here! Have a great day everyone.
  16. Happy birthday gals! Came in to 3 LOL tarts melting- Pink Sugar Buttercream Pink Key Lime Pink Bubblegum Wierdly working very nice together... Have a great night all.
  17. Decided to keep the melters off today, so nothing cooking here, but I hope you all have a great evening!
  18. Good night all. The melters are in the dishwasher so I am burning some candles this evening. I think I will give em a break overnight and get them all cooking in the morning. I haven't done that in a while-so it should be a nice blast of scent for me in the morning. I think I will retire a bit early this evening-a little tired from sanitizing the kitchen(again-this theme is making me feel neurotic) Oh well, its the season and I hope everyone feels better soon. Nighty night!
  19. Anything you don't see-email and ask Donna or Doc, or put the scent in the notes section at checkout. The one drawback of the site is lack of updating on the scent dropdown. You do have to let them know if you want something else. You can even give them the notes you want in your scent and they will make it for you.
  20. Splinters and rags is along the lines of Mimi's House and Pink Fairy Dust is a pink sugar mix that is TDF...while you are browsing, be sure and add some bath bombs to your cart
  21. Yes Sharon, they are incredible! I am a cupcake fanatic and found some more wonderful goodies at this "cupcakery"Gigi's Cupcakes I am a horrible enabler! But they are divine!
  22. Good Afternoon. This is the 5th week that someone has been sick! And I have been ill too, but as you all know-there is no rest for mom! With 4 kids though-its inevitable, and we are on the last one now! No more sickness allowed! Congrats again on the kittens, Jules-they are soooooo cute! I just want to squeeze them and snuggle them. Christy I hope your nose gets better soon. Happy birthday to your DS Katz! Laurie I am glad your DS is doing better now, and will be up and at em in no time. I am melting Smurfette's Love Shack-HoT There's no place like home-Scentsationals Have a great evening all, and allow me to tempt you with this- Gigi's Cupcakes The Scarlett Red Velvet is amazing!!
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