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  1. That is hysterical, Boogie! I have CHC Birthday Cake, but haven't melted it yet. Is it yummy??? Nevermind-the last thing I need on my mind right now is cake... Off to wrap more presents for Girl Scouts. Have a great evening.
  2. Mommy- I guess I was thinking of Frizz's House of Tarts.Hmmm... Having so many choices on where to shop is also our biggest downfall, isn't it? There is always somewhere new to try, and try as I might-I will never get through all of the shops in the world! At least not with my credit card! Lol! I do appreciate that everyone has a different sense of what they love, it gives me ideas that I might not have thought of. We also find those little diamonds when we share our favorites, and sometimes our least favorites. Someone will usually end up loving those as well. Any way-have a great night all and happy melting!
  3. Mommy- I am glad you got them-just to let you know, that is original packaging from this maker. I just put them straight in the tin. I hope things go well on some of the others. Hop over to the Q board and read the review thread for this tart that was just posted in the last few days... Interesting reading. Isn't House of Tarts based in Canada? I haven't ordered from them yet, but may consider it after the holidays. Okay guys I had to change that Cupcake tart-not strong enough for me. I am now melting Christmas Essence from Mia Bella-I put 2 melts in the melter. I hope it doesn't run me out of the house,this one is that strong!!!
  4. Your families are cracking me up! I let each of my girls pick a tart on each order, then they get to burn it whenever they want(well-I put it in when they are ready to melt it). We have quite the adventure trying new scents and each of us has our favorites. We just stick it out when one is on that we don't like. Of course, you all know by now that my hubby is getting as bad as me lately-so he doesn't mind. At any rate, I am melting Angel Food Cupcake from Nene's. This has a very light throw...
  5. Now thats my kind of boss-we just got a Christmas Card with all of our senior staffs' pictures on it-in the mail!!! We are living in the tropics today-melting WNS Manic Mango! I love Mango! Hi all!
  6. Hi all- Been so busy today it's a wonder I have melted anything. I melted Sweet Snow Pine from Nene's and burned Snow Clouds from PI. I do like the Snow Clouds and am curious-is it a limited edition Mom? I would like to be able to get another one, but not now. I am up to my eyeballs in scents. I loved my SSP from Nene's, but it did not last as long as usual-hmmm?
  7. Just got in and decided it was time for a little "Hippy, Hippy, Shake" from WNS. This one did not smell great cold, but it has a strong throw and is a pleasant surprise when melted. I think it is worth a reorder. Of course I am set for a long while- I have 20 on the way from CHC. Mom- I also ordered from K's yesterday. I just got a couple of 10 oz. jars and some melts. So I hope they are as good as they sounded. I ordered Snow Angels and Refreshing. I am done ordering for a while. Good evening and happy burning/melting.
  8. MJ- I'll tell ya how far this has gone-I just got an order from WNS today and he is running all over the house right now to get a melter ready so he can melt Amish Harvest while he watches football! I think I have created a monster!!! Lol.
  9. gotcha-emailed back-you double poster you!!!
  10. I don't know why I am coming up guest-I am signed in. It's Cat...
  11. Good Morning Ladies-(gents if there are any on here) I have Nene's Aspen Winter on this morning. It is fab! I have decided to give away my Dream tarts. Anyone interested? I have only burned a few and would be willing to send them out to anyone who wants them. Welcome to the board smellycat! You will find warm, wonderful people here.
  12. Hi All- I came home to a houseful of smells simmering and burning. : ) DH has Snowberry Pine burning. And two tarts going in different rooms. It is definitely smelling wonderful in here tonight.
  13. "">favorite from Carol(Bear Claw).LOL!
  14. Mom- Gotcha on that post on the Q! I am putting my tart version of Night Before Christmas on now-to either sympathize with you or remind me of why I like it. The tart is so strong that it is borderline headache, but of course-everyone has a different sense of smell. I do hope you like your Mulberry. I have one called Antique Linen and Lace? on order and it sounds interesting-it is their fragrance of the month. I do think that I will be limiting my time on the Q board-I just read some outright nastiness that doesn't set well with me. Hopefully-an apology will be forthcoming. Pink Sugar- Thanks for your faith in my review. I do love CHC as well. Maybe Louise would be willing to send you some samples before you order from Dream Tarts, so that you could see if it would be right for you. You might fall head over heels for her tarts. I am going to be putting Tuscadero's on my list to try-haven't before. Anyone ever tried Blue Gecko?
  15. Yes it is-but not one that I have ever used. Although I would be interested to see how close this tart is to the actual scent.
  16. Right now I've got Lavendar Vanilla/Downey from Carol's going. I love this fragrance in general. I think I might just get the oil from BBW-that is my fav version of all time. The kids beg me to spray the linen mist on their pillows every night. Boogie- I do hope you love your tart purchase from Dream Tarts. I wouldn't even put hers and Nene's in the same category. The Oriental Amber is a wonderful scent that is romance all over. Amber romance was "perfumy" and not that strong. You might love them-it may just be my Smeller. I don't want to offend anyone, but I just am not impressed with this one. That's too bad, considering the wonderful woman that makes them.
  17. That last post was by me-somehow this thing kicked me off while I was typing.
  18. Oh you lucky desert ladies!!! Here in the Midwest it is freezing-literally! Snow and ice-blechhhh! I am trying to forget how cold it is outside and have a Ginseng Energizer candle burning in the family room. I also have one of the tarts from Dream Tarts(tryintomakealiving) going in the dining room. I know everyone seems to love these, I really am trying hard to love them too. But, I am just not that wild about them. They seem to have a strange "aftertaste" to them-a twang in all of the tarts that I can't identify. The one I have going now is called Amber Romance, and is not that strong. I adore the customer service and fast shipping from Louise, but I am not sure that I will order again. I am going to keep trying each of the flavors I purchased,hopefully it will get better. By the way-Pink Sugar, I do have Jack Frost-it is one of my favorites! Of course, I am a sucker for anything that is minty and fresh.
  19. I am still melting my Mistletoe Kiss from Nene's(listening to my 7 year old twill like a LOUD bird in my ear)LOL. There goes my peaceful Christmas mood! : )
  20. I am sorry to hear about Whiff and Sniff, I was looking forward to trying them. I ordered a few of the shooters to try her out. I really have to have a tart last for a while-it helps to justify the expense! Usually you find that, you only get your moneys worth from the tried and true. I decided to throw on Marshmallow Fluff from Nene's-not a strong throw. I do kinda like it even if it does (sort of) smell like a sweet play dough. This one is probably one of the few that I am not wild about from Missy.
  21. Mom- you know that Santa will never be able to bring you a thing if you buy them all first! Lol-I really hope you love your newbies. Remember, I want your honest review! My PI is on the way-I can't wait. Mommy- I have an order on the way from Whiff N Sniff, I will try the afterdinner buttermint on my next go around. I love minty! I might have it on the way for all I know. I know that my tart basket is overflowing as it is!
  22. Mia Bella's Coffee Break-gonna try this one until I like it!Lol. I have Nene's Crisp Mountain Breeze going in the powder room-day 2 and still strong!!! Wow on this melt!
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