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  1. Goose creek crunchy leaves and CFTKR tuttifruiti I think this afternoon. Not sure what I am going to do when I get to work this evening. Everyone have a great night!
  2. I used to love Tranquility from Candledippers. I would love to know if there is anything out there even close. Anybody familiar with this scent? Anyone else know if there a similar version somewhere out there?
  3. Omg...I really do like the new format. And quick hellos to all. I am so bad about keeping up, but 2 seconds in and have already placed a new order. **sigh** Anyway...burning YC turquoise waters which I LOVE! Been a while since I can honestly say that on YC. Melting Scentsy Jack's Obsession, and CFTKR Sangrita(seriously drool worthy)! Hope y'all have a fantastic night.
  4. Man, I forgot how much of a bad influence this forum can be! Lol! Already been to several new to me vendors...dang it! Today is a beachy day! First day of school. Only one left and it's her freshman year. So I have Stay classy Beaches, Hourglass. Bh&g Sea Spray Linen. Hope all of you have a fantastic night!
  5. Good afternoon everyone, I have been gone so long and so good to see some of the same "faces". Currently have Salems Lot from Hourglass, BlackBerry plum pie...Mainstay, Apple Jack and Orange Peel from Front Porch. Looking around for some new places to shop, and knew I could always count on old friends. Have a fantastic day!
  6. It's so good to see so many familiar faces here. Feels like a homecoming to me. I have had so many changes in life and travel so much these days that I never post anymore. I still melt though, and have two melters in my travel rv. Melting Front porch today... have an amazing week y'all.
  7. Good Evening everyone!!! It has been another busy day! Barely had time to change out the melters. lol White Water-Scentsationals Candycorn Buttercream-LOL Banana Lavendar Flower-HOT(older than dirt, but smells absolutely fantastic still) Paradise-Scentsationals So good to see everyone again, have a fabulous night and morning! Spring storms tonight, so I should sleep great!!
  8. Happy April!! My personal favorite month. I am popping in to say hi! Currently melting- Rock Star-LOL My dd changed the rest of the melters and I have no stinkin idea what's in there, but it smells like citrus and bakery! lol I am also burning Turquoise Sky-Yankee About to hit some of the sales and "new to me" vendors-have a great day everyone.
  9. Moonalisa also had her Halloween opening- had no problems getting a ton of stuff here either. Did I miss something? Where did everyone go on flooding these sites and selling them out? She has the absolute best stuff!
  10. Cat01


    So weird, I got in on the Halloween opening without problems and bought whatever I wanted. I was a day after opening too. Is everyone still loving Haunt?
  11. Starting the morning with some spring, its cold here! Scentsy-Honeymoon Hideaway McCalls-Watermelon Swan Creek-Wild Meadows Hope you all are having a great day, and week.
  12. Good Morning everyone. We finally have some cooler temps here this weekend, so I am melting some different scents. Woo Hoo! Yummy-Candledippers 32 Degrees-LOL Trick or Treat-McCalls Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend.
  13. Good Morning everyone. Today's assortment was put in the melters by my teen and I am not sure what all is in there. I do know that everytime one of the girls comes in my room, I am greeted by the distinct smell of coffee and maple in their hair and skin. lol! Too funny!
  14. Popping in for a bit- today's melts: Grumpy Girl-Fruity Loops Jamie Clair-Citrus Splash Scentsationals-Lemon Chiffon Maybe I can trick myself into thinking the house is cleaner, if it smells clean. lol Have a great day.
  15. Yep, Sweet, we got hammered here. No school today or tomorrow either. This will be me at the end of the day. lol Tonight I am on a blueberry kick- Bodacious Blueberry-Nene's Blueberry Bread-Front Porch Odd one out is Sunlit Meadows-Scentsationals Hope you all have a great day tomorrow and sweet dreams tonight.
  16. Good to meet you. Have fun around here.
  17. Starting the day with Lemon Chiffon-Scentsationals Will add more later. Hope everyone has a great day. We did get some snow my way the other day, Sweet. About 6 inches here-with sleet and ice to boot. Others in our neck of the woods got up to a foot or more. We are supposed to get another one tonight and tomorrow. Maybe another foot even. It's that last winter "hurrah"-lol!
  18. This morning I am melting some bakery. Since we are still frozen, I thought it would be cozy to smell some goodies. C'mon spring. Front Porch-Prairie Kitchen CFTKR-Blackberry Jam Creme Brulee Grumpy Girl- Twinkies Hope y'all have a wonderful day.
  19. Starting the day with Sugar me Blue-CFTKR Lemon Bread-Front Porch Have a great day everyone.
  20. zb does smell like doritos to me, and I cannot imagine the pairing! lolol
  21. Hi Sweet! Had some more health issues, but am trying to get through them. Aggravates me-lol! I am sorry that I have missed so much on here again. Am trying to stay in touch.
  22. Happy Sunday. Popping in for a bit- Melting- BHG- Cranberry Mandarin (strong and nice) BHG-Frosted Gingerbread LOL-Pink Crack Burning- Colonial- Lemon leaf and olive Hope you are all getting through the weather woes up northeast. Have a fantastic Sunday.
  23. Aunt Nena's-Carrot Cake LOL- Rock Star dupe YC-Autumn Leaves Happy Sunday. Hope you all have a great day!
  24. Good Morning all. I have gotten as far as emptying out the melters, and then got sidetracked and forgot to put anything in them. Lol! Geesh! Happy new year everyone! I think I am going to throw in Holiday Sleigh Ride-BHG and Winter Splendor-Goosecreek
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