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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. This morning I am trying to finish up my Christmas stuff- I have night before Christmas from Mia Bella on.
  2. Boogie- That is their website. I love the smell on these melts, but they are not a 2 day melter for sure. The approx burn time on these are only 5 hours. That is pretty close, if you are using a tealight melter. They do last longer in the electric. I love the Amber Enchantment,Snow Day,Mango Papaya(WOW), Black Magic, Bermuda Breeze, and Clean Linen-that pretty much hits every where on the fragrance scale!: ) I think you get a discount if you use the candlefind link above, and they have some pretty good scents on sale. My shipping was offset by the discount I received, so in essence it was free. They only do clamshell melts. They are paraffin. These will work great if you like to change scents often.
  3. I also started Snow Day/Illuminescents in the family room for my DH. Wow-it is incredible! This is very strong and minty fresh. Definitely worth a second order!
  4. Melting Illuminescents Amber Enchantment this morning. This is nice, very smooth, not overpowering. It compares quite nicely with Nene's Oriental Amber. This company has parrafin tarts,very hard and large clamshell packaging. The cold smell is fantastic on all of them. The burn time specified is 5 hours per piece of clamshell-we'll see how long for sure...: )
  5. Melting CHC Cinnamon Roll. This one is not one of my favorites from her, but it is for DH...
  6. Evening- Have Nene's Eggnog on. Pretty creamy and nice. Been sick today so its kind of like comfort food...
  7. Mom- Take a look on the Q board, Griselda posted the whole history of the Lamp. If you ever go to Hallmark you'll see them-they kind of resemble a perfume bottle. They use an alcohol based oil, with a wick that has a stone on top-you light the stone for a minute or two, and then blow it out. The heat from the stone disperses the oil, which travels up the cotton wick. It is also supposed to purify the air. Pretty interesting, but also pretty expensive.
  8. I am currently melting Winterberry Wreath... just looked at some of the effusion lamps online. Found them for $20-that is cheap...
  9. Can you believe that the Ho Ho Mistletoe is still going? Surprised me too. ; ) I am also burning a Mia Bella Coffeebreak in the Family room. I was burning K's Snowangels, but it isn't burning correctly(I think it might be because of the glitter)-so I snuffed it. I also had some(okay-laugh if you want to) incense going in the kitchen a while ago. It is called "Innocent" by Hem. It is an import from India and was a gift from my best friend. Just an update on the new oil warmer,nightlights- I did put one in the powder room, and it is doing a lot better- I have just left it on and can smell the twisted peppermint in there when I go in. DH can smell it too, and commented on how nice the room smelled with it in there. Now, mind you-it doesn't blow you out the door, but it is nice and consistent. More like having a wallflower in there.
  10. I have Ho Ho Mistletoe from CHC on now-this one is pretty strong and has a pleasant smell. Very Nice. Good Night all!
  11. Hi Nancy- I live in SW Missouri too- Howdy neighbor! How far south? We are in Butler...
  12. Hi all- Came home from work to Cast Away-WNS. Wonderful! Mom- got my goodies from you today, I am soooo excited! Happy New Year to All!
  13. Debra- Yes it is, and I used straight oil that I ordered with it. Nada. Switched to BBW Twisted Peppermint-got some scent for a while, not bowl you over-but at least it was there. Then decided to experiment with some soy melts-chipped off a little bit and threw it in to see if I could get any sort of melt. Looked like soft mush after a few hours, no throw. So I have moved it to the smallest powder room to see if I can get something in there. I am going to check with the manufacturer to see if there is an alternative-I am thinking that I can probably still use the bowl on a different socket...
  14. Boogie- I am not sorry I asked, glad I could help you vent! ; ) The new oil burner, while cute-is not throwing a smell at all! : ( The bulb is only a 4 watt-not even hot enough to do more than warm the bowl-its only rated for 7 max! Any suggestions? I love the look of the darn thing, but am wondering what I could use to get some aroma out there... At any rate- DH has something going that smells like pancakes, and try as I might-can't find it??... I am not sure what I am going to put on, maybe some peppermint to cut that maple out..
  15. Evening all- Can you believe this-I got my oil burners today! WOW! 2 days from order to in home-I love it! DH was fiddling with it, trying to turn the pot around and DROPPED it! Luckily, for him, no breakage! I can still see it all in slow mo... Anyway, I just put it on and will report on the smell later on-I got one called Rain Forest... Waving to Boogie-did you have a good holiday?
  16. Debra- Maybe I should start working on commission : )! That is too funny, but they are so cute! I am glad we could help her out. I can't wait to try her oil out. I got a shipping confirmation an hour after I ordered, so I am very impressed so far! Did you get yours ordered before the sell out? Today I have Fireside from Nene's on, and Snow Clouds from PI. Smells dreamy in here...
  17. Good Morning- I am trying Pink Sugar this morning, along with my new Peppermint oil. I just found the cutest night light plug in style oil warmers(I am finding that I do not care for the tealight oil warmer-it just doesn't last like I want). So, of course, I ordered it this morning-along with some of their oil. See what happens,give me a little money for Christmas and I never even make it out of the house to spend it! Anyway-here is the link for it. They are only 5 bucks! That is a virtual steal! http://www.scentralstn.com/night-light-oil-burner.html
  18. Afternoon All- I am burning and melting everything but the kitchen sink today! I have snow angels(K's) in the kitchen, purely pear(Nene's) in the dining room, and Pumpkin Cheesecake(Mia Bella) in the family room. You wouldn't think the combo would be good, but it's okay. I am just ready to get some of my newbies in the house... I have an order from Illuminescents on the way-anyone got any opinions on this one? I also have an order from Country Aromas-anyone know on this one? I just picked a couple that I had never heard mentioned and ran with it. Hope you all had a lovely holiday. Cat
  19. Happy Holidays all! I am burning my brand new- BBW oil-Twisted Peppermint! This was what Santa brought me for Christmas-I must have been a very good girl! Have a wonderful day!
  20. Hi all- Thanks for the recipe MP-I got the stuff to make it today. The hot fudge brownie smells like a strong chocolate, haven't melted but will let you know how sweet it ends up being. Smellycat- I do adore the clean/florals as well. I really melt just about anything, depending on my mood. Fresh Linen is on my alltime favorites along with Lavendar Vanilla. I just got an order from K's Kreations with Snow Angels, Snow Drops, and Refreshing... Mom- You are not alone. I have been through 3 tarts and 2 candles today. Started with Cinnamon Apple-Mia Bella Melts this morning. Wasn't in the mood-poured it out. Switched to Buttercream Crunch from WNS-it only lasted about 2 hours! Put on Red velvet Cake-CHC-it only lasted a couple of hours! (what is up here?) Decided enough of the melts and lit K's Snow Angels-it's nice, but not strong enough for me today. So I have a pumpkin cheesecake from Mia Bella on now, and its strong-but I guess I am just not in the mood for bakery AT ALL today!! Talk about hard to please!LOL! Have a good evening and a fab weekend! Happy Holidays to everyone!
  21. Just put on Sugared Spruce-CHC. Should be doing some housework myself,I have over 20 people coming for dinner on Tuesday. Anybody got any good Mexican Food Recipes? We are doing a Mexican Potluck for dinner,not sure what all I want to put out. I am doing tacos,burritos,enchiladas,sopapillas,beans,rice, and Nachos. It should be fun! Donna sent me some freebies in my order that I probably never would have ordered, but I think I might end up liking them. Mulberry and Hot Fudge Brownies...very strong.
  22. I am on day two of Nene's Winter Morning- I had it on all day yesterday, overnight and still going this morning!Wow-that is some staying power! A+ on this one.
  23. Afternoon- I have Winter Morning from Nene on today. Mom- I did order tarts and candles from K's- I got snow drops in the tarts and Snow Angels and Refreshing in the candles. Anyone seeing a pattern in my orders here??? Boogie- I'll bet your cadet will have a wonderful time in Mexico. Ours are trying to decide what their "final" trip will be, they have raised so much money-they could probably make it to the moon!!! Lol!
  24. Boogie- They have asked me to lead and I have also declined. I will work alongside and help out as much as I can, but just cannot make that big of a commitment. My 14 year old has also been involved with scouts since daisies, so I guess that is why both of my 7 year olds begged to start as soon as they were able. I am sure the 3 year old will probably follow, as she loves going to all of the events and meetings(even if it is just to pick up and drop off the girls). I think it really helps them learn about teamwork and respect. I am for anything that helps me teach them these things. So lets talk about what scents I am melting today... Nene's Hayride-not a keeper for me, but DH loved it. It is very strong, but not one that I particularly cared for. I will probably keep it on hand for him though.
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