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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hey all-it has been such a crazy weekend that I haven't had time to change the Glazed donut from this morning. The funny thing is that when we finally got back home this evening,I had forgotten about this tart. Everytime I walked into the kitchen-I kept smelling donuts. I thought one of the hooligans from the party had stashed it somewhere instead of eating it. So here I am, 8 pm searching the place for hidden donuts. All of the sudden it hits me that it is the tart I put on this morning! DUH!!!!!! Yeah-I need some sleep. Jason- Just wanted to tell you that I do like the YC Autumn Leaves. It is right up my alley-and I never thought I'd say that about YC again. LOL-it has just been so long since I used them that I had forgotten that the tarts can be good. Thanks for the reminder!
  2. We have fresh glazed donut-LOL going this morning! Yummy!
  3. Night all-just one post because I am exhausted. I have finally made it home from the birthday party of the Century!!! If I hear anymore screaming children,or buzzers,bells,whistles,singing rats, or anything related to Chuck E. Cheese I am going to run away to Tahiti! Of course, it doesn't help that we brought all of the party guests home with us, so now I have 8 little girls laying all over the LR-too jazzed up to go to sleep!!!!! This is what I need right now. Anyway-Crisp clean air LOL in the DR, YC Autumn Leaves upstairs, and Twisted Peppermint in the powder room.
  4. Cat01

    Poll question?

    yep! How fun is that going to be???
  5. Had to dump that Christmas cookie-only lasted an hour. Put on Snowberry Pine from Mia Bella. Have Ginseng energizer burning in the LR...
  6. Okay-I threw on a YC Christmas Cookie. I also got Shortbread Cookie and Lavendar Lemon, all the Christmas scents I liked. I haven't shopped YC in several years, so this is almost new for me! I came home to an order from Sugar and Spice and my Cobblestone freebies-wow what a great day!
  7. Cat01

    Poll question?

    A close guess for me right now would be around 2 weeks? Something like that.
  8. Cat01

    Poll question?

    You guys are killing me! Lol-worse than kids at Christmas!!! This is going to work in a round- Ex: I will send a box out to Deb,Deb will send a box to Snob, Snob will send a box to Cyn, and so on and so forth until everyone is sending a box to one other person. Does that make sense? We are literally going to put all the names in a hat so that this will be totally random. That's why we need to get all sign ups in by Saturday. Once we figure out how many are in-we will be able to come up with a date close enough to Valentine's so that we all get a great present around that time. Whether it's before or after will depend on how quickly we want to end the trading. How many tarts you put in your package-is up to you-we are asking for at least 10. Or the equivalent if you are using minis or clamshells. We want everyone to have fun, get creative, and remember that once this trade is finished-we will be posting all of our oohs and aaahs on what we've received. We will completely detail all dates and your swap people after Saturday. Thanks to everyone for all of the participation and help that we have received in the planning of this swap. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with for the next swaps!!!
  9. Well her TAT has gone from a usual 3-5 to 5-7, to 7-11, now its up to 7-15. But if you look at all of the orders in process, you can see why! She is good though and wonderful to deal with. LoL- I mean... Yeah Snob- I do like Deana a lot! Well-thanks to YOU I am burning Cherry right now... and don't even HA HA Ha me about it!
  10. I really do like them. Only bad thing right now is that the girls around here have swamped her. I have been waiting a while on my last order, and it doesn't look like she'll get to it anytime soon. That's okay though, I have patience-until I run completely out. I do have to give giant Props to Deana from Crosscreek though. She is working on something special for me for the Valentine's swap and has been so awesome! She is one of the best in Customer Service EVER!
  11. Yeah- it is an LOL and strong. I have 1/2 on and can smell it starting to waft downstairs-I hope it doesn't overpower the others I have going. Something will have to go!
  12. Okay I am on a fruit kick tonight- I have the Japanese Pear still melting. Also have one after Snob's own heart in the LR-Burning Cherry Berry Blast in there. I have Lavendar Cream in the MB. I have Pink Sugar Buttercream in the upstairs hall. I am going to have a headache after all of this...
  13. Yay! I am glad to meet you and see that your DH is as bad "good" as mine about this candle thing! Not too many of the hubbies are on board with this. Mine has gotten so bad that he will actually analyze the nuances of the tarts-That's BAD! I now have to ask him what he wants in the orders too! Welcome and looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts and ideas! I foster, so I know about that love for animals and am going to check out McCarley's now. Happy melting and posting!
  14. Threw on a little Black Magic from Illuminescents this morning. It looks like a Missouri Convention on the board today. Howdy Neighbors!
  15. Finishing tonight with some peace and quiet around here! Finally! Burning a Snow Angels and again with the Coffee Break(which I finally like-wierd). Nighty Night,Sleep tight,Sweet dreams... I think I got them all...I am sooo funny! Okay, I finally went nuts! Snob, where are u I need an EMT????
  16. Melting Island Fresh Gain from My Scented Shack upstairs-I am pretending I am cleaning! Burning Coffee Break and Refreshing downstairs.
  17. I love Nene's home baked bread! That would warm it up around here-that's for sure! IT"S COLD!!!! I decided I needed something not so "in your face" so I put on Bella from Bella's-I really like this one. It's nice and soft-but definitely there in a big way!
  18. Hi Eileen- We are talking about Cottage Hill... I put the other 1/2 of that Vanilla Crunch in as I came in today. I do Love this one!Glad I got 2!
  19. Candlefan- Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well! I wonder what a Chicken Noodle Soup tart would smell like? Eeeewwww... Put something nice and soothing on and get some rest.
  20. Shoot-I forgot I had that one!!!! NO I am NOT changing tarts again, this one isn't even melted!
  21. Came home to LOL Sleigh Ride... Update: Cannot take that smell tonight-looking for something a little Baked(thanks to Scent Snob )! No orange, but I do have Vanilla Crunch! Aaaaah that's better!
  22. thanks! I put on Tapestry from LOL this evening. It is doing a great job of masking that Spaghetti smell from dinner. It is a freebie and probably not one I would have ordered, but very strong and very nice.
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